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Follow The Signs To Discover Your Passion and Life Purpose

This is a photograph that I took the other day.  Inscrutable, isn’t it?

What I actually was doing?  Sitting in my car and taking a photo of a new haircut.

Who would predict this would be the result?

Yes, you can see the top of my head – part of the picture I was trying to get – but you also see a whole lot about what was going on around me at the time.

Why is this important?

Well, at the time I had just been on a job interview and I was wondering if the time had come to wrap up A Clear Sign and simply go back to a day job.

The thing about it was that it met a few simple criteria that were in my mind for what an acceptable day job needed to be to work in my family’s life.  Yet it glaringly left out one important thing.

I had just read an article that mentioned “partial matches” – things that show up in our experience that are close, but not quite it.

There were a few signs along the way.

On my way in to the interview, a song came on the radio that is one of my favorites, is about life path, and that I have only ever heard once before via radio.  It dates back to 1969.

After seeing the name of a famous speaker in several places and thinking,”I should take his course,” one of my friends did.  He sent it to me.  He didn’t just send me the audio, which was six 45 minute lessons I would have to make time to listen to.  He sent me the written transcript.

He sent it again.  He sent reminders.  He sent it 8 times.

Did I read it?  No, I did not.

One of you wrote to me and confirmed it.

I sat down at Facebook and noticed that in just three minutes, one of my intuitive friends was going to be on a video program live.  I looked left.  I looked right.  There were no children needing anything.  I turned it on, listened for about 20 minutes, typed in a question for the moderator to ask her, and succumbed to children needing my attention at bedtime.

The next morning, I went to the replay and they had asked me for a follow up, because she didn’t completely understand what I meant.  I wrote her an email explaining what I was trying to get at.  She wrote me back and said to listen to the same guy.

Did I do it this time?  Yes, I did.  I spent most of the day absorbing the course.

Then she wrote me back again and said:

You already know what you need to do

If you don’t do it now, you’re just making it hard on yourself

Are you WILLING to do it?

You can give it up for something that doesn’t fit where you are and where you’re going.  At what price your soul?  There will be a trade off.

This is a smart woman, folks, no?

I was out and about and talking to someone who has psychic phenomena happen to him practically constantly yet he doesn’t believe in  it.  As in, things get moved in his house.  He sees animal spirits there.  He was telling me that he feels a strong presence in the house lately, a positive one.  He asked me if I fixed his kitchen table.

“No, why?”

“Well it was wobbling a lot.”  He indicated a 3 to 4 inch sway of the table.  “And now, it isn’t.”  He described what would have had to happen to fix it, and an adult would have had to do it.  I didn’t do it.  My kids didn’t get together to do it.  His housekeeper didn’t do it.  Even though my husband hasn’t been there in months, he asked me to ask him if he did it.  I asked.  He didn’t.  This is the same man whose glasses were moved from the floor to the bedside table when he was undergoing chemotherapy and was too sick to pick them off the floor.

I’m thinking, don’t make the universe stand on its head to prove it to you.  It’s paranormal.  It just is.  If no one was there then how else did it happen?  To me, this is so obvious.  But, I believe in psychic phenomenon.

That happens to all of us, doesn’t it?  It will be the thing that stares you right in the face that you cannot see.  Sometimes, so too with your passion.

I resumed the last lesson in the course and there are several lessons in it that I needed to learn.  You know how I love stories about signs and synchronicities.  One that really hit home was the story about the little breadcrumbs that were strewn in his path leading him to his passion, his mission.

There were things that he did YEARS prior that ultimately and completely unexpectedly led him to have the means to take a course that was the pivotal moment that changed his life – eventually, after he took a lot more steps with just a little flashlight shining in the metaphorical darkness.

How can you ever explain your own pathway to someone else, and have it make sense?  Very often, you can’t. They are your own personal signs experienced in a personally serendipitous way.  Everyone else experiences things a little bit differently, so it’s hard to make it evident.  And really, you need not.  The story is uniquely your own.

So what happened?  A whole bunch of glaringly obvious connections were made, one after the other.  I found things that I had written “by accident” that reinforced what I am supposed to understand now.  I had a string of information come through to me for other people in such a way that it simply flowed out of my fingers with no effort or forethought.  Finally, one of the world’s most well known psychics just told me I pinned the tail on her donkey (got an intuitive hit for her) and she ended her remark with confirming,”You’re good, you.”

How much more do I want?  I won’t make the universe stand on its head.  I get it.  That one little well timed compliment was encouragement, that final touch of confirmation in a string of “hit you over the head” messages from my fellow earth angels (other people).

We all know that you don’t get The Whole Answer all at once.  You get it in pieces.  You can put it all together in retrospect, and as I have said before many times, it doesn’t ever seem to follow a logical path.

The other thing is, when you finally run into it – the answer, the “thing”  – sometimes you STILL don’t see it.

Could that be it?

No, that couldn’t be it.  How would I ever make money at that?

That’s not it, I would never have time for that.

All we can do is tell our Logical Mind to go take a nap.  You cannot ignore it when the universe sends you repeated signals in such a package that it’s impossible to not believe or see it.  Or, ignore it at you peril, because if it is part of your mission, the messages will get louder and louder, and they come in the form of increasingly difficult lessons.

Don’t expect it to be EASY.  Expect it to come at the “wrong time” or “cost too much” or require you to give up on things you don’t want to or learn new skills that scare you.  But if you ask for your passion, your purpose, your mission to be shown to you – it will be.

It’s the thing that gives you joy.  It’s the thing that you look forward to doing.  It’s the thing that doesn’t feel like work even while you’re expending the energy working.  It’s the story that wants to come out of you.  It’s the knowledge that wants to be expressed to the world or shared with one child at a time.  It IS there within you.  Will you look?

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