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Old Friends and Lovers Plus Two Intuitives Special Event Announcement

Have you found yourself thinking of an old friend or lover lately?

Usually throughout October and especially around Halloween I notice that it is easier than ever to connect to the other side.  Halloween started early this year by connecting us to those who are still living, but who are in our Soul Group.

Did you know that you can get someone to call you just by thinking of them?  Strangely enough, they can do the same with you!

Last week an old friend kept popping into mind.  The energy got so strong that in the middle of working I had to stop and say to the ceiling,”OK this has to end because I can’t concentrate!  WHY is this person on my mind NOW?”  It was a friend of mine that I loved like a brother and haven’t seen in two decades.

Apparently very strong energy or a dream of a person that sticks with you all the next day can be caused by one of two things.  Either they are having a walk down Memory Lane, or something has come up in their life that reminds them of a time you shared together or something you told them, and they are focused on it.

Where Thoughts Go Energy Flows Especially With Old Friends and Lovers

Have you ever kept running into the same person again and again throughout the years?  In different states?  Across continents?

Or, is there someone who you think of as “the one who got away”?

Have you ever felt a very strong attraction to someone but couldn’t figure out why, since in truth you weren’t physically attracted to them but somehow you wanted to say that’s what the attraction was?

These are people in your soul group or people you’ve known in other lives.

What many fail to understand is that this is often NOT a sexual or romantic attraction.  For some reason the human mind jumps right to thinking in romantic or sexual terms, but usually this is a misnomer.

Maybe it was a lover from your past, but it just as easily can be someone who FEELS as intense as that, but isn’t.  That’s because it’s your energy running into their energy – and usually, there is something they have that you need to learn or understand.   Those of us who think in terms of past lives, reincarnation, soul friends, and soul groups, try to figure out what the patterns are trying to show us.

My friend constantly popping into mind after two decades was like a little program running in the back of my mind, that I wanted to stop running.  I applied logic to it.

This man and I went to the same college but never met.  We turned out to have a mutual friend.  I moved half way across the country and hired my friend.  A year later, he hired this man, who worked for me for years.  I moved all the way to the other side of the country, and several years later took a job in Chicago.  This man was now living and working there, too.

He helped me find an apartment, just down the street and around the corner from his.  When I tell you we did everything together, we did.  I walked over to his place every day so we could walk to the gym together.  We never worked out together but we always waited for the other one to be done so we could walk home together.  If I didn’t have a date to some event, he took me.

He took me to the driving range and tried to teach me to golf.  He tried to teach me basketball.  He tried to tell me not to marry my first husband.  He was always there for moral support.    He once met me (because he said he would) at the Aquarium even though it was -60 degree wind chill factor.  When I’d get company football tickets he’d go with me, even if the game was going to be boring.  He rode the bus with me.  We ran into each other on the street all of the time, sometimes during lunch hour and sometimes on our way home.

I never had a sibling but I guess this man was the closest thing I ever had to a big brother.

We were always just a beat off, but I can’t think of anyone else I’ve ever known that involved that degree of physical placement in each other’s path over so many years.  That to me means “soul group”  buddy.

When his energy came back so strongly, and logic wasn’t helping, it finally occurred to me that,”Hey, I am a psychic intuitive.  Maybe I could go into meditation, connect with his energy, and figure this out.”

My question was,”What do I need to know about this so I can put whatever it is behind me?”

He came to me in my mind and I heard his voice as clear as day.  He explained everything.  Past siblings.

Last week I had a reading in Ft. Lauderdale with a lady I was so excited to meet.  I asked her what my connection to this friend was and she said,”You were siblings in many past lifetimes.  Those are the bonds of true love.  The ones that cannot be broken.”  Confirmation.

Meditation really is a useful tool.  You can hear what you need to hear, and you can dial in at any time.  It simply takes your intention and patience, plus a willingness to listen.  If there is anything from long ago that bothers you or doesn’t quite make sense, try talking to that person in your mind through meditation.  I guarantee it will bring you breakthroughs and some peace of mind.

It’s always wonderful to lay old questions to rest.

Two Intuitives Announce A Special Event!

Lindsay Curtis of The Daily Awe and I have created a Special Evening with Two Intuitives.

This is a Group Event where you can ask your most burning question and have the benefit of BOTH of us putting our heads together, just for you.

The event is limited to 20 participants.  You give us your photo (faces and eyeballs, please!) and question and we’ll respond with a recorded Group Reading where we answer via your Spirit Guides and Angels.

Not only do you get to hear what Spirit has to say in response to your question, but you get to hear everyone else’s as well!

The call will be sent to each of you, individually.

The deadline to sign up is Saturday, October 13th or when all spaces are filled.  Send your photo and question along with your payment or directly to

Good luck!  We look forward to reading for you…