Psychic Experiment #7 | Memoirs and 100 Things About Me and a Prize

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You have to read to the end to find out about the Prize!

Don’t you love the opportunity to really get to know someone by reading a biography, a memoir, their answer to a quiz, or their “list of 100 things about me”?

Well if you don’t – read no further.

Why do we get intrigued by such things? We are interested in learning about ourselves through others. It’s not about them. It’s about us. That’s what you’re doing, looking for the commonality and being intrigued by the differences in other people’s experiences and psyches.

I’ve been immersed in this lately for a variety of reasons. I read a draft of a new book on Intuition which is coming out soon which caused me to compare “how I do it” versus “how the author does it”. I am in the process of reading my friend’s memoir as he is writing it and sending me excerpts. I happened upon an old “100 things” list another blogger did. I read The Bloggess’ autobiography.

What I find so fascinating about this is that intuitive work is just like walking down the garden path of someone’s mind, history, messages, associations, soul contracts, and even past lives.

Who will show up for them?

Who are their spirit guides and why did they choose them?

What are they here on this planet at this time to learn and teach or contribute?

Which people come into their lives for a moment or a season, with a reason?

Imagine the little cords of energy that run between us all, doing our little dance on earth for this short time.

If you read someone’s “100 Things About Me” list, I guarantee that your mind will wander and take you right back to your own childhood right on through to your present.

You can compare and contrast all you want, but the neat part is that you will be given the opportunity to have your mind wander down the path toward those memories you haven’t thought of in years or even decades.

Those thoughts are there for a reason.

They are bringing up things you had “forgotten” and shaking your mind and memory just enough to open you up to some epiphanies that have been waiting to come into your conscious mind.

That’s why some items on someone else’s list or in someone else’s story are quickly breezed over and others form thought bubbles in your head.

So in the interest of jarring your mind awake – because you know how I love to do that! – here are a few random things about me.

Grab a pad and a pencil and make note of any and all thoughts that come to mind as you read it.

I will just ask you for one thing in exchange for me putting the time and energy into writing this all down – you have to share at least one thing about you that comes to mind after reading the list!

1. I have friends who I rely on or like for just one reason.

2. If those people don’t meet my needs in other areas, I just find someone else who does.

3. I recently did a meditation which brings you to “the place where you should live” and it was a farmhouse in the rolling countryside where they raised chickens.

4. I still resent some people I used to work with, even though I know far better than to allow that to happen.

5. My favorite band is still Led Zeppelin.

6. I once went to a concert for Madness and bought a shirt with a serious profanity on it and was so naive I didn’t understand why my best friend Lisa and I were getting catcalls from the crowd as we walked up the concert hall stairs (we were 13).

7. I’ve been married twice, to very interesting individuals.

8. My philosophy is “live and let live.”

9. I am still surprised that one of my best friends married a girl who looks exactly like me, but he never asked me out on a date when we were both single and in proximity to one another.

10. When I was just out of college I traveled for a living on the West Coast of the US.

11. I was far too interested in reading blogs about spirituality on my breaks at my last job, which is probably part of the reason why I am no longer there.

12. Whenever I hear a bird sing “cheer, cheer” I think of my Mom.

13. My Mom died when I was pregnant with my second child.

14. One of my children is psychic.

15. When I was a young kid growing up in New Jersey I had a recurring nightmare involving midgets dressed as indians who chased me around the kitchen island.

16. I have been a voracious  reader my whole life.

17. There’s a photo of me when I was a little kid where I am sitting with my cat and a book underneath an upside down laundry basket.

18. I used to walk up the stairs from my basement certain that something was going to reach out and grab my ankles.

19. I am an older Mom and some of the other Moms could be my kids.

20. I am an only child and it surprised me when I had more than one child.

21. My child is far, far more intelligent than I am.  In a scary way.  Like my husband.

22. I wish I had a girl, so I would have someone to give my baby stuff to.

23. I dislike when my in-laws bring all of their garage items to my house and pretend they are doing me a favor by bringing my husband’s “childhood memories” back to him.

24. I still don’t know what to do with things like my husband’s chef uniform from a college hospitality program which he won’t throw out (and he never graduated from that program).

25. I am intrigued by the possibility that my husband and I have spent 11 prior lifetimes together. You’d think we would have worked it out by now!

26. I have one friend who always calls me back, no matter where he is or what he is doing, listens to me and provides the exact right advice, even though he’s heard it all before and really wishes I wouldn’t do that to him while he’s at work.

27. I have the best parents in the universe, perfect for me.

28. When I was in 5th grade I wrote a book with my neighbor, Amanda.

29. When I got divorced, I moved back to my hometown and spoke to Amanda but she hated men so I wouldn’t go out with her and her girlfriends.

30. I found this ironic since I was getting the divorce and she had never been married, but I’ve always loved men – gay, straight, whatever – mainly because they get right to the point.

31. I probably also realized on some level that being around negative people who wanted to hate was a bad idea.

32. When I was a kid I was surrounded by Tarot, astrology books, numerology books, Wayne Dyer books, and we occasionally had psychic parties at our house, but it still took me until I was in my 40s to realize this was a calling.

33. I was an auditor and and insurance person from 22 to 43.

34. I even have a MBA.

35. My favorite city that I ever lived in was Chicago, even though I was only there from July to January.

36. If you live in Chicago, you will experience the tiny hairs in your nose freezing, which is a freaky experience, if you didn’t know you even had nose hairs that could freeze.

37. I once had a friend who actually came out in -60 degree wind chill weather to meet with me at the Chicago aquarium when I was only in town for the weekend.  Now that’s love.

38. He also tried to teach me to play golf, which was foolish on his part since he also saw how I play basketball.

39. On my first date with my current husband, he taught me how to take the tail off a shrimp.

40. He’s been teaching me how to do things ever since.

41. He’s also the person who has taught me some degree of competence in house maintenance and construction through 16 years of unwilling osmosis.

42. That helps me to avoid killing myself around power tools, which is a good thing to know when surrounded by power tools (that’s a photo of my garage).

43. I would rather talk to a child than just about anyone else.

44. I can’t figure out why anyone would intentionally want to have an out of body experience.

45. I live in South Florida in the woods, which if you didn’t know it, is an oxymoron.

46. We have the largest 2 bedroom house in the history of the world, which we have had on the market for over a year and refuses to sell itself.  Which it really needs to think about doing because it’s been two years since I had a regular job.

47. I often get angry with my children for using annoying phrases repeatedly and then realize they got them from me.

48. It has taken me a long time to learn that whatever happens, the universe has my back.

49. I still use an affirmation every day before I open my mailbox.

50. I do not now nor have I ever worn makeup.

51. I still don’t know how to dress, because I went to an all-girls high school.

52. Every day of my life you can find me wearing shorts, sandals, and one of those tissue t-shirts.

53. I find it interesting how many people I meet who ask what I do and when I say,”I’m an intuitive,” they keep right on going without pausing and never mention it again.

54. When I alternatively say,”I work for my husband,” THEN they are game to play 20 questions.

55. I wonder if any of those people secretly read my blog.

56. We have an American Mastiff which is an enormous non-drool dog.

57. We also have a ridiculous number of additional dogs, cats and assorted other animals and the only reason we don’t have more is because I don’t want to commit to more than $3000/year in vet bills.

58.  I am allergic to cats.

59.  I have made many more friends online in the last two years than I have in real life.

60. I notice that the more intuitive work I do, the more interesting and different the people are who I meet in real life.

So…what notes did you make?  Or, if you didn’t make notes but read this far anyway, here’s your assignment:

Share at least one thing about you in the Comments!  Yes, it’s required and yes, I will know (but forgive you) if you don’t do it.  Do it anyway!

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PSA (that’s Public Service Announcement, to you):

I’ve just changed everything on my Intuitive Readings page so go see what’s new.  Due to popular demand and just because I like doing them, I’ve added my oft-requested-but-never-formally-offered Emergency Decision intuitive help sessions, which is what my friends call,”SOS to Julie.”  (For those who have been in recent contact but have not yet ordered their Individual Readings – you know who you are – contact me with Special Instructions for ordering!)

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  1. To #11 I thought about how I always read blogs at work when I can get away with it. And I wondered if there’s a sign lurking for me somewhere in that.

    And for #15, I recalled that my childhood nightmare was a take on Little Red Riding Hood being chased through the forest.

    • Hi Mandy,

      Yes well I think mine might have had something to do with spending a little bit too long reading those blogs on my Smartphone 🙂 You know how you get into it and don’t realize that 20 minutes have passed. For sure I would NOT read them using office computers. That’s a sign, for sure!

  2. Hi Julie,

    I really liked this post! I find it fascinating understanding the why behind how we are drawn to be friends with somebody, whether in person or online. It is all in the details of the others person’s life, even if you don’t consciously know all those things about them.

    Okay, here is one thing about me: I grew up on a working dairy farm until I went to college. I still miss all the cows, cats, and the family dog. I wish I would have taken Psychology as a major in college.

    I may have to do this 100 things list myself one of these days.

    Also, your new Emergency Decision service seems to fit you well. I wish you the best with it.
    Laura Warnke recently posted..Using Intuition to Make DecisionsMy Profile

    • Hi Laura,

      Well if you write it, I will come by and read it!

      Thanks for the “emergency decision” comment – that name is kind of tongue-in-cheek but that DOES seem to about cover it. Not what I expected to be doing exactly, but for the moment it does seem to be what I am called on to do. I didn’t even have it posted and I started getting requests because I mentioned it on fb, so there you go. I did two yesterday.

      Sounds like where you grew up is where I would most like to be! I also have been thinking lately that a psych degree would come in really handy about now. If you run across anything great online let me know, maybe we should be taking a few courses or doing some more in-depth reading in journals?

  3. Well, I wrote down responses to 25, 27, 32, 57, 59 but they seem pretty trivial for the most part.
    32 is probably the most telling…. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing or what I’m here for, but keep plodding on anyway.

    Let’s see… I have the exact opposite of the life I thought I would have when I was a senior in highschool: hated kids, didn’t want to get married, thought I’d travel the world. Wouldn’t trade my two boys and looking forward to my first grandbaby more than I ever thought I would, happily married, haven’t traveled out of the U.S. Oh, and I LOVE barbershop quartet…which would be a surprise to most people who don’t know me well 🙂
    Whytefeather recently posted..Beader’s Choice Round Robin FinishedMy Profile

    • Hi WF,

      Well it is completely within your power to figure out what you are doing here and what you’re here for 🙂 It’s usually nothing as earth shattering as one might expect. Although based upon personal experience, mine really shocked me and everyone who knows me…but sometimes it takes a longish time to figure it out. Now is “the time” when everyone is figuring out what their thing is, It is easier than it ever has been before, so maybe now is the time for you to begin investigating in earnest?

      • I would have to say you are probably spot on to the investigating in earnest 🙂 I think it’s about time I did “something” anyway LOL. Hope you are having a fantastic day!
        Whytefeather recently posted..Beader’s Choice Round Robin FinishedMy Profile

      • kdivasilver says:

        Julie, why is now an easy time? Or is that a variation on No time like the present?

        • No, it really IS an easier time than ever. People all over the world are tuning in to and becoming aware of their intuitive abilities. I am not sure EXACTLY why this is – many people have theories – but it seems like the veil is thinning or it’s not as hard as it used to be to “meet in the middle” with vibration because access is easier than ever to the other side. Think of it as a world that is happening right in front of your face, going by, but you aren’t seeing it.

  4. Loved reading this post!

    A few things about myself: I grew up near Chicago, and I still crave italian beef sandwiches and deep dish pizza 16 years after moving away. I, too, have a child who is psychic/medium, and it wasn’t until she was born that I started accepting my own abilities (rather than block them out and/or contribute them to coincidence). I would love to fine-tune, so to speak, my intuition…I want to offer my daughter a better childhood that I had, one in which she is never ashamed or concerned about her abilities. 🙂

    • Hi Carla,

      You know, it’s funny about deep dish pizza. I like it but it’s totally different than what I think of as pizza. I grew up in NJ/NY where the pizza is thin, and all of us long to have “real pizza” again. That must be how you think of deep dish.

      That is great about you wanting to help your daughter! There is nothing like the confident knowledge of a parent to help a young child through that. I am working on finalizing my course which will be about intuition and developing/controlling/understanding psychic abilities, so stay tuned.

  5. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    Great post, it was fun to read all that about you. Here is what I jotted down.

    I have been married twice.
    I want to intentionally have an OBE, but have only done it unintentionally.
    I have been to the Chicago aquarium
    My father died when my 2nd child was 3 months old, the two never met.
    I always read spirituality blogs at work, I still have my job.
    I have a girl.
    I’m living in my favorite city, Denver.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Let It GoMy Profile

    • Todd,

      See how much we have in common 🙂

      WHY do you want have an OBE? I would like to stay firmly planted in my bed. I don’t like the idea of the astrals who may not be of the pleasant and kindly variety who I would have to get through to go somewhere else. I know I had them as a child (looking back) because I often woke to myself falling and I had a lot of creepy dreams of long hallways with lots of doors and dark tunnels, and all I remember about that was being SCARED. I know I an adult now and all of that – maybe I just spend too much time in the ethers anyway to want to do more of it while I am dreaming? Anyway, what about it appeals to you? What are you hoping to get to do?

      • Todd | Channelingmyself says:

        Hi Julie,

        I guess my desire to have an OBE stems from a fascination with the unknown. When I had my first experience I wasn’t frightened or worried about any negative entities. Actually, I was thrilled and wanted to go exploring but unfortunately I wasn’t able to control it starting or ending.
        Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Let It GoMy Profile

  6. Anne McC says:

    Great list!
    My first concert was when I was 13. Duran Duran. Wore the tshirt through the whole show and was clueless why everyone was screaming so much for the keyboardist – who wore makeup. I didn’t dislike his look but thought it was odd that girls screamed the most for a guy who looked like a girl.

    • Anne,

      Ah, Duran Duran! Back in the day, my friend Lisa and I went to a concert at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia and Duran Duran was the opening act. Afterward they sat in the stands to watch the rest of the concert and Lisa was brave enough to introduce herself…hence I actually met them. They became really famous soon thereafter. I think we were about 14.

  7. Julie,

    GREAT IDEA! I am a 100 Things About Me veteran having done it twice on my personal blog. And as a psych major who desperately wanted to be a therapist early on, I love knowing things like that about people. I’d rather have those nifty conversations than what’s going on with the weather or crap like that. It was a nice peek inside the world of Julie!

    Here’s one thing about me: We have a lovely in-ground pool in our backyard that I get in maybe 3 times a year. I much prefer to just sit near the water and be at peace. It’s rather an expensive way to peace so we like to invite people to play in it. 🙂 You can come hang out at my pool any time!

    (And now I’m off to share your post!)
    Lisa | Practically Intuitive recently posted..Co-Create with your Spirit Guide Team – new teleclass! – CONTEST UPDATE!My Profile

    • Lisa,

      Yes, it’s funny what odd things come out (stream of consciousness, I guess?) when you start writing things down. Who knew those memories were lurking around in the old bean for so long? And what makes any one memory pop up instead of another?

      OK, “hanging out at Lisa’s pool” is now on the list!

  8. This is awesome! Loved getting to know you. I’m always interested in people’s stories, and in list form (I love lists)!

    Here’s something about me: I don’t have a favorite band, but the first concert I ever went to was Kris Kross. I wore my pants & shirt backwards when I went!

    I loved getting to know you a little more. You’re one cool lady.
    Lindsay recently posted..Are soul mates pre-destined or chosen?My Profile

  9. Hi Julie,

    This was a great post this morning, lots of different memories and thoughts while reading your 60. A few of them are…. My husband (that’s my 2nd husband) and I just spent over an hour talking to another couple about raising chickens. Last week I was thinking that besides Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin is really my favorite band I still enjoy listening to. I don’t think I have ever walked up basement stairs without feeling, Yikes, maybe I should be running. The birds I hear remind me of my father in law, my daughters hamster (it sounds like hammy,hammy) and the clicking sound from the movie The Predator (I hear this every day). I believe my two daughters are psychic although they want nothing to do with it. Every once in a while I think maybe I should start wearing makeup, but then don’t. I had a few more but it was getting a little long so I had to edit. Great exercise Julie, will be sharing in a few moments.


    • Thanks for the share, April!

      So we can join each other in the 2nd husband, basement running, non makeup wearing department – cool. Actually that just gave me quite the visual of us racing up the starirs! That was funny!

  10. Jack@TheJackB says:

    I once flew from Heathrow to LAX with Madness. We weren’t intentionally traveling together but since we were on the same flight for an extended period of time I got to hang out with them a little bit. Man were they drunk.

    Your list reminded me that I am really just beginning to figure out who I am and what I am supposed to do. I mean I know a lot of it, but there are details that are just being sorted out now.
    Jack@TheJackB recently posted..What Is The Most Important Page On Your BlogMy Profile

    • Jack,

      No, really, MADNESS! I can see the drunk thing. They were possibly never not drunk. Still, that is unbelievably lucky.

      Well, no time like the present for sorting, I say. Maybe make your list and go all the way to 100? Pretend you will publish it – that makes a difference (the good kind).

      • Jack@TheJackB says:

        The list can definitely be done. I think I have 50 or so completed.
        Jack@TheJackB recently posted..She Had Sharp Teeth & Hands Like SandpaperMy Profile

        • Good. Are you going to publish it?

          I was surprised how many people wrote in that they had a tough time doing this. It must be something that gets stuck between writing for yourself and writing with the intent to publish. I felt like I could go on all day, and went back and cut a bunch of stuff out. I finally left in the things that I felt were like prompts to the audience…when I was a kid I dreamed…my favorite music is…etc.

          BTW I found a really cool short book this morning about writers accessing their higher self to bring through who they really are in their writing. Maybe a little overly feminized at first glance but it’s got some simple, powerful ideas. Tapping the Well Within – Writing From Your Source of Effortless Creativity, Deep Wisdom, and Utter Joy” by Alix Moore. On Amazon, the “click to look inside” has a really cool meditation in it.

  11. I enjoyed reading your article.
    A few things about me;
    I was born in Los Angeles.
    I live in Sparks, Nevada now and have for the last 25 years and I miss the ocean the most.
    I love to garden and to watch it grow.
    I used to be a Flight Attendant.

    Have a wonderful day,

  12. Interesting 100 things about you – some I knew, some I did not. I read them all but was lazy about writing anything down (meaning I didn’t). A few things came to mind that I thought you’d find interesting.

    I got a Ouija board as a pre-teen or teen. My twin and I were playing with it when I SWEAR the pointer started moving in fast circles without our assistance, which totally freaked us both out. She’s coming here this weekend, so I may take it down from the closet and see what kind of trouble we can get into in voodoo land (Louisiana).

    I can’t believe I’m writing this, but… When we were in grad school and I met with Prof. Dowling about the Germany progam, when I shook his hand, I had a flash/premonition of pain in my knee, hospital and sadness. Which I shook off as nervous interview/negativity…but while there I ended up blowing out my knee and staying in a hospital twice (which of course made me really sad). I’ve often wondered – did I have a premonition or did those thoughts linger in my head and I subconsciously made them come true?


    • Hi Mary,

      No Ouija boards for you, my friend! Somewhere I have a post about being really careful what energy you pull in, and Ouija boards are notorious for pulling in low astral entity (read: ghost) energy that you don’t want to be talking to. And, it can stick to you. So either go buy yourself some Tarot cards and Tarot Made Easy (see my Amazon link under Intuitive Books tab) at the local bookstore and/or say,”May the white light of the holy spirit surround and protect us” as well as,”I wish to communicate with my spiritual team only; no others are allowed; I invite only entities of the light.”

      That was a premonition, my dear.

      Every time you get a flash of insight like that, its your spiritual team letting you know what’s cooking if you go down that path. Bet on it.

  13. My favorite piece of music in the whole world is the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. No, I’m not a classical snob. I also like hip hop and rap. And old Motown. But that piece speaks to my soul. Here’s a bonus–the person I would most like to meet, living or dead, is Bruce Lee. Great post! Loved your list.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..A Legacy of BlessingMy Profile

    • Galen,

      Bruce Lee – interesting! I just looked up that movement and am listening to it right now (only knew it when I heard it). I think Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, spring in particular would have to be my favorite for lifting mood, but this is a great piece for mood changing, too.

  14. Hi, Julie–
    #32 really stood out to me…why? I was also surrounded with Wayne Dyer books in my dad’s home. When I was in 5th grade, I read his Gifts From Eykis. I have no idea why, but the book intrigued me, and to this day, I’ve always thought about how I did that because I’m sure not all the other 5th graders I went to school with were reading Wayne Dyer books. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Something about me… I am finally opening up to my psychic abilities… albeit slowly, through drawing on paranormal investigations.

    About you… Your favorite comic should be Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic – not just because I draw it, but because it is quite spiritual once you look past the sarcasm!

    Thank you for your blog. It has been very informative. I have recommended it to others!

    Tj – Terri J. Garofalo
    Terri J. Garofalo recently posted..Garrison 10My Profile

    • Hi TJ,

      I just jumped over to your site and agreed – it’s cool! Maybe you’ll draw one for me someday – we have lots of fun ghost stories over here 🙂

      Thanks for your “share” and sharing something about you. I put your name in the hat for the prize.

  16. Hey Julie, the thing that freaked me out the most about reading about you, is how many similarities we have in our lives. 🙂

    I will list a few: we are both older moms in our 40’s, we both discovered our psychic skills in our 40’s, we both have professional degrees, one of my kids is psychic too (and will likely be smarter than me), I’m a voracious reader too, I also get along much better with men, I too have been with my husband in many lives and also wonder why we haven’t figured it out yet, I too am a voracious reader, and have many more friends on-line in the last few years than in real life. Whew….and I know there are more.

    Even though we’ve never met, I’m glad to know you. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, and I’m very often on the same wavelength as you. Love reading your blog. I’m just trying to make more time for me, and hope to see you more in the intuitive sandbox shortly.

    Oh yes, and weirdly enough too, I used to love Madness and all types of ska. Viva la ska lovers!

    Kara recently posted..Commitment is Cool – Babysteps Part 2My Profile

  17. kdivasilver says:

    OK, this is weird, but I left (I thought) a moderately long response and it’s not here. Must mean something 🙂

    So I’ll try to recapitulate at least some.

    It was fun to learn some new things about you–some I’d gleaned over reading your blog, but some were revelations. Or just plain funny (your in-laws…).

    #18. When I was little, I once had a dream that I flew down the basement stairs. The next day I stood at the top and felt like I could do it. But I forebore. When I was younger, though, I was afraid of whoever was down there and would call from the top of the stairs that I was coming down and they should stay away.

    #19. Oh man, do I know this one. I can remember being at a preschool in my mid-40s and one of the other mothers was complaining about turning 30.

    #21. Both my children are smarter than me, but it’s not scary, just fun to see how and to learn. And of course, they aren’t smarter in everything. My ex thought he was smarter than everyone, but he was frightfully not in so many areas lol.

    #24. What does the chef’s coat signify to him? Is there another way he could hold on to what it symbolizes without holding onto the coat? And why does it matter to you?!

    #46. I think you may have the largest 2 bedroom because you have all those animals and ghosts that need space, as do you. When it’s time to downsize, it will happen. As you know.

    • Hi Kathleen,

      It seems like you have lost comments before? I looked but I don’t see anything in spam.

      Oh, the chef uniform bugs me because it’s representative of other things. There are also boxes and boxes of college notes from classes, 9 gorillas, and who knows what else. It all takes up SPACE so when I go to clear out and feng shui, it’s a no-go 🙂

      We got a short sale offer on the house yesterday, so we’ll see what happens.

      • Hi Julie,
        Great post!
        Ok, here’s my homework:
        My last name is Chakravarty, and it drives me insane that MOST people I’ve heard saying the word chakra pronounce it “shakra.” It’s personal to me because they do the same thing with my last name. I just want to tell them, its pronounced EXACTLY the way it’s spelled, its really not meant to throw you off! Ch really does mean Ch! You should hear the way people butcher my name, so the first two letters should be the EASIEST part to pronounce! And as more and more people talk about chakras, I sometimes daydream about all the different ways I can let the world know the correct way to pronounce it.
        I thought it was hilarious and somewhat ODD when someone asked me if my last name was real or whether I made it up. Apparently, they thought I loved chakras so much that I changed my last name from something simple like Jones to Chakravarty just so I could spend my entire life slowly and painfully spelling out my name to people over the phone and teaching them how to say it. I mean, who wouldn’t love having a last name that intimidates people?

        • Hi Amita,

          That is funny that you mention this because I was recording a MP3 for my soon-to-be-completed Psychic Development course, and every time I got to “chakra” I would stumble over it. First I’d pronounce it “ch” and then I’d pronounce it “sh”. Obviously you have now straightened me out and I will endeavor to get it right (I just find it so hard to get out!)

  18. My abusive childhood helped hone my intuitive abilities. I can usually read a person like a book. Like you, I am an older mom. I have lived in south Florida (briefly). I have frozen my nose hairs. And my son is psychic.
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