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Behind The Scenes of Your Intuition


What a funny week!

We are so straightforward when we get something.  

When it comes right from our Truth, it comes flying straight out.  Sure, we might dither, babble, tell the whole intricate story, and carry on in every other instance, but not when we actually know The Answer.

By The Answer, I don’t mean our opinion, our conjecture, our misinformed ideology.  I mean, when we “just know” or when the answer gets delivered via our intuition.

Adrienne Smith made the suggestion this week that we call our Readers.  I want to know, how many of you would fall off your chair if I just called you up one day and said,”How can I help you?”

I do have the funniest phone conversations, apt to diverge wildly, depending on who’s at the other end and if their spiritual team is coming through or not.  I swear, I’m not scary, unless you find people from New Jersey generally scary (which you might), but sometimes I am just completely myself, which can be a bit unexpected if you should hit on something I really do “just know” all about.  It’s actually funny how the conversations go right to a topic that I know like the back of my hand.  Then of course I am apt to share it here, because messages for one are usually messages for the group.

I was speaking with someone on a totally different subject, when suddenly, the conversation diverged.   The woman told me that she gets messages for strangers all of the time, out of nowhere.  She insisted that she wasn’t “minding her own business” if she shared the messages.  I explained to her that she was acting as an “Earth Angel”, and that she wouldn’t be getting messages if she wasn’t meant to deliver them.  It was 100% her free will choice to share them or not.  She got the subtext of my comment right away – if she doesn’t share them, sooner or later she’ll stop getting them.

She said that she was stuck on HOW to deliver the messages.  Her friend told her to just walk right up to people and say,”God told me to tell you that…”  Her friend insisted that she would thank her for such a message, and she wouldn’t think it odd at all if a stranger just walked up to her and said God had a message for her.  She wanted to know what I thought about that idea.

I didn’t think much of it.  I explained that message delivery is an art, and it’s a subtle business. I suggested that she ease it into the conversation in a non-threatening, vague, suggestive way.  She asked me how to do that and I gave her a few examples.

Then I summed it up:”Just don’t act crazy.”

“Don’t act crazy?”


And she laughed.

Apparently it was the message of the week.

I’ve had a lot of strange conversations lately about who exactly is helping us out via our intuition?  Moreover, what is actually possible in the Universe?

I was standing in the garage listening to a friend go on about something or other scientific.  To me it sounds like the Teacher in the Peanuts cartoons where they just sounded like,”Wah wah woh wah wah.”  Usually I have to catch the thread of the commentary so I don’t just stand there with my mouth open when he’s done, so when I tuned back in, I mentally cycled through the “big stuff” and had an epiphany.

He was using his intuition to solve a problem.

Usually he vaguely acknowledges what I do here and dismisses it, as far as I know.  He won’t even discuss it.  This time, I couldn’t resist.  I was just so grabbed by what he had just said.  So I asked him,”You just used your intuition.  How come you don’t believe in what I do but you still go by intuition?”

He explained that it wasn’t that he didn’t believe in intuition, it was just that we had a fundamental difference of opinion on where it was coming from.  He then launched into another scientific explanation of the body and physics and such, essentially boiling it down (I think) into memory and the subconscious being at causation.

To which I replied, “I don’t really care where it’s coming from, as long as it works.”

I came across Angela Artemis’s article Following Intuition Doesn’t Mean You’ll Never Face Challenges In Life (boy, is that one true!) where she said:

“Intuition is a way to receive guidance from the wisest part of yourself. Some people refer to this wise part as their “higher self” and others attribute the information to their “spirit guides.” Really, it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you realize that this source of knowledge exists and is available to you.”

I was trained specifically to retrieve information from Spirit Guides, Angels, and so on – Beings who exist outside of Me but which are all Connected through Universal Consciousness.  Is it possible that I experience intuition that way when I do readings because that’s what I am expecting?  Or because Spirit morphs into our frame of reference so that we understand the message?

They access our memories or our “internal database.”  The more I know, the bigger my frame of reference, the easier it is for me to get messages.

Do we just see what we want or need to see to have it all make sense?

I have noticed that some people seem to always refer to receiving messages from Angels and others refer to their Higher Self.  I usually meet Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels (or representatives thereof, anyway), and Friends and Relatives.  Once in a blue moon I meet with someone’s Higher Self.  Sometimes I trip over a Ghost.

I had a couple of sessions last week where I was doing a Reading for one person, and someone came into the picture who “didn’t fit.”  I had no idea who they belonged to, but I just knew it “wasn’t right” – still, I asked the Client just to be sure, and she said she knew no one by that name.  I finally figured it out when an order came in a few days later for a Reading for someone else, and her Dad went by that name.  An “early arrival”, I guess you could say.

You might say,”Does it matter?”

I suppose it matters only in the sense that I need to know who is telling me what – do they belong there?  Are they a guide (because people like to know their primary Spirit Guide’s name)?  I could list a whole host of reasons why I think it is important to know who’s who and what’s what.  Trust me that the reading would make no sense whatsoever if I had no context and didn’t know where the information was coming from.  Although, I’ve had many readings where I wasn’t told where it was coming from and in retrospect, that bugs me a lot.

What was more interesting to me was the way other professional Intuitives view what they are getting.  An intuitive friend mentioned a live reading session he was doing and he asked me how I did it when I did huge group sessions and read for person after person.  I was nonplussed when he asked me “if I was tuning in.”  His teacher had suggested that he not access the people’s Akashic Records but instead to do Spirit Communication. I had no idea what he meant.  As far as I know, in my vernacular and way of seeing the Universe, “the Akashic Records” is the name we give to “the history of everything.”  So of course I feel like I am always technically “accessing the Akashic Records.”  I was totally confused by that exchange.  I’m sure he knew what he meant, but we were not having a meeting of the minds.  It was like,”Wait a second, am I really an intuitive or what just happened here?!”

So in the end, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter how you get the information, as long is it is done safely and accurately.  If someone gave me a completely scientific explanation (science would clearly have to catch up quickly here!) and told me that unbeknownst to me, I was somehow accessing the information at cellular level, or some other explanation that was at complete and utter odds with the way I perceive what is happening, it would be okay with me.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Is it true?  Is it helpful?  Well, carry on then, Universe!

Isn’t the magic of it all part of the mystery and the fun?

Really cute conversation I had with a relative.  First he made the point that I might have been home a little too long.  I think that meant that my “way out ideas” were getting “way outer.”  Then he shared with me something he did.  His plants hadn’t been growing and blooming as they were supposed to.  So he found a photo of them from when they last blossomed, went outside and showed it to them, and had a little chat with them about what they were supposed to be doing.  He left the photo out for a little bit and then came back to retrieve it.  A day or two later, he went outside and one of them was in full bloom – doing exactly what it was supposed to do, from out of nowhere.

He asked me,”Do you think it could be related?  Or am I just going crazy?”

Well, I’m not sure which of us is more out there than the other anymore, but I would say YES it is possible and NO it would not surprise me at all if his little chat had something to do with the plant’s behavior.

I’ve just seen far too many cool things like that happen to decide anything is impossible.

Where do you think your intuitive information comes from?   

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