Intuition | How Do You Know If It’s A Sign?

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Can’t quite imagine being able to do this – but showing up anyway

Long ago and far away, in a distant land named Pre-Children-In-My-Forties, I used to do yoga.  Not well, mind you, but I went to class twice a week religiously, and did yoga videos at home on the other days.

When I got pregnant with my first son, I had complications early on and my doctor put me on bed rest and said no to yoga or pretty much any exercise.

That was nine years ago.

Can you think of anything you “used to do” or “need to do” that you’re again being prompted – through signs – to simply begin?

Here’s how the message to get back to yoga came through for me – repeatedly.

Last year it came to my attention that there is a yoga studio in nearby Jupiter Farms.

I say nearby, but it’s a twenty minute drive.  In the wrong direction.  Technically, as the crow flies, I could be there in five minutes, if only a road connected my community with Jupiter Farms.  I could learn to ride a horse to get there, but that seemed highly impractical.

Here’s how I pushed the sign away:

I thought, I miss yoga but really, I could do it at the gym I already belong to.  I checked the time and it was not convenient.  I peeked in on a class one day, and it was wall to wall people (no way!).

I thought, I didn’t feel I could justify paying $12 per class for yoga AND belong to the gym.

I thought, by the time I took the kids to school and went to yoga, it would be time to pick them up again.

I told myself,”I’ll find my old yoga video and do it at home.”  And then promptly continued to go to the gym and do what I always did.  I never looked that hard for the video.

So, as they always do, the signs started right back up again!

My mother-in-law (messenger) mentioned that she was doing yoga, and did I know that there was a yoga studio in Jupiter Farms that she could use when she visited?

Some months later I was speaking to an intuitive friend (messenger) and he said that my guides said I should stop doing my gym routine and go back to yoga.

I was having a reading done by Lisa (messenger) that I mentioned last week, and she said, in connection with my purpose – you guessed it – yoga.

There has been a lot of discussion about where we may be moving soon, and the strongest suggestion at the moment seems to be Jupiter Farms.

The very next day after speaking to Lisa, I was stopped at a traffic light and glanced down at my phone (use of technology to draw my attention).  It began to blink that I had a new message from Living Social.  The message running across the top of the screen said yoga.

The light changed and as I began to drive, I started to laugh.  Most of the deals on places like Groupon and Living Social are nowhere near me, because I live in a remote area.  But I knew in my gut that the yoga deal would be at the yoga studio in Jupiter Farms.

I clicked it open and it said,”$40 for 10 yoga classes in Jupiter Farms normally $120″ (the universe addressing my financial concerns and giving me a means to do it).

I’m taking bets on whether this means:

Yoga is an important element in the work I will be doing next

I’m moving to Jupiter Farms


We usually say that a “sign” is something that pops up a few times over a short period of time, like a few days.

Signs and synchronicity can also haunt you and follow you around for years, repeating themselves, if you don’t heed them.  You see, the Universe is pointing you in a direction for a reason, and it doesn’t stop pointing you there if the reason continues to be valid.

I didn’t mention that I was sick with a bad back and sinus infections and chest colds for about four months…causing me to be unable to go to the gym (physical body pointing us in a direction).

The universe throws things out gently and casually at first – so casually that you may miss it the first few times.  

Once you DO get it and start understanding it, if you delay, ignore, and fail to heed the call, the lessons get harder, and tougher and the messages stronger, until you finally listen and do something about it.

Yes, we have free will, but please do listen when you hear the call.

Yes, I bought the deal from Living Social.


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  1. This serves as a reminder to us all to pay attention to those small but significant signs. You’re exactly right – it the action is still valid, the signs will show up again and again and again.

    I can’t wait to see what comes next for you! 🙂
    Lisa | Practically Intuitive recently posted..(UBC) Day 4: They say it’s your birthdayMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you 🙂

      The changes are coming around fast and furious and I see that I am being made to stand my ground and do what’s meant to be. Should be interesting! I also love how we manifest what we believe. Just ask and allow the universe to sort out the details…but we must be willing to follow the trail. Cool.

  2. That’s a great post! I was laughing all the way through because those are the kinds of things I would do, too!

    Before I moved to Portland, Oregon, I was living in Paris, France. I knew I was going to move back to the US, but I didn’t know where. My rational mind told me to go back to Memphis (where I’m from) and stay there long enough to get my bearings. My intuitive mind said no. Everywhere I turned, Portland kept popping up. I picked up a magazine and on the cover was a picture of Portland. The article inside listed all the reasons why Portland was a great place to live. I sat next to someone at a dinner party who said he had just returned from Portland and told me what a great place it was. A person I had worked with in Bangkok was then living in Portland and told me to move there.

    My rational mind said, You’ve never been to Portland. This is crazy. But when the movers were in my apartment in Paris asking me where to send my stuff, I paused just before saying Memphis. Instead, Portland came out of my mouth.

    Twenty years later, here I am….still in Portland. And loving it.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Missing SadieMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,

      I LOVE that story! How many times do we want the ending before we make the decision?! How truly brave of you to follow the signs and make that choice.

      Thanks for the reinforcement – I can’t tell you how many other things have taken at LEAST that many reminders until I heard them 🙂

  3. It sounds like the signs that you should do yoga could only have been made clearer if yogis showed up and began levitating on your front lawn. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you are getting back into it — I know my own body feels more exhilarated after my routine than it does after any amount of running or weightlifting. In my own practice, I alternate between the gym and a yoga routine I customized for myself at home.
    Chris Edgar recently posted..New Song from My Musical: “Maximized”My Profile

    • Hi Chris,

      I know. Can you imagine being my team? They probably oftentimes feel like they are beating their etheric heads against a brick wall (my head).

      On the other hand, I can’t tell you how many times I give people messages from their teams, and they are all,”Who? Me?” So I suppose it cuts both ways 🙂

  4. Too funny… been getting a lot of “do yoga/start yoga” messages, one very straightforward one from my chiro yesterday along the lines of I need to consider it mandatory, on top of the multiple times over the last few weeks of it being mentioned in several different blogs including yours. Guess I better get off my duff and do yoga!
    Stacie recently posted..Post Card SwapMy Profile

  5. Anne McC says:

    Great post/example of not only seeing signs but being willing to follow them! And some so subtle, others not so much. Funny, reading about it is a great wake up call for paying close attention to the little signs (some days my life is nothing but carpool/grocery store/wash/carpool- days like that seem void of any sort of message but I guess those days are probably fullest of more of what I need to hear/see!)
    Enjoy the yoga!

    • You’d be surprised what messages come through for me when I’m running around doing Mom things. Actually, that’s when I have my most interaction with the general public, and that is “message prime time” (since other people act as our messengers). Just as an experiment, ask a question of your spiritual team and tell them you’ll be paying attention for an answer the next day. Then just for one day, pay attention to and make a little note of everything that happens. Every song on the radio. Every stranger who talks to you. Every overheard conversation. Everything your kids say out of the blue.

      • Anne McC says:

        Have asked/ alerted team for tomorrow.
        Can’t wait…there has been an itch for days to listen – here goes!!

  6. Wow Julie! These are great signs that came at you! As I was reading, just as I got to the part where you mentioned “Groupon” I saw an email come through from Groupon about camping and a boat tour. If it had said “Yoga” I’d be tempted. I’ve wanted to do yoga for years but it just doesn’t seem to happen.
    So you think you’ll be moving to Jupiter Farms? It sounds like a nice place!
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..What’s Your Desktop Wallpaper?My Profile

    • Hi Lori,

      Well we’ll be moving somewhere or another, if this house eventually goes through. The way banks are, that could possibly be the day after never! But we will just chill and see what transpires.

      You know what I’m going to say about the yoga, don’t you? (You have to make it happen 🙂 )

  7. kdivasilver says:

    LOL! I love this story. The universe indicates our path for us, and yet we are SO good at saying there isn’t enough light to follow it! Enjoy getting back to yoga–it is an important part of my day, helping to direct my energy and focus. And I’m glad you’re taking time to enjoy the summer!

  8. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    I have been meaning to do yoga again and I guess reading this article is my sign.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..2012My Profile

    • Todd, it can’t hurt 🙂 I am also on a swimming bender as I just started the kids in serious lessons. Swimming has a different “good for the soul and body” twist but I do like hearing the bubbles around my ears…

  9. Oh, those little signs the Universe throws at us, love them :).
    Nathan recently posted..Learn The Only (Spiritual) Business Secret You Will Ever Need & Create Awesome Business!My Profile

  10. Indeed, Julie the universe is always sending us signals. Coming to understand this understanding is akin to coming home to ourselves; we place ourselves on a high level of consciousness that attunes us to many more inspiring truths about our original nature.

    We need not understand everything there is to understand about ourselves in order to live a glorious life but it is important to understand that we are are marvelously made, and worthy of all that is good and beautiful… be it the right and perfect Yoga class, or a prosperous business opportunity, the signals are always there.
    rob white recently posted..What If Mom Said…My Profile

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for coming by! It is so interesting what has shown up since I simply made the commitment to do the yoga class. ALL kinds of things (signs and directions) are appearing to help me understand what went awry with my body (for the third time) and what way I am going to work on it this time to actually address the problem “for real.” It’s one thing to eat healthy and do our regular exercise but if that only lasts so long and your body tells you something else, then it is time to dig it up by its roots and expose it to the light. This should be interesting. I am willing to do the work.


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