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Ignore Your Spiritual Team’s Messages At Your Peril

Spirit Guides at the front, Angels in the rear

Sometimes it isn’t easy being green.  Or psychic.

If you’re an intuitive or purport to be psychic, guess what?  Everyone expects you to read their mind, mood, and intentions.  All the time.

First off, we don’t read minds.  If we’re empaths, we do sometimes know what’s going on with you whether we want to or not, because it’s the nature of the beast.

After doing readings and being in other people’s energy all of the time, we usually mostly want to “tune out” on our private time.  It’s kind of like anyone mentally clocking off the job to go home to their family or their XBOX – we just don’t want to be working 100% of the time.

Even when I’m technically not working, I’m working.  Just because I’m not actively trying to work or even help or read you, sometimes I get sent messages anyway.

Most of the time I wouldn’t dream of just blurting out a message a la The Long Island Medium  (nothing against her, she’s kind of neat in her own way, it’s just not MY way).

Figuring it’s somewhere in the Unwritten Rules of an intuitive calling, I generally pass on the very strong messages if I haven’t been asked.  If I have been asked, then you can almost guarantee you are hearing from your team.   (Unless I seem confused, in which case, that’s just me!)  You do this all of the time too, you just may not realize it.

You can probably guess that this isn’t always welcome.  That’s because the messages aren’t always what the other party wanted to hear.  In fact, often they are just the opposite.

“Don’t do that because…”

“Instead of doing this, how about that?”

“Did you ever think of…?”

Like most people, when I get sick, I get cranky.  I had a double whammy of a bad chest cold in conjunction with my lower back just going completely out on me, for no apparent reason.  I really couldn’t go anywhere or do anything but there were a few things I had to do – like pick the kids up from school before the holiday weekend (pretty sure they didn’t want to be locked up all alone for three days because I couldn’t bend to get in and out of the car!)

I was waiting patiently for #1 when one of the school administrators did a,”Oh there you are!  Sorry I didn’t get back to you on…” and we were off and running about something I suspected but didn’t want to hear.  It was a very big deal.

I couldn’t even help myself.  I just cranked out exactly what I really thought.  Insert large rolling hand motions here.

Yes, I did.  I’d completely blown my “most patient and cool mom” award.

I doubt this lady has any control over it.  I just allowed myself to say what I thought which might have been the truth but wasn’t really helping anything other than maybe making her wonder what was wrong with me that day.  And of course, she was hardly helped by hearing it.  It did make her blink and pause and so I felt a little bit badly about it, but every once in a while we all get frustrated and act like we’re two again.

The next day I was more or less back to normal mentally and answered one of my readers with a general statement and a couple of suggestions.  Unlike normally, it wasn’t appreciated.  At All!  A little retribution from the universe, perhaps?  Oh well, just like the school administrator, you can sometimes just be the messenger of unglad tidings.

The thing is – if I bother to tell you something, usually it’s not just me.  Typically – probably much more often than not – if you make a statement or ask me a question, it’s your guide team coming through in the answer.  I am reflecting back to you what you probably already know but, maybe are not consciously accepting.

You know how we’re all really transparent?  When someone gives you some advice, don’t you often say,”Yeah, I guess I knew that already”?

Once in a while it may come as a complete surprise, but that’s not often, is it?

So if you say,”I’m perfectly healthy but I’m having this sudden really strange problem and I can’t figure out what it is.” and I answer,”Maybe you should go to the doctor just to be sure,” what I am really saying is,”You had better go to the doctor immediately!  Run, do not walk!  You need some help.”  I’m just usually a wee bit more polite about it (except every 10 years or so when I get sick, then all bets are off!).

We are all just doing the best we can.  Do you think that I don’t get advice that I don’t like?  Only all of the time!  Do I ignore it sometimes?  Absolutely!  Some things are easier to solve or address than others.  Some things are asking me to take a lifetime of doing and un-do it.  Not easy.  Other things I might be stubborn about, like doing yoga instead of running.  Or not eating pink cake when I really want some pink cake.  Or changing things up when I LIKE what I am doing.  Sometimes we have to let the messages sink in and take action when we are able.

We do want to heed them, at some point, because our spiritual teams aren’t here just to work themselves into a frenzy of message sending.  Probably it’s not an easy thing to do, anyway, and so if we want to keep on getting help, we should listen!  Easier said than done, sometimes.

I know I am working on this more and more as I get messages I like less and less.  You can blow through a lot of “easy” lessons and then the hard stuff comes up.

So do what you want with the messages, but please do not shoot said lovely messenger (me!) and please do not ignore your spiritual team.  The messages may come from your neighbor, your doctor, or your internet friend whom you’ve never met in person.  Imagine the work that goes on behind the scenes:

Your friend’s guide to your primary guide,”I understand.  We’ve got to get through to her.  She’s gone around the bend.  What can I do to help? Over.”

Your primary guide,”We have her at the Starbucks at 4:03pm, talking to the man at the next table.  Can you have the phone ring at 4:05? Over.”

Your friend’s guide,”We’ll whisper in her ear to call.  Over.”

Will you pick up?