Essential Tips for Grounding Yourself on the Path of Intuitive & Spiritual Growth

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A Clear Sign says: I’ll be Guest Posting at Life For Instance on Monday, August 13th so come by and visit me! 

This week’s Thursday Post is a feature from Nathan at A State of Mind about a subject I’ve been working on in depth lately – Energy.  Last July I featured his book Psychic Development Simplified (see my review through the link) and you can order it here.  He  has since  written another fantastic short book, Living With Reiki.  Nathan is an “across the pond and then some” intuitive friend and has been known to deal with dark matters quite effectively whereas most shy away from discussing it.  He was the guy I called on when my Conscience showed up out of the blue – one day I’ll tell you that story.  You will find his perspective unique.  On with the show!

In the summer season, my timing was perfect with this guest post, I believe. And since Julie suggested that I could write a bit about energy work, I followed her suggestion. In this article, I wish to help you with issues related to energy work and, basically, grounding. Grounding should be understood as two things. First, a way to control the energies within you, and second, as an important element of overall spiritual or intuitive development.

What Happens If You’re Not Grounded

If you’re not properly grounded, then your mind shows a tendency to wonder from thought to thought; from event to event. You open yourself too much, giving access to other people and entities, whose intentions towards you are not always positive. But more than that, if you’re not properly grounded, then your energy cannot remain within your system (body), it jumps from place to place, making you tired, unfocused or even angry or depressed. It’s like with laser – normally, light is everywhere, so in a way, it’s nowhere. Laser is a focused light, and you can clearly see its beam.


The same thing goes for energy – if it’s everywhere, then it’s nowhere. If it’s focused within your own body and mind, then it’s clearly visible, and as such, it can be used for:


  • Spiritual growth
  • Psychic work
  • Psychic self-defense


Now, some might ask “it’s not really grounding, it’s centering” – but in reality, centering and grounding are nearly the same thing. The difference is that centering brings you here and now, it’s a way to focus yourself. Grounding is a way to release energies from your body (energy grounding), that’s right. But few people are aware that spiritual grounding, what I call “daily grounding”, is a form of centering you here and now, in this world, this body, this life. But also, any type of grounding brings you here and now, so grounding is centering, too :).
If you neglect both energy and spiritual grounding, you’re vulnerable to illnesses, attacks by astral entities, or manipulation of other people. And that is why it is very important for every spiritual worker or psychic/intuitive coach to learn proper grounding – it’s an essential safety technique. And that’s what this article is about.

The Basic Theory of Grounding

Most articles about grounding describe different techniques, most of which utilize some kind of visualization. In this article, I want to do things differently – I will provide you with some nice techniques, but we should start with explaining the basics of all energy works. Understanding of such basic mechanics will help you develop new ways of grounding. So, the basic principle of energy work is:


            Energy follow thoughts.


Wherever you direct your attention, the energy follows. That is why if you can’t focus and your mind wonders, then the energy wonders, as well. But if you focus your energy, on here and now, or through visualization, as it flows through visualized roots into the ground, then the energy does exactly this – it follows your intention, your thoughts.


Now it should be obvious that proper meditation, like Zazen, or any form of meditation that brings you “here and now” and makes you aware of your surroundings, is a form of grounding. But it also should be obvious that you can focus your attention on many different, real (physical) things and they will ground you properly. We’ll discuss that in just a moment.


Now, as I said earlier, there are two aspects of grounding, which are governed by two different “chakras”.


  • The energy grounding – this aspect of grounding deals solely with energies. Whenever you suffer from overload, or you’ve picked up unwanted energies, for example due to intuitive reading, you should use energy grounding techniques. This type of grounding is governed mostly by your feet chakras – one chakra, energy center, per each foot.
  • The spiritual grounding – what I call “spiritual grounding” refers not simple to energies, but our entire being, on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is the general grounding, something that keeps you “here and now”. This type of grounding is governed mostly by your root chakra, the first energy center in the most popular system of seven primary chakras.


Let’s discuss techniques of grounding for both types, shall we?

The Energy Grounding

The energy grounding technique is what I call disposable grounding – you do it “here and now”, and you’re done. You might repeat the technique in the future, but its primary purpose is to ground you right away. The following techniques can be used after energy work session, like Tai Chi, Yoga, Qigong, New Energy Ways and so on. But also, spiritual work like energy meditation, psychic reading, psychic healing and similar, will benefit from the following techniques.


You should already be familiar with the basic form of grounding, in which you visualize energetic roots coming from your feet into the ground, through which the energy flows and grounds you – so I won’t explain this technique in details. There are other useful techniques which you might be interested in.


First, smoking is a great way of grounding yourself. A cigarette once per day keeps a psychic healer away :). All right, maybe not entirely, and lets admit it, smoking is a terrible thing, it’s no good for your health. So if you don’t smoke, then do not start :P. But, if you’re already a smoker, then know that smoking grounds you. Smoke has been used for grounding purposes for thousands of years, the techniques can be traced into ancient, animistic cultures. Enjoying a cigarette or a pipe after spiritual work is a good way to ground yourself.


Another simple way to ground yourself is to enjoy something sweet – a sweet juice, or a chocolate bar or candy, or a good apple pie after long Wicca ritual is a great way to ground yourself. The energy shall be focused, and the surplus of energies will be released from your body.


Notice that in both smoking and eating something sweet I’ve emphasized the word “enjoy” – if you won’t enjoy what you’re doing, then it won’t be as effective. So, enjoy – and you’ll be grounded well.


Another technique was explained to me by a Taoist teacher. On the bottom of your feet, there is a point, called Yung-Chuan, and it’s a point of energy exchange (see the illustration below). By massaging this point in proper way, you release the unwanted amount of energy from your energy system.



How to perform such massage? You should use your thumb – start with your right foot, and use your thumb to make small circles on the Yung-Chuan point, clockwise for the first 30 seconds, then counter-clockwise for another 30 seconds. Repeat the circles on your left foot. As you massage the Yung-Chuan, keep an intention of releasing the energy from your body, and it will ground you. It’s worth mentioning that this technique is often used to decrease headaches, or even relief from headache entirely.


Reiki practitioners might be interested in fact that they can use Reiki upon both of their feet, either in simple way by touching feet with their hands, or by using the first Reiki symbol upon each foot. This will activate the energy centers within your feet, and allow your body to release energy into the ground.


Finally, a cold shower is a way to ground yourself, as well. So if you don’t smoke, you don’t like chocolate, and you’re not a Reiki healer, then shower will do the trick :).

The Spiritual Grounding

There is also another type of grounding, something I call “daily grounding” or “spiritual grounding”. It’s something you do all the time, and it’s meant to keep yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. A lot of people make the mistake of ignoring the physical, emotional and mental reality, focusing solely on spiritual aspects of life. They meditate, heal, do psychic readings, participate in spiritual lectures and workshops. But in the end, they forget that they’re still alive.


A person must eat, drink, work and have sex. If you have troubles with these things, then most probably, you’re not properly grounded, and you’re at the gate of long path of spiritual trouble. In the end, the balance must be kept. If there won’t be balance between your physical and spiritual life, then you will become vulnerable for astral attacks and manipulation by other people.


New Age books tell you that you’re a spiritual being. But also, you’re a human being, as well (something I emphasized in my “Living with Reiki” book). Eating, sleeping, working, achieving your goals, enjoying sex, and taking care of daily routine is in your nature, a nature which should be embraced. If you’re not grounded by your human activities, then you there’s nothing to keep you in this world alive. Focusing solely on the spiritual stuff makes you a target for manipulation by gurus, or a target for astral entities which seek new gurus to create apocalyptic sects. Generally – 100% focus on spiritual stuff == bad, bad thing :). Why so, that’s a subject for another, long article, if Julie allows.


Generally, in order to be a good and healthy psychic or spiritual worker, you need to ground yourself on daily basis. It’s quite easy to do so. “Enjoy” is, once again, a keyword here. You should enjoy:


  • Every dish you eat, and every coffee you drink in the morning (if any). Enjoy your food, enjoy your drinks, simple as that.
  • Enjoy meeting with your friends who are not spiritual workers. Talking about non-spiritual stuff (how was it at work? How’s Joe? Is your kid OK?) grounds you nicely.
  • Enjoy the music you listen to – even if it’s the Lord of Metal, Ronnie James Dio or Madonna the Queen – it grounds you, too 🙂
  • Enjoy sex – it’s a healthy and deeply spiritual act of love and creation, which should not be neglected.
  • Enjoy your work – service to others is a spiritual act of living in this world. Enjoy what you do for money, and if you don’t, find a job you will enjoy.
  • Enjoy your hobby – do something for fun, and if you don’t have a hobby, find one! My friend, who is a real shaman, play Role Playing games in the woods :). Now that’s grounding!


Watch a movie, go for a walk, enjoy every single moment of your human, physical life – every single moment, every single day. It will keep you grounded in this very real world. And when you’re grounded in this world, then you can grow spiritually in a meaningful and healthy and safe way.


With knowledge and techniques explained above, your energy will be grounded all the time, and you will remain safe in the world of spiritual grow and intuitive development.


About author:

Nathan is a psychic and a Reiki teacher. He publish articles about psychic development and spiritual growth on this website, AStateofMind. He’s also a successful author of books on subjects of psychic development and spirituality.

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  1. This is one of the most comprehensive articles I have read to date about the subject. Some new ideas in here, thank you! A very interesting perspective indeed. I shall start one grounding technique by enjoying some coffee now!

  2. Hmm, well, I already do most of the stuff on your list there, but I still can’t eat food successfully (all carbs and sugars make me sick), and I still wish I could do spiritual stuff 100% of the time, since it’s really the only thing that makes me feel awesome.

    But then I think I may have been born with no base chakra at all, or only a teeny little pinprick of one, and my own aura photo backs this up. You can barely see the silly thing. But apparently I can see other people’s auras, so I guess it’s a tradeoff. 🙂
    Jennifer Flint Designs recently posted..Personality Link LoveMy Profile

    • It’s not about forcing yourself to enjoying food – it’s more about finding food that you enjoy :). What I suggest is not trying to do spiritual stuff 100% of the time, but to live 100% of the time – it’s basically the same thing.

      Every “higher being” (above animal) do have the root (base) chakra – yours might be simple too neglected. It happens when one does care about spiritual stuff a lot, but cares little about food, sex and money (meaning: this kind of material, physical stuff).

      Nathan recently posted..Why Am I Reiki Evangelist and Why Should You Try Reiki For YourselfMy Profile

      • Heh heh, actually I do care about those things, and do pay attention to them – they just don’t seem to care about ME! But I’m working on it. There must be a cure out there for Puny Base Chakra Syndrome (PBCS) somewhere. Maybe I need to have a fundraiser. 🙂
        Jennifer Flint Designs recently posted..Personality Link LoveMy Profile

  3. Hi Nathan.

    Thanks for focussing on such a key concept and givings so many practical ideas!

    I have a slightly different take on the difference bet centering and grounding. Centering is about energy balance. It’s about balancing right/left -male/female. It can also be about balancing front and back, which is about stepping forward or pulling back.

    Grounding is about energy conductivity. It’s focus is on pulling in energy or releasing energy. So its about up/ down. Directionally, centering is on this plane; grounding also includes a higher plane.

    Thanks again for the great grounding tips. But you left out one of my favorites: petting your dog. (Could
    be cat, but I’m a dog person. I bet you already knew that.)


  4. Nice one Nathan! 🙂 <3
    Justin Bonnet – Healing for Grounding recently posted..“When I imagine grounding roots going down, they just come up again”My Profile

  5. Lama Surya Das says:

    Grounding exercises are designed to help you focus your attention on the present moment by reconnecting your body energy with the energy of Mother Earth.
    Lama Surya Das recently posted..Take A Summer Breath BreakMy Profile

  6. I am thinking about sex as a factor of grounding… What about Tibetan and buddhist monks then? They are perfect example of being grounded yet they reject sexual relations.

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