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How Do You Connect To A Loved One Who Has Died?

These aren’t my relatives, but they look like a cheerful bunch

I recently posted a passing thought on Facebook:

Just call me The Connector. Who do you need to be connected with today? I am on a roll…

What I actually was doing that day was connecting people to each other here on Earth in a “get your business help here” kind of way.  That’s what I was thinking of when I posted it.

After seeing the responses to my comment, I soon realized that (of course) people were thinking of it in quite another way – lost loved ones, future as-yet-unmet lovers, and a few adventurous people who just said, “Whoever wants to come through!”

I am a medium.  It is something that just came along, unasked for.  I didn’t train to do it.  I didn’t purposefully go looking for it.  It just came to me.

It started in a non-obvious way, when an infant started observing what was going on in the unseen world around it.  I wondered,”What is he looking at?  Who is he talking to?”  That in large part led me to begin intuitive work.

One day, a client asked me if I could connect to a friend who had died.  I realized I had no idea if I could or not.  Could my guides connect me with someone who had died?

They could, and they did.  It was, in fact, easier than any other intuitive work I had ever done, except empath work which just “is.”

Mediumship seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. You don’t have to be psychic or intuitive or a medium to connect.

Many people get hung up on the idea of reincarnation.

“What if the person I want to connect with has already reincarnated?  How can they still be watching over me?”

I’ve had conversations with people who have died and who have explained that they did actually reincarnate.  They sometimes will even provide details, such as whether they came back as a male or female, the town they reincarnated in, and their new family.  This is a time when they will also often give reasons why they left the last time, and what lessons they were learning then or intend to work on this time.

The quality of this kind of connection is very much like (and may be the same as) connecting to your Higher Self – that part of you that seems to exist somewhere in the ether, maybe in another dimension.

I always find it interesting when I run into someone who does not purport to be an intuitive or a psychic per se, perhaps more of a life coach, and at the same time they say they connect with people’s Higher Self every single time they do work for a client.

I doubt it.

Most of the time when I do intuitive work I meet with spirit guides, and sometimes angels, but only very rarely someone’s Higher Self.  That’s kind of like saying, I met with your soul directly at your highest level or maybe vibration.  I don’t know exactly how to describe it except to say that it is unusual and has a completely different quality than connecting with spirit guides, who are also humans who are not presently incarnated here on Earth.  I’ve spoken to many, many mediums, psychics and intuitives and everyone (so far) agrees that a meeting with someone else’s Higher Self is a rare experience and not an everyday occurrence.

It is also generally thought that in order to meet with different sorts of entities, you need to raise or lower your vibration accordingly.  Meeting with angels can occur and for some people, this is where they “hang out” and are most comfortable.

I’m not sure if it’s just the common vernacular we use to make each other understood in an area that can be kind of ephemeral, but let’s assume “vibration”, whatever exactly it means and is, is the common denominator.  If that’s the case, then it has to be a higher vibration to reach an angelic level, higher still to connect with let’s say an Archangel, and lower than an angel to meet with a spirit guide.

Meeting with your friends and relatives who have passed on is even easier than this as usually it doesn’t seem to take much of a vibrational increase from where you are right now.

It also seems that what is typically required is for you to seek them out

Sometimes, they’re right there with you and have been for some time.  It may surprise you if you decide to contact them and you get an immediate sign or signal that they are there.  That’s because they haven’t left or are extremely close by.

Often you suspect that they are around you because you’ve been getting lots of “gifts” like coins or feathers or you keep finding items of theirs around the house unexpectedly.  Those ARE signs.  If something happens several times – say three or more – in a short space of time like a few days, ask yourself, “Who do I think this is from?”  Usually you already know in your gut, and the first person to come to mind is “it.”

How can you connect?  There are so many ways.

One is to just think of them.  Remember their energy.  Have a conversation with them in your mind or out loud.  Ask a question.  You can even be specific in how you would like them to answer you, or ask them to send you a particular sign within a certain time period.

Ask for them to visit you in your dreams, and request that your spiritual team wake you up afterward so that you will be more likely to remember it.

Write them a letter.  Ask them to get back to you via signs.

Another way is, in a meditative state, walk your mind through the physical place where the memories are strongest. Maybe your childhood home? As you look into every corner in your mind’s eye, you draw their energy to you.  Ask them a silent question, and listen closely for the answer. That thought you just had? That’s it.

It’s true that sometimes the soul you are trying to connect to can’t be reached right now – they do get busy on the other side!  That doesn’t mean they are gone forever or that they don’t hear you.  When they can come, they will.

What other questions do you have about mediumship?  I’ll be happy to answer them in the Comments.

Tell us, have you had a close encounter with a spirit and suspected or known that it was one of your loved ones paying you a visit?


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