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The Universal Law of Allowing Came Calling

One of the many Buddhas I somehow happen to have in my life

Some people are excellent counselors and coaches because they care.  They will put their heart and soul into your success.  They will keep at it until you understand it or can do it.

One man even allowed himself to gain, and then intentionally lose, 70 pounds.  Seventy!  Why? He is a personal trainer and he just could not understand why some of his clients could not get motivated to lose weight and get fit.  He decided to experience it himself so he could understand exactly what a person has to go through, so he could learn to be a better trainer.

I was prompted to find and read a series of notes I have saved over the last couple of years from my conversations with intuitives, tarot card readers, mediums and astrologers, whether I engaged them on purpose or just ran into them.  There was just one little word that was mentioned by every single one of them, when they were looking into me.

Can you guess what one word popped up every time?  (Be nice, now!)


Upon reflection, when I was a child everyone came to me for advice.  People popped up from nowhere to tell me their life story.  Once this happened in the middle of the road when I was driving by.  A neighbor I barely knew actually stopped me to tell me her story.  We stopped traffic and horses and the whole nine yards.  People have stopped me in staircases.  People I don’t know have been conferenced in and the party I do know has hung up, just “leaving us to it.”

I don’t generally like to give advice because no one ever follows it!  Have you ever been asked for your opinion and then ignored?  Why people do this, I do not know.  In recent years I have begun to understand that the best way for some people to learn is just to hear themselves talk  Just the act of speaking helps them solve their own problems.  Other times you may have to ask them the questions, and then they still learn from their own answers.  Once in a while someone actually asks because they genuinely want to know what you think, and they do follow through.  Sometimes they even come back and tell you the result of your advice.  Occasionally they even thank you – how great is that?

My point is, I never saw myself as a counselor mainly because I disconnected myself from the process.

Always one to look for the signs and syncronicity that presents itself as a message from the universe, I could not possibly have missed it when one particular person kept coming up in my life.  She was everywhere.  She was certainly likable enough, and I believed she came from a good place, but I disagreed with virtually everything she said.

Once or twice I got pulled into a conversation, and even when I disagreed with her, she would find a way to pleasantly describe to me how we actually agreed.

No, we really did not.  But okay, I saw no need to engage with her.  I left and forgot about it.

Then she popped up like the proverbial penny.  She was everywhere.

Other people would pull me into conversations and ask for my advice or counsel.  Somehow, she would be asked too.

We appeared in articles together, were asked the same question, and were always diametrically opposed.  Yet, everyone seemed to think we were coming from the same place.  We were not.

I started to get annoyed about it and actively tried to avoid her.

Can you see where this is going?

We were thrown together constantly.  I could not turn on my computer without seeing information about her everywhere.

A few times I asked,”What is going on?  What am I supposed to be learning from her?”

No answer.

She kept coming up over and over so I spent a few moments reading about her and what she purports to do.  Was there something in there for me?

No.  In fact, it was worse than that.  Not only does she go against all of my core beliefs, but she promises some things that I know with certainty she is not able to do.  That was kind of galling because I will forgive ignorance in good faith every time but I am diametrically opposed to flat out liars.

This was so over the top that I had to ask again,”Why is it that I am being drawn here??”

Finally today I have my answer.

Today I finally get it.

She is missing the rest of the Universal Laws in her work, and I was missing one glaring one in my life.

You know who doesn’t know all that much about the Universal Laws?

I had a friend reviewing my Intuitive Development Course the other day and he told me that I follow Buddhist Dharma.

I do?

I thought I was a Jew with a Catholic school education who doesn’t practice religion.

Apparently not.

Guess what else I don’t know much about?


Except, apparently I do.  Not through study but through a sort of osmosis which was learned through doing readings for other people and reaching out to connect with my own team.

So I began to do some research on the Universal Laws, which have come to my attenton quite a bit lately but which I largely ignored.

I realized that I had just come into consciousness (out of necessity) and had been speaking quite a bit about one of them.

The Law of Allowing

The principle of Least Action, No Resistance.

I began to notice that I was using this law in regard to a personal situation.  It’s not easy to just follow your intuition when your intuition flys in the face of all logic.  You want to DO SOMETHING about the situation.  Sometimes your intuition comes back and says,”Do nothing.” And you’re like,”I can’t possibly DO NOTHING.”  And then your intuition comes back and gives you muscle spasms and makes you rest for two weeks until you’ve gone crazy. (So, always heed your intuition, people!)

But what ELSE does the Law of Allowing give me an answer to?  Why, the person who keeps showing up!

Here is a quote from Christy Whitman:

There are two ways to apply this law. First is the way to allow others to be as they are, and second, is the way we allow (receive) from the Universe to deliver all that we desire. Let’s first look at allowing others to be as they are.

“I am that which I am. While I am that which I am, I allow others to be that which they are.”

Let’s say that again, only this time, say it out loud:

I am that which I am.
While I am that which I am,
I allow others to be that which they are.

There are no two people that are the same, even though we can share many similar traits. We all are very different and unique.

If you can accept, and not just tolerate another person’s difference and similarities, then you understand the Law of Allowing.

If you are out of alignment with the Law of Allowing you believe that another person needs to think, feel, believe, and act according to how you think they “should”.  I call this havingPerfect Pictures and this can cause great suffering in your life and your relationships. This is the opposite of accepting another as they are. If you have a deep rooted fear that unless everyone thinks, feels, believes, and acts in a certain way, “your way” then they are somehow “wrong”, you then judge.

Judgment is a lower level emotion and based on the Law of Attraction, you will attract more negative people, circumstances, and situations to you. If you need to make everyone conform in order to feel good about yourself and your world, you will never experience freedom. This is the exact opposite of freedom. This is bondage. We can never get the rest of the entire world to behave the way we think they “should”. 

Let’s look at a possible example. If you are observing someone that talks with their mouth full of food, and instead of allowing them to eat the way they are, you find yourself getting disgusted and upset with that person. You really want that person to change, or stop doing the certain behavior (talking with their mouth full of food). You are afraid that you will look badly as well. Instead of just allowing that person to be as they are, you take it personally and let it affect your mood, and ultimately robbing you of your freedom.”

So, it’s not enough then to ignore the person.  It’s not enough to say,”We just disagree.”

How about that?