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Thank You Universal Collective Intelligence For Your Support

Here's your prize

Call it the Universal Collective Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, or the Universal Field of Information.  It’s the thing that connects us all.

Did you know that, wherever you may be in the world right now, whatever you are doing, you and I are connected?  You’re also connected to everyone else who is reading this.

I like to think of the Akashic Records as the history of everything that has been, everything that now is, and that at this very moment as I am typing to you, it is being updated.  It contains all of our thoughts, actions, and experiences.  It is that thing that I access whenever I do an Intuitive Reading for you.  It’s how you don’t have to be sitting here at all.  We access each other wherever we may be found.

A friend recently asked me some questions about what I do, especially regarding accuracy of my readings.  It is a perfectly reasonable question but I realized that I couldn’t answer it.

How can I know what I am given to give to you is “correct?”

Put aside the very idea of predicting the future.  That’s a separate issue.  Your future is 100% in your hands, at your command, and a reflection of exercising your Free Will.

I know what I am getting to give to you is correct because it is given to me through the Universal Collective Intelligence or Consciousness.

I access it through my own personal Conduit or Akashic Records Guide.  This Guide connects me to your spiritual teams, your Higher Self, your angels and spirit guides and teachers, and they tell me what it is appropriate for me to know and share with you.

What comes through for me and for you is a direct reflection of what is in our soul’s best interest to have understood right now.

I have had an enormous amount of support here.  In just over one year of blogging (missed my own anniversary!) I have made some wonderful friends.   The great part of this is, we connect all of the time on the Soul Level.  This is not just idle chitchat – it is real, meaningful, impactful dialogue and a meeting of the minds and spirits.  If you don’t think so – think again.

Your reading this, commenting, taking away something to use right now or when the time comes, is all a part of the one, the all, the collective consciousness.

So this week we had a home broken into and completely vandalized.  The next day, we had an offer on our house.

Remember last week I posted,” We have the largest 2 bedroom house in the history of the world, which we have had on the market for over a year and refuses to sell itself.  Which it really needs to think about doing because it’s been two years since I had a regular job.”

Well, it thought about it.

I have some mixed emotions on this.  You can “law of attraction” yourself until the cows come home, but some things are exactly what they look like.  If you read last week’s article you were probably wondering how in the world I was the Vice President at a Fortune 500 insurance brokerage for about a thousand years and then start doing this work instead.  Yeah, I think that’s pretty much what my soul said, too.  The time came for waking up and doing this purpose, or moving toward another purpose.  But it didn’t seem to mind that I had a really expensive house to keep up or 6 pets who needed room to roam, or two little kids.  Nope, it didn’t.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that the other property was so severely vandalized.  Just at the moment that we had 90% of it remodeled.  And no one seems to know if the insurance will cover it or not.

When big things are happening left and right, it can be hard to know what exactly do they mean to tell you?  Does this mean, “Give up already, get out and find a way to move on?”  Does it mean,”Well if you don’t sell now, then things will look worse later, so here’s your best offer?”  Does it mean,”Make up your mind to go back to insurance and you’ll get a job?”  Does it mean,”Focus on your family right now, that’s more important than anything else”?

So you see, I am just using myself as an example.  Things happen all of the time that could be taken any number of ways.  If you can calm yourself in the eye of the storm, look at the signs, and come to a valid, useful conclusion – great!  That is why we say to meditate, journal, and pay attention in the moment all of the time.  They are all building skills you are going to need – because life doesn’t proceed in a calm, straight line.  Well, not if you are living it, anyway!  The more you open up and get with the program, the more things are going to shake up and require bravery on your part.

Sometimes the things that are blocking your way – or causing you to remain stuck and ceasing to move forward without knowing why or how to break free – are things that are readily observable by others.  Develop enough friendships and one of them is bound to strike the nail on the head at the right moment in time, just when you are ready to hear it.  Some days, you may get that here.

If you find yourself wondering what could happen for you as a result of an Intuitive Reading, or learning how to access your own intuition like a master, then something inside you is asking you to Seek and to Pay Attention. There is something that your Soul wants you to know.  It may be something small but incredibly powerful in moving you forward.  It may be a simple change in your perception, brought about by someone else who can see things about you that you just can’t at the moment.

Here is what I wrote to my friend, perhaps you will find it helpful:

I think what a reading gives you is direction, ideas, and often what needs to change if you want to see change.


My favorite thing in the world to do is to engage with other people and see what their Soul wants them to know.   Sometimes the best way to do this is to connect people with other people.  What gift do you have that you would enjoy sharing with other people?  What do you do really well?
Winner of last week’s contest: in the spirit of fun, last week I offered a chance to win a Prize to everyone who kindly shared one of my articles as a way to get more people to know that we’re over here having a great time and learning a lot!  
I put everyone’s name in a hat (yes, that’s a picture of Sophie wearing the hat, poor dog) and the universe (my youngest child) picked Lisa W. as the winner!  Then my other child ALSO wanted to pick a name out of the hat, and so we got a second winner – April S.!  
What was the mystery prize?  I’m sorry, it’s not Sophie. Or the hat.  It’s a 30 minute intuitive phone session with me, of course!  Ladies, please get in touch with me to claim your prize.
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