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Why The Election Does Not Matter

Well, they said it, didn’t they?  The year is 2012 and we could expect Gaia (or Mother Nature) to chew us up and spit us out.

I am so, so sad to see the havoc wrought on the Jersey Shore.  That is my childhood stomping grounds.  Obviously it goes without saying that I wish there was a darn thing I could have done to help any of the people who were injured or passed away. The insurance professional and risk manager in me was captivated by the sheer property loss going on across several states.  This is monumental.

There was something absolutely heartwarming about seeing those tiny New Yorker newborns from neonatal intensive care who were on life support respirators being taken out of the hospital where both backup generators failed.  Some nurses were using hand pumps.  Others were holding IVs.  Adult patients were being carried down the staircases.  Ambulences lined the block to take them to a safe area.

In other news, the United States presidential election is nearly upon us.  It was notable how little complaining went on, even in the media, as New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas were being blown about and flooded.  The stock exchange was closed.  Transportation for millions was brought to a halt.  After all, if you add in Washington DC and Virginia, you’ve pretty much covered where the vast majority of the folks who work in media live.  Make it personal, and watch the good come out.

Sure, I know people will complain about New Jersey governor Chris Christy and say he was heavy handed, rude, and probably a bunch of other things as he called for evacuation from low lying areas.  Some people will put a political spin on the accolades that he has given Obama. His state needs the money and so on.

Along with my empathy and Libra ascendant comes a need to see all sides and endeavor to bring people together.  It is pretty tough to offend me, personally.  Politically I am extremely middle of the road and tend to believe that the will of the people will prevail, regardless of who is in one political office.  And yes I realize that my tendency toward individual rights pisses some people off, especially right now, but that is OK with me.

In my mind there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats in the United States.  Sure, we FEEL that it is some huge divide as we look at the issues of Rights.  But if we look around the globe at the various forms of governments and freedom (or lack thereof) that exist, it seems quite small.

Remember folks that we are all Souls who are inextricably linked together.  The Big Picture is in our minds and hearts at all times.  Nurses don’t keep babies alive just because it is their day job.  Firefighters and EMTs don’t go to work thinking,”Ah, well, if they make it, they make it.  If they don’t, they don’t…”

There is a reason why we say “in your Highest Path and Purpose and For The Greatest Good Of All Involved” like a mantra.

Keep your faith in humanity.  Sure there are some rotten apples in any bunch, but often this is just a personification, a decision we put unfairly on others who seem to disagree with us.  For those cases where it isn’t – those people are becoming increasingly transparent to the rest of us every day.  Call them “darkworkers” or call them what you will – evil can and will be tromped by light, each and every time, in the end.

Most of my friends and associates vote for “the other party.”  I can’t tell you how many times someone has been annoyed as heck at me for NOT agreeing to vote for their candidate.  The funny part is, we both want exactly the same Result.  Exactly.  It’s almost humorous.  The question is more,”Well, how do we get there?”

I like the idea of each person having the liberty to do what they want.  I believe that brings the best result.  That is because I believe that at core, people are good.  They are after all, tiny sparks of God.

It’s probably lucky that Election Day in this country is so close to Halloween and the intensity of Spirit that is available to us all in the weeks before and after it.  I was absolutely ill the day that we were waiting for Sandy to come onshore.  It took me a moment to realize that I was feeling the sheer stress of so many other souls, even though I was all the way down here in South Florida where Sandy passed us by and delivered just one downed tree in the road.  And it didn’t even reach all the way across or strand us or anything.

A little less than a decade ago, I was the Mom with the baby on an apnea monitor.  I was the one stressed as Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne bore down upon us in Boca Raton.  I was the one who made my husband get a diesel generator for $6,000 to make SURE that the little machine could stay working if we lost power.

It turned out that our neighborhood was triple protected with electrical backup, because we were adjacent to the firehouse and EMT station.  So even when we lost power, it came back on immediately.  But we didn’t know that at the time.  We were just worried about that one little soul who was entrusted to us.

So in New Jersey, Halloween will take place over the weekend, when the kids can be kept safe.  The Jersey Shore will be rebuilt.  Eventually.  And regardless of who wins one single Presidential Election, We The People will be fine and thrive once more.  You simply cannot keep our spirit down.

If by chance your Life is looking un-lovely right now, if you’re stranded at home, if your house burned to the ground, if your political candidate doesn’t win, if Halloween got cancelled, remember that like Glenda, the good witch, said to Dorothy “You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along.”

You still do.


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