You Are Unraveling | Ascension Symptoms

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For those of you whose lives are clicking along just fine, no issues, no problems, no one giving you a hard time, rolling in the bucks and sleeping just fine at night, this is not for you.  No need to waste your time reading – carry on!

For everyone else who may or may not realize you are having ascension symptoms, this week’s post is simply a place for you to ask questions and tell us what has been coming up for you lately.

Honestly?  I’ve had so many things going on that I wrote an over 2,000 word blog post that read more like a diary entry than anything else.  I might share it with you someday but for now I will spare you and open the floor to you.

Lots of “shift”ing going on for lots of you!

This is why:

People are fighting with you

Deals are falling through

You’re breaking up (or at least really thinking about it)

You are waking up between 2 and 4am

Your dreams have been wild (those are messages)

You’re being invited to things like book study groups

You’re losing your job or not finding a new one

You’re losing your home or having to move suddenly

Your boundaries are getting tested

Your words are being “twisted”

You feel completely misunderstood

You’re finding people are telling you what’s going on with you emotionally or even spiritually, out of the blue

You’re mentally revisiting your childhood unexpectedly

Your may find an enormous number of “coincidences” happening

You’ve had an unusual number or type of animal visitors

You’ve wanted so much alone time

You are rediscovering books that you’ve heard of before and actually reading them (you are now ready)

Intuitive answers are just popping into your head – no waiting!

Remember to hang in there if the going gets rough, and chalk up any challenges and losses to making you fresh and shiny for the wonderful NEW opportunities that are coming your way.

There is no time like the present to grab hold of your Intentions and make sure you release the old to make room for the new.  Like it or not, things are changing faster than we feel we can keep up with them, some days.

If you want an ear to help you sort through the changes and challenges, book a reading!  Many of you are telling me you want to connect with your loved ones in spirit to make amends, gain insights, or just know they are there with you watching over you.  Those are mediumship readings.  Those of you who are finding your intuitive abilities just taking off like a rocket may want to come work with me in the Psychic Sparks professional intuitive development program.

Don’t forget that next week Lindsay Curtis of The Daily Awe and I (Two Intuitives, as we are known and well…just are!) are recording our Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Angels special group session for just $75 as a big Thank You to our Readers – the deadline to sign up is Saturday December 1, 2012 – so make sure to reserve your space to get dedicated time from BOTH of us in getting your questions answered.  We’ll be speaking to your Spirit Guides and Angels, pulling Life Purpose and Animal Totem cards, reading your aura, and having a lot of fun.

I’ve just switched my email services over to a new provider so hopefully this all runs smoothly and my email subscribers are reading this right now.  Once.  Not twice.  Fingers crossed.

Whew!  We DO have a lot going on!  Some of you need some extra help right now (you know who you are) and I am just reminding you that we are here if you need us.

Tell me in the Comments what’s been going on with you lately – that’s how we learn from one another!

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  1. Haha!! I’m not having anything really happening to me. I suppose I’m not ascending! >:p

    My main problem right now is figuring out where I want to go in my career path, and what next steps to take and how to get my finances in check. I guess the Universe isn’t interested in what I’m doing.

  2. Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader says:

    Honestly, I don’t know that much about Ascension, although I’ve heard numerous mentions of it, and I gather it’s an upward shift in global consciousness. But what is causing it to happen at this time, and why does something that sounds positive cause seemingly negative symptoms? Can you explain it a little more? That would be really helpful. Thanks! 🙂
    Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted..Power LinesMy Profile

    • Ah well, that’s a huge subject, but in a nutshell it has to do with the whole 2012 thing – things lining up in the sky on 12/21/12 and a general shift (one hopes) to unity and love rather than divisiveness. Or so they say. Remains to be seen. However it feels like EVERYONE I run into is processing a whole load of junk and releasing it – kind of like Global Psychiatric Group but mainly done on one’s own 🙂 The negative stuff is coming up so we can look at it, understand it, and release it so we can continue the process of moving on lighter and ready for more.

  3. I’ve been taking a class the past 4 weeks, and between moving a lot of energy there and doing healing work there (it’s an energy healing class) and all things to do with the ascension, I’ve had lots of headaches, screwed up gut, irritability, swollen ankles, sore feet, joints and back, been eating lots of crappy food, been depressed off and on. So ready to move on from this all.
    Sue recently posted..Happy Birthday to My Greatest TeacherMy Profile

    • I’d love to find those groups near me. I have never taken a class or joined a group that was actually located here. They must exist, but where? And would I enjoy them if I went??

  4. Anne McCarroll says:

    Oh, yep. Lots of that- boundaries tested? Check! Words twisted? Check! Waking between two an four? Check! On and on- and it is exhausting. So glad to know you are here to help-and glad to know the ‘symptom step up’ is on for many, not few; we can all relate better that way, perhaps? Thanksgiving was like a bad made for TV movie on Lifetime! I might hide in the attic for Christmas!!! I do feel, however, that I’ve gained wisdom and insight beyond my regular scope. An I’ve never been so grateful for intuitive nudges in my life.

    • Me, too! Thank goodness the Intuition Access is clearer than ever – gives us a moment to pause before we respond. I will have to tell my Thanksgiving Story – it was pretty entertaining.

  5. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Anyone got an ascension symptoms magic pill?
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Let It GoMy Profile

  6. I have like 10 of those things happening to me. Not exactly getting along with the fiance, and then all of a sudden I say something HE misintreprets and that’s it! He’s putting blame on me for EVERYTHING. Been almost a week and still aren’t talking. That’s a record. I asked him today if he could clean up something….BAM I get yelled at. Having intense dreams about paranormal person, my mom throwing away potential riches that I picked up and waking up 3 times a night. Was making a deal with a company to buy my product for the 1st time, I got excited, and then all of a sudden I dont hear back from them. Sucks! Was supposed to get a new job interview, was promised one, boom nothing. Been getting headaches, feeling sickly, but not getting the flu or anything. Just weird. I just want things to get better already I just want to cry. I don’t even share this with my mom, cause she’d never understand or yell or complain. Please no more “shift” Universe help me!

    • Well on the bright side the sucky days LEAD to better days. You want to look at the boundaries you are setting and the “kindness factor” with your fiance. It’s time to take a good hard look and decide how to change the energy to move forward. When it looks like it’s “all him” inevitably it is the mirror reflection of something you could change staring back at you (hard to believe, sad to say, but having been exactly there I can pretty much guarantee it is true, unfortunately! Just have to face it and I promise it gets better on the other side of having dealt with it). If it makes you feel any better I could say,”Same here, sister!” Except the paranormal guy??

      • Thought about what you said a lot. I even got a message from my step-dad, who passed away, in a dream. He told me that I have to change things. So I got a custom Reiki candle from a friend, lit it and prayed for help. It calmed me and helped me think. Ok, fiance is stubborn and I am stubborn. I told him to just flush his stubbornness down the toilet forever and that things will be better again. Of course he mirrored me. I said that I am done being stubborn, changing that. After a while things eased up. Today I get this feeling like things are going to be better this time around. Like it used to be with him, maybe even better. He even said he’s feeling more positive. I changed the energy and do feel like I am moving forward with this slowly. Now for the other things in my life…..hanging on….

        • Monica, lol – flush the stubbornness down the toilet! That reminds me I have to post my own stubborn story sometime. That was one of the very first conversations I had with my husband! Carry on…

    • Todd | Channelingmyself says:

      I feel your pain, Monica. I have been having a lot of issues with my wife, it’s gotten to the point where there is some serious consideration that she may have mental problems. I don’t know, maybe she does or maybe this whole thing is affecting her. Either way, she has gone off the deep end and I’m inclined to let her go.
      Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Ascension For DummiesMy Profile

  7. kdivasilver says:

    Hi, Julie,
    I’m not getting any of those symptoms–I feel left out! I am processing other things, though, and have been very emotional over the last couple of months–not necessarily over anything big, more in the line of observing human stories and being touched by them. I did have a possible opening last night in meditation–it felt like something shifted–and I got a strong hit on something the night before, so it will be interesting to see if that bears out.

    I was struck by this in your writing: “chalk up any challenges and losses to making you fresh and shiny for the wonderful NEW opportunities that are coming your way….There is no time like the present to grab hold of your Intentions and make sure you release the old to make room for the new.” This is what the shift last night felt like.

    Keep us posted!


    • I would say you are definitely experiencing “your own version” of this – I could have gone on for a week about the things that have happened in the last couple of months!

      Since Psychic Sparks is finished (and much improved, thanks to you!), send me an email if you want the final product with the MP3s. It’s as easy as sending you the links. There may be plenty in there that will help you in your connection. Sometimes all it takes is one little piece ir comment that brings you to the next level of connection. If you did the Attunement it might make a big difference. If you aren’t ready now you might be ready later.

  8. I was attributing my ascension symptoms to pregnancy. Or maybe it’s both. LOL

    Up 2-4? YUP.
    Physical aches? YUP
    Wild dreams? Hell YUP

    Hahaaaa you get the gist! I don’t have a few of those on the list but I’ve been through them at one point or another. Are we sure these are ascension and not just LIFE? I suppose all of one’s life journey could be considered ascension on some level or another, right?
    Lindsay recently posted..I struggle with boundaries, and I know I’m not the only oneMy Profile

    • Well ya know – I don’t have all of the answers to these things!! 🙂

      I was just observing an unusual pattern in everyone’s comments and complaints…they were suddenly all saying the same thing, more or less. Being me, I drew my own conclusions. The patterns are unmistakable. I personally can see them coming up year after year, about once a year at the same time, as if to say,”Hey YOU, get this already will you? Because time is drawing to a close.”

      And I am going to tell you, you are a BIT ahead of the curve relative to many of the rest of us. You may have processed a lot more, earlier in the game. But yes, all of life has to be ascension of some type – call it what you will, it’s gonna happen.

  9. I’m in unraveling. I find it mildly entertaining to observe in myself..when I resist, tension happens…when I simply allow it to unfold, it does. It is entertaining because if it wasn’t me it would make wonderful sitcom material, so it helps with perspective to find the humor in it. I do feel for me it is I practice organic growth within unfolding, I tend to follow natural cycles of the seasons as well as ebb and flow…release and embrace. And as I practice resonance and alignment, these cycles feel more pronounced as they begin until they become familiar again. I think there is something to be said energetically about the collective feelings regarding 12-12 and I am interested to see how people react (or create) globally this coming month.
    Joy recently posted..Kimberly Riggins: Love Your Naked A**My Profile

    • I’m glad you can find the humor in it! If we can’t laugh at ourselves then what can we do? A sitcom is a perfect description – goodness knows I have some funny posts lined up as a result.

  10. You absolutely read my mind! (Bet you’ve never heard that before). I have no way to know if these are ascension symptoms, but over the past 2-3 weeks I fit about every one of the things you listed (except a breakup because not in a relationship). For the first time ever in my 46 years of life having chronic dull stomach pain which I am trying to treat by reducing acid, but not sure if the onset of an ulcer. For 6 years I have been contentedly off antidepressants when suddenly without warning, depression and anxiety are back. The waking at 3 a.m. each night I chalked up to anxiety, but not sure. Anyhoo, the unraveling is happening, so now I feel at least aware of another possible explanation. Thanks!
    Erin W recently posted..Off Grid Living DreamMy Profile

    • That’s so funny you say that, Erin. I was having a discussion with someone the other day and I was grasping for a good example when out of the air I pulled a situation that turned out to apply exactly to her. I can get pretty dramatic in general conversation so usually my examples are “extremes.” It’s always funny to hear,”You know, I do have an aunt who lives half way across the ocean and she might be open to me doing an intuitive reading.” LOL. Seriously!

      Yup, you always want to check yourself out with a doctor, and it can be true that there’s nothing to find. Hoping your stomach problems, insomnia and depression will all lift soon 🙂

  11. I have been having some pretty wild dreams lately. I’ll try to pay more attention. And while I’m not moving, my last two still-at-home kids are moving out in a couple of weeks. So lots of those things happening! I appreciated your further explanation in the response above.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Grieving Over Welcome ChangesMy Profile

    • Galen, I’m glad – the subject of “ascension” is covered so widely elsewhere (if you’re looking for it) that I didn’t want to re-do what everyone else has done ad nauseum. I’m funny that way 🙂 No explanations! Just head for the hills!

      Nonetheless, do see if you can remember you dreams. I’m excited for you that your kids are moving but staying nearby so you can still cuddle those grandkids.

  12. Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being says:

    Ha ha, oh, you really don’t want to know all the stuff that’s been going on with me, believe me!

    But just yesterday my husband and I were talking about how helpful it is to to step away from our micro-vision and get more of a macro-vision, like what you’ve so clearly articulated in this post. Sometimes even that awareness can help a lot! Great post.

    And I love seeing all the exciting changes and offerings over here. Someone’s been busy!
    Patti 🙂
    Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being recently posted..“Eufeeling!” for Inner Peace and Outer ProsperityMy Profile

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