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Tools To Move You Forward In Seeing and Meeting Your Spirit Guides

I am sending this out to you early this week because I looked over my planned posts and decided that what we really need this week is some Fun and Relaxation!

After the recent stresses (taxes!) we need to bring down the tense energy and anxiety and turn it into something positive.  There are some great new things “just out”, and some of them you will have to jump on if you want to participate.

This week you’ve probably seen a program for Guided Meditation promoted all over the place.  I mentioned it last week – The Re-Awakening Guided Meditation program by Angela Artemis.  I promised I would listen to it, find out more, and let you know what I thought.

Here’s something from the workbook that caught my attention:

Guided meditation is meditation that is done while listening to a narrator guide you through
the steps. Guided meditation is also referred to as “creative visualization.” Creative
visualization is a method of meditation using the imagination to bring about positive change in
your life. During creative visualization you “see” with your imagination in the mind’s eye
“scenes” which depict that which you wish to change in your life.

I am usually not a big proponent of Guided meditation, because depending upon who is doing the guiding, sometimes I am right at the “good part” and they start talking again and it throws me off track.

Like, I could be talking to my guides and seeing them plain as day in my mind’s eye, and just as they lean in to whisper something to me (because that’s what they usually do), there comes the voice and there goes the Guide.

Then the obvious crossed my mind:

How many people do I speak to who do NOT connect to their guides at all?

How many people connect to their guides but swear that they cannot see them or feel them?

How many people are just “not sure” that what they got was from their guide team but they would really like to be sure?

So, if you are one of those people, when we do Intuitive Training I usually give you several ways to try, and I always tell you to Practice, Practice, Practice, right?

I get all of the practice I need because I do Intuitive Readings all of the time, so I get a regular chance to hear, see, smell, and/or feel everyone else’s team.  But, what if you are NOT a professional intuitive?  Where’s your chance to practice?  You can beat your head against the wall trying to see, hear or feel your team, and some people never do, without help.

Enter, Guided Meditation.  This is your chance to Practice.  In this program, it’s given to you in small, bite sized pieces, so meditation doesn’t have to take more than 10 minutes at a time.  

Each time you do it, you are practicing exactly the skills you need in order to reach out to your team.  Guided Meditation is a great way to practice seeing visuals in your mind’s eye!

There are MANY other reasons to meditate, and if you visit the site they will explain it all to you, including some reasons you probably never thought of (there were some new ones to me).

It doesn’t hurt that the cost is so low, it’s the same as going out to lunch.  I don’t care much for pressing stuff on my Readers, to go buy this or go buy that.  It kind of goes against my grain.  But every once in a while something comes along that I really love, and this is one of them.  If you would like to give it a try, here it is:

The Re-Awakening Guided Meditation

While we are on the subject to places to go and things to do, this week has been FULL of great surprises.  I needed a lift after tackling the taxes!  Good timing!  So here are three more good ideas for you to try out.


Just click on the book to go to Amazon and read the “Look Inside” preview. If you have never heard of The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, then you must!  She is in my opinion, the funniest person on the face of the Earth.  I have never laughed so hard and so long.  And these days, who doesn’t need a laugh?!  Her book just came out and it is HILARIOUS.  Do yourself a favor and go get it, please.