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The Subtleties of Intuition and Following the Breadcrumb Signs

Looks like a lot of spirit guides I've met

The nice thing about letting go of fear long enough to take a leap of faith in following our intuition is that if we DID make a “mistake” then the universe is right there to let us know it. We’ll just hit a brick wall which gives us the chance to say,”That wasn’t quite it,” and turn back around to try again.

There are no mistakes in the universe. Everything is a chance to learn and a growth experience.  If we just look at it that way we can set fear aside and know that we are supported and we’ll get where we need to go. Eventually!

Intuition can be experienced as subtle, when you first start accessing it.  Over time and practice, you can have the same experience and you will interpret it differently.  What was initially a whisper that you questioned the validity of, becomes a dinosaur roar in a year.

I often have people ask me to give examples of signs and following your intuition, so here is a series of events from the last few days. 

Over the weekend I was taking a nap, recovering from a cold.  I know that if I nap more than an hour, it will make me cranky and I’ll have trouble getting to sleep at night.  So right before I nodded off, I asked my team to wake me up in 50 minutes and not to let me lucid dream, which I find disorienting.  Earlier in the day I had also been asking my team to help me with improving my health.

I slept for exactly, precisely 50 minutes.  My children walked into the room and started talking to my husband.  As I was waking, I had an image of Progresso soup in my head.  Normally I wake up thinking about cake.

You may think,”Big deal, so you programmed your subconscious to wake you up and it did.  You were thinking about eating healthier so you saw the soup.”

OK, think that if you want to.  I have spent the better part of two years learning to see how my spiritual team impulses me and helps me along, and I Know It When I See It.  Yours will be different but if you aren’t in tune with it in every moment, you can be – with practice.  So much of intuitive guidance is subtle but available with discernment.

The other night I woke up because one of my son’s toys was going off.  I found it in the dark and walked to another part of the house to turn it off.  By then I was awake, so I walked into the living room.  Where another toy was going off. 

The next morning I was doing some chores when I saw my son flit by, heading into my room from the sunroom.  I thought he was playing hide and seek.

I took my head out of the dryer and looked over to the computer – there sat both of my sons, side by side.

Non ancora!  Fantasmi!

I saved you from the cursing.  Ghosts, again.

You may remember it was only a few months ago that we sent the “Indian Ghost” packing.  Things have been so peaceful.  But once again, someone – or several someones, because it seems children run in packs – has taken up residence here, and this time I’m not just hearing them or smelling them or sensing them or catching them out of the corner of my eye, I’m actually seeing them.  What I think has been happening is I have just opened the door slightly on visually observing what is there anyway.

Now I wonder if it’s a blessing to be able to see them – better to know than not know?   It is certainly less alarming.  When I saw that blur go by, thought it was my kid, and realized it wasn’t, I didn’t even have an emotional reaction other than,”Here we go again!” 

I saw a huge, beautiful butterfly.  I’ve never seen one anything like it here in these woods.  It practically landed on my head.  I had to look at my reflection in the car window just to make sure it wasn’t perched up there.  The same thing happened at my high school graduation ceremony, except that one did land on my head, much to everyone’s amusement.

Lori from Life For Instance made a suggestion that we keep a journal for a couple of weeks about happy Surprises we experience, and make a note if our observation of them increased their occurrence.  After saying I couldn’t remember the last pleasant surprise, by noon I had experienced two and by the end of the day I received the card pictured above.

First, my friend called to say he had made a big sale…this was huge news for him, years in the making.

Second, I got a call for a job interview.

Third, I was sitting down to dinner in the living room when I noticed the card sitting on the coffee table.  I asked my husband if he had brought it in.  My son volunteered,”Mom, that was in my Calvin and Hobbes book, Life Is A Miracle.”   That was a used book we got from Amazon.

I opened it up and thought it read,”Dear Julie” but it actually said,”Dear Jodie.”  It was signed “Short Legs.”  Let’s assume Short Legs is an Indian.  I recently took a photo of an actual bird in my yard that looked just like the picture.

On the back, it says this is a painting called “Shared Vision” by Cat Corcilius – born in Ft. Lauderdale (I live an hour away).  “She sees the American Indian woman much the same as she sees all women – proud of their heritage, honoring tradition, strong, passionate, and caretakers of future generations…lived in Los Angeles (so did I)…marriage and family taking precedence over career (ahem)…lifelong dream of painting professionally came true…(writing, not painting)”

Later on I saw that one of the blogs I follow about Intuition had reposted an article from 2010 about taking a “day job” versus following your heart.  The writer had experienced something so eerily similar to what I have the last two years that it was uncanny.  I also received an unusually high number of reading requests and two people asking me when I was going to be done writing my Intuitive Development course because they’d like to take it.

That’s a LOT of signs in just three days (and I didn’t even mention everything!).

Maybe – probably – we get just as much vision into the world around us as we are emotionally and intellectually able to handle at that time.   

If you intentionally set your sights on accessing your intuition, and you gradually learn to quiet the mind, recognize and acknowledge the signs and synchronicity, see the messages and the patterns, you might also actually accomplish it.  

When you reach a certain point, your perceptions of reality will shift and change.  You may start off at zilch or you may start off with some degree of skill and recognition.  Wherever you are, your spiritual team will meet you and help you to grow, as long as they have your sustained cooperation.

Don’t be afraid to be “wrong.”  If you’re never mistaken then it’s hard to know what “right” is. 

Follow your intuition, listen to your gut, put “strange two” and “unlikely two” together…they do make four.

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Have you been working on developing your intuition?  If so, are you starting to experience different things than you did before?    What types of activities seem to be opening the door for you?  Are you stuck?  What has you feeling like you’re not making progress?