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The Universe Is Speaking To You | Delivering Intuitive Messages

When you have a gut feeling, follow it.

Did you know you are divinely inspired to act as an “earth angel”?  Yes, You!

You know that feeling you get when you get an impulse to do something but you’re afraid you might look silly or be rebuffed by the recipient?  So, you ignore the impulse, right?


Don’t doubt your feelings and impulses.

I’m assuming that they are positive things and no one will be put in danger or taking ridiculous risks.  I’m talking about those little niggling feelings that you should call someone, write to someone, take a chance, offer comfort to a stranger, give advice from out of the blue.

Those are the moments when you are being divinely guided to play a helpful role in someone’s life.

Those are the times when your spirit guides have their spirit guides on the etheric phone and they are prompting you to take action in spite of your instincts that may say you’ll be embarrassed or that was a totally illogical thought you just had.

It’s not illogical, it’s spiritual.  And as with a lot of things spiritual, you have to be willing to go with it.

If you don’t answer the phone when the universe calls, what motivation do they have to keep calling you?  And that extends to help you yourself need.  I’m not saying they won’t try again and again, because they might, but if I’m right next to you and I could just as easily deliver the message and I am willing to do it and possibly look like an idiot, who are they going to call on, me or you?

Would you want to miss an opportunity to be an earth angel to someone?

When you’re called on to be of service, don’t you want to be?  It’s free.  No one gets hurt.  Maybe someone gets helped.  Doesn’t it make your soul feel great to think that on an otherwise ordinary day,”I could be the one to make all the difference in the world to this person?”

And what if I am not there and you’re all by yourself.  Go ahead, look over your shoulder, look around the room or the grocery store or the office or the school – see anyone else?  Nope, just you.  It’s up to you.

It might be a warning, a compliment, a suggestion, an observation – it could be anything.

Take a chance.  Every once in a while you may not be received well or the other person may look at you funny and you get the impression that you didn’t make an impression, but that’s not always true.  I have many a time snarled at an unwelcome suggestion only to give it some real thought later and take action on it.  So, you may never know what positive influence you had, but that’s okay because you’re not in it for the brownie points.

I’ve gotten to the point where whatever comes through, I don’t hesitate, I just do it or say it.  That’s because I know from past experience that regrets are so not useful.  Sometimes I’ve gone back to try again, having second guessed myself, and I’ve been wrong or the person has already gone.  That’s fine – sometimes it is a swing and a miss.

I’ve had people come to me for free intuitive assistance and they made an apology at the last minute and cancelled.

I’ve had times where I was astonished that the out of the blue comment I’ve made was NOT met with confusion or surprise, it was just accepted.

I’ve had times where I thought I was offering my help and it turned out the other person helped me instead, or we both got something out of it.

Never discount the possibility that your instincts are correct but when you reach out, you’re actually helping yourself instead.

The Universe is funny that way.

Just know that when you are getting a impulse to be kind, help, or just be yourself in the presence of someone else, it is a calling.

There are far more powerful forces at work than just you and me.  But those forces need our continued cooperation in order to succeed at their mission.

Let’s help them, shall we?

Have you ever had unexpected help from out of the blue?  Has someone been like an earth angel or mentor to you, or just said the right thing or offered the right suggestion at the perfect time?  Or are you the one who tends to pick up on messages for others?