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The Day My House Looked Like A Murder Scene

Offending couch, Magic. When she isn’t all squished up she covers four cushions. Hence, the couch in the first place. Cause you have to fit everyone.

At the beginning of June, my back was out with severe muscle spasms and I had a lingering chest cold.  Every time I thought that my back was on the mend, I would go into an enormous coughing fit that just threw it right back out again.

All I could really do comfortably was stand vertically.  This became quite a challenge with all of those medications I eventually was forced to take  – it’s hard to stand up when you feel like falling down!

Yes, I’ve heard that illnesses are energetically based, but if you do not know WHY then guess what?  Modern medicine to the cover up.

One night, I had wandered into the living room around 3am, trying to get comfortable, and eventually fell asleep.

The next morning, the house looked like a murder scene.  My son woke my husband up and said,”Dad, there’s a trail of blood from one end of the house to the other.”

My husband walked out to investigate, and sure enough, there were drips of blood and big splotches of it leading through one end of the house straight on through to the livingroom, where I was asleep on the couch from my painful back night wanderings.

The couch is white and leather and is one of those l-shaped things that seats about 100 people.  All my husband could see was my head peeking out on one end.  It was COVERED in blood.  The couch, me, everything.

And the dog, the 160 pound American Mastiff, stood there next to me, dripping blood from her mouth.  Her giant front legs and paws were all blood.

From what my husband told me, he was pretty sure I was dead at first.  Then he realized I was breathing and had just slept through it all (meds, people).  The blood seemed to be coming from the dog.

All I heard was,”Get up, we have to take Magic to the vet.”

I remember thinking,”I can’t move.  I can’t even sit up.  It’s SUNDAY.  What could be wrong with the dog and HOW am I going to get her 45 minutes to the vet when she needs to be lifted in and out of the car?”

Then, I saw her.  WHOA.

Somehow – I do not know how – I eventually got her hosed down to locate the source of the problem.  She had chomped down on something and cut an inch long gash underneath her tongue where everything comes together.  When I tell you this dog trusts me, you know it’s true because she “warned” my husband but she let me put my hand in her mouth.  This trust comes from the time I tried to kill her by leaving a chicken carcass within reach one day around Christmas.  She got a bone lodged in the back of her throat that ended up costing us $1,000 in vet bills and resulted in me spending a week with her babying her – so, trust runs deep (go figure).

I spoke to the vet.  I hauled her on the (very painful and bumpy) drive.  I authorized surgery.  I spent $700 I didn’t particularly have.  I got her home.  My husband put her in the car and carried her into the house when we got back – she was too loopy to walk.  All 160 pounds of her.  And, my husband had just injured his rotator cuff, so he wasn’t exactly in a position to do this.

Somewhere in this process, and after telling the story to at least 10 people that day about how my house was covered in blood, I had a moment.

The moment when I realized that although I saw the blood all over the dog, I never saw the blood that was all over the house or the couch.

Apparently my seven year old actually helped my husband clean up, with the bleach and the Fantastic – something he’s never voluntarily done before – because that’s how bad it was.  

I walked past it, I walked in it, and I walked through it, I washed it off of myself in the shower, and I never actually saw it anywhere but on the dog.

I don’t even have any pictures, because I’m the one who takes them around here.  I do have a vet bill to prove to myself that it actually happened, though.

What does my dog story have to do with spirituality, you ask?

You can be consciousness itself, but there are just some things you cannot see, because your focus is so intently somewhere else.

I am really big on standing back and waiting, when the messages are not clear.  I don’t flail around wildly, just to do something with myself.

Lately I have been in a holding pattern.  There’s a lot going on and there’s nothing going on.

I knew I was supposed to be waiting.  If I waited, the answers would start to come into focus, when they were ready to be received.

Various little pieces of the puzzle have been coming through since at least last November.  They were starting to take shape and assume a form, but the details still were in the shadows.

One day I had an impulse to connect with one of my intuitive friends, Lisa at Practically Intuitive.  The impulse kept coming, over a few months’ time.  My guides were telling me that Lisa had something to tell me, related to my puzzle pieces – that she had the next step or maybe even the answer.

I asked Lisa about this and she was glad to do it but so far, she had no messages coming in.

Well, when we did have our phone session, everything became clear.

The reason, I believe, that my guides steered me to Lisa in particular at this specific moment, was because she is an unbelievably clear channel.

Have you ever had a session where it was like a three way call?  You, your guides, and the intuitive?  That’s exactly what it was like.  So not only do I appreciate Lisa for the extremely cool person and friend that she is, but I could not have been guided to a better person for very specific next steps.

The interesting part about communicating with your spirit guides through someone else is that it can unravel completely differently than the way you get information from them.  Plus, the other person is impartial, so not only do they “hear what you can’t”, they can also help interpret what you’ve been experiencing or going through and give insights in their own inimitable way.

Everyone has blind spots.  Being a professional intuitive or psychic in no way means that you as the individual don’t have problems and things to experience and sort out, exactly like everyone else!  You do however get to experience life in a different way than most – and see how it is for many, many people – which gives you a unique perspective.

Even though intuitive information is available to us all, it comes through very differently for each person.

Surround yourself with smart, supportive, and insightful people who will be honest, encouraging and uplifting.

There will be messages sent to you and from you.  You are each other’s messengers.

You get to learn some things that your team has not managed to get through to you while your intuitive receiver was tuned to the wrong station, or getting bits and pieces from many stations.

If you notice who you are called to follow, whose writing or speaking calls out to you, and WHEN – that is a big clue that your team is sending you in that direction at that time for a reason.  So, pay attention – and it will serve you.  When you’re served, you can serve others more fully.

Ever had an intuitive reading?  What was your experience like?