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Does A Psychic Read Your Mind?

Heart by Kyla Gunter

This is a re-post of one of my articles which did not make it over to the new website.

The popular term is Psychic but most people who do this kind of work refer to themselves as Intuitives, or in some cases Mediums, to connect themselves with the spiritual and disassociate from the $10 fakes who pretend to read your mind and guess your weight.

Since I launched this space a few days ago I have had so many comments and questions along the same line:

  • Are you reading my mind?
  • How do you do it?
  • Where does the information come from?
  • You are so gifted!  How did you know that?   (And, by the way, can you teach me to do it, too?)
  • I don’t believe you can actually get any information about me.
  • This is really against God, you know.
  • I always thought you were the business type and I am amazed that you even considered doing this “woo woo” stuff.

 All of these thoughts are intertwined. There is actually one answer to all of them. I can hear those of you who know all about the subject chiming in already!   For everyone else, who actually wants to know (or is really, really worried about me), let me reassure you:

 Your Mind Is Safe!

 No, I am not reading your mind.  It has nothing to do with your mind.

 How Akashic Records Are Accessed

I have access to other people’s Akashic Records but only in their Highest Path and Purpose and for the greater good.  You can access your own Akashic Records.  Access depends entirely upon your intent.  The accuracy or helpfulness of what you receive depends upon how you ask the question and its quality.  No one can look at your records for the sake of curiosity – if they even tried, they would either be completely blocked or get information that peaks their curiosity and sends them around in circles. 

Other intuitives may do this differently but this is how I do it.

The information comes from your Guides, Angels, and other entities who are working with Divine Love, Light, and Truth.

Thank Your Spiritual Team, Not The Psychic

 Thank you for those who have been amazed or thought I was gifted when something in their reading hit the nail on the head.  I really have absolutely nothing to do with it, other than helping you to interpret the information you receive, when needed.  The information I receive for you is passed on from your Spiritual Team, so thank them!  I am just a conduit.  Yes I can teach you how to form a relationship with your Team and in fact, that’s what I hope to accomplish.

 Free Will Strikes Again

 If you don’t believe that I can get information for you, probably what you are actually saying is that the idea of it scares you or that you just don’t want to know.  You can access your own information from your Team, if you want to – everyone can.  Or, you can consciously choose to ignore it. 

 Spirituality vs Religion?

 No one actually said,”This is really against God, you know,” but I did “hear” it a lot from one contingent (maybe I’m reading your mind a little, tiny bit!).  There is a big difference between Religion and Spirituality.  Or, put another way, you can be spiritual and belong to organized religion – they are not mutually exclusive.  There could be a dissertation on this subject (and many volumes have been written on it) – I am simply pointing out that your Spiritual Team is helping you access your Higher Self, which in essence is a part of God.  So, intuitive work is at its core working with, for, and as a part of God.

 The Woo Woo

 There is nothing “woo woo” about communicating with your Spiritual Team. They are there, all of the time, sending you messages and trying to get through but you may be so used to them that they seem like a part of you, just your intuition.  What might strike you as “woo woo” is that you can ask someone else (me) to find out information about you, and I get it.  You think, “How does she get into my head?”  Or,”That is so freaky!  How does she know?”  Actually I don’t know, but your Team does.  That’s it!

Note to my Readers: I am now offering full-fledged, personalized Intuitive Development Training – this is completely one-on-one work to guide you to your next steps.  See the Intuitive Readings page for details.  Write to me at so we can discuss where you are and where you hope to go.