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Just For Fun Psychic Experiment #1 Making Crossroads Decisions

The one left standing

It is much easier to provide intuitive guidance for someone else than it is to access it for yourself.

Anytime emotions are involved or the stakes seem high, it’s even harder than usual.

I have to make one of those decisions right now.  It made me think about how I used to make decisions before I became a practicing intuitive, as compared to how I make them now.

You probably have one or a few “main ways” that you  access intuitive information for yourself.

When you are looking for guidance in your own life, you may have tried many methods of figuring out what is your next best step – and you up the ante when you come to a Crossroads Decision Time.  

You know, when it’s “yes” or “no” to a big decision.  Or, you have to make a choice between one thing and another.

I used to be a big proponent of simply flipping a coin and say Heads for Do This and Tails for Do That.  Then I would check my gut reaction when I saw the coin fall – did I feel very disappointed or happy and relieved?

Thinking my situation over, I mentally revisited a lot of advice that I’ve given to other people.  I realized that the one thing I never do is remember the power of vocalizing – giving physical voice to the question and answer.

It’s said that the act of speaking activates your heart and throat chakras.  If you get to a place where you make your voice go as low as it can, it practically reverberates through your body.  That’s the point you want to get to when you speak aloud.  This is one of the reasons that music is so moving and truly essential to the soul.

While I was driving down the road, I had the station tuned to one from the 1970s, which is my early childhood.  I knew all the words to all of the songs, and memories of being young – and my state of mind and experience of the world at that time – started flooding in.  You can get in touch with that childlike innocence, when you are closer to the other side, when anything seemed possible, through the magic of music.

My guides took that moment to remind me of the power of voice, and suggested this.  If you are feeling very brave (and are completely alone!)…let’s try this together.

First, formulate your question.  Avoid phrasing it as a question that will get a “yes or no” answer.  Intuitive guidance can be so quick you might miss it if you’re getting a one word answer.  Ask an open ended question like,”What is the best decision I can make at this time regarding XYZ that is in my highest path and purpose and for the greatest good of all involved?”

(1) Find a radio station that has songs you know all the words for.  Preferably one that brings you back to some long ago time, like your childhood.

(2) Sing the next three songs at top volume!  Really get LOUD.

(3) Turn off the radio and put your right hand over your heart.

(4) Make your voice as deep as it goes and sing your question out loud.

(5) Sing out the answer, keep going, don’t stop.  No pauses.  As soon as the question is out of your mouth, immediately continue with,”My guides say…” or “My Higher Self says…” or whatever term you usually use when thinking about where your guidance comes from.

(6) Notice what result you get.  What came out of your mouth?  Write it down.

Let us know what happens!  Report back.  There is a trick to knowing if you’ve accessed intuition or your ego/logical mind.

What are your tried and true ways of accessing your highest guidance when it’s time to make a big decision?

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