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Why Your Birth Doesn’t Matter

I heard a story from a man who was discussing spirituality and rejection.  He mentioned that he was born out of an extra marital affair.  He had some tough circumstances growing up.  He felt rejected and unwanted and that stayed with him through to adulthood.

My first reaction was,”Why?

He didn’t do anything wrong.  Actually, he did everything RIGHT.  He was born into a lesson on rejection.

It’s kind of like being born a certain race or religion or in a country or state or into any one particular family or with or without a Mom or a Dad or siblings.  Insert here any variety of circumstances, including birth defects, illnesses, poverty or wealth.

On a soul level, we choose the circumstances of our birth for our soul’s growth.

When I realized that, I stopped having any interest in my “family tree” or who came through Ellis Island when.

We can enjoy and learn from our families and birth circumstances.  That’s why they are there.  They provide us with contrast, they set up our learned beliefs that we often spend the rest of our lives unlearning.

If you have loving parents, no parents, or a parent or grandparent who raised you – you set that deal up.

Before you were born, you decided what life lessons you were going to work on this time around.

Imagine sitting at a big console in the ether and having all of the controls of a giant computer in front of you.  You’re not at the command.  You’re looking over the shoulder of the person running the machine.  You request coordinates.

You: “This time I am planning to have experiences revolving around Rejection with a secondary lesson in Faith.”

Commander: “Let me enter your criteria.  The results are in.  There are a possible 2,546 combinations that would address these lessons.  How would you like to learn them?”

You: “Well what if I was born into circumstances where I didn’t have both a mother and a father while I am growing up.”

Commander: “That narrows it down to 954 families who are open to experiencing a birth at the time you plan to return to Earth.  I see here that you have a tentative contract with Soul Y, to be your mother.  There is also an agreement with Soul Y to have contact with Soul Z for the purpose of having a negative  experience revolving around Dependability this year.  Could that work?”

You: “That’s a possibility.  What else do we have?”

Commander: “Remember Soul E?  She was your cousin last time.  She could make a good potential mother.  She is slated to run into Soul F in the next month.  Soul F is already married and the probability is only 32% that he will leave his current wife.  But, Soul E already has one child, Soul G, and you’ve already learned Lesson 125 and 576 with Soul G when she was your Parent three lifetimes ago.”

You: “That sounds better.  That way I could fulfill my contract with Soul E around her issues with Contrast.  We were going to get around to that sooner or later.”

Commander: “Let’s look a little more closely into that possibility…”

And so, tongue-in-cheek I grant you, you decide the circumstances of your own birth for the purpose of your growth on a soul level.  If you planned to work on Rejection, you are going to GET rejection.  So you can work on it, experience it, and learn from it.

Every single soul walking around the planet at this time has made such a plan.  If you are reading this, we agreed on some level to come together to learn something at this time.  We are all interacting, connecting, crossing wires, exercising our Free Will, and fulfilling Soul Contracts all of the time.

So don’t a single one of you “boo hoo” your lifetime away!  You don’t have to fight it.  Embrace it.

There is Method to this madness, there is Purpose in every breath you take.

You are Valued, you are Important, you are Here For A Reason!

The circumstances of your birth don’t matter.

Your genealogy doesn’t matter (unless you’re searching for a medical link to something, maybe). is irrelevant.  These folks are just here because you made a soul level appointment with them, or you had a soul contract with them…for the direct purpose of learning and growing together.

Some lessons are learned the hard way, otherwise known as “negative lessons.”  Others are a lot of fun or enlightening or just plain enjoyable – those are the “positive lessons.”  Mind you, many times (perhaps all times) you have a CHOICE in how you learn them.

Remember that, the next time you are at a Crossroads decision point.  It isn’t always the “logical” path that leads to how quickly you learn them.  I would recommend trying the “intuitive” path instead, if you can.  Negative can be quick or loooooong.  So can positive, or those that are a mixture of both.

 Just for this week, please join me in Psychic Experiment #10: 

When you wake up, remember that you are a Soul, living your life to enjoy it, to do delightful things and to spread your love at every opportunity.  Smile at people.  Look them straight in the eye.  Engage them in conversation wherever you meet them, or if approached, chat back.  If you feel a frown or a fit coming on say,”Cancel that,” and force a smile if that’s what it takes.  Watch the people you interact with.  Count them for ten minutes.  Notice just how many of them there are.

These people are all simply Souls walking around living their lives, working on their lessons.  Many of them you agreed to meet – even the ones who just smile as they pass you on the street, at a bad moment, and you never see them again.

Just for one week, live your life from this perspective, as Shakespeare wrote it, as if it is 100% true and accurate:

All the world’s a stage (from As You Like It 2/7)

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages.

At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.

And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel

And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school.

And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad

Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,

Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,

Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,

Seeking the bubble reputation

Even in the cannon’s mouth.

And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lined,

With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,

Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part.

The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipper’d pantaloon,

With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,

His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide

For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,

Turning again toward childish treble, pipes

And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,

That ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness and mere oblivion,

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

And then you come back and do it all over again.