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Mondegreens, Soramimis and Intuitive Signs Through Song

Who wouldn't take advice from these guys?  The O'Jays

Who wouldn’t take advice from these guys? The O’Jays

mondegreen is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase, in a way that gives it a new meaning.

soramimi is a song that produces unintended meanings when  translated to another language.

Music is one of the most reliable message-receiving devices I know of, intuitively speaking.  I regularly use XM radio as a fail safe method for decision making.  That sounds nuts, doesn’t it?

Just the other day I was listening to a meaningful song in my car that related to last week’s post and sure enough, one of you mentioned it in the comments.

Often, songs come up for you when I do a reading.  Actually it’s unusual for no music to be heard.  Later the same day, I had a response to a reading  where  one of you made the astute observation that maybe the song that came up (one that did mean  something to her personally) didn’t mean anything.  She said, “Maybe the message being given by the song is a reminder that sometimes songs pop into my head out of the blue with just the right lyrics at the right time, and maybe I need to pay more attention to that.”

Yes!  Exactly.  When they pop into your head unbidden, there is a reason for it.  Also, ask your spiritual team to communicate with you through the next song on the radio such as I suggested in fun ways to connect to your spiritual team and signs and symbols of synchronicities or there are no coincidences.

When I was going on those meetings for potential jobs, I asked about one and my team sent me Back Stabbers by The O’Jays

What they do
They smile in your face
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers
Back stabbers
Low down, dirty

Oooh, okay, I’ll pass on that, then!  Of course I used my common sense and intuition when making that judgement, but my team told me right away not to go down that road.

Later on the same day, I had a facebook chat with an old friend about mondegreens and soramimis.  She brought it up – I had to look it up!  Notice how long it takes for it all to sink in to my brain:

HER: “You’ve tied me up and I can’t find anything!” “I had a dream there were clowns in my coffee.”

SOMEBODY ELSE: “Everyone avoids me like a cyclone ranger!”

HER: Those are the real lyrics though, right?

SOMEBODY ELSE: To Turning Japanese? Nuh-uh. The actual line, which I know from extensive Karaokeing is “Psyched Lone Ranger”

ME: I hate when you make me look words up, just so you know.

HER: Misheard lyrics, i.e. bathroom on the right, strumming my face with his fingers, when I think about you I dust the shelf.

ME: Psyched LONE RANGER!! Uh, finally I get the answer to that one!

ME: Actually I like “I dust my shelf” much better.

ME: Wait, is “bathroom on the right” “Bad moon on the rise”?

HER: Yes.

ME: I can’t believe our brains hold this much fiction for decades. How do we get through the day with all of this stored up in there just waiting to pounce!!

HER: I think we get through the day BECAUSE we have all of this stored up in there just waiting to pounce.

ME: No seriously, I need more air.

ME: Yesterday my 8 year old ran into trouble at school because besides JUSTIN  BEIBER (which, as you know, is “for girls”) he only knew all the song lyrics from the 70s and 80s (with a smattering of Kids Place Live). I actually don’t even know what he’s supposed to be listening to. I may be destroying him for the future, based on this conversation!

HER: I’m going to call DYFS.

After hearing about music three times in one day, I figured it was time to tell you all to USE IT when you are working on accessing intuitive guidance from your spirit guides.   It’s easy for me to read you, you’re like open books compared to how I feel when I need to make a decision for myself.  Yes, it’s true, sometimes I get answers easily as I roll along in this life.  Other times, when the stakes are high or it’s emotionally charged, I just can’t get anything.  Remember that there are lots of reasons why you may not be ready for an answer, so you don’t always get one, but much more often the intuition is just waiting for you to listen or pause to absorb it.  It’s at those times when tuning in to the right station and asking your guides to send a message through the next song is perfect.

When I explain to you what your guides and angels are telling me about you, there is a bridge – me – who has to translate it.  It comes in words, pictures, movies, feelings, downloads, and yes, songs.

But what if we’re having a mondegreen moment?  Or worse yet, a soramimi?  Make sure you know what you’re hearing.  Look up those lyrics.

You are the one who tells me:

Oh, that’s the song we got married to (might want to re-evaluate that divorce)

That’s the song I listen to whenever I need to remember to keep on going (so, um, keep on going!)

I don’t know what that song is, maybe I’d better look it up (looks up the lyrics, and then writes me back to say it makes total sense and thanks for the message, guides!)

My Mom used to sing me that lullaby when I was a kid (Hi, Mom! Just poking her head in on the reading)

We have music in all of our important moments, don’t we?  Celebrations, weddings, graduations, birthdays, first times.  Remember when you were a teenager how music played in the background constantly?  All of those moments, all of those melodies and lyrics, are still living there up in your head.  You sometimes have to tie the lyrics to the song to get the message, but other times it’s more of a memory, a feeling that lets you know what your answer is.  It can simply be as direct as you having a bad or good memory associated with the song.

Your spiritual team accesses your memories to bring you intuitive messages all of the time.

It’s as if you are a spirit walking around like a filing cabinet – all they have to do is pull the right sheet music.

Oh, and if any of you know what I should be exposing the little guy to, let me know – because it all sounds like stripper music to me when I turn on the radio.

If you’re wondering how I came to do what I do, and how I use intuition in my everyday life, please visit Facets of Joy where Joy Holland has interviewed me this week!