Are All Your Secrets Revealed In A Psychic Reading?

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Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light

– Dylan Thomas

Are all your secrets revealed in a psychic reading?

No, they are not.

Yet, many people desire to have a reading.  They are in The Moment when they need guidance.  They may not trust what they are getting in intuitive insights or they may not be experienced enough to understand what they are getting.  They may just want someone else to bounce their life off of and confirm for them that they ARE doing the right thing or that they CAN break free of what ails them.

And then, they stop.

They take no action.

They paralyze themselves.

Well, that is no good, is it?

I’ve written before about what is likely to show up for you in a reading.  I’ve written about how I do readings.  I’ve counseled the best of you through crisis. I’ve spoken to hundreds of spiritual teams by now.

You know, I’m not entirely sure that I am “meant” to do this work for long, or forever.  In fact, I doubt it.  I plan to move on at some stage – the right stage.  I do believe that my very own team will help and guide me when the moment comes to change things up and move forward.

That is exactly what I wish for you.  I wish that you spend the time and the energy and simply get to know your team and access your wisest, highest self.  If you experience that, then you know it when you see it forever after!  That is just about the best gift I can think of to give yourself.

The other thing is – we aren’t meant to be “perfect.”  We already are perfect in a divine self sort of way.  We are the unique creature walking around the earth that is “me”, and we have a soul guiding us, if we choose to connect with it.

But we don’t make “perfect” choices.  We are here to learn things, and we typically do so through trial and error.  If we flow through our life gracefully, then it is because we are paying attention and learning things along the way.  But we don’t do this “scot-free.”  It can get quite ugly indeed, but that doesn’t mean that it is wrong.  It means that we are living and learning – exactly what we are supposed to be doing!

When something yucky and ugly and downright scary shows up – sometimes it is simply designed that way and we were meant to go through it.  We planned it.  Other times our free will might have gotten us a bit off the intended road, but we can get ourselves back on.

So no matter how much of a mess you may THINK you’ve gotten yourself in, don’t worry that you’ll be judged here.  You won’t.

There is a basic trust between us.

We are here to learn about what the universe wants us to know.  We lift each other up, and we reach out our hand to send support, like a tiny silver thread of hope and encouragement that runs from our fingertips.  Energy in the power of white light and love ripples from one to the next to the next…

And so it is.

Many a skeptic is dying a slow death every day, wanting and wishing and almost praying or demanding to know The Truth.  Is it real?  Is it something beyond us?  Is it something Within Us?  Is there something more to this life experience that what can be seen with the naked eye?

What if there is too much?  What if all of your deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secrets are shared and revealed, if you take the tiniest step in the direction of enlightenment, from wherever it is you stand right now?

From my side of the fence, I made an agreement to access the Akashic Records and activated a Guide who was dormant, waiting all of these years for me to wake up to  the fact that the Guide was there.  When I did that, I had a teacher who explained what would happen if I agreed to move forward in service.  It is a sacred responsibility, and if breached, it will be rescinded.

So when I access your personal Record, and request answers to the questions that you seek, information becomes available.  SOME information.  The information that your spirit guides and angels and teachers need to show us in order to move you forward.  They share insights that you should have.  They bring messages of what they’ve been trying to get through that pretty little head of yours, but that you have been missing.

What they don’t do is share “embarrassing secrets.”  I am not privy to your private and personal moments that are irrelevant in the scheme of getting you back on track.

I have commonly heard, after a reading but before I’ve shared what I got:

“Now you know all my secrets.”

The fact is, no I don’t, nor do I want or need to know.  I will say that it is far, far easier to read for someone who has not only given permission but who has genuinely opened themselves up to moving forward, “whatever they get” or “whatever comes through.”

Everything happens for a reason.

Your spiritual team is on your side.

The part of you that is NOT always on your side is that Ego that wants to hide things.

There is no hiding from yourself, and you will know that either sooner or later – I’d choose sooner in order to dispense with unnecessary pain, if I were you.

Your modus operandi is best when it includes an attitude of “bring it” – to the extent you can take it right now and still remain functional.

The sooner you face it and get through it and learn from it, the freer you will be moving forward.

Everyone has “ugly.”  Everyone.

Some of the wisest people around are those that have gone through massive internal or external earthquakes in their lives.  You may think what they went through was dumb or unnecessary or stupid – something you would never have gotten caught up in! – but that can be a trigger to let you know that you have issues of your own to overcome.  And, they are coming soon to a theater near you.

Being kind to yourself and to others is sometimes a learned skill.  Learn it early and often or it will bite you.

Everyone has blind spots.  Find those people who get you, who see you, who challenge you…and you will learn what you need to know.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whos the fairest one of all?  Look in that mirror, the literal one and the one that shines back to you from other people.  You will be amazed at what you find there.

Remember, you’re not done until you’re dead.  In fact, death is an infallible indicator that you’ve done what you came to do and it’s over.  For everyone.

Do I know how long I will be here?  No, I do not, and neither do you.

I know I will be here exactly as long as I need to be, and not a moment longer.

Whatever happens – I have no secrets.  I don’t mind sharing my embarrassing moments, if it helps one of you to carry on and do right.  I encourage others to simply open up.  Guarding stupidity or other personal information is silly (most of the time – choose wisely).  It blocks you from fully and completely expressing who you are.  When you do that, you rob the other person of the opportunity to learn from you.

Please go forth today and be exactly who you are.  Warts and all.  Let it be okay that you are who and what you are, because there are no mistakes in the universe.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be, learning what you came here to learn and doing exactly what you were meant to do.  Awaken to that and fear no judgement.  Please seek the happiness that is open and available to you.  If you aren’t living it right now, work toward it.  There is an answer for you, no matter how bleak the circumstances may appear or become from time to time.

I’m going to help you stand up for you.  Believe it.  If you need a rock, here I am.

Intuitive Readings – where all your secrets are not revealed but where you can get direct advice from your own spiritual team – are going on here.

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  1. I’ve gotta say that this is a really good topic and quite honestly, I wondered about a lot of this. I do get obstacles and blocks during a reading, but it’s always from a place of love.

    I will, however, pick up on facade bodies that people use as mechanisms to protect themselves. They often manifest as negetive thought forms, but I don’t get the details the ego worries about, I just get the concequences of holding onto those thought forms.
    AJ | OpenPsychic recently posted..What’s blocking your intuitive guidance?My Profile

    • Hi AJ,

      Yes, I do occasionally get a “no answer” in the form of, “It’s not appropriate to share that at this time.”

      I think skeptical people, or those who’ve had bad experiences with others invading their privacy, sometimes assume that just because they’ve given access to their Record that it can be and will be breached, when in fact, that’s not the case. Security is pretty tight up there in the Records 🙂 We must have a good intention and do what we say we are doing, in the client’s Highest, or pretty soon we will find ourselves locked out.

      I don’t see it the way you do, I get it empathically. I feel exactly what the client feels, like I am standing in their shoes. After I speak to their team I can pass along the literal suggestions and advice and also take a third-party counseling type of role. Interesting how it comes through for you!

  2. I recently watched an old movie (a fav of mine) on LMN “Dangerous Minds” that had that poem in it “Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light – Dylan Thomas” No idea why I brought that up other then it seemed to be around the time of this blog entry coming out I suppose.

    I sometimes find myself not with an ego problem, actually I find it strange its like I have this internal voice (no mental problems lol) that talks to me all the time (I actually hear a voice) that is supportive and friendly and can also call me out when I screw up, so I actually looked up whether or not an ego while it can cause problems, can it be good. More times then not I found sites that say if anything bad happens its all the ego, might be true it can cause worry, but what if in that worry it is giving you idea’s or thoughts that actually support the side of good. Like if you are worried about something it can say you have this and this choice. I got so tired of thinking or personally calling it and it or ego I asked and it agreed to “iggy”. When I read some of those sites and it says this or that is caused by the ego (its all its fault) the little voice tends to go “hey!” lol.
    I never asked for my angels name, I think that is because I’ve always called thought it’s name was “angel” what can I say I guess I am into common names lol. Other then that no other names appear or come to me.

    Thing is I have always trusted my intuition, there were a couple lapses due to personal reasons, but even then it was usually correct. But lately (the last year or so) it’s like I went from total no doubting (unless I had reason to) to total confusion, even the simplist of things are hard. This is new for me, because there were so few things I could rely on my gut was one of the most that and my belief in God. I’ve tried meditation, prayer, chakra clearing, etc and its like it works for about two to five minutes and as soon as something even small happens boom back again.
    Or it’s like it tends to work backwards on me everything gets turned around yes is no, no is yes, I’ve had iggy talking me out of things that turned out to be a great idea, or try this and it was okay. But there are times even iggy was at a loss or confused. — I use to breeze through anything now its like second guessing everything for lack of a better description. And per the usual I talk to iggy or whoever might be around when I am alone, hoping/asking for some sort of guidance or help to get through this or with it, but it just feels like none comes.
    I know they say that with the universe you also have to keep the positive vibrational energy, in order for the flow to keep going, but even then I tend to get so exhausted. I have always been positive just not perky positive lol more like some are glass half full, others half empty, I was always feel lucky it has something in it! type of positive, or a sort of positive/negative balance.

    Now with other people they have a problem, I am usually pretty good and giving the advice and it helping them, and being as I was before. When it comes to ME I can not even get a blip on the radar properly. I am not sure when it went wrong, though I have an idea. – But I can’t see how it deminished it so far down. I use to be able to see the signs, now I second guess and I know I am getting them (clouds, bugs, wind, music/songs, dreams, etc) but there are times I either miss something, get confused, or plain just don’t understand them (even when I ask for more and more help it’s like it gets worse and worse) or nothing comes of them.
    I use to be able to see things, hear things, know things, now I second guess, get frustrated, flustered or confused, I don’t know if its because some of what I am thinking of it so close that it’s like you said you sometimes need a third person to answer am I nuts or does this sound right. – Generally when some has asked me if your right with me but doubt with yourself how, what is wrong, I just tell them when it comes to me my intuiton or whatever (what makes them feel comfortable for me to call it) is wonky.

    I could go on about this but this is already long, and I don’t want to disrupt the flow of things, or take up your time. I don’t even know if I made any sense. I would love to get a reading but my bills dictate they get paid first then when they are done my wallet/account has determined the ecomony is wonky or stingy lol.

    • Hi Susan,

      Everyone has to have an ego, of course. You just want to get the ego to “shush” sometimes from the perpetual loop of chatter that goes on in most people’s minds so that you can “hear the silence” in order to access intuitive information. That is what meditation does. It is unusual to actually hear the voices though, which makes me wonder if you should check in with a medical professional just in case.

      If that doesn’t work and things are medically fine then you might consider if maybe you should ask for some specific signs instead.

      • The voice (iggy or angel) doesn’t always talk non-stop there are times it goes quiet, even when I pray they are quiet until I say amen. – I know what meditation is and how it works, I was doing it long before I found your blog. Also note the part where I said “no mental problems” and to go further no medical problems pertaining to hearing voices, any problems I do have mental wise came after the voices and are based on a specific incident.
        This isn’t a sudden thing with the voice, in my family they had a (as called at the time) special gift. Does that mean I got it, it was said I was suppost to, but everyone that knew anything about it dropped dead before I was born and no one passed on any info or an instruction manuel. Nor did anyone tell me of what supposed gift, as each had a different one, though again said they said I would get a gathering of them, I am guessing that means maybe a little of each rolled into one, to make up the intuition I have no idea.

        Also note I said above “I use to be able to see the signs, now I second guess and I know I am getting them (clouds, bugs, wind, music/songs, dreams, etc) but there are times I either miss something, get confused, or plain just don’t understand them (even when I ask for more and more help it’s like it gets worse and worse) or nothing comes of them.”

        I guess its just something I will have to figure out for myself, I am not sure anyone can help me with this, I agree yes some people may have mental/medical problems, and some don’t or if they do it has nothing to do with this. While I understand it is a precaution to ask someone to get checked, I have been around this blog long enough that it slightly offended (even if that wasn’t your intention) me you would suggest that to me. — Anyway, Julie it was really nice to meet you. You have given me some laughs and thoughts over the time I have been here. I wish you nothing but peace and many blessings in your life and travels.

        • Hi Susan,

          It sounds like you felt I was being condescending or dismissive and I assure you, that’s not the case. I did read what you wrote. When our intuition goes off the rails there is usually a reason for it, but I am not attempting to solve the situation or do any intuitive work in the context of a comment. Best wishes XO

          • And nor did I ask you to solve MY situation (that is something I need to do you can’t do it), or do any intuitive work, I was just talking it out as you have mentioned., if you thought I was or that I was looking for a free reading then you misunderstood as well I wasn’t, I was just assuring you as to why I didn’t seek one at this time. Peace out.

  3. I have to admit – before I delved into this world I was afraid psychics could read my mind, too. I was always afraid to get a reading. I just have to laugh at myself now! How silly. I wouldn’t even WANT to read someone’s mind if I could, by the by.

    Usually if someone’s guides don’t want to give me information, they’ll just kind of shut down. I get that empathically though, like you. Not through a shaking of the ‘head’, etc…
    Lindsay recently posted..5 Common Questions About Spirit GuidesMy Profile

  4. Hi Julie,
    Fabulous post!
    I could never understand why someone would think we could know all their “secrets?” To me a reading is to help point someone in the right direction, not expose their dirty laundry.
    And, yes when it’s time to close up shop and move on – we should follow our intuition. We might be meant to do other things, learn different lessons or serve in another way.
    Angela Artemis|Powered by Intuition recently posted..Getting to Goal: A Message For Those Who Have a Big DreamMy Profile

    • Hi Angela,

      Yes I agree, sometimes we know when the road begins to diverge on its path. You seem like you might be nearing that kind of place as well. It’s exciting to have the support of ourselves and each other. I know that’s why I ask for help – it can do nothing but good to get a pointer in the right direction. If it doesn’t feel right then I guess we know it or at least can examine it.

  5. The Vizier/Han of Harmony says:

    Hi Julie,

    Great post!

    A person’s life can be rather complicated. If they have secrets, there are probably many which will take a long time to sift through them even if I could. While I understand the fear of revealing more that you might feel comfortable through a psychic reading, the truth is as you say, it doesn’t happen this way.

    Even with my divinations, it requires considerable effort on my part to read events. I certainly have no interest in trying to find out a person’s secrets. There are probably too many and unless I have a context, it won’t make sense to me either. So secrets are pretty much safe with the people keeping them.

    If someone needs help from a psychic, the fear of revealing all their secrets in a reading should not be holding them back. It simply doesn’t work that way.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article!

    Irving the Vizier
    The Vizier/Han of Harmony recently posted..How to See the Silver Lining in the CloudsMy Profile

    • Hi Irving,

      Thanks for your support 🙂

      I do find that there are people who “just don’t want to know” what will come out, too – they fear some really bad news. In my experience so far, I have never received any advice from spirit that wasn’t from a loving place. We don’t get information that can’t be acted upon or provide us with important insights.

      Maybe psychics should just say,”Helping You Access Your Wisest and Highest Self” 🙂

      • The Vizier/Han of Harmony says:

        Yeah I too have experience with people who simply don’t want to know. But if there is a challenge they have to face in some area of their life, it will happen whether they know it or not. Knowing early gives them the chance to take action to manage it better. Otherwise, they will likely be blindsided and make poor choices, worsening the situation.
        The Vizier/Han of Harmony recently posted..It is Ok to Feel the Way You DoMy Profile

  6. Very well said!

    Thank you for that 🙂
    Andrea recently posted..A Rainy DayMy Profile

  7. Indeed Julie. I love that you come from a place of sincere love and support. It’s not about judging and exposing…. that’s the fear that our Counterfeit Self will have us believe. You are only interested in getting in touch with the Authentic Self … our highest nature. When you open one small portal to the truth, the needed light will shine to reveal other important truths. The Counterfeit Self trembles in the face of truth; this disruptive force ends when we realize that the source of all its power is faulty thinking, which is coming from our own mistaken mind.
    rob white recently posted..Self-Transformation vs. Self-ImprovementMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,

      It is my sincerest wish that others find the answers that will propel them forward along their highest path. I hope that what is found is a conduit to make that connection.

  8. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    I envy you in a way because you are able to do the things that I only wish I could do. Every time I have met my spiritual team through one of my OBE/Lucid dreaming experiences I am always so excited and dumbfounded that I don’t have enough composure to just strike up a conversation and start learning something. I only wish I had the abilities of someone like yourself but who knows maybe someday I will. And I know the ole saying, be careful what you wish for.

    I just got done reading an interesting book on my new Kindle my sister bought me. The book covers topics on how to contact your spiritual team. It had some good information but nothing that I probably didn’t already know just forgotten about.

    I hope you do what is best for you so if you go in a another direction someday I hope you will still have your blog.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Ascension For DummiesMy Profile

    • Todd,

      One of these days we need to talk. You can decide to turn up the volume on your connection anytime you wish. You DO have plenty of intuitive abilities. Remember that different people simply initially or primarily connect differently, so you may actually be communicating all of the time and just not quite recognize it for what it is. It is not a flashy thing, you know, it’s more like a quick note or a subtle whisper. I assure you that anyone who lucid dreams and has OBE is in the loop.

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