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Psychic Experiment #4 Practicing Following Your Intuition To Solve Small Problems

Intuitive Problem Solving 101 (image credit Javier Solis)

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This week I would like to dial it back a notch to focus on setting intention and observing the physical evidence of the intuitive guidance we all receive all of the time.

If you are wondering,“What intuitive guidance?  I don’t receive any intuitive guidance!  Or at least, I don’t get it ALL of the time!” then this is for you.

If you are stuck on making decisions in your life and don’t feel that you can accurately access the guidance that your spiritual team is sending you, this is also for you.

There are many tricks that I could explain to you about how to re-train your mind to hear your team.  Remember, your spiritual team is around you for protection and for one other main agenda item: to assist you in reconnecting with what your soul brought you here to do.

If you knew what your main purpose was, that would take a lot of the guesswork out of exactly what you’re doing here, right?

There is a path to getting there.  The problem is, when the issue is large, when emotions are at play, when the impact is significant, that is not the time to begin trying to discern what messages you are getting.  It’s much more difficult that way.

A few of my readers who aren’t practiced in accessing their intuition (or who have done a little training or taken a course or two with someone else) often feel there is “a certain way” that intuition has to come in.  This just isn’t so.  In fact, in my Intuitive Development Training sessions it has become really clear to me that everyone does this just a little bit differently.  I personally feel that it doesn’t matter HOW the information comes through, just that it does.

Many people want to actually, physically hear a voice giving them directions or information.  They want the voice to come through as if a real, live human like you or me are speaking to them directly.  This just isn’t the way most of us have it happen.  I believe most of us would be, at minimum, really startled if it did!  We would start to get concerned about our mental health.  Still, some people remain skeptical if it doesn’t happen that way for them.

There is one much easier and simpler way to get assurance that your intuition is working – it is looking directly at the physical evidence that your spiritual team will bring directly into your life, if you just ask them to.

Let’s distill it down to the basics:

  1. This week, choose just one small, fairly insignificant issue that you’ve been grappling with.
  2. Then, write down the question by addressing yourself.  Mine would begin,”Julie, in order to solve XYZ,  you could…”
  3. Make a short list of immediate action steps you can take to find out more information before you make a decision.
  4. On your list, include people you could call, websites you could investigate, places you could go to get answers.
  5. When you’ve thought of everything, you’re done for the day.

The next morning, start taking action on each item.  Make sure you at least attempt to address each one, even if all you can do is leave a voice mail message.

Then, pay attention to what happens.

If nothing happens – you meet a block everywhere you go, no one calls you back, and you’re wondering if maybe your email had a glitch because not a single person answered you – that is your signal to Do Nothing About This Right Now.  The time is not right.

If you meet with some response, make a note of it.  Write down everything.

  • Who called you back?
  • Could they fit you into their schedule?
  • Did you get put on a waiting list?
  • Did anyone cause you to be inspired to call someone else?  Did that lead to anything?
  • Is anything starting to fall into place?
  • Did you get inspiration to try a new path?
  • Did anything happen to fall into place by happening to be at the exact right time of day or location for you to easily follow through?
  • Did anything feel right?
  • Did anyone say,”That’s funny, that’s my birthday, too?” or otherwise clue you in to being at the right place or with the right person?
  • Who blew you off and who gave you extra time?
  • Who gave you useful information that you weren’t expecting?
  • Did  anyone tell you,”Not right now but we’re keeping you in mind for something else”?
  • Was there anyone or any place that you were SURE would have responded, that didn’t?
  • Did anyone make you feel that dealing with them would take more effort than you expected?
  • In your travels, did anyone start talking to you out of the blue?  If they did, make sure you paid very careful attention to what they suggested to you or informed you about!
  • Did anyone really go out of their way and give you a deal or do more work than they needed to do because, you sense, they genuinely are interested or engaged in you or your situation?

Many times, our answers are not found in the obvious.  Logic actually isn’t logical at all when making decisions, although of course you should apply it at the end after you have listened carefully and observed your intuition at work.

My best suggestion is that you do this experiment with something fairly inconsequential  where you don’t have much emotional attachment.

The detachment, practiced religiously, will eventually lead you to seeing and recognizing the very subtle signs and synchroncity that your spiritual team sends you to help guide you on the right path.

The best analogy is that it is coming through to you literally all of the time but like a radio station tuned to the wrong dial, you can miss it if you aren’t tuned in.

It comes through subtly, like a whisper, and is so brief that if your mind is busy with other things you can miss it all.

On the other hand, with time and patience you can train yourself so well that even when you are not focused on accessing your intuition at all, you are on automatic pilot to receiving it.

Instead of your intuition coming through in the silence of that little pause between thoughts, or in meditation, or as a loud booming voice, you will cruise right on past all of those things, stop, and backtrack mentally even as you continue with your day full speed.

You’ll be saying,”Oh!  There was another sign that just whizzed past me.”

When you are in the zone, you can be sure that you are now actively accessing the intuitive signals that your team really does send you all of the time.

Want to listen to a brief chat recording on the subject?  Click here: Following signs