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The Most Amazing and Impressive Sign and Synchronicity Ever

Many moons ago I was cooking in my Florida kitchen in my business suit and heels and in through the garage door loped this scrawny little guy with hair longer than mine and a location-inappropriate flannel shirt hanging off him like it was 10 sizes too big.

I am sure if you peeked into the Hall of Records you can see films of me and Paul sharing  many lifetimes together.  But when you have a connection like this one, you don’t peek.

I am married to a man who shared housing with him back when they were both at Rutgers…although I’m not sure they were both actually enrolled in school at the time.

They were introduced by a man named Joe, who is a typical New Jersey, Italian with a mind for numbers that rivals the best of them.  All three of these men are brilliant.  But Life has not always been kind.

While my husband and I stayed in Florida, Joe moved to Washington D.C. and Paul moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Joe was in town this week but I haven’t seen Paul for years.

There must be something psychically generated that ebbs and flows around these three men, and for the most part I am out of the loop, an observer and occasional bystander.

Yet when things go wrong, and long after my husband has gone off to bed or back to work, Joe or Paul will stay behind and talk to me.  That happened this week with Joe.  When I caught up with Paul on the phone that weekend, the syncronicity happened.

When I have been in utter despair, it is Paul who always talks me back from the ledge.

When I started doing intuitive readings, Paul was my first practice client, even though at the time I am sure he was more than a little skeptical and I am pretty sure he didn’t absorb a single thing his guides told me.

On New Year’s Eve, the world almost lost Paul to a drunken driving incident.

Since that time, his life has been a whirlwind of a crash course in spirituality.

Every once in a Sunday, I will get a chance to talk on the phone to Paul about these things.  He shares what’s happening with him and I bounce what’s happening with me off of him for a good dose of perspective.

This particular Sunday, after a very active week or two of signs and synchronicity pinging around me, I had read something by Bashar and posted it to A Clear Sign’s Facebook page.  If you have ever heard Bashar being channeled, you know the degree of simplicity that “the everything” gets brought down to, and always with a particular humor inbedded in the delivery:

The more you allow yourself to become who and what you are,
the more natural you become, the more truthful to yourself you become,
the more representative you become of the facet of the Infinite you were created to be…

Then the easier it will be for your reality
when it becomes more chaotic
to be able to reflect to you
those aspects of the chaos
that have to do with you
and are important to apply in your life
and those aspects of the chaos
that don’t have to do with you
and which you can let go of.
These will reveal themselves.

You will see a new organization coming in, a new organizing principle that will let you know through synchronicity which things you need to pay attention to, which things you can let go of, which things are no longer necessary in your life…

Things, that perhaps, in the past
you have been taught you need to hold on to…
you now can begin to really let go of
so that you can understand that the most important aspect
of being able to handle the new chaos,
the amplified and magnified chaos,
that is going on in your society
will be to streamline yourself…
let go of excess baggage.
It will seem as if you are becoming, in a sense,
and that you must trim off anything
that doesn’t belong to you
or you will not really be able to ride the wave smoothly.

As Paul and I spoke this Sunday, he was mentioning to me some gentlemen who deliver their messages in much the same way, and I asked him if he had ever heard of Bashar.

I told him about a message that I had recently that was supposed to reveal my next step.  I expressed some doubt, because the book I was told to read to lead me on the path was slow going.  I felt like I was slogging through it.  I could see how the yoga signs were intertwined.  I could see how the need to get my physical body back under my command was critical.  It all made sense logically but I wasn’t quite buying it just yet.

As Paul and I spoke, he told me about all of the synchronicities and signs that come flooding in, when he isn’t looking for them, but which come the moment he gets out of “poor me” or “angry me” mode and just starts back into the flow.

He was telling me, I was telling him.  The story was the same, just told by two different souls.  But as we are all connected, as we search for simplicity, as we endeavor to cast off all of the details and the nonsense to get to the core, he reminded me that although the purpose is to simply be and to enjoy, sometimes we have a lot of work to do to drill down to that level.

It’s so simple but we by our nature make it hard.

I realized somewhere along the line, Paul has far surpassed me in understanding.  I can merely try to catch up.  So it has always been.

We were talking about our challenges, and how everyone has shadows, and how every once in a while we have to be childish and have a little fit over what shows up for us.  Even as we know it is showing up to help us and we will get past it.  When we have those inevitable lapses, we don’t beat ourselves up over them.  We just move on and do better next time.

I said, the stories of other people who have gone through a job loss but just pop out on the other side within six months having found their niche and joy and merrily going on their way  IRK me, because mine is talking so much longer and feels like the dragged on version of hell.

Yes I know all about how that is ALSO a bunch of crap, but I was having myself a small whine of self pity.

And as Paul answered me, I looked to my right.

In my recent coversation with Lisa she said,”Your guides keep saying,”The right path.  I don’t know if that means to literally look to the right.  No…okay no…it means the right path For You…”

At the time I had one of those little intuitive hits that said, yes they do mean “the right path” but also that something will literally be showing up to my right.  To the right of my computer is where I keep all of my current work, my notepad, and all of the books I’m reading.  Mental note.

Back to Paul.

And as Paul answered me, I looked to my right.  And on my right was the book that Lisa said would begin to open the door to my true path.

And Lisa said,”She doesn’t see it yet, yes, I see that.  Julie, you’re not there yet.”

As Paul was talking, I let out an actual gasp, which I am fairly sure I have never done before.  I am not much of a gasp kind of person.

There on the cover of this book that I have been carrying around for weeks, is an image that I hadn’t noticed before.

Of course – because I have been saying all week how I am so caught up in the details of minutia in my life, I am missing the big picture.  That’s another thing Lisa mentioned.

The image is the identical one to a watercolor I did in high school.  I remember I was given a choice of magazines to go through, and I loved this one painting, so I chose it to copy.  I’m pretty sure my Dad still has it up on the wall at his house.

There it is, right on the cover of this book.

I’ve looked, but there is no credit given in the book as to where the image comes from.  It’s as if it never existed.  Or perhaps it is just that famous.  I’m not sure.  One of you will probably tell me.

Later that night, I was reading a blog post by another man who might just get along with my husband, Joe and Paul, because his reality and theirs sometimes overlap in comical ways (to me – they don’t know each other and never will, but the intersections are there for me alone to observe) called “The Excuses We Make”.  The leading quote was:

You know, we just don’t recognize the most significant moments of lives while they are happening. Back then I thought, well there’ll be other days. I didn’t realize that was the only day.” Archibald (Moonlight) Graham from the movie Field of Dreams.

There was a clip from the movie.  The question is asked,”Is there enough magic in the moonlight to make dreams come true?”

Why, yes.  There is.