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The End Of An Era

Bet you didn't know you were a superhero


I don’t know how to describe it exactly, except to say that everything just ended.

 Many people have been feeling a pressure building up to the boiling point, that change is coming and they know they are in for a big shift.

Many have been giving up on some dreams, at least temporarily.  There has been a lot of boredom, lack of sleep, or general malaise.  “Out with the old and in with the new.”

Then suddenly for the last few days or so it shifted to an anxiety feeling like we had ants in our pants.

It’s official.  I’ve done all I can do and I call “uncle.”  I give up.

It has been a whirlwind lately.  This is an end of an era and a dawn of another. 

I was going to keep a journal, to have a history of all of the changes.  They came so fast and furiously, that the dust settled on one and another arrived before I could even take a breath.

It feels very much like someone who has come to an end of an illness, and the nurse stops by to take care of cleaning the body up, unhooking the IVs and taking the bandages off before you go home.

In my case, I asked for it.  I was so tired that I stated that I wanted to get hit with the rest of it right away, so I could shut the door on the lessons from that period and rest for a bit before resuming whatever came next.

You know what they say, be careful what you wish for. 

Sure enough, I got news that shook me down the core.  I knew enough about the Bad News Department to see it when their representatives were coming, cross my fingers that it might not really be them, and then just accept it when it was them, after all.  What might have taken me months or years to recover from took a few days.  It’s here and there is just no use in fighting it – that only prolongs it.  Best to just absorb it and carry on.

The nice part about being hit full in the face with The Truth, is that now you know it.  There is no more doubt or second guessing.  Then, you can find ways to simply enjoy it.

One thing that I finally learned recently was something I have known all along.  When you get that niggling doubt about a person, and you start telling yourself you’re imagining it, they act so nicely sometimes, they couldn’t possibly be that bad, is the exact moment when you have to trust your intuitionthey are exactly that bad.

There’s something about you that will act the same, every time the moral situation appears, no matter in what form.  In my case, it is a tendency to go on the offensive, to protect others.  As an adult, I had to squash this most of the time, for my own good or because it wasn’t my place.

Suddenly, I’ve found the need for it again.  I had an intense situation come up.  I have no problem with taking the walls and ceilings and an entire institution down with me, if necessary.  Or, I may do nothing.  I’ll check in with the universe before I go in, guns blazing – just to see if it is needed or warranted.  The difference this time is that it matters not to me – I will call it as the ball zips by the plate, and not before.  I won’t waste a moment more stewing over it.

You may be feeling this too – a sense that you know exactly who you are, why you were put here at this time, and you’re ready.

I’ve heard so many stories lately about new beginnings.  And endings.  When there is a new start, usually something else falls by the wayside in the process. 

Now more than ever, we  are falling right into ourselves.  There is a crisp clarity to the process. 

People are saying,”I’m just not afraid anymore.”  They almost don’t know how it happened or where it went, but it’s indeed disappeared.


And look out, anyone who is still messing around with fear promotion – we are on to you and light always illuminates the dark.  I can practically see them scurrying away in terror, back into their holes.

I had a really funny dream some time ago where I was working with three of my fellow intuitives.  We were in a scary situation with serial killers, there was blood everywhere and we were really scared.  Then like in a children’s cartoon, we donned some silly superhero type capes and started flying around, taking out the bad guys.  When I woke, I laughed, since we all looked so ridiculous.  There was a feeling though that we had a job to do and we were being assisted by the powers that be – and there was little if any doubt that we would succeed.

Well, I met those three other people – they are real, living, flesh and blood people, doing this work in one way or another.  And like most of my premonitions, they may be metaphorical but they always eventually come into being.

Do you know the expression “the worm has turned”?  Someone I know uses it all the time to express that good fortune has turned to bad.  Except it turns out, he uses it incorrectly.

 The most well known is Robert Browning:

“Tread on a worm, it turns, sir! If I turn, Your fault!”

and also Shakespeare, Henry VI:

“The smallest Worme will turne, being troden on.”

Apparently, a worm does actually turn over when disturbed.  “Worm” also was used to mean “dragon” some time ago, and it’s fire breathing turned away in the other direction could be nothing but good.  

Usually though, we take it to mean that someone who was meek, stands up for themselves, or that there is a basic, indomitable human resistance to tyranny.

It’s here folks – change is Right Now.  If you haven’t noticed it, take a personal inventory and see how strong you have grown.  You might be duking it out on a personal basis, which likely will in time grow worldwide.

Everyone’s awake.

A unique revolution is upon us.

You are here at this time for a very specific reason, and you’ve just come into your truth.

It’s time to ramble on.

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