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What We Can Learn From Genius

You may not personally know anyone who hits genius status, but I do.  Several of them.

Kind of like no one uses the term “retarded” in casual conversation anymore because it’s not politically correct, no one uses “genius” either.  It’s now “Profoundly Gifted”.  There are actually degrees of this: gifted, gifted disabled, highly gifted, profoundly gifted, etc – and of course little acronyms to go along with it like 2e for “twice exceptional” (gifted and learning disabled), HG, PG.  Parents actually use these little acronymns to distinguish amongst their children.  You’d think this was silliness – I did – until I found out there was a reason for it.  There is a HUGE difference between these little distinctions.

Why am I writing about giftedness and genius on a blog about spirituality?

When you study human nature you’ll notice some outliers.  Those people at the very fringe.  Remember bell graphs from school, when they graded on the curve?  It’s like that.  There might be 10% of the population that is Gifted, but .01% of them are Geniuses.

You know what often goes along with genius?  Disability.  Dys-everything, like dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Why?  Really, they don’t know.  But, it seems that the brains of these people are wired differently than yours and mine.  (Whoops, I made an assumption there.  Nothing personal to any profoundly gifted readers I may have out there – you folks seem to flock to me like sheep in my regular life, so why you wouldn’t be here, I don’t know.)

There is struggle because our current society likes to shove people in little conforming boxes.  They need to “fit in” to make everyone else’s life easier.

I’ve noticed that there is a small but core group of people who’ve made it their life’s work to unlock the box.  Why do they do it when there are so few people in that category?  I mean, shouldn’t we be trying to educate and help the MOST number of people that we can?  The greater good?

Aha – well, that’s where it gets interesting, because of course that tiny little group, the profoundly gifted, can sometimes get out of their little box.  They walk into the world and make Profound Changes  that affect and help everyone, thereby bettering the world on a global scale.  By helping the ONE, we help the MANY.  In fact, most of them blew off your box and laughed at you.  However there are some who just don’t “get” the way the world works insofar as social exchange typically goes, so those guys we will have to cut an air hole for.  I have my scissors handy and some days it feels like all I do is cut.

This one genius I know, who is quite underage and fits under my armpit, has one thing to say when asked to do homework “better” or to re-write something: “I already did it once.  Why do I have to PROVE IT TO YOU by doing it again?”

Most people don’t view life that way.  They work on perfectionism.  Or they just take it for granted that they should do a better job for the teacher.  Or they do it to get it over with and get to the video games.

This little guy has “moved on” long ago, sees no purpose  in what you’ve asked, and thinks you’re a dummy because you’re just catching up and are trying to waste his time.

What for God’s sake does this have to do with you and your connection to spirit?  Everything, really.

You are Profoundly Gifted in your ability to communicate with spirit.

Not everyone can do this, or do it well.  Okay technically everyone is connected, yes, but so few use it.

Like the profoundly gifted autistic child who has a Special Interest in trucks – who can cite you chapter and verse of everything ever known about trucks, much to your bemusement – you have a Special Interest in intuition and spirituality, and not everyone will be interested.

Don’t allow anyone to put you in a conventional box, because you are weird or unusual.  You are merely using your Gift.  Go back in the box of conformity and you lose access to the gift.

If you’ve asked spirit to help with something, don’t keep asking.  They already heard you – don’t make them “prove it.”

Trust what you already know and don’t allow anyone else to sway you or plant a seed of doubt in your mind.

I’ve been finishing up the final edits on my professional intuitive development course this week.  As I re-read the journey I take you on, it occured to me how completely magical it is to reach out and connect with Spirit for the first time.  As I was looking for some background music for one of the meditations, I ran into these two clips.

Yo-Yo Ma performs Bach

Michael Hedges does Bach

I’d really love you to listen to Yo-Yo Ma and watch the video behind it, especially the part at the end.  Take a moment, I’ll wait.

First, what did you think all the images were?  Was it Yo-Yo Ma at a bar, performing, and his imagination took him to all of those other places?  Or something else?  When the man appeared at the end, completely unexpectedly, what did you think it was?  Maybe a man present in the bar, and Yo-Yo Ma was hired as an entertainer for a corporate function?  Something else?  The person who uploaded it to You Tube says: “The man at the end was a mistake, now I can’t delete it, I am very sorry about that, please don’t insult me or insult the video.”

Now, if you have a few moments, click on the Michael Hedges version of the same piece of music.  Notice that Yo-Yo Ma is a cellist.  Michael Hedges was using the harp guitar.  I love both of these pieces and I feel that both of these men were geniuses.  They took the same composition and turned it into something unique.  If you search YouTube you will get a million different versions of this played by various artists and each one will make you FEEL differently.  No one is alike.

That is exactly what it is like to do an Intuitive Reading.  You get these images that come up out of nowhere.  Strange men appear in the end.  One reader has their instrument, and someone else uses another one.  I challenge you to take two people, give them the same subject, and using their different minds, knowledge, tools and frame of reference, have them come up with exactly the same conclusion.  Doesn’t happen.

If you are here reading this I know that either you are (1) already an intuitive practitioner (2) are well in touch with your intuition but don’t say so, you just use it every day in everything you do, or (3) you don’t think you are profoundly gifted and you doubt it.

If you fall into that (3) category, listen up.  You have a knowing, an interest, an open ear.  Like the uniquely functioning brain of the genius, you hear the music and you have some answers for the world that may want or need to come out.  You are guided to open to spirit and this is one place you will be supported as an insider instead of an outsider.  As a genius.  The world needs YOU.  Really, it does.