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So You Think Your Dead Relatives Don’t Hear You

"It Couldn't Be Done"

There was no Thursday Post last week, and this is why.

I recently had the property cleared (energetically speaking) and the Indian ghost was sent packing.  As soon as that was done, it was as if a big deck of cards was thrown up in the air and scattered about.

I didn’t have any more supernatural disturbances at the house.  What I had were real, everyday disturbances.

Everything that was in the works blew up. 

New things popped up to create problems. 

People who have been getting along just fine for decades were suddenly at each other’s throats. 

People who already weren’t getting along just fine were really not getting along. 

The dog got a bone stuck in her throat and 5 days and $1,000 later, it was out. 

Children got sick and were home from school. 

 Every manner of annoying business problem popped up. 

Dental work for $2450 was needed and the impressions came back wrong. 

People were falling UP the stairs. 

People who came to visit got hurt. 

Someone called me with a job offer, which turned out not to be “real.”

The car decided to start shimmying and shaking for no reason, and then stopped.  

The realtor called and said people were coming to see the house and after racing around to straighten up, they didn’t come – several times.

No one seemed to like anything and just about everything was going awry in a day-to-day kind of way.  

You probably already have plenty on your plate.  Daily (or hourly) new aggravations and problems are not required!

In the middle of all of this, I was vacuuming in my kitchen under a portion of the cabinets that rolls out for serving purposes.  On top, I store my cook books.  I vacuumed up all the little things that roll under there and pushed the cabinet back in.

In the middle of the kitchen floor there was suddenly a very old, yellowed piece of paper on the floor.  It said,”The cost of TV sets is about to go up.”

On the other side, it was the poem “It Couldn’t Be Done” by Edgar Guest.

The clipping must be at least 30 years old.  I didn’t know I even had it.  

It was the exact encouragement that I needed at the time, an exact answer to the question on my mind about how to handle all of these discouraging events.

And I know who it belonged to – my mother.  This is the kind of attitude she had about life, and I don’t.  It is precisely what she would say to me or give me at such a time.  She often cut out and saved such things.  But she’s been dead now for some time, and the cookbooks may be old but they were never hers. 

Still, she was there in the kitchen with me on that day.

So if you ever need some encouragement, and wish your loved one was still with you to help you through a challenge, know that in fact they are.   They are there for you when you don’t even know you need them or realize that they are there!

It’s always fascinating when I am doing an intuitive reading for someone and their relatives and friends who have passed on show up for them.  This seems to be happening more and more these days.  Many times they show us that they are in fact a part of our lives and know what’s going on.  Perhaps arranging for a poem to fall out of a book.  Or telling us that they have breakfast with us every morning. 

I often hear that synchronicities show up when we’re on the right track, and often they stop showng up when we’ve gone off track.  I had noticed that I hadn’t seen too many lately.  Chaos and disorder were showing up instead.

Then the air cleared.  People said what they needed to say.  Actions were changed.  Help and advice were given and received. 

Then, an interesting thing happened today.

I had to go to a meeting that I was dreading.  The person who I didnt want to deal with suddenly became very ill – too ill to even conference in by phone – and someone else who was very pleasant and helpful substituted for her.

If you don’t think that your relatives send you help after they have passed away, I will tell you that you are absolutely wrong.  They do – I see it all of the time in readings and even in my own life.  If you don’t think you have a spiritual team at work arranging for things to fall into place for you – you are wrong, they are right there with you every step of the way.

Sometimes things have to go very wrong for you before you make the right stand.  That can make all of the difference.

The wise among you will see these things coming BEFORE molehills become mountains.  But, the rest of us sometimes take our lessons with a few lumps.  No matter.  The point is to learn them.  Some become easier to see coming, but inevitably some will still come and beat you over the head.  When they do, help is available.

Just look for the signs.

Next week: The story about the Indian Ghost