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Psychic Experiment #7 | Memoirs and 100 Things About Me and a Prize

You have to read to the end to find out about the Prize!

Don’t you love the opportunity to really get to know someone by reading a biography, a memoir, their answer to a quiz, or their “list of 100 things about me”?

Well if you don’t – read no further.

Why do we get intrigued by such things? We are interested in learning about ourselves through others. It’s not about them. It’s about us. That’s what you’re doing, looking for the commonality and being intrigued by the differences in other people’s experiences and psyches.

I’ve been immersed in this lately for a variety of reasons. I read a draft of a new book on Intuition which is coming out soon which caused me to compare “how I do it” versus “how the author does it”. I am in the process of reading my friend’s memoir as he is writing it and sending me excerpts. I happened upon an old “100 things” list another blogger did. I read The Bloggess’ autobiography.

What I find so fascinating about this is that intuitive work is just like walking down the garden path of someone’s mind, history, messages, associations, soul contracts, and even past lives.

Who will show up for them?

Who are their spirit guides and why did they choose them?

What are they here on this planet at this time to learn and teach or contribute?

Which people come into their lives for a moment or a season, with a reason?

Imagine the little cords of energy that run between us all, doing our little dance on earth for this short time.

If you read someone’s “100 Things About Me” list, I guarantee that your mind will wander and take you right back to your own childhood right on through to your present.

You can compare and contrast all you want, but the neat part is that you will be given the opportunity to have your mind wander down the path toward those memories you haven’t thought of in years or even decades.

Those thoughts are there for a reason.

They are bringing up things you had “forgotten” and shaking your mind and memory just enough to open you up to some epiphanies that have been waiting to come into your conscious mind.

That’s why some items on someone else’s list or in someone else’s story are quickly breezed over and others form thought bubbles in your head.

So in the interest of jarring your mind awake – because you know how I love to do that! – here are a few random things about me.

Grab a pad and a pencil and make note of any and all thoughts that come to mind as you read it.

I will just ask you for one thing in exchange for me putting the time and energy into writing this all down – you have to share at least one thing about you that comes to mind after reading the list!

1. I have friends who I rely on or like for just one reason.

2. If those people don’t meet my needs in other areas, I just find someone else who does.

3. I recently did a meditation which brings you to “the place where you should live” and it was a farmhouse in the rolling countryside where they raised chickens.

4. I still resent some people I used to work with, even though I know far better than to allow that to happen.

5. My favorite band is still Led Zeppelin.

6. I once went to a concert for Madness and bought a shirt with a serious profanity on it and was so naive I didn’t understand why my best friend Lisa and I were getting catcalls from the crowd as we walked up the concert hall stairs (we were 13).

7. I’ve been married twice, to very interesting individuals.

8. My philosophy is “live and let live.”

9. I am still surprised that one of my best friends married a girl who looks exactly like me, but he never asked me out on a date when we were both single and in proximity to one another.

10. When I was just out of college I traveled for a living on the West Coast of the US.

11. I was far too interested in reading blogs about spirituality on my breaks at my last job, which is probably part of the reason why I am no longer there.

12. Whenever I hear a bird sing “cheer, cheer” I think of my Mom.

13. My Mom died when I was pregnant with my second child.

14. One of my children is psychic.

15. When I was a young kid growing up in New Jersey I had a recurring nightmare involving midgets dressed as indians who chased me around the kitchen island.

16. I have been a voracious  reader my whole life.

17. There’s a photo of me when I was a little kid where I am sitting with my cat and a book underneath an upside down laundry basket.

18. I used to walk up the stairs from my basement certain that something was going to reach out and grab my ankles.

19. I am an older Mom and some of the other Moms could be my kids.

20. I am an only child and it surprised me when I had more than one child.

21. My child is far, far more intelligent than I am.  In a scary way.  Like my husband.

22. I wish I had a girl, so I would have someone to give my baby stuff to.

23. I dislike when my in-laws bring all of their garage items to my house and pretend they are doing me a favor by bringing my husband’s “childhood memories” back to him.

24. I still don’t know what to do with things like my husband’s chef uniform from a college hospitality program which he won’t throw out (and he never graduated from that program).

25. I am intrigued by the possibility that my husband and I have spent 11 prior lifetimes together. You’d think we would have worked it out by now!

26. I have one friend who always calls me back, no matter where he is or what he is doing, listens to me and provides the exact right advice, even though he’s heard it all before and really wishes I wouldn’t do that to him while he’s at work.

27. I have the best parents in the universe, perfect for me.

28. When I was in 5th grade I wrote a book with my neighbor, Amanda.

29. When I got divorced, I moved back to my hometown and spoke to Amanda but she hated men so I wouldn’t go out with her and her girlfriends.

30. I found this ironic since I was getting the divorce and she had never been married, but I’ve always loved men – gay, straight, whatever – mainly because they get right to the point.

31. I probably also realized on some level that being around negative people who wanted to hate was a bad idea.

32. When I was a kid I was surrounded by Tarot, astrology books, numerology books, Wayne Dyer books, and we occasionally had psychic parties at our house, but it still took me until I was in my 40s to realize this was a calling.

33. I was an auditor and and insurance person from 22 to 43.

34. I even have a MBA.

35. My favorite city that I ever lived in was Chicago, even though I was only there from July to January.

36. If you live in Chicago, you will experience the tiny hairs in your nose freezing, which is a freaky experience, if you didn’t know you even had nose hairs that could freeze.

37. I once had a friend who actually came out in -60 degree wind chill weather to meet with me at the Chicago aquarium when I was only in town for the weekend.  Now that’s love.

38. He also tried to teach me to play golf, which was foolish on his part since he also saw how I play basketball.

39. On my first date with my current husband, he taught me how to take the tail off a shrimp.

40. He’s been teaching me how to do things ever since.

41. He’s also the person who has taught me some degree of competence in house maintenance and construction through 16 years of unwilling osmosis.

42. That helps me to avoid killing myself around power tools, which is a good thing to know when surrounded by power tools (that’s a photo of my garage).

43. I would rather talk to a child than just about anyone else.

44. I can’t figure out why anyone would intentionally want to have an out of body experience.

45. I live in South Florida in the woods, which if you didn’t know it, is an oxymoron.

46. We have the largest 2 bedroom house in the history of the world, which we have had on the market for over a year and refuses to sell itself.  Which it really needs to think about doing because it’s been two years since I had a regular job.

47. I often get angry with my children for using annoying phrases repeatedly and then realize they got them from me.

48. It has taken me a long time to learn that whatever happens, the universe has my back.

49. I still use an affirmation every day before I open my mailbox.

50. I do not now nor have I ever worn makeup.

51. I still don’t know how to dress, because I went to an all-girls high school.

52. Every day of my life you can find me wearing shorts, sandals, and one of those tissue t-shirts.

53. I find it interesting how many people I meet who ask what I do and when I say,”I’m an intuitive,” they keep right on going without pausing and never mention it again.

54. When I alternatively say,”I work for my husband,” THEN they are game to play 20 questions.

55. I wonder if any of those people secretly read my blog.

56. We have an American Mastiff which is an enormous non-drool dog.

57. We also have a ridiculous number of additional dogs, cats and assorted other animals and the only reason we don’t have more is because I don’t want to commit to more than $3000/year in vet bills.

58.  I am allergic to cats.

59.  I have made many more friends online in the last two years than I have in real life.

60. I notice that the more intuitive work I do, the more interesting and different the people are who I meet in real life.

So…what notes did you make?  Or, if you didn’t make notes but read this far anyway, here’s your assignment:

Share at least one thing about you in the Comments!  Yes, it’s required and yes, I will know (but forgive you) if you don’t do it.  Do it anyway!

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