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You Are Unraveling | Ascension Symptoms

For those of you whose lives are clicking along just fine, no issues, no problems, no one giving you a hard time, rolling in the bucks and sleeping just fine at night, this is not for you.  No need to waste your time reading – carry on!

For everyone else who may or may not realize you are having ascension symptoms, this week’s post is simply a place for you to ask questions and tell us what has been coming up for you lately.

Honestly?  I’ve had so many things going on that I wrote an over 2,000 word blog post that read more like a diary entry than anything else.  I might share it with you someday but for now I will spare you and open the floor to you.

Lots of “shift”ing going on for lots of you!

This is why:

People are fighting with you

Deals are falling through

You’re breaking up (or at least really thinking about it)

You are waking up between 2 and 4am

Your dreams have been wild (those are messages)

You’re being invited to things like book study groups

You’re losing your job or not finding a new one

You’re losing your home or having to move suddenly

Your boundaries are getting tested

Your words are being “twisted”

You feel completely misunderstood

You’re finding people are telling you what’s going on with you emotionally or even spiritually, out of the blue

You’re mentally revisiting your childhood unexpectedly

Your may find an enormous number of “coincidences” happening

You’ve had an unusual number or type of animal visitors

You’ve wanted so much alone time

You are rediscovering books that you’ve heard of before and actually reading them (you are now ready)

Intuitive answers are just popping into your head – no waiting!

Remember to hang in there if the going gets rough, and chalk up any challenges and losses to making you fresh and shiny for the wonderful NEW opportunities that are coming your way.

There is no time like the present to grab hold of your Intentions and make sure you release the old to make room for the new.  Like it or not, things are changing faster than we feel we can keep up with them, some days.

If you want an ear to help you sort through the changes and challenges, book a reading!  Many of you are telling me you want to connect with your loved ones in spirit to make amends, gain insights, or just know they are there with you watching over you.  Those are mediumship readings.  Those of you who are finding your intuitive abilities just taking off like a rocket may want to come work with me in the Psychic Sparks professional intuitive development program.

Don’t forget that next week Lindsay Curtis of The Daily Awe and I (Two Intuitives, as we are known and well…just are!) are recording our Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Angels special group session for just $75 as a big Thank You to our Readers – the deadline to sign up is Saturday December 1, 2012 – so make sure to reserve your space to get dedicated time from BOTH of us in getting your questions answered.  We’ll be speaking to your Spirit Guides and Angels, pulling Life Purpose and Animal Totem cards, reading your aura, and having a lot of fun.

I’ve just switched my email services over to a new provider so hopefully this all runs smoothly and my email subscribers are reading this right now.  Once.  Not twice.  Fingers crossed.

Whew!  We DO have a lot going on!  Some of you need some extra help right now (you know who you are) and I am just reminding you that we are here if you need us.

Tell me in the Comments what’s been going on with you lately – that’s how we learn from one another!

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