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What Is A Spiritual Download and Why Do Tests Follow It?

Over The Hurdle

You may have noticed, if you read a lot in spiritually oriented circles, that from time to time someone will mention that they “received a download.”  You may be wondering, what IS that?

A spiritual download is a communication to you from Source.  It typically comes in unexpectedly, as a surprise or an epiphany.  You may have been thinking about “why” something happened or is so in your life.  While you’re waiting for illumination, something else shows up.

What does a spiritual download look like?

It may come to you in a dream, and you wake yourself up in the night so that you will remember it.

It may come to you upon waking as if someone is shouting down a well at you.

It can come in when you are doing something where your mind is focused elsewhere, like on Suduko or a crossword puzzle, a video game or while knitting…something where your hands are busy and your mind is singularly focused on that one thing – or so you think.

However it comes to you, it pops in from “out of the clear blue sky” as a complete package.

It is an Answer to a Question that you may not have known that you asked.

It will typically show up in one of three ways:

  1. You are in the right place at the right time and feel compelled to do something – such as a Facebook contest where you just happen to arrive at your computer exactly when the offer is made, and you “win” an answer from an astrologer or intuitive
  2. It is given to you as a present from your spiritual team, such as in a dream, and you wake up “suddenly knowing” a critical truth about yourself and/or your situation
  3. It arrives as a stream of thought like stepping stones across a stream. “When I look back over my life I realize that this happened so that this other thing could happen, and then this next thing and the next thing, which brings me to where I am today so that I can do this thing now.”

It is the answer to the question you needed to hear right now, whether you realized it or not.


Well, apparently you needed the information either so that you could:

clear the past away, air out something that has been consciously or unconsciously holding you back…so that you can do something else


realize that you are off track and set you back on the right path for right now


advance you dramatically in your understanding of who you are, what you’re doing here, or simply to see the support you have had all along, so that you can move forward in faith.

The downloads that come that illuminate your path can be pretty exciting.  If you are given evidence that you’ve had support all along, like divine “behind the scenes” assistance moving mountains to give you the people, places and things to lead you to today, then you know they are still right there with you, helping you forward in your mission.

Sometimes these downloads are so astonishingly beautiful, it’s like watching the choreographed version of your life unfolding like a dance.  Afterward, most people feel illumination and exhilaration.  It’s like you’ve been let in on a secret that is so compelling you cannot help but be amazed by the sheer beauty of it.

Then, it may not feel so good.  Sometimes there are tears as you let go of emotional buildup.  Other times, you may feel pressure.  Finally, you may be tested.

Tests come to provide you with evidence that you truly understand and are ready for the Next Step.

We can look at a new reality or new understanding and believe it truly in our hearts, only to suddenly have everything pop up in our life that is the opposite.

It shows up so we can reaffirm the lesson, and put it behind us.

Recently we spoke of Soul Groups, those people who show up in our lives who really resonate with us and whom we “recognize.”  I saw a video by Gregg Braden who posited another theory on why these people may look so familiar.  Yes, they may be members of our Soul Group.  But when they show up for a brief time and look so very familar to us, it may be not just to act as our mirrors but indeed so that we can understand what we judge in others.

When we feel very emotional in response to someone else, we should look at whether or not (1) they are reflecting us back to ourselves or (2) they are reflecting back something that we judge.

If you feel very challenged after a download, or very challenged by another person or situation that has suddenly appeared in your life, follow the bouncing ball as to WHY this may be of major importance to you.  What is the critical element you are supposed to understand now?

If you cannot make any sense of it, ask the question in an intuitive reading and we can work together on illumination.

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