The Universe Is Speaking To You | Delivering Intuitive Messages

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When you have a gut feeling, follow it.

Did you know you are divinely inspired to act as an “earth angel”?  Yes, You!

You know that feeling you get when you get an impulse to do something but you’re afraid you might look silly or be rebuffed by the recipient?  So, you ignore the impulse, right?


Don’t doubt your feelings and impulses.

I’m assuming that they are positive things and no one will be put in danger or taking ridiculous risks.  I’m talking about those little niggling feelings that you should call someone, write to someone, take a chance, offer comfort to a stranger, give advice from out of the blue.

Those are the moments when you are being divinely guided to play a helpful role in someone’s life.

Those are the times when your spirit guides have their spirit guides on the etheric phone and they are prompting you to take action in spite of your instincts that may say you’ll be embarrassed or that was a totally illogical thought you just had.

It’s not illogical, it’s spiritual.  And as with a lot of things spiritual, you have to be willing to go with it.

If you don’t answer the phone when the universe calls, what motivation do they have to keep calling you?  And that extends to help you yourself need.  I’m not saying they won’t try again and again, because they might, but if I’m right next to you and I could just as easily deliver the message and I am willing to do it and possibly look like an idiot, who are they going to call on, me or you?

Would you want to miss an opportunity to be an earth angel to someone?

When you’re called on to be of service, don’t you want to be?  It’s free.  No one gets hurt.  Maybe someone gets helped.  Doesn’t it make your soul feel great to think that on an otherwise ordinary day,”I could be the one to make all the difference in the world to this person?”

And what if I am not there and you’re all by yourself.  Go ahead, look over your shoulder, look around the room or the grocery store or the office or the school – see anyone else?  Nope, just you.  It’s up to you.

It might be a warning, a compliment, a suggestion, an observation – it could be anything.

Take a chance.  Every once in a while you may not be received well or the other person may look at you funny and you get the impression that you didn’t make an impression, but that’s not always true.  I have many a time snarled at an unwelcome suggestion only to give it some real thought later and take action on it.  So, you may never know what positive influence you had, but that’s okay because you’re not in it for the brownie points.

I’ve gotten to the point where whatever comes through, I don’t hesitate, I just do it or say it.  That’s because I know from past experience that regrets are so not useful.  Sometimes I’ve gone back to try again, having second guessed myself, and I’ve been wrong or the person has already gone.  That’s fine – sometimes it is a swing and a miss.

I’ve had people come to me for free intuitive assistance and they made an apology at the last minute and cancelled.

I’ve had times where I was astonished that the out of the blue comment I’ve made was NOT met with confusion or surprise, it was just accepted.

I’ve had times where I thought I was offering my help and it turned out the other person helped me instead, or we both got something out of it.

Never discount the possibility that your instincts are correct but when you reach out, you’re actually helping yourself instead.

The Universe is funny that way.

Just know that when you are getting a impulse to be kind, help, or just be yourself in the presence of someone else, it is a calling.

There are far more powerful forces at work than just you and me.  But those forces need our continued cooperation in order to succeed at their mission.

Let’s help them, shall we?

Have you ever had unexpected help from out of the blue?  Has someone been like an earth angel or mentor to you, or just said the right thing or offered the right suggestion at the perfect time?  Or are you the one who tends to pick up on messages for others?


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  1. The more outrageous and out of place it seems, the more likely to be the way to go.
    Michael recently posted..When the Clearing Doesn’t “Work”My Profile

  2. Regrets are SO not useful! I’ve been there. I always say what comes to me as well. I’ve done readings before where I learned more than my client did. It’s pretty cool when that happens!
    AJ | OpenPsychic recently posted..3 Rookie Mistakes That Will ALWAYS Block Psychic AbilityMy Profile

    • Hi AJ, I think I am always learning more with each reading I’ve done. It’s never the same and there’s always a lesson in there somewhere even if it is just another marker we can look for.

  3. LOVE IT, Julie! And, it’s a great confirmation of this coming to me recently, to just GO with passing a message on regardless of whether I am received as crazy, meddling, or what-have-you. I recently “got” an impression from a photo of someone on Facebook that I have never met (this time around, anyway), and which I came by via someone else’s account. Anyway, I felt the urge to send this person a message. His response was negative, but by the punctuation he used in reply, I determine that it was a true message to him. Your readings and your articles have been a great blessing to my “development” and I came by YOU via someone else! Namaste!
    Ricky Ferdon recently posted..Arising of Idea of Soul Being Separate from GodMy Profile

    • Hi Ricky, I am so glad that you find value in them and can take it with a grain of salt if the message doesn’t go over too well. I don’t mean to encourage anyone to go way over the line, as I know you know! Sometimes we are guided to send a message and we never know the far reaching effects. I always try to use good judgement at the same time.

  4. I connected to my earth angel/ mentor about 1 1/2 years ago. Through some pretty cool universal timing and manuvering, I got an intuitive reading from a woman that I had just met, but when I met her, I hadn’t realized she was a psychic. In any case, the reading was so much more than a reading. It was an amazing healing that kicked off a big time spiritual awakening. Seriously, the two days after the reading, my head was going so fast and furiously that it hurt… for 2 days. Since that time, I learned that she and I have been sisters in many other lifetimes. And she has taught me a bundle about how the universe works. She is my soul sister/ mentor/ friend.
    Sue recently posted..The Dentist AftermathMy Profile

  5. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for the reminder! I constantly have to take my fear of [looking foolish, sounding crazy, feeling out of my league] in hand and just act. It is always helpful to have reminders that this is what I am supposed to be doing. 🙂

    Kara recently posted..Why Asking Your Spirit Guides to Find A Great Pair of Shoes is Not FrivolousMy Profile

  6. I have read and re-read this post. I must say, Julie, I count on you to shave down truth and make it plain. You have given me (again) a jolt to trust and ‘do’. Thanks. Works every time.

  7. Jack@TheJackB says:

    There certainly is something more out there, but I couldn’t tell you what it is. I just have come to accept it..slowly.
    Jack@TheJackB recently posted..High Anxiety & The First Day of SchoolMy Profile

  8. Hi Julie, Love the article. But I have a question and I will include a little back story to help.
    What if you get the feeling, that you should go over to someones house and you knock, and you know they are home, but will not answer the door so you close the screen door, go to leave figure that person is in another area because you hear a noise, but no one is. So you think about leaving but you get that feeling to knock again, but this time the screen door won’t open, so you knock, no answer again. So you just decide to leave.
    But on your way home you get the feeling to turn around and go back, but think to yourself why if they won’t answer? Then you remember the screen door and how it worked before but didn’t the last time so it might have jammed, had that happen personally.
    When you turn around and go back you pull in the drive and see something in the window of the door, you get out and check it out, it says something not nice on it “get the F off my property” so then you think well that didn’t go well. You then start to leave and the person from inside the home starts yelling “leave me alone, go away, leave me alone” over and over again, until you have to panamime that your leaving.
    Then about three months later after not contacting that person again in anyway, a friend announces that this person told them to the affect that I got a raw deal on the sign, and seemed to the friend like they were remorseful. But that person in question has never said a word to me personally about it, and when we pass each other or see each other will not even acknowledge me.
    But then one day this person and another were at my friends house and was staring down the field as there is one between us, at my place, and another time, said they had to stop at the friends place because I was sitting outside.
    I’ve heard this one song, called “come over” by Kenny Chesney, and instantly this persons face popped into my head specifically just on the lyric that is the name of the song, switch the station and the same song lyrics is on, but the DJ comes on and their name is the same as that person, like someone is telling me, and I think not going to happen I remember what happened the last time. So I say outloud if this person needs to see me, they can stop and see me, so then one day about a week or two later, my friend who told me that stuff about this person, his dog came home tired, and wet, but he was no where to be found, his wife asked me if I could drive her over to this persons house to see if he seen him at all, the same person.
    I didn’t think of it at the time I just did it, someone was missing, this time the person opened the door, and was looking at me through the conversation without talking to me except bye, they hadn’t seen my friend whom we found later safe. Now that you have a little back story, this person still will not talk or acknowledge me in anyway. But this persons name is always coming up where before it was like it was taboo.
    You say follow your gut, I did it got me a sign haha ouch. a song I refused and still ended up over there again, I guess I don’t understand what it was all about. From start to finish. How did I help this person?
    I understand when you said it could be embarrassing, messy, so on, but I just don’t understand, so I guess thats just what I was wondering if you could expand on it, I don’t know if anyone else has had this happen, well not exactly like this but situations that make you go, umm and huh?
    Thank you.

    • P.S. Silly me I re-read what I wrote and discovered that I did not put in that I have no idea why I was being sent over there, the first or second time. What I was suppost to do, talk listen, get told off.. I hadn’t seen or talked to that person in months except a text here or there or a considerate voicemail for a holiday or birthday.
      I still question outloud why I was sent over there the second time, when my friend as it turns out was several miles the opposite direction. I just wanted to add this in there as I forgot to above.

    • Lily, I think sometimes we can misjudge what is meant by the intuitive hits we think we are getting. It may be that in the future you find the answer. Had it been me I would not have gone onto someone else’s property to knock on the door. The other thing is that when we are looking for the connections, we find them – whether or not they are meant to be found.

      • “Had it been me I would not have gone onto someone else’s property to knock on the door.”

        I would agree had it been a stranger or someone I had barely knew, but I’ve known this person for about five years. Due to some circumstances, depression, anger, closed up, attitude, etc. I hadn’t spoken with this person for quite awhile. Hear tell it this person seemed to my friend to be remoseful about doing that with the sign and yelling, which is different. They are getting out a tiny bit more the person I knew before circumstances casted them into a lot of this.
        Like I said I don’t know why I had that really strong feeling to be there doing that, that day, one person said maybe it was they knew me well enough that I would forgive them doing that, but then when I didn’t really react they fineally realized they messed up. Now I am not claiming this to be true. Again I don’t know why I was sent there not once but twice. The second time was after the remorseful observation by my friend was over with. Anyway, thanks.

        I suppose there was a reason for it all, love to know what it was, but until it comes to pass, I will just continue to do what I’ve done all along when it comes to this person and that is pray for them. Right now it seems that is all I can do.

  9. This is so true. My foster son Dan joined our family when I was just going about my business and someone told me his story in passing. As I heard it, I had an almost physical sensation of my life turning in a different direction. In spite of how crazy it was, I said I would take him. That was 12 years ago.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..I Gave Up Childish WaysMy Profile

  10. I thought I’d responded to this article, but apparently not. I’ve learned to trust what I get for other people and share it…most of the time. If I’m not sure of how the person will react, or if I intuit that they won’t handle it well, then I keep my mouth shut. Maybe I shouldn’t?
    Lindsay recently posted..Letting go and making room – saying goodbye to my books (and maybe my journals)My Profile

  11. Todd | Channelingmyself says:


    This is the universe talking, send Todd some fresh oranges from Florida.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Just SurrenderMy Profile

  12. Hi Julie

    Yup, strangely enough I opened this article last night to read it but didn’t get to it. Then today I was walking from my car to my apartment with my handbag, gym bag, shopping, and a bunch of stuff in my hands when this dodgy looking kid ran across the street and started demanding food or money from me, he pushed me and I was really scared and uncomfortable, trying to get around him but I couldn’t. When a guy in my apartment block, who was outside on his balcony which has a view of this street started shouting at the guy and telling him to leave me alone, which distracted him so I could continue walking and go inside. I was pretty shaken up, if that guy hadn’t called out to help me, that dodgy dude would have probably stolen from me or worse. They I was like, why did that happen? Am I not being careful with my energy am I attracting unpleasant things towards myself? And I got, no it was more about the dodgy kid and the guy than me. And probably also a message about safety for me to be more careful a about walking with everything in my hands. And then later tonight I got my ipad out, and this blog post was waiting to be read 🙂

    Thank you 🙂


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