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Soul Groups and Synchronicity

Ever wonder if someone is in your Soul Group?  Or why you feel such a pull toward someone?  Want to know if your relationship is coming from a spiritual connection?  See the Intuitive Services page and schedule a time with me.

Have you ever met someone and felt instantly like they were an important connection?

Like the temperature changed when they walked in the room?

Had a sense of deja vu?

Was it like you already knew them?

Did you just know that this was going to be an important person in your life, right off the bat?

That person is probably a member of your Soul Group, those that are born to meet up with each other this time around, and do a little work.

Points Of Comparison

When was the last time that you really connected with someone?

Connected in such a way that they gave you an answer as if God came down from heaven and had it pour right out of their mouth?

I have one friend like this.  He consistently, for the last 15 years or so I’ve known him, gets it.  He understands me better than I do.  He knows what I’ve done, what it means and why it happened before I’ve even thought it through.  And it’s not just because he’s smart (which he is) or educated (again, yes).  It’s because he intuits it (although he would deny this).  I don’t even have to explain anything.  I could have an entire speech prepared in my head in advance and after Sentence One he would say,”You know why that is?  It’s because ____.”

He’s right every time.

If you find yourselves finishing each others sentences, or constantly running into synchronicities, or thinking about the same things, or running into them (sometimes literally), or sending each other emails where the other one was “just thinking of that” or picking up the phone and saying,”Oh, I was just about to call you”…you’ve found a member of your Soul Group.

Points of Contrast – The Difficult People

Do you know or love someone who just seems to be in your life to point out your weaknesses and give you a hard time?  Who calls you on all your (pardon me) crap?

Why would we choose someone who doesn’t give us a break?  Who challenges us at every turn?

They are our mirror, they keep us honest and on course, if we will listen and genuinely hear them.

We don’t always want to hear them.  They speak the hardest truths, the ones that make us cringe with recognition.  They are our allies in growth and strength building.  They are here to help us with something.

If I ever write a book, I think I’ll dedicate it to everyone who was miserable  to me during my lifetime.  The worse they were, the more credit they get.

You don’t get to where you’re going if everyone thinks you are just great.  These people force you to deal with your stuff. 

On a soul level, many signed up to show up for you in just this way, at the right time and place.

Just think on that for a moment.  Changes your perspective on many of your hard times, doesn’t it?

If you have a difficult partner, can’t find a partner, have lost your job due to troublesome coworkers or bosses, have challenges relating to your relatives and even your children – many times when we work together your spiritual team explains to me why this is so and what your choices look like.

One of the reasons why I enjoy giving Intuitive Readings so much is that understanding why and how people and events show up for you – what they are teaching you, and that they are not random – is truly life changing for so many people.


Image Credit: Kyla Gunter