Archangel Michael Threw A Penny At Me Or Penis Enlargement The Hard Way

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That is not a typo or a virus.  You read that title right and yes, this week it DOES belong on this page.

I wanted to write a post of woe, where I listed everything that had gone wrong in our little lives.  Trouble is, I’d written that post before.  More than once.  For instance, Is My House Trying To Kill My Children?  Or maybe you prefer this one about the plagues and the Exodus?

In a series of disasters, I come to you Live.

Or maybe I should say, alive.  In this story, three out of the four members of my house almost died from different causes in a matter of a few days.

Most people seem to think that Archangels, being few, don’t spend any time with the little people.

The thing is, YOU are exactly like everyone else, and in angelspeak, they don’t play favorites.  You are just as likely to get a visit from an angel as anyone else and have them show themselves to you or make you aware of their presence.

When I first started doing readings I connected more to Spirit Guides than I did to any angels.  However every once in a while something would happen that was so unique, so different, so energetically powerful that I knew it was angelic in nature.  Gradually, over time, I like many others began calling on certain light beings such as the ever-famous Archangel Michael when it seemed, well, necessary.

People will tell you that Archangels are so “far away” (energetically speaking) that we really can’t reach them.  Maybe a representative or a “lower angel”, they’ll say, will help you out.

Well I don’t know about you but my feeling is that when I call on my angels for help, I appreciate the hell out of them because I can feel them and see their work in action and it is no small thing!

I even told my kid the other night, when he was afraid to walk through the dark house to get a snack from he refrigerator, that I’d loan him one of my guardian angels to walk him back and forth, and he STILL wouldn’t go.  There’s a nonbeliever for you.  But nonetheless I swear I heard a reply when I made the suggestion.  Not repeating it.

So here was the week, just so you get the flavor.  My kids came home from 5 days away at their grandparents’ house, with head lice.  They made it for an entire school year with no lice, even when it was in their classroom, but send them to the grandparents and – fun, fun – here it comes.  I woke up with my head entirely full of the little bugs.  They walk around your head and eat your blood.  Nice, huh?

Not nice – disgusting!  I spent three days, four hours a day, picking lice and nits out of three heads.  Fortunately for my husband, he’s bald, so he escaped.  I had to do my own without being able to see what I was doing (not having eyes in the back of my head, contrary to popular belief).

The rest of the time I was doing laundry – wash on hot, dry on hot, shrinking everything – not knowing if I could safely put anything down on any surface once it was clean.  It was a nightmare of How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Usually I find quarters and dimes around my house but this time, every time I turned around I was finding pennies.  I was wondering,”Who is sending me pennies??” as I always think of the dimes and the quarters as little hellos or gifts from the other side.  I know who sends them, but I didn’t know who was sending the pennies as in seven years in this house I have never found them before.

So in the midst of the lice, they were laughing at us folks, because guess what came next?

That’s right!  I guess you remember my previous reports.  It was the fire ants.   It had been deluging us with rain day after day and it was raining in my living room for three days (roof problem), when my husband called to say he’d just been bitten – in bed – by some odd bug he had never seen before.  Internet searching ensued and it might have been an Assassin bug.  Bugs, especially fire ants, will find their way inside during major rain events, looking for higher ground so they don’t drown.

My oldest kid showed me a bite on his wrist as he was going to bed.  I said,”That looks like it might be a fire ant bite,” and, because of the lice situation, I slept in his bed with him. 

No, it never crossed my mind that the two events might have been related.

At 2 am the dog woke me up to go out, and I changed rooms.  My kid woke up too and went to sleep with his Dad and brother in the other room.

That little move saved his life.

The next morning we noticed he was COVERED with about 40 or 50 fire ant bites.  They had invaded his bed in the night.  There were hundreds of them in his bed, and maybe twenty in ours.  We think the twenty may have come over with the kid in his pajamas.

If you are at all familiar with my kid or fire ants you will know that he has a tendency toward allergic reactions.  That many fire ant bites can cause such a reaction.  He didn’t have one.

My husband, who is deathly allergic to wasp stings and the like,  came out of the event with two bites.  One was on the head of his penis.  Which blew up to several times its normal size.  Ladies, you are thinking nothing of this I know (because I didn’t) but the men here will tell you that they are appalled.

During the last few days my husband’s 10 year old work truck which has 200,000 miles on it, gave up the ghost.  This was a problem because although we do have one other truck, it’s transmission is blown.  So, he had no way to transport his tools or get to work.  And he’s the only one who makes money around here at present.

That week, my laptop broke.  That was after my husband’s laptop broke, the ipad screen shattered, and my son’s computer broke.  So if you’ve noticed I’ve largely been missing and I haven’t been commenting anywhere, that’s because I couldn’t.

The grass was really high on our property because the riding mower also – you guessed it – broke.  So my husband broke out the ant killer and the bombs and took everything out of the kids rooms and told me to wash it all – in hot – again.  You Have No Idea How Much Stuff There Is.  I did 38 loads of laundry between the lice and the fire ant debacle and I am not done yet.

He told me to go into the backyard and spray with this chemical that hooks up to the hose.  When I went to turn the faucet knob, which is metal, it broke off and crumbled in my hand.

I was holding the container out two feet away from me and finally I read the directions and ingredients.  IT WAS THE EXACT SAME CHEMICAL THAT I JUST PUT ON MY HEAD AND THE KIDS HEADS TO KILL THE LICE.  So I guess I didn’t have to be afraid of it – it was already in my system and, I might add, DID NOT WORK ON ME.  Because someone must have thought it would be more fun if I combed out all of my below shoulder length hair every day for a week without benefit of being able to see what I was doing.  Just because, you know, I had nothing else to do.

So some of you at this point are thinking,”Move already!” and I will tell you that I am trying, and have been for over a year, but our contract also fell through a few weeks before that, another is in place, and goodness only knows what will happen.  For the moment we are stuck here.

So as my husband is spraying around the outside perimeter of the house, and after he found the fire ant hill, I watched him walk by the Peace plant and thought,”Wasps usually nest in there when it’s blooming.”  Before I could open my mouth, he was stung.  They were swarming him and all I could do is say,”RUN!!!!!” which he adeptly did, hopping two fences in the process.  He only had one bite.

Well I guess it was the combination of the Assassin bug, the fire ant, and the wasp venom, because only three bites later he seemed okay with the Benadryl in him but I got a phone call the next day.  No he wasn’t dead, but the GC ordered him off the job and to the health clinic because when the Benerdyl wore off his arm swelled to three times its normal size, and not even where the wasp stung him.  

So at the health clinic they asked him if he minded letting the intern give him the cortisone shot, for practice, and he broke the cardinal rule and said yes.  Then they told him the shot was in his behind.  Apparently she didn’t know you’re supposed to slowly put the medicine in and – too late! – she jammed it right in there, pronto.  He said the shot hurt more than his penis, which was apparently saying something.  He limped for three days afterward.

Then, he had a reaction to the steroids they gave him.

In the middle of all of this he was renting a work truck at $75/day and about a week had gone by.  We cannot get an auto loan because our perfect credit was destroyed.  Because I lost my job.  And because we could no longer make the house payments that my job was funding.  You see how all of this is adding up, right?

So guess what happened?

Someone offered to buy him a work van.

Yes, they did.

I’d like to call that person an angel but they probably wouldn’t appreciate it.  So.

He went to buy this truck while he was still all messed up from the medication gone wrong.  After the dust settled and he could go back to the job he was unloading two sets of bench passenger seats to make room for the tools.  I tried to help him and got my wrist caught (because I’m coordinated like that).  As he did the last one by himself to spare my back, I said a little prayer and asked for a blessing for his safety.  I usually do that every day, but this time something told me that we needed the big guns so I asked Archangel Michael to whitelight the van, my husband’s work, and my husband, for the length of time he would have this vehicle in service.

And don’t you know, while he was moving that last seat into the garage, a penny flew out of it and hit me on the head.

I’ve saved it in a baggie marked “_____’s Truck Luck” and put it in the box with the Tooth fairy’s booty and such.

I’ve also asked for the right resolution to our housing situation at the right and perfect time and place.  I’ll keep you posted.

And that is what Archangel Michael has to do with penises.  To my knowledge.

Postscript: You know why there is no photo to accompany this article…right?

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  1. OH, Oh, Oh! What a mess you have been through, I am so hoping that that bit is the last of it for quite some time. Egads. The whole “it never rains but pours” literally for you.
    Head lice…. dye your hair, the kids hair… no kidding, kills them dead adults and nits. Through all the years of raising kids in the school system, my two only got it once thank goodness. The kits we bought didn’t work, the hair dye did. A friend’s previous experience tipped me off to the hair dye… has to be permanent dye so pick a shade close to the natural color. And yes… I spent two days bleaching everything in my house, even using a spray bottle of half water half bleach to spray down the mattress’ and loads of straight hot laundry.
    Your poor hubby… that part made my hubby cringe. Big hugs and keeping my fingers crossed you get moved quick!
    Stacie recently posted..Happy MailMy Profile

    • Hi Stacie, I should be thinking about dye at my age. I am starting to get some greys anyway. Combing through for four days and rechecking in a week (plus all that washing!) took care of it. I am making the sign of the cross with my index fingers against any revisits! Thanks for the good wishes…nothing but sunshine from this day forward, right?

  2. If ever you needed to call in the BIG GUNS, this whole scenario is it! Goodness!

    I’m totally with you on the idea that everyone can access Guides, Angels and Archangels. They are higher vibrations as you go up the ladder but not so high as to be out of reach to those of us in the physical. You need only intention, willingness to be open (to pennies from Heaven!) and trust.

    BTW, I love love love the title of this one! Totally piqued my interest! LOL
    Lisa | Practically Intuitive recently posted..Coming Back to Life EcourseMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa,

      I wasn’t going to do it but I added the last part of the title in deference to my husband…if I got to tell the story, he got to title it 🙂 I wish he was actually interested in the blog or any of this spiritual stuff, because he does have the best ideas. I will never forget the day when I actually felt an angelic presence so strong it woke me up and made me search the house looking for a person!

      • My belief is that whatever you believe is true. If you believe you can’t channel AA’s, than guess what? You can’t. In your case, if you believe you can, you can. The argument they make is that AA’s are 10th dimensional beings (and we’re on the 3rd dimension). I believe that parts of us actually exist on all dimensions, so why not be able to channel them? Also, what if they are bringing their vibration down to our level so we can communicate? I really hate people who think the “know it all” and that their experience is the only true experience. It’s so aggravating.
        AJ | OpenPsychic recently posted..Use this sneaky technique to identify your inner demons and heal them.My Profile

        • Hi AJ, Well I won’t say that I actually thought Archangel Michael was necessarily personally in my garage 🙂 BUT I do think that when we ask for angelic assistance, we are heard, and somehow or other lightbeings respond. I always think of him when I think “protection.” I imagine if a truly “high level” angel was about, I would have felt that huge shift that comes when a different entity is around. I’m just presuming that because the one day when I did get a visit, before I did much intuitive training, it scared the crap out of me.

  3. I have had a few visions where “pennies” or coins were involved, and then one day while sitting on my lap top a song popped into my head…. it is called ( you guessed it) Pennies from Heaven!!!!! lol
    you will have to check it out:-)) if you dont know the song!!!

    cheers Rene

  4. I’m exhausted after reading that, Julie. Your new code name (should you choose to accept it) is Fortitude. I’m sending you reiki for the lice, laundry and, well, everything. Keep on truckin and catching those coins!

  5. Holy cow!! I can hardly believe your tale of woe. Thank goodness for AA Michael, and pennies from heaven.
    Sue recently posted..What’s Ahead for THIS School Year?My Profile

  6. Oh my poor dear Julie!! I was kind of having a pity party for myself, and then I read your post and gave my head a shake. 🙂 Now I’m just sending you virtual hugs. I’m glad you pulled in the big guns.

    I also know the frustration of being caught in the limbo of (in our case) a business that just won’t sell…and you can’t really get on with things until the house (or the business sells). Limbo is super frustrating, and by odd coincidence, for the first time ever, I found a penny on the window sill in my o . 🙂 🙂 🙂

    It MUST be getting better for you. I am sending that intention out.

    I absolutely love your post title!! Luckily you still have your sense of humour!!!
    Kara recently posted..Why Asking Your Spirit Guides to Find A Great Pair of Shoes is Not FrivolousMy Profile

    • Hi Kara, Thank you – I can use all the good intentions I can get! It’s one of these situations where you KNOW it will get better and work itself out, but in this case it has been over two years since it actively “started.” Crazy. I do know there is a reason for it. I can certainly track some important milestones that never would have happened if I hadn’t lost that job. I believe I will be able to look back on it someday and say,”Thank you,” and truly mean it with 100% of myself behind the statement. The weeks like this are comical though, and I would like my life review, without the dying part. NOW so I can understand the WHY 🙂

  7. Awesome article!! I love your humor. As I was reading to myself, and I hit the part about the ant bite to your husbands penis. I chuckled to myself and my husband asked what was funny, so I read him the paragraph and the appalling look on his face and the “oh that’s not good” was priceless. Even funnier, I would think the guys would think that’s awesome. Ha ha!! Anyways, I wish you no more broken things and luck with your home, in more ways than one. 🙂

  8. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Wow Julie! I am glad I live in Colorado, actually my two boys just got back from a Florida vacation with their mom but no mention of creepy crawlies.

    I’ve read on another site that when we find coins that is some kind of communication from the other side. I’m not sure what it is supposed to mean or if it is true so I would love to hear from anyone who has anymore to say about it. I’m always finding cash and coins, is that just luck or coming from spirit?
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..A Look at the Left BrainMy Profile

    • Hi Todd,

      Lice actually aren’t so bad once you realize what you have to do to get rid of them, but the initial reaction on my part was pretty bad. Thankfully, they are long gone now and I will not fear them in the future.

      YES coins do mean something. It is like out of the blue you keep coming across dimes for several days…everywhere you go, and in the strangest places. Not like you happen to see a penny here and a quarter there.

  9. I am speechless you know! I am here to give you a hug and tell you I will be lighting a lamp to pray especially for you. Let Michael the Archangel and my own Deities join forces in bringing things back to good times for you.

    Lice are so pesky. I live in constant and secret fear because I used to think only girls get lice 😀 and now I know boys do too. Arrgh. Oh Julie, I feel for you. Huge hugs. Gosh, I am going to be slightly sleepless until I read your next update.

    Love you! I know it is not easy to be humorous when you’re facing something like this.
    Vidya Sury recently posted..A Soft WordMy Profile

    • Hi Vidya,

      That really touched me – something about knowing you are out there in the world with your lamp brought a feeling of serenity to me 🙂 Thank you very much.

      We have to laugh over things like this, else we’d cry…and in this case I think laughter is definitely called for as well as the best medicine.

  10. kdivasilver says:

    With that title, at first I thought someone had hacked your account! It reminds me of an old song that had a refrain of “and then, and then,…?” We went through the lice thing too (thankfully years ago) and the hardest part for the kids was having to store their Beanies away for a month–we had a big opening ceremony when the 30 days had lapsed.

    I wish you all the powers of the Archangels to help correct the balance in your home.


    • Hi Kathleen, yes, you are unlikely to see such attention grabbing headlines around here again! This was a truly spectacular display of nonsense in just one week. I am looking forward – trying to avoid the “with trepidation” – to starting over. I don’t need to keep living in a mansion, I need to just have enough, plus a little change, for fun.

  11. Sometimes all we can do is walk through the storms and or dance in the rain. Sooner or later the sun shines and all that craziness feels like a dream we once had.
    Josh recently posted..Name Your Top 5 MoviesMy Profile

    • Hi Josh, Hey, at least we have a TON of good stories to tell. Imagine if I had stayed working in insurance and commuting 3 hours a day. I would have missed all the stuff with my kids. I would never have learned to do intuitive work. In spite of the “bad things” that happened, I think we need to look with the end in view, big picture – you have no idea how much HELP we got, completely unexpected, miraculous help. There was really a lot of that, too.

  12. OMG, OMG, OMG! This is a CRAZY story. These kinds of things don’t normally happen to people. I don’t believe in curse, but Jesus! I am sending lots of positive vibes your way!
    AJ | OpenPsychic recently posted..Use this sneaky technique to identify your inner demons and heal them.My Profile

    • AJ, I have had so many “this doesn’t happen to people” stories the last couple of years that I am burnt out on it entirely, and fully ready to move on. You know how many intuitives I know, and apart from some entities that had to be cleared out, and the fact that we are likely living on a site where a lot of battles were fought, I would not say curse. I might say we lived assuming everything would continue to be fine and roll right along, and it didn’t. My shift had a lot to do with it – because no “regular desk job” would manifest in spite of logic, education, experience, etc. Still – it brought me to this work, and for that I am grateful!

  13. What?? Really? Good lord. Are you sure that none of you has accidentally lifted an artifact from an Egyptian tomb, or something? Ask the kids. Because this would be a super awesome time to put it back, from the sound of it. My my my.

    On the bright side, it’s making me feel a whole lot less whiny about MY day. Everything’s relative, I guess. “Gratitude checklist for today: no lice or fire ants. Check! Boyfriend’s equipment normal size. Double Check!!” We did have bedbugs once, though, which was pretty awful, so I do sympathize. 🙁

    Oh, btw, I found a Canadian nickel on the street yesterday – are there any specifically Canadian angels that you know of, eh? 🙂

    Better luck to you very soon, my dear! Much, much, much better luck! Shee-yeesh!
    Jennifer Flint Designs recently posted..Rear WindowMy Profile

  14. Looks like this is one of your most popular posts yet…people love subject lines about penises and tales of woe!

    You’ve been through enough in the past 2 years to last you decades. It’s so nice to know that through it all, you have your angels looking out for you.

    • Lindsay, Famous last words but I keep hearing lately about “dark night of the soul” or whatever you want to call a transition into spiritual service. SO MANY people went through something really major. Maybe it was necessary to get their attention. Usually it is an end to a job, a bankruptcy, a death of some sort, or a major illness. I will take what I got, the universe has my attention, I know we are supported getting on with our lives, and now on to figure out the details!

  15. Julie,
    You have such a positive attitude, you’re so inspirational. I, too, went through about 5 years of freaky freak things consistently happening to me. In my particular case, I ended up back at my parents’ home and ended up being their caregiver when they both had strokes. It was my “Dark Night of the Soul” but it as you said, it turned out to be a transition that completely transformed my life. My life is so much simpler now. And, that time spent with my parents turned out to be such a blessing in my life. Granted, I couldn’t see that at the time, but when all of the pieces started to come together, it all seemed so obvious. I also have read that these are some of the characteristics of the “clearing away” that is occuring in 2012.
    Re AA Michael > As someone who was raised a Catholic and of Mexican decent from S. Tx, making requests to Archangel Michael is common practice, especially when you need to clear out highly negative vibes. There are just some things that only Michael can handle. Julie, as you know, this too shall pass. You are blessed!

  16. Julie you are truly awesome. Anyone who can go through all that *#+# and come out of it able to write with such humour and grace has awesomeness in spades. I hated to laugh at your misfortunes, but boy did you make them funny.

    Sounds like big shifts in consciousness are on the way to you my friend, obviously filled with great things because that’s who you are. Current story not withstanding!

    Love Elle
    Elle recently posted..Using Financial Alchemy For A Richer Life.My Profile

  17. Good grief. I went through a time like that once and wrote a post titled Night of the Skunk. You can guess that part of it! Fire ants and lice at the same time are just too much. Dealt with head lice when my daughter was little. Ended up having to cut her hair very very short to finally get rid of them, much to her dismay. Anyway, yours is quite a tale. Fire ants in your bed–the one place you should be safe! Blessings on your washing machine.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Ants in My Pants!My Profile


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