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What Are You Doing Here? Thoughts For The New Year

As Lindsay said,”OMG. It broke from the weight of it all!”

I am always “off” with my timing for holidays.  Around October I start feeling like it’s the New Year, and by the time December rolls around I feel like doing my annual Tarot card before January 1.

It’s also the time when I have to get real and face the music of squaring up with the tax man.  I update our small business books and squint before I look at the bottom line on Quickbooks on the Profit and Loss statement.  I go through the enormous pile of personal papers, school papers, and what’s left of the business papers and I sort, staple, file and move stuff out to the garage to make room in the filing cabinets for the new year.

The Office. This is AFTER I got rid of most of the toys, getting ready for the holiday deluge from my Dad. Love you, Dad!

This year, it’s also the time to ask,”What are my plans for A Clear Sign?”

So, what are you doing here?

It’s useless to ask people,”What would you like to see me do for you in my business in 2013?” and yet I see people asking it everywhere.  They never get any useful answers.

It’s important to know who your audience is.  For instance, if I write a post about existential questions, I get a certain engagement from a certain audience.  If I write a post that is much lighter and more of a “how to”, I get a totally different crowd responding.  We are small enough that I know many of you on a personal basis.  So personal, that we’ve spoken on a soul level.  It’s tough to get much more real than that.

So instead, as I evaluate what my plans are going forward, I have one question:

How do you FEEL when you come here and read A Clear Sign on Thursdays?

If you want to elaborate, you might say:

  • What do I get when I come to A Clear Sign?  Why do I read it?
  • Are there types of writing or subject matter that speak to me and compel me to comment?
  • Are there others that I can’t get away from fast enough but then they haunt me until I process them for myself?
  • How do I feel when an event or a course are announced?
  • If I participated in any of the personal interaction (such as getting a reading with Julie or Two Intuitives, or ordering the Psychic Sparks course), was I surprised by what it really was and how it did (or didn’t) impact my life?
  • Have I actually taken some of the thoughts and ideas offered here and put them into use in my life?  What were the results?

The mission I started off with was simple.  I wanted to connect you with your intuition and call it what it is – connection to your spiritual team, including your Higher Self, spirit guides and angels.  I was endeavoring to put you in touch with you on soul level, knowing that it could change your life in amazing ways.  I was like the  little stick that prods you,”Go on.  You can do it.  Believe it or not!”

I took what spirit taught me that week and wrote an article for you.  Usually and increasingly I use my personal experience to illuminate the idea for you, because I like telling stories, I have plenty of new ones to share every week, and I just learn best through other people’s stories.  I like going there.

Naturally most of you found my angst enormously entertaining, funny, and engaging.  Nothing quite like having a horrible week of self discovery and lessons only to have everyone laugh about it.  Puts things into perspective a bit!  So thanks for that.

I’ve kind of hit a wall.  I notice that everyone talks about how if you take one tiny little step in the right direction, and keep on taking them, that you will reach freedom and success and the universe will take your willingness and shower you with rewards.  Kind of like a prosperity consciousness that grows exponentially with you.  The thing is, although I have done all of those things, that result has not been my experience.

In fact, I was feeling kind of down about the entire year until I stopped a moment and realized something.  I DID move things forward, I did get things done, I am in a better place in many respects than I was a year ago.  Each and every one of those things that worked out or started moving forward in what seems like the right direction was solely the result I got when I followed the breadcrumbs Spirit laid out for me (often in the form of other people) and simply followed my intuition.

I also noticed that what feels like a looming disaster hasn’t actually happened.  Each year for the last several years I think to myself,”Surely THIS is the year when this particular situation will be resolved.”  And…I’m thinking that again at the start of the new year but who knows?  I may be sitting in the exact same place this time next year and saying the same thing about 2014.  I really, really hope not!  Apparently there are times when you have to let things go because nothing you try to do will bring you a single step closer to resolution.  You can try to push it, fight against it, make phone calls, and move forward in logical, proven ways.  But if the Universe won’t have it – it won’t.  Simple as that.

So, all together now, I’m pulling my cards for 2013.  Here we go.

“What is so about the coming 12 months in respect of the practical, everyday changes that will occur on the ground and how I might best operate in them?”

Knight of Cups

Change.  You can expect a fresh start and a new level of experience.  Invitations and propositions.  Positve changes in financial affairs as well as lucky breaks and cost cuts.  No change in residence.

Next question.

From the Soul Lessons deck.  “What is the best attitude I can have moving into and through the new year?  What lessons may I work on?”

Do What You Love

Everything going awry on your life is due to you drifting too far away, and it’s time to get back on track.  Shake off the dreariness and the long-suffering attitude of the five-sensory world of duty and sacrifice .  Build your life around your heart.  Don’t try to shove your heart into your over booked, busy life! Your soul’s purpose right now is to simply do what you love.

Good advice – can you name what you love?  Can you imagine that simply following what you love could lead to other, bigger changes?  Soul level changes?

Last question:

“How may I serve this year?  What goals might I set that are in alignment with who I am and where my Readers are going?”

The Sun/Archangel Uriel

It’s a wonderful time for you.  You’re succeeding in ways that you never dreamed possible.  Endeavors that you begin now are blessed with abundance and success.  Keep your thoughts positive and everything will turn out beautifully.  This is also a time of brilliant new ideas and solutions.  The work you’ve done personally and spiritually brings astonishing changes to your life.  You’re on the right path for your own enlightenment.

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Well here it is for posterity – let’s see where we land this time, next year.  I’ll be taking notes.  Really.  Pinky swear.

Another thing I’ve been rolling around in my head is a personal blog or maybe just a book where I lay out all those stories you people seem to think are oh so funny, about my family life.  Maybe with a spiritual twist.  What do you think?

My progress – about half way done with resolving The Child’s Book Dilemma. He’s read 2.5 million words since school began in August. He’s 8.

For instance, right now I have peat moss in the oven, worms in the garage, and a video of my four year old banging away with a sledgehammer at his Dad’s greenhouse that he’s welding from aluminum sticks, but I can’t figure out how to make that story mesh with what’s going on here.

Now it’s your turn.  If you have your rituals for the new year, share them.  If you pull a Tarot card to start the year, try using some of my questions.  “How may I best serve” is a GREAT question – usually I am surprised by the results and you may be, too.

Mostly importantly, tell me how you FEEL when you come to A Clear Sign?  What do you really think of it?  How does it compare to other places you go?  What draws you here?  Do you find it feels similar to other sites you visit or books you’ve read or movies you’ve seen?  Or very different than your usual places?  What do you think makes it unique?  

If you share your genuine thoughts (and I can take suggestion and criticism, so fire away if you feel so inclined, because after all, I am here in service to all of you) – I will pull a card for you in 2013 if you’d like.  Just say so.