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Intuition | How Do You Know If It’s A Sign?

Can’t quite imagine being able to do this – but showing up anyway

Long ago and far away, in a distant land named Pre-Children-In-My-Forties, I used to do yoga.  Not well, mind you, but I went to class twice a week religiously, and did yoga videos at home on the other days.

When I got pregnant with my first son, I had complications early on and my doctor put me on bed rest and said no to yoga or pretty much any exercise.

That was nine years ago.

Can you think of anything you “used to do” or “need to do” that you’re again being prompted – through signs – to simply begin?

Here’s how the message to get back to yoga came through for me – repeatedly.

Last year it came to my attention that there is a yoga studio in nearby Jupiter Farms.

I say nearby, but it’s a twenty minute drive.  In the wrong direction.  Technically, as the crow flies, I could be there in five minutes, if only a road connected my community with Jupiter Farms.  I could learn to ride a horse to get there, but that seemed highly impractical.

Here’s how I pushed the sign away:

I thought, I miss yoga but really, I could do it at the gym I already belong to.  I checked the time and it was not convenient.  I peeked in on a class one day, and it was wall to wall people (no way!).

I thought, I didn’t feel I could justify paying $12 per class for yoga AND belong to the gym.

I thought, by the time I took the kids to school and went to yoga, it would be time to pick them up again.

I told myself,”I’ll find my old yoga video and do it at home.”  And then promptly continued to go to the gym and do what I always did.  I never looked that hard for the video.

So, as they always do, the signs started right back up again!

My mother-in-law (messenger) mentioned that she was doing yoga, and did I know that there was a yoga studio in Jupiter Farms that she could use when she visited?

Some months later I was speaking to an intuitive friend (messenger) and he said that my guides said I should stop doing my gym routine and go back to yoga.

I was having a reading done by Lisa (messenger) that I mentioned last week, and she said, in connection with my purpose – you guessed it – yoga.

There has been a lot of discussion about where we may be moving soon, and the strongest suggestion at the moment seems to be Jupiter Farms.

The very next day after speaking to Lisa, I was stopped at a traffic light and glanced down at my phone (use of technology to draw my attention).  It began to blink that I had a new message from Living Social.  The message running across the top of the screen said yoga.

The light changed and as I began to drive, I started to laugh.  Most of the deals on places like Groupon and Living Social are nowhere near me, because I live in a remote area.  But I knew in my gut that the yoga deal would be at the yoga studio in Jupiter Farms.

I clicked it open and it said,”$40 for 10 yoga classes in Jupiter Farms normally $120″ (the universe addressing my financial concerns and giving me a means to do it).

I’m taking bets on whether this means:

Yoga is an important element in the work I will be doing next

I’m moving to Jupiter Farms


We usually say that a “sign” is something that pops up a few times over a short period of time, like a few days.

Signs and synchronicity can also haunt you and follow you around for years, repeating themselves, if you don’t heed them.  You see, the Universe is pointing you in a direction for a reason, and it doesn’t stop pointing you there if the reason continues to be valid.

I didn’t mention that I was sick with a bad back and sinus infections and chest colds for about four months…causing me to be unable to go to the gym (physical body pointing us in a direction).

The universe throws things out gently and casually at first – so casually that you may miss it the first few times.  

Once you DO get it and start understanding it, if you delay, ignore, and fail to heed the call, the lessons get harder, and tougher and the messages stronger, until you finally listen and do something about it.

Yes, we have free will, but please do listen when you hear the call.

Yes, I bought the deal from Living Social.