Soul Groups and Synchronicity

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Ever wonder if someone is in your Soul Group?  Or why you feel such a pull toward someone?  Want to know if your relationship is coming from a spiritual connection?  See the Intuitive Services page and schedule a time with me.

Have you ever met someone and felt instantly like they were an important connection?

Like the temperature changed when they walked in the room?

Had a sense of deja vu?

Was it like you already knew them?

Did you just know that this was going to be an important person in your life, right off the bat?

That person is probably a member of your Soul Group, those that are born to meet up with each other this time around, and do a little work.

Points Of Comparison

When was the last time that you really connected with someone?

Connected in such a way that they gave you an answer as if God came down from heaven and had it pour right out of their mouth?

I have one friend like this.  He consistently, for the last 15 years or so I’ve known him, gets it.  He understands me better than I do.  He knows what I’ve done, what it means and why it happened before I’ve even thought it through.  And it’s not just because he’s smart (which he is) or educated (again, yes).  It’s because he intuits it (although he would deny this).  I don’t even have to explain anything.  I could have an entire speech prepared in my head in advance and after Sentence One he would say,”You know why that is?  It’s because ____.”

He’s right every time.

If you find yourselves finishing each others sentences, or constantly running into synchronicities, or thinking about the same things, or running into them (sometimes literally), or sending each other emails where the other one was “just thinking of that” or picking up the phone and saying,”Oh, I was just about to call you”…you’ve found a member of your Soul Group.

Points of Contrast – The Difficult People

Do you know or love someone who just seems to be in your life to point out your weaknesses and give you a hard time?  Who calls you on all your (pardon me) crap?

Why would we choose someone who doesn’t give us a break?  Who challenges us at every turn?

They are our mirror, they keep us honest and on course, if we will listen and genuinely hear them.

We don’t always want to hear them.  They speak the hardest truths, the ones that make us cringe with recognition.  They are our allies in growth and strength building.  They are here to help us with something.

If I ever write a book, I think I’ll dedicate it to everyone who was miserable  to me during my lifetime.  The worse they were, the more credit they get.

You don’t get to where you’re going if everyone thinks you are just great.  These people force you to deal with your stuff. 

On a soul level, many signed up to show up for you in just this way, at the right time and place.

Just think on that for a moment.  Changes your perspective on many of your hard times, doesn’t it?

If you have a difficult partner, can’t find a partner, have lost your job due to troublesome coworkers or bosses, have challenges relating to your relatives and even your children – many times when we work together your spiritual team explains to me why this is so and what your choices look like.

One of the reasons why I enjoy giving Intuitive Readings so much is that understanding why and how people and events show up for you – what they are teaching you, and that they are not random – is truly life changing for so many people.


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  1. Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep to your first four questions.
    Dude annoyed the crap out of me, refused to take any BS I dished and I excelled at annoying guys into leaving me alone lol. He also hungout with friends who annoyed the crap out of me but then I made sure they kept their distance they could pushing the limit (the one dude not included he knew the line) they ended up admitting my “keep your distance [b]itchy way” they were big guys and they would say “scared of you” :D. But not that one guy. I remember his friends saying “you know he likes you…” and I in a serious deadpan voice asked a question that stunned them quiet “hmm why?” lol At first they laughed until I said “seriously why?” needless to say I don’t remember them ever getting that quiet lol.
    Also he would talk to me like we’d known each other for ages. Not to mention I recently did a sort of mapping (you know him and me in the center) indirect/direct way we knew each other, and I was amazed at what I found (still finding), including people who have passed on, who are still alive, places, etc. There is another story that involves his eldest daughter and FB annoying us (we didn’t know each other) until we accepted and talked, proving with a prayer (from both of us) God even uses fb lol.

    Still that way even though we haven’t talked in a long time, or seen each other in a long time, (unless you count driving down one of his other routes and instead of going left, he goes right and by my place, or the occassional drive by when he’d normally take the other route). — But I also know that pull as well that vaccume suction pull that the switch to turn it off won’t work, it’s like when I have to drive past his house, I can tell if he is home because there is a strong pull there if he is, otherwise its just a normal pull if he (and yeah his vehicals don’t count cause he can be gone and his vehicals still there) isn’t.
    Trust me he’s not a saint, he liked to push the limits (more times then not, not in a bad way lol, but he could (still is) also be confusing as heck) he could tick me off, or be sweet. I don’t know if he is part of the “Soul group” But I know he is special to me and I love him for it and him.

    • Hi Susan,

      Yes we have our challenges. The trick is sometimes seeing them for what they are – here for a season and a reason but not long term company. That’s how many people get hooked into feeling “connected” and won’t let go, because they don’t see that they may have known someone in another lifetime but their role is minor in this one.

      • I agree that some are a minor in role, but I believe that there are those who have the major role, while it might be to challenge us good or bad (ie difficult), but I am just not convinced that be it minor or major (if you will) the role that the connection really ends even if you and they let go. Sometimes I wonder if not believe that some are to be around for as much as a day to you (or their) whole lives. Just not sure if the connection really goes away even after the life on earth ends, if we tend to meet back up with them in another future life time. Something I am sure we find out.

  2. “We don’t always want to hear them. They speak the hardest truths, the ones that make us cringe with recognition. They are our allies in growth and strength building. They are here to help us with something.” – you are right about that! I must admit that I hate sometimes realizing the truth and I hate when somebody is poking me with it!! But exactly at these moments, you understand how important are these to you….
    Anna recently posted..instant veneersMy Profile

  3. The Vizier says:

    Hi Julie,

    Yeap, I have been aware of my being drawn to certain people while being repulsed by others. I have certainly met people where I felt an instant connection with. And I have also met people who I knew would be an important part of my life. It’s good to meet members of my soul group in this large world. It is always the connection that really matters.

    But life won’t really be balanced without difficult people right? We won’t really grow if there was no one to make life difficult for us. As frustrating as these people are, we need them in our lives to keep us on our toes so we don’t become complacent. Yes, it is not always easy, but the better able we are to manage, the more we can cope with in life.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article!

    Irving the Vizier
    The Vizier recently posted..The Vizier on Dealing with PainMy Profile

    • Hi Irving,

      Yes, we all have them, don’t we? Good thing we also have our positive souls who show up in positive ways to keep us sane while we encounter the positive souls who show up in a negative way!

  4. Of course, you know I agree completely with this. It’s sometimes a hard pill to swallow that the people who rub us the wrong way but teach us some of our biggest lessons are in our soul group.

    I love the feeling of meeting someone “new” who doesn’t feel new at all.

    Question: do you think we meet every person in our soul groups? Or there are millions in each group and it would be impossible to meet all of them? I think our soul groups travel in “packs” mostly — but there are probably some souls in our group who we won’t encounter in this lifetime.
    Lindsay recently posted..Wanna hear from your guides? Do the dishes!My Profile

    • I’m not certain of course, but the feeling I get is that there are many souls who are “close” and others that are more on the outskirts, and it will change each time around. You might always reincarnate with a few, and sometimes reincarnate with many others who are in and out of your picture and vice versa.

      The way that certain people showed up, even just briefly but with tremendous impact, I can’t “know” but I strongly suspect, that it was all planned out in advance. Like, if you do thing A, then soul A appears, but if you do thing B instead, soul B will step up. But at the same time, you may have agreed with souls C, D, and E that no matter what else happens, you will be in each others lives in a certain way (like parent, child, etc).

  5. An excellent text, again! I really like your theory of the soul groups and mirrors. I have to feel myself lucky about it, because I have got many of them. For about a couple of weeks I got to know somebody, and while talking to each other, I got the feeling as I would have known her for ages. She should be a member of my soul group. And my mirrors are always my friends, they tell me always honestly when I’m stupid:)
    Cindy recently posted..Oral Hygiene – Why is it so important?My Profile

  6. Jack@TheJackB says:

    Yep, I definitely have experienced this more than a few times. Keep trying to figure out what I am supposed to gather from it, but I haven’t given up.

    • Hi Jack,

      Well, what to gather is that they’re part of your tribe or clan. They show up “as planned in advance” so that you can work on each other’s (or just yours or just theirs, but usually both) life lessons. Sometimes it’s a looong relationship of decades (like your children) and sometimes it’s just a post on your blog from someone you’ve never seen before, saying the right thing at the right time…often, consistently.

  7. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    I think I might have done something wrong, I only seem to have difficult people in my life and not any from my soul group.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Embrace Infinite ConsciousnessMy Profile

    • Hi Todd,

      Well that’s the thing – people from your “soul group” can show up as designed in advance to teach you lessons, and a lot of the time they can show up as “negative” or challenging you.

      However if you really feel like NO ONE is on your side, that’s a different issue. Have you ever thought about your internet friends as being part of your circle? Because, trust me, they are.

      • Todd | Channelingmyself says:

        Hi Julie,

        I actually have wondered if my Internet friends are in my soul group but I wouldn’t know who exactly. I’ve only had a few people in my life that you describe as having that strong connection with.
        Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Embrace Infinite ConsciousnessMy Profile

        • Todd,

          They can sneak up on you, too. Sometimes it’s only in retrospect that you realize that the right person came along at the right time to support you. They don’t always have to have a major/substantial role in your life. It can just be someone whose blog you always read every article on, or someone who consistently posts on yours that leads you to insights. I think you’ll find that as you continue on your journey, and look back, they will be apparent to you.

  8. Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being says:

    I’m sure I’m paraphrasing it completely wrong, but I’ve always liked something Paramahansa Yogananda said along these lines. It was that our friends are here for us to enjoy, and our family is here to teach us things.

    If you think about it, a lot of people with whom we’ve got long-term relationships (family or not) are the ones where we really have to work through difficulties.

    I realize there’s a lot to say on this topic but I’ll stop here. I don’t need to write a post — you already did that! 🙂
    Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being recently posted..Ask Any Question and Watch the Answer Reveal ItselfMy Profile

  9. I won’t get hugely wordy. But wow…I hadn’t thought of it in Those lights.
    Lori recently posted..Hanging in DIAMy Profile

  10. Really interesting and inspiring text, it made me really thinking about soul mates and mirrors. We need both of them to get an objective image of ourselves. Mirrors have to control us, the members of our soul group have to cheer us. Just like the jing and the jang.
    Catwoman recently posted..fogpótlásMy Profile


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