What Is A Spiritual Download and Why Do Tests Follow It?

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Over The Hurdle

You may have noticed, if you read a lot in spiritually oriented circles, that from time to time someone will mention that they “received a download.”  You may be wondering, what IS that?

A spiritual download is a communication to you from Source.  It typically comes in unexpectedly, as a surprise or an epiphany.  You may have been thinking about “why” something happened or is so in your life.  While you’re waiting for illumination, something else shows up.

What does a spiritual download look like?

It may come to you in a dream, and you wake yourself up in the night so that you will remember it.

It may come to you upon waking as if someone is shouting down a well at you.

It can come in when you are doing something where your mind is focused elsewhere, like on Suduko or a crossword puzzle, a video game or while knitting…something where your hands are busy and your mind is singularly focused on that one thing – or so you think.

However it comes to you, it pops in from “out of the clear blue sky” as a complete package.

It is an Answer to a Question that you may not have known that you asked.

It will typically show up in one of three ways:

  1. You are in the right place at the right time and feel compelled to do something – such as a Facebook contest where you just happen to arrive at your computer exactly when the offer is made, and you “win” an answer from an astrologer or intuitive
  2. It is given to you as a present from your spiritual team, such as in a dream, and you wake up “suddenly knowing” a critical truth about yourself and/or your situation
  3. It arrives as a stream of thought like stepping stones across a stream. “When I look back over my life I realize that this happened so that this other thing could happen, and then this next thing and the next thing, which brings me to where I am today so that I can do this thing now.”

It is the answer to the question you needed to hear right now, whether you realized it or not.


Well, apparently you needed the information either so that you could:

clear the past away, air out something that has been consciously or unconsciously holding you back…so that you can do something else


realize that you are off track and set you back on the right path for right now


advance you dramatically in your understanding of who you are, what you’re doing here, or simply to see the support you have had all along, so that you can move forward in faith.

The downloads that come that illuminate your path can be pretty exciting.  If you are given evidence that you’ve had support all along, like divine “behind the scenes” assistance moving mountains to give you the people, places and things to lead you to today, then you know they are still right there with you, helping you forward in your mission.

Sometimes these downloads are so astonishingly beautiful, it’s like watching the choreographed version of your life unfolding like a dance.  Afterward, most people feel illumination and exhilaration.  It’s like you’ve been let in on a secret that is so compelling you cannot help but be amazed by the sheer beauty of it.

Then, it may not feel so good.  Sometimes there are tears as you let go of emotional buildup.  Other times, you may feel pressure.  Finally, you may be tested.

Tests come to provide you with evidence that you truly understand and are ready for the Next Step.

We can look at a new reality or new understanding and believe it truly in our hearts, only to suddenly have everything pop up in our life that is the opposite.

It shows up so we can reaffirm the lesson, and put it behind us.

Recently we spoke of Soul Groups, those people who show up in our lives who really resonate with us and whom we “recognize.”  I saw a video by Gregg Braden who posited another theory on why these people may look so familiar.  Yes, they may be members of our Soul Group.  But when they show up for a brief time and look so very familar to us, it may be not just to act as our mirrors but indeed so that we can understand what we judge in others.

When we feel very emotional in response to someone else, we should look at whether or not (1) they are reflecting us back to ourselves or (2) they are reflecting back something that we judge.

If you feel very challenged after a download, or very challenged by another person or situation that has suddenly appeared in your life, follow the bouncing ball as to WHY this may be of major importance to you.  What is the critical element you are supposed to understand now?

If you cannot make any sense of it, ask the question in an intuitive reading and we can work together on illumination.

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  1. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of getting a download. However, after reading your post I certainly will be on the look out if any should come my way.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Lions and Tigers and 2012, OH MY!My Profile

    • Todd, what is it about you that has changed recently? You are giving off a whole new, different vibe these days?

      • Todd | Channelingmyself says:

        Hi Julie,

        I’m not real sure I basically feel the same, not much has changed in my personal life. When did you get the feeling that something about me has changed? Is my new vibe good or bad or neutral?
        Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Lions and Tigers and 2012, OH MY!My Profile

        • Todd,

          Maybe it’s me? I would say over the last few weeks you’re coming through in a more distant but commanding kind of way, like your tone changed somehow.

          Thanks on the fb page. My poor mailbox!

          • Todd | Channelingmyself says:

            Hmmm, I don’t know if that is a positive or negative sign. I’ve been putting more effort into just trying to be in the “now” and trying to live each moment with admiration. It’s easier said than done…

            I was able to setup a viewing for my dream home the other day so I got to go inside and look around. I don’t know if that made things worse or better.
            Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Lions and Tigers and 2012, OH MY!My Profile

      • Todd | Channelingmyself says:

        By the way I really like your facebook page. You should post a pic of your mailbox.
        Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Lions and Tigers and 2012, OH MY!My Profile

  2. Well, I’ve certainly been getting an abundance of my own downloads lately. Everything DOES seem to be happening at break-neck speed: lessons that would take years seem to be taking less time to learn. At first, I thought it was just because I’m getting older (dare I say wiser?) but I also think it has a lot to do with the Universal energies now.

    However, I HAVE had one issue lately that’s been bothering me. I think as of late my own wishful thinking overrides my intuition. And what I THINK is intuition is actually just my wishful thinking. It kinda sucks, I won’t lie. I wish it was more obvious when it was a download vs. being hopeful.
    Lindsay recently posted..50 Things I’m Grateful For – turning the blues into gratitudeMy Profile

    • Well, you can always bounce your “hopefuls” off of me! I’ll set you straight 🙂 J/K

      Lindsay, for me an “intuitive hit” could be misconstrued as a “hopeful” but when I get a “download” it is soooo far off what I’ve been thinking about, that it makes me think,”Woah what was that? And what am I supposed to understand from it??” In other words, it comes in totally differently…like the difference between a dream and a lucid dream. Different technicolor.

      I wonder what people who are fairly new to spirituality or communicating with their team are making of this “speeded up reality.” It’s hard to imagine it doesn’t just fly right past them because they aren’t ready for it or it’s just too much. I’m glad I started off learning when I did, because it’s difficult enough as it is to absorb it all.

  3. I’ve seen it mentioned “downloading” but never understood what they were talking about. Also when a number comes up I would look it up on the net (still hadn’t gotten the book), and a certain number would mention downloading information that angels want you to know. Thing that wasn’t the quote from the book, well not exact. It was the interpetation of the person from the book and their own ways. So I fineally found a site that had the numbers on there 0-999 that I was able to print off and put in a binder, saves a lot of time.
    But when it comes to downloading, if its happened to me, it never lol got installed. When I first heard it mentioned I actually envisioned a white light going into my head with those little black numerals (like you use to see on the tv show numbers they started out as one thing and quickly turned to numbers) so those symbols. Funny as I thought that was.

    • It’s funny – I guess you can get some insight from looking up angel numbers, depending on where you look. There are a couple of people such as Doreen Virtue and Laura at Intuitive Journal who do a nice job with it. My only problem with repeating numbers (such as seeing 111 or 222 or 333 repeatedly), is that when you look up many definitions, they pretty much seem all the same to me.

      I could be wrong, but I think it can be very individual. For instance, if I am constantly seeing a number with all of the same numerals, like on the clock, it’s not usually the SAME number. I’ll just have days when I look up and it’s 10:10 and then it’s 11:11 and then it’s 2:22 and 3:33 – and I just take that to mean that I need to pay attention that day.

      • I got it from this website http://www.renamixtech.com/content/angel-numbers
        And just to be safe, I went and googled DV’s book where you can preview some numbers and looked at those vs what is said on that site and it was the samething. If that helps any. I just went down to “Printer version” and printed it off, then I put it in my own binder and it makes it easier too look up.

        I know what you mean about the angel numbers seeming the same or similar, there are times you read “soon” or “Instant” etc. Thing is down here those things usually mean within the week or now, but nada so then you have to ask them “whats up?” There have been times I’ve read “changes happening in your life right now or huge changes” and not to question them but I am still trying to figure out what changes cause I didn’t see, feel, here or know of any and still waiting, and I even comment out loud about it.

        I don’t recommend that people depend on the numbers as everytime they look at the clock they look up the number, sort of like an addiction, but more when you get that feeling in your gut, or chest, something that tells you that yep thats what your suppost to look up. Otherwise they could be having you look at the time for instance because you might have an appointment you were about to forget. The other problem I have is this while I see numbers sure similar to yours, I also see letters and recently I’ve been seeing ETE on license plates, and I am thinking WTH? and then like your download (or at least it could be) today it hit me I was reading it wrong I was asking about someone and if you rearrange the letters to TEE it spells the letter T. Before that I was seeing EJF (insert number) again it hits me that persons friend (my landlord) has the first two letters in his first and last name and F could stand for friend.
        Other then that I’ve no clue but for now it sounds right feels okay, so going with it until someone can tell me different. I get the angel numbers and I believe there is one about angel words/letters by DV not sure though I believe I read it somewhere.
        Of course there is the repeating songs in my head, radio, tv, the name popping up when I am not paying attention. The songs are mostly just excerpt that stick out, I’d have to have more time to explain the name popping up and why I am asking the spirit team questions, with still not hearing them its like a blank out, I start to get something then BLANK. Its frustrating to say the least!!

  4. Such an inspiring article again! It is a really interesting topic. I also like the name of it…spiritual download. As we could download some messages from the central spirit, just like a server. Our highest, biggest, spiritual server, on which we are all connected through our souls. I’m not sure, but could be deja vu a kind of spiritual download?
    Catwoman recently posted..fogfehérítésMy Profile

  5. Hey, spiritual downloading sounds pretty awesome! Is there an app for that? 🙂
    Jennifer Flint recently posted..Turning Over a New LeafMy Profile

  6. I like your thoughts about “tests” – that they come in order to show us whether we are ready for the next step! This I tell myself very often, when I am so tired that I asked “Isn’t there an easier way?”
    Anna recently posted..veneers before and afterMy Profile

  7. Jack@TheJackB says:

    Lindsay touched on something that resonated with me. I have had a few things happen where I wonder if it is a “download” or my own desire speaking. It is an interesting process trying to figure out which is which.

    • Jack,

      I am only one person with only my experiences, but I’ll share what I experience. If you’ve asked a question, then look for the signs and synchronicities that provide you with the answer. If you get nothing…do nothing. Eventually, you will get pointed in the right direction (as long as you don’t keep asking, asking, asking and push it away from you). If you ask other people, like in a reading, and they don’t get anything either, that means you’re either not ready, conditions are not ripe, or there’s some other action or decision you have to make. “Downloads” are like ephiphanies…and they usually are not a direct answer to something you’ve actively been seeking an answer to. They may however be more important and provide you with a “bigger” answer.

  8. Jack@TheJackB says:

    It makes a bit more sense now, the lack of direct answer that is. Guess I am just trying to figure out what I am supposed to make of some of this.

  9. Hi Julie,

    To be honest have never heard this called a “download”.

    In one way it’s a perfect descriptor as I have experienced it.

    On another level I don’t like the word used in this context. It seems a bit too “techy” if you know what I mean? Maybe I have been online too long? Ha ha

    Most times I experience ephiphanies or “knowings” like this they come when I least expect it and ans as you say when I am distracted by focusing elsewhere. In fast most times I am out in nature now that I come to think of it.

    Marcus Baker recently posted..Stop Comparing Yourself With OthersMy Profile

    • Hi Marcus,

      It wouldn’t be my choice either, but it seems to be in the common vernacular. I always wondered what in the world they were talking about and I figured other people might be similarly confused. It’s funny how the computer and internet are a really good comparison to infinite intelligence and how we are being brought together, but at the same time it feels like a “cold” analogy.

  10. Spiritual Download! I love it. I have not heard it stated like that before, and indeed there is something to it. As a small children, we intuitively sensed an intelligence and wisdom guiding us from deep inside. Now, such spiritual download moments are wonderful opportunities to not only glimpse at this truth, but to grasp it more fully and completely. The whole of infinite intelligence and eternal wisdom is available for free download, and that is because we are that intelligence and we are that wisdom.
    rob white recently posted..The Ultimate UnderstandingMy Profile

  11. personally i think we are constantly downloading things from God and the universe its just that we are so busy (and not aware of it) that we dont realise its happening
    downloading things from the internet is similar to how it works for us physically
    its funny, i think we are meant to connect as i was looking for something else and stumbled upon your post by accident

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