Have You Looked In The Mirror Lately?

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Yup, those are my eyeballs
In the circuitous route we sometimes take, somehow –  I cannot remember how – I ended up “liking” a page on Facebook of a medium/clairvoyant.

I noticed that this person was completely exhausting himself doing readings.  Not only did he say so, but every time I saw a post I thought to myself,”This guy will be in trouble if he keeps living his life this way and expending all that energy unnecessarily without taking anything in.”  I guess he started realizing this himself because he started posting here and there about some changes he was going to make along those lines, and every time I happened by one I would write a brief encouragement.

Everything I said was rebuffed.

Then today I saw the oddest thing.  He posted about “liking to laugh at people who make themselves believe they have a gift from what they call spirit. Please!!!”  He also said he should “start naming and shaming people” and that he would “ask mother Karma to come and get you early.”

I gather that something happened to make him pretty upset.  Like you, I am by no means perfect.  We all have had our flip out moments, no matter how much we work on not losing our stuff.

It did make me wonder though, what (literally) might have come over him (or attached itself to him).  I just wanted to get away as quickly as I could, and I did.  

The conversation was about Mediumship.  He felt that there are only two paths to being a Medium – you’re either born one or you have a life and death experience.  He differentiated between Mediums who can literally see ghosts and sit down and have a chat with them, and those who see spirits with their Mind’s Eye. 

Why?  Does it matter?  Is one kind of communication more meaningful than another?  If the message gets passed on, then in my opinion, that is the point.  I also feel that there are no absolutes in these things.  Everyone has a different experience.

 I would hope that we can all agree to disagree at any time and respect one another’s experiences and perspectives.  Some things I believe I “know” because I was taught them and they seem to be supported by my personal experience.  HOWEVER, I am not sure about every single one. 
For instance, I have heard many times that primary spirit guides are with us when we’re born and never leave us.  I have met many spirit guides and I have never had one indicate that they haven’t been there the entire time or that they are going anywhere, ever, but at the same time I could not swear that I know for a fact that this is true.  It is simply my observation that it seems right to me.
There are other things that I have experienced personally and therefore I know them to be true, or at least true in my own experience.  For instance, what I stated about mediumship.  I have never been trained in mediumship.  I do not generally walk around and see and speak to ghosts wherever I go (thank goodness! because that would just be weird and distracting), but I do meet up with them in readings all of the time.  This is validated by people I read for who, when I describe who I met up with, send me a picture of them from when they were alive and it’s simply them.  Yes, that is who I saw and who came to give you a message. 
We know that we are all mirrors for one another.  When we see something we don’t like in someone else, it might help to pause and see if somehow we ourselves are this thing we dislike.
But what about being really honest with ourselves about who we are, just when we’re alone?
Maya Angelou said, “I don’t know if I continue, even today, always liking myself.  But what I learned to do many years ago was to forgive myself.  It is very important for every human being to forgive herself or himself because if you live, you will make mistakes.  If we all hold on to the mistake, we can’t see our own glory in the mirror because we have the mistake between our faces and the mirror; we can’t see what we’re capable of being.  You can ask forgiveness of others, but in the end the real forgiveness is within one’s own self.”
It seems that every day that passes brings us new opportunities to learn and accept new realities or previously unknown information.  I hope that more and more people are learning about their intuition, don’t you? 
I hope serendipity, synchronicity and signs pointing you in the right direction are abundant and that joy finds you with each passing day.  I hope you stand in the face of opposition, negativity, a bad turn of events, and sad or depressing news and find a path to choose joy anyway. 
I love that there are people ahead of me and people behind me and many right alongside me who like talking with me.  We learn, we teach, we enjoy each other and we grow and move forward together.
Go take a look in the mirror.  Can you look yourself square in the eye?  What do you feel when you try?  What do you see in there?
I could not do it for years.  It is an intense exercise.  If you can’t do it, if you skirt around it and look at your body instead (like it or hate it), you are practicing avoidance.  I’d been working on this for a really long time.  I had internal impressions about what I saw when I sideways glanced.  Then finally I started zeroing in on it.  One day I looked myself in the eye without planning to.  I saw that I finally could look straight at myself and boy, was I surprised by what I saw.   A lot had changed since those first days of starting the exercise.  Who knew it would be such a challenging thing to do?
What do you feel when you look in the mirror?  Whose eyes stare straight back at you?  What does this soul know?  Who is it?
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  1. Nicely said, Julie. Of the things I know for sure, much of it has been through my personal experience of it. I know it is truth *for me* and that it might not be so for others. I honor and support all paths as valid because they are born of someone’s experience.

    I love your insights and so resonate with you. I’m glad to know you as I do!
    Lisa at Practically Intuitive recently posted..Podcast #35: Mountains move when you get clearMy Profile

    • Lisa,

      I know, we must come from the same “family” 🙂

      You have been on my “intuitive mind” lately with all of the big changes coming your way. I will send you an email.

  2. “I love that there are people ahead of me and people behind me and many right alongside me who like talking with me. We learn, we teach, we enjoy each other and we grow and move forward together.”
    Me too Julie! I agree with you that we are all gifted and though some have to develop their gifts and some come more naturally, there is no better nor worse.
    That’s a beautiful quote by Maya Angelou! “we have the mistake between our faces and the mirror”
    Have a wonderful Women’s Day!
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..How to Get a Good Night’s SleepMy Profile

    • Hi Lori,

      I love that quote. Maya is so unique in the spin she puts on everything…she is so herself, it’s wonderful.

      I think intuitive development is a remarkable and amazing thing, and so many more people are putting their focus on it. You can “feel it” in the atmosphere how we are all coming into our own. It always happens at the exact right time and space for each person, so there is no true “ahead” or “behind”, it is more like a group effort where everyone has their time, place and role. It’s the interaction that is so important, and you are one of the people who is making this all take shape and happen. Pretty cool to be part of divine plans and timing 🙂

  3. I did this exercise this morning and didn’t mind staring into my eyes. It will be fun to do this like once a month and see what I see in my eyes. If I’m going to be totally honest, today I saw a very tired person who could probably use a day off. Weary might be the word. You have very pretty eyes, btw!

    I agree re: the mediumship. Like you, I have experienced it quite a few times now after my first experience…I never try to talk with those who have crossed over – they come to me.

    That man’s update seems more like it came from ego or an astral entity…perhaps he was upset about another medium he didn’t think was “legit”?
    Lindsay recently posted..The (unsolved) mysterious case of the bathroom ghostMy Profile

    • Lindsay,

      It doesn’t surprise me that you can do that (look right in there with no problem)!

      I have the most recessed eyes on the planet. This is me “popping” them wide open, so if they look a little funny now you know why 🙂

      Yes he was definitely upset that someone was stealing his thunder. Do you know how many times I have seen my words plastered across the internet under someone else’s name? Sometimes I make a comment or write a post and then very well known people write an article on it the next day as if it is their own brilliant idea that was just magically downloaded to them. Do I roll my eyes? Yes. But really, who cares – did the message get out? If Yes, Then Good.

  4. Jack@TheJackB says:

    Hi Julie,

    I never have trouble looking into my eyes. I see intensity looking back at me, sometimes there is mirth, sometimes sadness or a certain ferocity there.

    Lately I have felt like there was something just behind and I sometimes ask myself what is hiding back there because I feel that “something” waiting there. Don’t know how else to describe it as a feeling that I already know what I need to know, but haven’t accessed it yet.

    Makes me a little crazy to feel so close and yet so far. Trying very hard to just let go and trust…
    Jack@TheJackB recently posted..What Happens When Nothing In Your Life Goes As You Planned It To?My Profile

    • Hi Jack,

      That is a really good sign. It means you aren’t trying to hide anything from yourself.

      That’s your Higher Self back there. That is ALSO a very good sign. It’s like in Tolle where he speaks of The Watcher. You’ve separated your Ego from your Intuitive Mind. You get that there are two things going on there, even if mostly subconsciously.

      I read this great interview with Patti Foy today on http://www.PoweredByIntuition.com on how to access your Higher Self. I can’t get the link to work. Here’s what you do (and yes I know this will sound out there to you but it will also work if you are willing to suspend disbelief for a few minutes – you can substitute or add any questions you want to):

      A Channeling Exercise

      Here’s a simple exercise you can do to get a taste of channeling.

      Important: While you step through, just watch and listen. No need to conjure anything up. There’s no effort required.

      1) Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths.

      2) Request to connect with your “Higher Self”. This is a perfect guide to start with. They are perfectly safe and will not refuse you.

      3) In your mind’s eye, with your eyes still closed, see your Higher Self in front of you. Make a note of what she/he/YOU look like. Take your time. See how she/he/YOU feel. Explore a little bit.

      4) Say hello, and thank your guide for coming.

      Now, you’re going to ask your Higher Self a question, and then immediately accept whatever comes. Ready?

      Here’s the question:

      Higher Self, what is one simple change I can make today that will help me express my light most beautifully?

      5) Now, just accept what comes!

      Remember: You don’t have to do anything! Just receive. Watch … listen … and/or feel.

      It may just be a word or a phrase, or just an idea or a feeling.

      Just relax and receive it.

      6) Thank your guide, and say goodbye. Reclaim your space, and fill yourself with your inner light.

      7) Open your eyes.

  5. I know the point of your post is about the self-looking exercise, and I will try that. But I got distracted by the story about the self-appointed medium vigilante. Really sad. The older I get, the more I realize that I can’t judge another person’s “truth.” I just don’t know. At the same time, I’ve come to trust my own truth more and more.

    I was having a conversation like this recently but it was about faith rather than specific gifts. We were talking about how listening, really listening to other people about what the believe (even if they won’t listen in return) is so revealing about our deepest selves. And that at that level, we can begin to see that we are all saying the same thing, even if we don’t really see that.

    Anyway, I’m rambling. I’m going to go look in the mirror!
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Rise and ShineMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,

      That’s funny – self appointed medium vigilante!

      I might get there a completely different way than you do, but the “end” point is probably the same. I could make several statements and see if you agree. Or I could share why I believe in God and the Universe and tell you my experiences that make me believe – and you might think they sound reasonable or just crazy. If I get to the same place you already stand in, you might not care how I got there – but you would know a whole lot about me. But I also digress – let me know how you made out in the mirror!

  6. Thanx for a GREAT article, Julie – it spoke much about much. The Maya Angelou quote was awesome, and I immediately felt compelled to post it to my FB page for someone (or more) on my friend’s list. Namaste! ~ Ricky
    Ricky Ferdon recently posted..Love Your EnemiesMy Profile

  7. Todd | channelingmyself says:

    You never fail to impress me with you writings, Julie. Ever thought of writing a book? This article really has me thinking about the person I see in the mirror so I am going to have to contemplate this one some more and get back with you about what I see.
    Todd | channelingmyself recently posted..3 Ways We Can Be the Person in the MirrorMy Profile

    • Hi Todd,

      LOL – ummm yes! In fact I have SO much to say (does this surprise you??) that I am in the middle of writing a Course for A Clear Sign (on intuitive development and psychic training) as well as two books. Now if I could just finish one! I let it slide for a while there as I was so incredibly busy but I am back on track with a schedule. The delay may be a good thing because I’ve had time to train a bunch more people privately and that knowledge will be included in the course. Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Let me know what you see in that mirror.

  8. As for the part about mediumship – I don’t think there are absolute truths, and it’s especially true for the intuitive field. The best thing is to be open minded and eager to learn about new things.

    I think it’s a very intense exercise, looking into your own eyes. Your eyes are the mirror of your soul and personality, and sometimes facing that can be really hard.

    I had problems to do this exercise some time ago, but now I like what I see. I like it more and more. 🙂
    Peter recently posted..Are You Selfish?My Profile

    • Hi Peter,

      Nice to see you!

      I agree – there are no absolutes in these things. In fact, so much has been changing for me lately that it is even taking me by pleasant surprise 🙂

      It is amazing that we can make so much progress and you can gauge it by looking yourself in the eye.

  9. I receive emails every once in a while that I am incorrect in my views and that I should not offer readings since my perspective is not “truth”. The writer would also proceed to offer what the correct spiritual views are. To me, it feels odd that he or she claims to be spiritual but at the same time, is “judging” and telling me that his or her views are the most accurate one.

    The way I see it is that there are no absolute “truths” too. The intuitive messages that comes through are just appropriate for us at the right time, and in relation to the level of consciousness that the receiver is at.
    Evelyn Lim recently posted..How To Develop Courage By Overcoming Daily FearsMy Profile

    • Hi Evelyn,

      You tell ’em! LOL I am convinced that we each perceive things in “our own way” and as you say, at the right time. My own perceptions have changed so much in just one year, and every person I’ve trained sees things completely differently.

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