How Do You Connect To A Loved One Who Has Died?

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These aren’t my relatives, but they look like a cheerful bunch

I recently posted a passing thought on Facebook:

Just call me The Connector. Who do you need to be connected with today? I am on a roll…

What I actually was doing that day was connecting people to each other here on Earth in a “get your business help here” kind of way.  That’s what I was thinking of when I posted it.

After seeing the responses to my comment, I soon realized that (of course) people were thinking of it in quite another way – lost loved ones, future as-yet-unmet lovers, and a few adventurous people who just said, “Whoever wants to come through!”

I am a medium.  It is something that just came along, unasked for.  I didn’t train to do it.  I didn’t purposefully go looking for it.  It just came to me.

It started in a non-obvious way, when an infant started observing what was going on in the unseen world around it.  I wondered,”What is he looking at?  Who is he talking to?”  That in large part led me to begin intuitive work.

One day, a client asked me if I could connect to a friend who had died.  I realized I had no idea if I could or not.  Could my guides connect me with someone who had died?

They could, and they did.  It was, in fact, easier than any other intuitive work I had ever done, except empath work which just “is.”

Mediumship seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. You don’t have to be psychic or intuitive or a medium to connect.

Many people get hung up on the idea of reincarnation.

“What if the person I want to connect with has already reincarnated?  How can they still be watching over me?”

I’ve had conversations with people who have died and who have explained that they did actually reincarnate.  They sometimes will even provide details, such as whether they came back as a male or female, the town they reincarnated in, and their new family.  This is a time when they will also often give reasons why they left the last time, and what lessons they were learning then or intend to work on this time.

The quality of this kind of connection is very much like (and may be the same as) connecting to your Higher Self – that part of you that seems to exist somewhere in the ether, maybe in another dimension.

I always find it interesting when I run into someone who does not purport to be an intuitive or a psychic per se, perhaps more of a life coach, and at the same time they say they connect with people’s Higher Self every single time they do work for a client.

I doubt it.

Most of the time when I do intuitive work I meet with spirit guides, and sometimes angels, but only very rarely someone’s Higher Self.  That’s kind of like saying, I met with your soul directly at your highest level or maybe vibration.  I don’t know exactly how to describe it except to say that it is unusual and has a completely different quality than connecting with spirit guides, who are also humans who are not presently incarnated here on Earth.  I’ve spoken to many, many mediums, psychics and intuitives and everyone (so far) agrees that a meeting with someone else’s Higher Self is a rare experience and not an everyday occurrence.

It is also generally thought that in order to meet with different sorts of entities, you need to raise or lower your vibration accordingly.  Meeting with angels can occur and for some people, this is where they “hang out” and are most comfortable.

I’m not sure if it’s just the common vernacular we use to make each other understood in an area that can be kind of ephemeral, but let’s assume “vibration”, whatever exactly it means and is, is the common denominator.  If that’s the case, then it has to be a higher vibration to reach an angelic level, higher still to connect with let’s say an Archangel, and lower than an angel to meet with a spirit guide.

Meeting with your friends and relatives who have passed on is even easier than this as usually it doesn’t seem to take much of a vibrational increase from where you are right now.

It also seems that what is typically required is for you to seek them out

Sometimes, they’re right there with you and have been for some time.  It may surprise you if you decide to contact them and you get an immediate sign or signal that they are there.  That’s because they haven’t left or are extremely close by.

Often you suspect that they are around you because you’ve been getting lots of “gifts” like coins or feathers or you keep finding items of theirs around the house unexpectedly.  Those ARE signs.  If something happens several times – say three or more – in a short space of time like a few days, ask yourself, “Who do I think this is from?”  Usually you already know in your gut, and the first person to come to mind is “it.”

How can you connect?  There are so many ways.

One is to just think of them.  Remember their energy.  Have a conversation with them in your mind or out loud.  Ask a question.  You can even be specific in how you would like them to answer you, or ask them to send you a particular sign within a certain time period.

Ask for them to visit you in your dreams, and request that your spiritual team wake you up afterward so that you will be more likely to remember it.

Write them a letter.  Ask them to get back to you via signs.

Another way is, in a meditative state, walk your mind through the physical place where the memories are strongest. Maybe your childhood home? As you look into every corner in your mind’s eye, you draw their energy to you.  Ask them a silent question, and listen closely for the answer. That thought you just had? That’s it.

It’s true that sometimes the soul you are trying to connect to can’t be reached right now – they do get busy on the other side!  That doesn’t mean they are gone forever or that they don’t hear you.  When they can come, they will.

What other questions do you have about mediumship?  I’ll be happy to answer them in the Comments.

Tell us, have you had a close encounter with a spirit and suspected or known that it was one of your loved ones paying you a visit?


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  1. I, too, have just had mediumship “happen” to me. Never sought it out and never really even thought I wanted to be one. But now that I’ve done it, I do find the “vibration” of our passed away loved ones a bit easier to reach/connect with. They come through even clearer than spirit guides, at least for me.

    I am one of those ones who used to wonder – if my loved one reincarnated, how can he still be watching over me? And actually, you helped answer that question for me in this article. I kinda had a feeling it was his/her Higher Self…but I still have a follow-up question: if, say, my dad has reincarnated (and I’m SURE he has, he’s been dead for 25 years now), then when I die…will I only be meeting his higher self? Is that perhaps who we meet & become when we ALL pass away, reincarnated or not?
    Lindsay | The Daily Awe recently posted..Wherever you go, there you areMy Profile

    • Hi Lindsay,

      For whatever reason I hear or see images from the passed loved one plain as day when I’m intentionally connecting for someone else in a mediumship reading. However when they come along unrequested as part of an intuitive reading, that usually is not the case. That’s why I am thinking it often is HS, because it’s the same quality of connection I get when I happen to get HS in an intuitive reading. If I ask my conduit guide to connect me to that soul’s team and I get HS then I know something very important is going to happen.

      I am convinced based on experience that a part of us is always available, even after we’re dead (and reincarnated) – that part is what I am calling HS (at least for now, until I get different info!) However when I personally experience my own connections from this lifetime they come through just like they were in this life. I’m assuming that we have the capacity to do that so the other soul understands who they are – and at our level, that’s how we would understand it. So when we die I suppose it’s likely that we might recognize them at first as they appeared in this lifetime (when we’re crossing over). However at soul level, who knows, you and your Dad may actually interact more as HS than anything else because you’ve known each other across lifetimes. The physical body is just that. Maybe the souls choose to “see” each other from one particular lifetime, or maybe they are just balls of light or energy and don’t have an earthly appearance at all. I don’t know (or I should say, I can’t currently remember!) But when you say “only” meeting his higher self, well I doubt that’s how it will feel to you. It will feel 100% complete and right. I just don’t have an answer as to what that actually looks like from the other side. I suspect that the human form is for our benefit down here.

      • Thanks, Julie. I tend to agree with you: part of ourselves is always available – dead, alive, reincarnated, etc…

        Sometimes I wish we could remember everything we know…know what I mean? But I guess we’re not meant to while in human form.
        Lindsay | The Daily Awe recently posted..Wherever you go, there you areMy Profile

        • Yes, now THAT would be pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be what we’re meant to be able to accomplish. Although with things changing as they are, I sometimes wonder if we will be able to get closer than ever soon.

      • Peas n Carrots says:

        Michael Newton’s book I am currently reading ‘Life Between Lives’ describes this happening in one of the cases. It is a good read and explains it all thoroughly as well..(this has interested me since my grandfather, whom i was extremely close with died years ago. I had an intutive mention he was reincarnated and a female:) he. Funny knowing that since he was a scrappy man’s man in this life. Anyone reading this would enjoy the Michael Newton MD book , though. Great blog, I came here via Lindsay’s site. I will be up late reading some of the articles:)

    • I am wondering about my parents whom both have passed over. Could anyone help me with a couple of messages to them?

    • Duncan Hales says:

      How do I ask a question to someone who has passed away

  2. kdivasilver says:

    My brother died, quickly and unexpectedly, a couple of years ago. Since then, there have been a few instances when it felt like he was there, including a dream in which someone was peering around a door frame, asking if anyone had seen him. When I asked my sister-in law (his widow) whether she had been thinking of him strongly that night, she said she sees him in dreams–just going around a doorway (and when she goes there, he’s gone). Once I was kayaking on some fun waves and I could hear his laugh of joy, one he made when he was delighted. And then there was the (spam) letter that showed up in my email the next day after he died …

    It’s his presence I feel most strongly, of all those in my family who have passed on. I don’t know why; maybe it’s his trying to compensate for the time we didn’t get to spend together when he was alive? I just know that I really miss him. So maybe that’s why–I’m unconsciously calling him to me.

    • Hi Kathleen,

      That happens a lot – spirit appears to you and your family or friends in the same way and prompts you to compare notes. That way you simultaneously get confirmation that he was indeed there. That’s sweet that he came to you in a joyful moment as well – it seems to me that they are with us palpably in our best and worst moments.

  3. This past winter I took a short class (6 weeks) in connecting to spirit. During the time of the class, my aunt and my father both passed away; and a classmate of my 12 year old niece unexpectedly died. With each one of them, I took some time to get quiet and asked to connect with them. From my Aunt, she asked me to give a message to her husband that she was still with him and still loves him. The first thing I got from my Dad was a huge, “Wooo hooooo! I’m free!!” And that made total and complete sense to me. And with my niece’s classmate, what I got from him was, “Oh shit, I really screwed up.” A few months later, I found out that he had accidentally shot himself.

    Recently, Dad came to me in a dream. It was good to see him healthy and well again. And a few years ago, when a girlfriend’s husband died, he came to me in a dream to let us know that he was doing well.
    Sue recently posted..Spinning TopsMy Profile

    • Hi Sue,

      So then you are primarily clairaudient? I am too and many times intuitive messages comes through for others in exactly the way you describe. They don’t always share exactly WHY they’re saying what they’re saying, but we can follow up with their families and find out what the connection was.

      • I’m not sure if it’s what you would call clairaudient (I guess it is). To me, it’s like I’m just having a conversation in my own head, but what I get back from the other person is them, not me- even though it’s my voice. It’s their words and message. This, I have had to learn to trust. One time, and one time only, I did hear my uncle’s voice. I heard it out loud, inside my head, but it was truly his voice. It was during a short guided mediatation at a psychic fair, where a woman was doing a talk on connecting to loved ones who had passed. I was “imagining” what my dead uncle might have said to me, and all of a sudden, it was his real voice… that I hadn’t heard since he died in 1986.

        I am so brand new at this, but I think because I am trusting what I get, I am finding that I am actually connecting.

        • Sue,

          That is clairaudience, and a very good connection, at that!

          Trust is the #1 thing. That is something that you cannot teach anyone else. They either get it or they don’t. Without it, they won’t get far. With it, you can go everywhere.

  4. Thanks for writing about this! This topic is so interesting to me. I’ve never really tried making the connection because I didn’t think I could. Now that I’ve read what you wrote I’m going to try making the connection with a friend I lost along time ago and see how it goes. I like the different ways you offered to make the connection.
    Heather recently posted..Know ThyselfMy Profile

    • Hi Heather,

      Yes, give it a whirl and let me know what happens. I have more methods up my sleeve if you need them, but I suspect one of the above will do the trick. If you’re used to connecting for other people in readings then this may be a snap for you.

  5. What a wonderful article..and I *love* the comments as well 🙂

    What I know of mediums I have seen through TV or experienced through books. My sister is able to connect naturally with spirits but she doesn’t really talk about it or share it much. In my life I connect with the energy of beings, and I know that is in all realms…but I hadn’t really called upon a specific person, they just are there. (However, as I type this, I realize I have called upon them, then, just not in a traditional “summon sense” but perhaps a heart whisper.

    I find all of this work fascinating, it is a wonder to experience and to share, and I am ultra-glad that you remind us that we each have this ability…

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Joy,

      That is so funny that you experience it from the opposite direction (they come to you, first)! Of course this must be true for many intuitive people. I suppose in a way I know what you mean, because sometimes they are “just there” and it is a matter of my willingness (or lack thereof) to get involved in that moment.

  6. I have connected with loved ones who have died in various ways. Most recently, I avoided an accident when someone ran a red light. The story is too long to tell, but it was unbelievable that I wasn’t hit. I mean unbelievable in the literal sense–it was like the other car went “through” my car. I had such a strong sense that my mother was there and had stopped me from getting hit.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Quotes of JoyMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,

      Aren’t those experiences amazing? I could tell you a thing or two about “unbelievable” things but I believe them all the same. If you felt it was your mother then that is almost certainly who it was. Thank you for the great story!

  7. Ah yes. Thousands of ‘life-coaches’ suffer with the same dull aches that he experiences while striving hard to help others improve their lives. One’s real answer is to stop trying to solve everyone else’s problems and ‘solve yourself’. I believe connecting with the Higher Self is an inside out job that can only be taken on by the individual. Understanding ourselves is more important than understanding principles of success, understanding the keys to happiness, and even understanding God. All of those things will be understood when we understand ourself first.
    rob white recently posted..Nothing Can Stop You … Except YouMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,

      I imagine that’s what we’re working on – understanding ourselves. Many times I have done a reading for someone and it has lead me to a reflection about myself that otherwise may never have occurred to me. It does seem that messages come in groups, as if to grab our attention so that we will access that part of us that needs to be heard and understood right now.

      I will admit to sometimes talking to my HS as if it is not a part of me, as in,”HS, where are we going? What are we doing next?” and sometimes I even get an answer.

  8. Very interesting. I’ve been told I am very intuitive. I am happy to read this post, mainly because it makes me feel so good. My Mother, the one I held dearest in my life, passed away in Feb 2010 unexpectedly. She had chronic health issues, but her death was completely unforeseen. Although, in retrospect it could have happened anytime.

    What I want to share is – I feel I hear her voice when I have a query in my mind. I dream of her a lot. Would you believe I actually wrote down a recipe one morning as soon as I woke up as a result of a dream? Also, when I am doubtful about doing something, I think she’s there to help me make the right decision. I do believe she’s watching over me and my family.

    Such a good read. Glad to be here, Julie! I see your wonderful comments on all my favorite blogs. I saw a post title in the side bar am very keen on reading right now 😀 Heading there. Hugs!
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Glimpses of a MonasteryMy Profile

    • Hi Vidya,

      Welcome to A Clear Sign – I am so happy to have you here 🙂

      Your mother visits you in your dreams. I do completely believe it about the recipe – sometimes when we “visit” in our dreams we may not completely remember what happened but we have important feelings or information that we do recall upon waking.

  9. I try and try and sometimes I do think he’s here but mostly I just ask n pray I’ll get a sign. My 14 year old passed away after being told he had bronchitis I took him home from his doctor onlybtonhave him cry all day he hurt me being dumb thought the meds hadn’t kicked n hours hours later he codes blue. I as a mom have so much guilt I don’t no how to make it better. I ask for signs I need a signs like I need to no hesbok

  10. A year and a half ago I might add

  11. My son was born August 19th 2012,40 weeks,stillbirth.His passing was a complete shock. I’ve tried so hard to get him to show me a sign he’s okay,that he’s still with me,or in heaven. Nothing. I’ve always been a believer in this kind of stuff,but it’s been 2 months and I haven’t experienced’s killing me. I miss my baby so much and I need to know he’s okay. I need to hear from him =[

    • I am so sorry to hear that. You could try contacting a medium if you really want to “hear” from him, but know that he is fine. You may get some signs from him in the future.

  12. Please help my mother and I! My father passed away almost two months ago and were having a very hard time dealing with it. I recieved a phone call today that my mother was going to try & having thoughts about killing herself so she could be with my father once again. I’m the only family she has and I’m having a very hard time dealing with this and also understanding where my father is, if he’s okay & also need advice from him more then anything in the world on what to do for my mother. I’ve been talking to him everyday telling him to please reach out to me because I need his help, also asked for signs and nothing has happened. I also told him before he passed away if there was ANY way for him to come back and see us to do so, but I feel nothing. I’m starting to believe that there is no after life after all and starting to feel as if no one can actually speak to the dead. If this was true why hasn’t my father reached out to us in these hard times? There’s a lot more going on in her life and I know if he REALLY knew what was going on he would have already given us a sign, I know if he could return he would have because we spoke of this before he passed away. PLEASE if you are real I’m asking for your help I need to know my father is okay and I need his help before my mother does something, he would know what to do.

  13. For as long as I can remember, I seem to have a unique connection to both infants and animals (dogs). When I look into the eyes of an infant, their seems to be a familiarity and a connection. I seem to be able to connect and converse non-verbally for at least an hour. The parents are in awe of what’s happening and though it feels as a natural occurrence. With dogs, they seem to recognize my gentle spirit and come to be for solice and maybe reassuring. I don’t know….. By chance I came to this web site. One click led to a page and another click to another page and then finally this page. Maybe someone can explain why this happens to me, Can I be highly sensitive? I know if I am driving in the car without a thought in my head, I know of times my aunt will just pop in or the memory will be revealed. That happens a lot with family that have passed on. I want to learn, experience and be part of… if that makes any sense.

    • Hi Alan, Sure does! It sounds like you have basic intuitive open communication (third eye chakra), simply taking in what Spirit is communicating to you. That’s great! You might want to look into protecting yourself and clarifying who you are communicating with. All these skills can be used for the greater good and you sound like you are well on your way! That is just what I teach in my mentorship course, so be glad you are already so far along the right path 🙂

  14. Hello,

    I have a question regarding the “vibration”. My mother in law had recently passed away. I was working on a presentation for her service. I experienced a feeling I had NEVER felt before. My brain vibrated three times in a row. Like a pulse. It’s very hard to explain to my husband and friends. It was like…my head was beside a gong when it was struck three quick times in a row. Does this make any sense to you. Could this describe the vibrations that you feel? I could feel and hear the sensation. Thanks.

  15. After the death of someone close to me, they have come to me in my dreams and have told me they are okay and I was able to say my final goodbye to them. Two and a half years ago I lost my soul mate, the man I knew I was going to one day married when he came to me he told me that he was always going to be here. I have been grateful to receive many signs from all of them especially my soul mate, I am lucky to recieve signs from him everyday. As the years past i have become more open and accepting of the world that we can not physically see and last year I decided to go to a medium. She verified a lot of things for me, especially with my soul mate which made me feel more at peace. These past couple of days I have been stuck, I recenty informed one of my good friends about my love story with him, and when i was telling him I was very unsure if I even should tell him. I did and immediatly after recieved a sign fro him. While me and my friend were driving home the other day the radio was going crazy the whole car ride, stations were getting switched and no song would play longer then a couple seconds it only occured while my friend was in the car. (the friend I just recently told my love story to). I dont know what to think of it, the signs ive alwas recieved are usually only visible for me and only I know about them when they occur but then he went out and did this with him in the car, I didnt tell my friend that it was him just giving me a sign because I didnt know how he would take it, but now im just stuck thinking as to why he would do that, because the second I dropped my friend off the radio and everything went back to normal. Do you have any idea of what he was trying to send me, because I have been asking some of my close friends there opinion on why they think he did that but im still not sure.

    • I have been having a lot of glitches with my radio recently. There have also been a lot of wacky things going on with solar events, etc and that interferes with radio signals. I would not assume that the man you are referring to had anything directly to do with that. Our Friendly Ghosts (those who are not energetically stuck here) send us uplifting messages, don’t cause us to be worried or have concern that some action we take here on Earth is “displeasing” them. We live for US, not for ghosts. If you really think “he did that”, then it is sending alarm bells off in my head. I just don’t feel that he had anything to do with it. Hope that helps.

  16. My mom has passed about 3 months ago. a couple days before it happened, she told me “she loves me more then anything, and that she wants me to be there for my little brother”. I believe in everything spiritual, even with whats going to happen on the 21st of december. I know we probably didn’t have the best relationship, but deep down i know she has forgiven me… I try many times to contact her.. to see if she’ll contact me back anyway possible… but nothing happens. it kills me to think she might not be looking over me…

  17. but there was this time when i felt something, i don’t know how to explain it…. hanging out with friends. my mom has always told me that they were bad influences. and one time when i was with them, i had this tingly feeling shoot up through my leg, it made my heart beat really fast, but the feeling was going through my body like it was a little orb of energy, when i went to look at the door the feeling got better, but when i tried speaking i wasn’t able to say any word like something was blocking my throat… my friends freaked out thinking i was going to have a heart attack, they took me outside. and the feeling stayed with me going through my body. the person i am, i was trying to show my friends what i was feeling as if i was able to pass it on. but it went to the center of my body as i tried to “pass it on”. but it wouldn’t work how i planned it. instead the feeling left and shot up my friends legs and for at least five minutes we both had this tingly feeling going through our bodies. the feeling happened to me and the friend my mom actually liked. i don’t know if anyone else has had that same feeling… but it was something i have never felt before.

  18. i want to contact my father and sister who has passed how do i???

  19. Alissa Redditt Guzman says:

    I’ve been practicing this a lot lately (ie. How You Can Connect), and I love the responses/signs I’ve received. The key for myself is to remain in a clear, peaceful state of mind about it (the asking and the receiving of the message)–and to trust in the universe.

    I can’t believe I hadn’t read this article yet!

  20. hello my name is Ashley I have some things I would like to know I miss my dad and brother dearly and I wanted to know if they can see me and hear me

  21. it has been 5 yrs since my bro has passed away in a car accident. he goes where ever me and my family is, he makes sure we know he is there especially in the bed room he makes the doors open or close and at my parents house he turns on their tv in the kitchen. i really wish we was able to find out what caused his accident though. all we know is he crossed the line into the other lane and no one saw anything and tried to get his attention to get him back over.

  22. TeriAnn says:

    im 23 my mother passed away 7 years ago .. we were very close we talked about everything did everything together we had a great relationship .. when she passed it was very unexpected.! she must of known because she had asked me to stay up with her that night before she was sick kind of like the flu but she had just had knee surgery for a shattered knee cap so she was on bed rest too.. i sat with her during the night actually she had me help her out of her bed onto the couch and had me lay down in her bed to get a couple hours of sleep .. that morning my mom asked me to stay home from school with her .. i always had perfect attendance so it was not normal for her to ask that of me.. she made my twin sister go to school that day! i remember my sister begged her to be able to stay home too but my mom made her go to school… half hour after my sister left for school my mom passed away the sight of it happening has stuck with me these past 7 years..ive tried to talk to my mom out loud in my head in my prayers in letters ive done evps .. ive never got any signs from here that shes here or that shes okay or that she even still cares..wish i could connect with her ):

  23. isabella says:

    i recently lost my best friend back in november. i am only 16 years old. it is one of the hardest things i have ever had to deal with. i still cry almost every day wishing i could have talked to him. i am cyber schooled so i hardly saw anyone even though he lived right down the street from me it was hard. then when i found out he was in the hospital my heart dropped. i wish i could have just said something to him but he was in a coma. i would love to just talk to him and tell him how much i miss him and wish i could just tell him everything that has bin happening. he helped me threw so much and all i want to tell him is thank you for everything as well..

  24. Ashley Munn says:

    Hello. My name is Ashley. I’m 19 years old. My grandfather passed away about three and a half years ago. It was sudden. No one knew it was coming and it was over night. Not something anyone wants to be woken up to. He was my best friend. I was his favorite. I was suppose to go out to eat with him the day before he passed, but I ended up not going, so I never got the closure I needed. His visitation and funeral were the hardest times in my life. I was a complete wreck. I’m here because I want a final closure. I want to know he’s okay now and I want to make sure he knows I did everything I could for him. Please email me.

  25. Darling Espinoza says:

    i would love to see if i can get a reading.

  26. Amy Cabrera says:

    I recently lost my mom in February, I dont know how I can go about doing this.But I just really want to make sure my mom is ok and feel her and talk to her. I will certainly try this. I pray It works. I love all the comments n this article thank you. I just need peace of mind knowing she is ok

  27. Brittney says:

    I want to connect to my great grandmother but I have never met her!i was only I month old when she was alive she was the first one to feed me ever! I feel very bad for my family !we have a boat after her and my middle name is after her she had a type of cancer please tell me ways I know she can hear me or how I can talk to her……..

  28. Over the years, since my parents passed away, I would regularly see the number 519. I’d look at the clock at 5:19 at least once a week and sometimes more often. My childhood home was 519 Cherry Street, so I’d always smile when his would happen because I felt my parents were checking in & saying hi. For the last week or so things have changed and now I’d look and see 5:12, 5:17 or 5:18 but I haven’t seen 519 at all. What could this mean? I feel like they’ve gone away and I’m upset and concerned about what they’re trying to tell me if anything. Am I on the wrong life path or something?

  29. Since I was 9 years old I have had experiences with people who passed. I have seen my grandmother in my room vacuuming . I could smell her perfume and felt her kiss me on my forehead. When I woke the next morning I told my mom that a woman was in my room and she smelled like grand mom, talked like grand mom but she did not look like her. My mom told me that my grandmother had passed away that night. She showed me a picture of her when she was young and I said that was the ladie in my room. The picture was of my grandmother when she was in her thirties. I was 9 and never knew my grandmother to look like that. As life has gone on I have had several experiences with loved one in the first three days after the passed. This passed November 10th 2012 my 24 year old son passed suddenly. I found him in his room. I experienced such strong sensations from him. He did not understand why we were crying or why I was bringing his clothes to the under taker. We received very strange messages through my,other in law where he communicated through her satellite light clock the two days before his funeral while his very large extended family was at our house. My mother in laws clock read don, free. It frightened her so much that after texting us the pictures on the clock she destroyed the clock. He has come to me in dreams where I can feel his body tempurature and smell him. We talked. He was frightened and there were three other young men with him giving him the courage to talk with me. He needed forgiveness. 6 months later my dad passed and with in two weeks came to me and my cousin on separate occasions to tell us that he was with my son and that they were fine and waiting for me. I have never shared this information with anyone but my closest friends but as I get older I wonder why I receive these messages.

  30. I would like to connect with both my grandparents. My grandfather passed away in 2010. My grandmother passed away last month. Can you please tell me how I can possibly do that?

  31. Is it possible to have visions of decease without having an “open mind”? Back in 2005 I was in a horrible car accident and thrown from the vehicle. I survived with only a few stitches, staples and a broken collar bone. While at home recovering I woke up startled to find a person standing next to my bed. I only caught a glimpse of this person before a sense of calm and relief came over me and I rolled over and went back to sleep. The person I briefly saw looked like my grandfather who had passed away quite a few years earlier. But how can I be sure? And was he the one who saved me from serious injury in my accident? How am I able to answer these questions for myself?

  32. Natasha Spinella-Saiz says:

    Hi, My 14 month old son who had a rare disease called Allen-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome passed away unexpectedly November 6th and I wanted to know if there is a way to connect with him?

  33. bernadette says:

    I lost my mom 3 years ago. I miss her terribly and have been praying looking for signs. I am at a very hard place right now. My husband left me i make barley any money im going to lose my home soon and my children are all i have left. I wish i could talk to Her and get some advise or to know thinfs will be of foe me and my children. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

  34. Sharon C says:

    my husband and best friend Jimmy passed suddenly 5/13. I am devastated and longing for him to contact me. I just want him to know how much I love and miss him. How can I get in touch…I don’t see him in dreams, I want to hear his voice. Please he;lp me.

  35. Found and Lost one says:

    We had interacted through social media and she somehow got connected to me very closely in a short time.I don’t know how close am I to her as well.
    I will like to know if there is anyway of contacting someone you never met in life or talk on phone personally? Is there any way I can just talk to her and ask few things as she knew about her death and even many other things yet to happen. She told me some things and she wanted to do them as well like meeting me and all but we did not. Can I somehow connect and ask her about life and after life ?

  36. I just recently lost my niece unexpectedly we were very close I have not been able to feel her anywhere I have tried talking to her asking her to let me know if she is here. She was so young 24 and I miss her and want to know if she is ok .

  37. I have been trying to connect to my grandma and can’t get through. I wanted to know what she wanted to talk to me about before she passed away. My ex boyfriend didn’t tell me my grandma wanted to see and talk to me. I get a phone call sometime that morning and the hospital was telling me to get there right away I got there and they told me she passed away. I called him at home and he came to the hospital and he told me yeah I forgot to tell you your grandma wanted to see you and talk to you. I was very upset I want to know what she had to tell me? I want to ask my grandma a few questions did my mom love me or she hated me and why is she putting me through lies and pain?

  38. I wanted to know I just loss my husband 2 months ago. Is he watching over me , trying to connect with me, guiding and waiting for me! Did he hear everything I whispered to him the very day he passed and layed my head in his chest?

  39. So I have had a love on past.. And a few nights ago she came to me in my dreams… And the dream was weird cuz it’s like I was talking to her on the phone.. I remember I told her I missed her and her reply was what are you talking about I’m right here.. I tried to explain that she was not here anymore… I remember another family member being in the dream as I was talking to her on the phone in the dream and they didn’t believe me that it was her.. I remember the first three numbers of the phone but.. On the phone she was confused on the phone because I could here her boyfriend in the back round when she was talking to me on the phone.. But then her boyfriend walked in to my house and then the link was going between me and my mom.. But she tried to call me back.. But them I woke up.. What could this mean does my mom really thinks she is still alive? My background is I’m a empathic med sensitive.. With some telepathic .. And it been 6 months since she has past and this is the first time she has came to me..

  40. I lost my grandmother this week. The day she passed and every day since I’ve asked her to please come in my dreams…she has not. I was very close with her and I am deeply upset…especially because they way she passed was a terrible tragedy. She left something on the stove, it caught on fire, she tried to put out the fire and suffered burns to 45% of her body…I cry just thinking about what she went through. My cousin rescued her from the house but she was so badly injured she passed away 3 days after when our family decided to rake her off the ventilator…none of us wanted her to suffer. I just want to hear her voice again and I keep waiting for something, anything to know she is with me but I haven’t received anything at all 🙁 is there anything I can do?

  41. Nadine R. says:

    Hi, I randomly came across this page after thinking of my grandfather who passed away from cancer. Although I have not connected (I don’t think I have) with anyone, I have had a few weird experiences that maybe someone could bring to light. When I find myself thinking of my family members whom have passed away, strange things tend to happen. I work at a zoo, and although some people have reported the sink not working, I always experience the complete opposite.
    When I am going to the bathroom alone, the sink turns on and off randomly. When I get closer to the sink (its a long bathroom), it stays on longer, usually staying on when I look in the mirror across from the sinks only to turn off when I look at them. I tend to think of my grandfather a lot while I am working because he always told me to chase my dreams and to do what I love, which I am doing (I am a caricature artist), so I am always thinking of him thanking him for giving me the strength to do what I love regardless of how little I get paid.
    Ive also in many times of need, and hardships (like finding out a friend committed suicide, and when I found out my husband cheated on me) I have heard whispers. I still hear one vividly. I was sitting in the corner of my room, remembering everyone who has passed away, and I heard “It’s okay child, you will always be okay.” I have heard these whispers throughout my life, mostly in dreams or early in the morning after waking up.
    I know this may sound strange, but I know its something not normal because even if I am not consciously thinking about it, I will randomly start to cry which tips me off to pay attention. Is this just a weird way for me to remember my family, or is it actually some kind of connection?

  42. I have read a lot of these comments and books on this subject and haven’t seen it ask but what happens when we get to the other side and there are people that we don’t want to see. Example if you didn’t like your mother or whomever here what happens when you meet them there?

  43. tanner says:

    So like if I write a letter like I’m talking to my mom. Who passed almost a year now from a massive stroke. do I write as well of how I want her to respond? And than what do I do next? Cause I miss her so much and want to talk with her with questions

  44. My dad just passed away last week and I never got to say goodbye. The other night he was frozen in the morg and unfroze to chase me I feel so haunted and am scared to go to sleep at night. He was a good dad but had his issues. It’s been hard on me since I found out and am filled with mixed emotions since I didn’t get a chance to see him from the previous years before. I want to reach out and get in touch with him spirituality but am scared. Any thoughts…

  45. Stephanie Taylor says:

    My sister has been missing can you please lease help ,my family and her children are heartbroken, can you please tell me if you think she is still on earth,or where to look for her body. Please help her name is Stacey ellen


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