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A Book Review of The Intuition Principle By Angela Artemis

Have you ever read a book and said to yourself, “I could have written this!  This is exactly how I feel!”?

Angela Artemis’ new book The Intuition Principle – How To Attract The Life You Dream Of is that book for me.

Since we are both intuitives and friends, don’t you know that Angela sent me a preview of the book back in January, exactly when I was deciding between writing an intuitive development course and writing a book on how to develop your intuition?  I didn’t tell her that I was deciding, she just…knew.  That was my sign on which direction to take.  No need to write the book – it had already been written!  And most beautifully, too.

The universe is excellent at sending you signs and signals about where to go and what to do and how to handle things, if you will just put yourself in the flow.

You will “know” too – when you’ve finished reading this book.

If you follow A Clear Sign and like the way I work and explain things to you, then The Intuition Principle is for you.  It’s like the very best gift I could give you, because what I want the most for you is to understand that each and every one of you IS intuitive and you have the magic of it within your grasp right this very moment.

The Intuition Principle is a mirror of the way I think about how to access and develop  intuition, packed into one easy to read book.  Angela gives you brilliant exercises to follow to access your own intuition and start thinking about life in a new way.  This new way will lead you to open your eyes to a new world – and open your Third Eye as well.

Angela fully explains:

  • What Your Intuition IS
  • How Exactly Your Intuition WORKS
  • Where To FIND Your Intuition (when it seems like it’s hiding and you think it might be lost, or that you don’t have any)

 What are my favorite parts?

The book is filled to the brim with pop quizzes, meditations, and exercises that will bring you forward in accessing your intuition.  My favorite meditation is on Making Decisions.  That is the hardest thing to do I think, and from what you all tell me, you’re with me on that!  Here is an excerpt from the book:

Visualization exercise for more complicated questions

Go to the room where you meditate. Do your breathing and get into
a meditative frame of mind.
• Ask the question you need the answer to. Now count backward
from twenty-five to one. With each count see yourself walking
down one stair on a flight of stairs. Each number takes you lower
and into a deeper more relaxed state. When you reach one, you
see a door straight ahead.
• You walk toward the door and open it. It’s dark inside. You search
for the light switch and turn it on. You see it is a store room and
a sign on the wall reads, “Lost and Found.” There are rows and
rows of shelves with all kinds of trinkets, tools, and implements
on them. You also see small figurines, a snow globe, binoculars,
jewelry, clothing and even musical instruments. You notice piles
of books and children’s toys. Something catches your eye way in
the back. You walk toward it, maneuvering between the shelves.
As you approach you recognize it as ______. You pick it up and
hold it in your hands. Is it smooth? Or is it cold or warm? Does it
have any moving parts? Is it heavy?
• This object you are holding is the symbol for the answer to your
question. Analyze this object: it holds the answer to the problem
for which you seek a solution.

How did you do? Did you see the object? Did it give you the answer
you were looking for?

I once did this exercise when I was considering whether or not to sell
my home and “saw” an old-fashioned egg beater, like the one I inherited
from my aunt. I realized I was tired of being “beaten” down by all the
constant maintenance of keeping up a home. Then I remembered that
eggs symbolize new life and, by mixing them up with my egg beater, I
could whip up a whole new life for myself where I was free of house payments!

That helped me to make up my mind and, a few months later, I
listed my house and sold it.

You see how sneaky but incredibly helpful your intuition is when you follow the symbols?  Angela will help you understand yours to the “10th power” of wherever you are right now.

Here is the review I wrote on Amazon:

THE Must-Read Book On Intuitive Development

This book will bring you forward years in your intuitive development!

If you have been working on trusting your intuition but sometimes second guess yourself, don’t feel like you have a clear connection, or are struggling to see the signs and synchronicity that the universe brings you, reading and practicing the author’s suggestions will put this issue to rest for you once and for all.

This is truly powerful wisdom that will change your life and put you on track to always hearing your intuition.

I am really pleased to participate in the Virtual Book Tour for The Intuition Principle.  I get lots and lots of books to edit or review in the Spirituality Genre (probably because I could have been an editor in another life) and you can find them all over at Intuitive Books while you’re waiting for your Amazon order of The Intuition Principle to arrive.  Or go straight to your Kindle because you can start reading it right now.  You’ll be glad you did.  Promise!

Click on the picture above to order from Amazon.

You can find Angela Artemis at her blog Powered By Intuition.

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