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The Weird In The Air


I have absolutely no clue how I am plugged in to the Universe while sitting in my little corner of the world studiously ignoring it.

There is some major energy afoot and not just because the current Mercury Retrograde is in Pisces. I’m no astrology expert but I can feel the energy shifting and churning.

I would love to share every crazy thing that happened here this week, but then we would have a novelette on our hands so let me broad brush it and then make some suggestions as to what you might be experiencing so you don’t get blindsided.  If you’ve already been blindsided in the last two weeks, then at least you’ll have an explanation for the craziness in your own life.  It’s been taking people by storm.

A major theme coming about now is Surrender

Everyone has been telling me their stories this past week, and everyone has been feeling alone.  So I’m here to tell you, you’re not.  We’re all in this thing together.

A few of the stories I’ve heard about are an amazing and unexpected resolution to a court case, a horrific unexpected verbal attack by a long term friend, unexpected devestating medical news, long held family secrets coming out unexpectedly, and a lot of unexpected deaths.  Key word: unexpected.

Here are some of the things you should be on the alert for:

  • You may find yourself having a terrible time making decisions.
  • There’s a lot of energy around people from the past who have “done you wrong” or who are mounting surprise attacks.
  • Expect people to be sensitive
  • Old things you’d long thought buried coming up to suprise you for one last go round.People react in unexpected ways that shock you.

Basically, expect your history to come smack you in the face for one last go round and release.

Whatever needed to be cleared out is going to bubble up and you are going to practically be forced to handle it.

This would be a really good time to practice daily grounding so that the murky energy doesn’t overcome you and you can operate out of some place of clarity before responding or taking action. There’s a lot that is going to get cleared out of your system over the next few weeks, if you will create a space to allow it.

It feels to me like that is the reason for all of the conflict I’ve been having with the ancillary people in my life, some of whom have really surprised me with how much they have changed to the good, and others who continue to throw out circular negativity and give me the opportunity to disengage and come to my own peace of mind.

I’ve noticed that just as we start to hit the “overwhelm” button, help is coming automatically.  It’s like the universe is saying,”We hear you, this is too much, so if you are willing to release this and let it go, we will provide all the assistance you need.”  Be on the lookout for support from unexpected quarters, at just the right time.

After you’ve agreed to release it, it feels a bit like being an observer rather than a participant.  You’ve released yourself from engagement.  The dynamics in relationships will change, at least from your side, just like you released energy by turning the pressure valve and letting all of the air out. See now where in your life you can do this effectively.

What You “Just Know,”Angelic Assistance, and A Little Astrology Fun

I spend a lot of time coaching people through learning to do readings.  Sometimes they tell me that they “aren’t getting anything.”  This is a Clue!  I ask them,”What do you ‘just know’ about this person?”  Then they talk for five minutes and tell me everything they know.  Hmm, seems like they got a lot after all, doesn’t it?  Well, how did it get there?  The information was spiritually downloaded to them.

Since this energy is HUGE regarding releasing and letting go of what needs to be put in the past, it’s no wonder that everyone is having such major past issues pop up seemingly out of the blue.  So many people I’ve spoken to feel much better just knowing there is an explanation for all the craziness and that they aren’t alone.  But I started to think, not everyone can just order a reading and get help, so what can I offer here to give you a leg up?  With everyone under pressure and others around us being potentially over-the-top sensitive, what tool can I offer you?

I wish I had a magic wand and I could just tap each of you on the head and let you see with fresh intuitive eyes, giving you all of the answers you need.  Since that’s not going to happen, here’s what I think:

First, remember that if you are overwhelmed, help is available.  You just need to ask for it.  Your spiritual team will send you what you need, usually in the form of another person just showing up on the scene, but other times through your own insights.

Second, you are always in charge of your own energy and you don’t have to push “engage” when other people or circumstances push your buttons.  You can just say you’ll get back to them.  It’s allowed.

Third, you have the tools to release the old through your own inner work.  You can always ask your angels for help to release it. I like to imagine putting it in a bag and letting them carry it away and asking for healing.  This never fails.

Fourth, check with your gut and remember what you already “just know.”  Don’t think you know anything?  Think someone else needs to be the authority and tell you?  Think you can’t read energy?  It’s just not true.  The mistake is in thinking that what you “just know” isn’t valuable or that everyone else can see the same thing.

I’ll prove it to you through a simple astrology example which everyone will understand.

You all know your Sun Sign, right?  Most people will energetically “look” a certain way to you based on your perspective.   Sometimes your astrological “face” (the way you act) looks more like your ascendant (what’s Rising) than your sun sign.

If you don’t know what yours is, you can go to and easily pull up your free natal chart.

I’m a triple Pisces (Grand Trine in Water) with one air sign – Libra – rising, probably for some attempt at balance.

Almost everyone “big” in my life is also a Water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) with a rare Taurus and Capricorn thrown in for good measure.  Drawing on my short lifetime’s worth of experience, here’s how I “see” people by their sun sign, like a shorthand code for what may be about to brew:

Aries – Powerful, forceful, and I am apt to take a backseat to them while they draw me in as a lifetime buddy.  Many tend to think that their way is the only way – and for them, they’re right.

Taurus – I have never met a bull who didn’t look like a bull!  It’s there about the eyes and nose and the set of the mouth.  Usually they are really kindly people beneath that tough exterior, although they tend to stare you straight down when they’re really interested in what you have to say, and this makes me jump out of my seat with anxiety for being put on the spot.

Gemini – Just yesterday you said,”Black!”  How can today be,”White!”

Cancer – They can laugh as well as cry with you, and their switch is instantaneous.  Sensitive, with a lot of common sense.  Some you have to baby to bring out their best, but you can be 100% honest with them.  They can take it.  They know.

Leo – Do NOT, whatever you do, tell them I said so, but my goodness their egos are fragile.  They are THE proudest people around, and you have to be genuinely careful how you phrase things.  I can say (and mean),”You look beautiful today!” or “Your writing is the best I’ve ever read!” and they will come back full of self-doubt and insulted, somehow.  They just don’t believe you really mean it.

Virgo – Tough cookies.  Analytical as the day is long.

Libra – Balance, baby.  These folks see both sides of everything and spend their lives trying to bring people of opposing views together in harmony.

Scorpio – Sex walking.  Doesn’t matter which sex they are, or even if they are attractive in any way, that’s what you think when you see them.  It’s in the smolder about the eye.  These people like to maintain their mystery.

Sagittarius – I have no idea.  I don’t “get them” on a personal basis.  It’s like adults who have no children who go to Disney World repeatedly as their dream vacation and can’t wait to go back.  Cool for you, have a great time!  Don’t bring me with you though.  I love doing a Reading for Sagittarius people as I always learn something.  These are the people who teach me the obvious things that I just can’t see about myself, because our perspectives are so different.

Capricorn – I know several and they all act completely differently from one another.  The one thing they always have in common is a love of squirreling away money.  Even my son, who has Pisces rising and acts like it, no sign of the supposed seriousness of a Capricorn, hides money in the closet (and other undisclosed places).  A $50 bill once went missing and showed up years later when he walked out of the closet and handed it to me when I said I was broke and needed cash to do something with him.  I have looked up and down that closet and I still can’t find where he hides his (our!) wads of cash.  And today he is only 5.  This has been going on for years.

Aquarius – You cannot miss them.  They are the fun ones – for a very short time – and then tend to take off with their new best friends and sometimes forget to wave goodbye.  They are chatty, artsy, boundlessly creative, and energizing.  They can be exhausting!

Pisces – I am one and I have an endless list of friends who are, too.  Always, always I have had many Pisces friends.  Maybe we just band together energetically, I don’t know.  We always know when we’ve found another, though.  Amongst Pisces you can find the old souls, the secret-keepers (like a vault, baby!), the mystics, and the all-knowing.  Stick a Pisces and a Cancer in the same room and I am pretty sure you can unlock all the secrets of the Universe (except the sex – you have to add a Scorpio for that).

Obviously, this is just a first impression, scratching the surface in two seconds, kind of broad brush explanation for “types” of people who are out there in the world, who we’re all apt to run into from time to time.  A part of each probably resides in us all to one degree or another, either the up side or the flip side.

Clearly, you will see them all differently, because your blueprint is different from mine.

I just want to prove to you that you don’t have to ask someone’s sign to recognize their energy.  In the end, we all have our Signs, our energy precedes us.  If you’re interested and you’re observant, you can begin to recognize the different energies and they will tell you how best to get along with other people in your life and what their hot buttons are apt to be.  See, you already “just know” a lot!  Use your power for good 🙂

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