The Story of the Indian Ghost

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Thank you to everyone who was so understanding about delays in getting their Intuitive Readings, and thank you to everyone who sent in donations when I answered their question here on the site during One Free Intuitive Question and Answer.  Everything is now back to normal, but it was a crazy three weeks!

There has been much more going on than I mentioned in last week’s post , and much of it relates back to the ongoing ghost story and the energy of the house.

If I just wrote posts about “the top ten reasons not to have a ghost in your house” it would be pretty bland.  I like reading other peoples’ stories and in return I share my own. 

The story is about energy, relationships, ghosts, clearings, standing in your own power and messages from beyond that manifest here in our daily reality.

It all started one morning when I was carrying the checkbook for the family business and some other items I had been handed up the garage steps.  I put my toe through the lace on the bottom of my pajamas, tripped, and fell into the corner, bruising the whole right side of my body,

This was around the time I was writing about the Indian here at the house. 

I had had the mediumship reading done, and nothing disturbing (in the ghost or poltergeist sense) was found in the environment.  That means that no one presented themselves to the medium. 

Being an intuitive, I have lots of intuitive friends, and I had many opinions on the ghostly goings on here.  Some said it was all fine.  Others had the hair on the back of their neck stand up and believed they saw exactly who was doing the haunting.  Others suggested a property clearing, to spray with sea salt water or smudge.  

Some felt I should know there was a ghost and it was trying to get my attention to be moved along to the other side.  Others felt I should not mess with the ghost and he had no intention of moving on as he had already been here for hundreds of years.  Some felt that the ghost liked me, wanted my help to transition, and/or in some way was protecting me.

My own opinion was that I tended to agree with the people who felt that there was a male presence here from time to time, and there might be some merit to the idea that the fan blades falling off the fans and the lights going on and off had nothing to do with him.

I live on Micosukee Trail.  Because, the Micosukee Indians lived here.  Apparently my general neighborhood area was a possible battleground.  Here is some information from PBS:

The Florida Everglades, described by writer Marjory Stoneman Douglas as “a river of grass,” are comprised of sawgrass marsh punctuated by cypress swamps and mangrove forests – an ecosystem unlike anything else on earth. The rich landscape supports over 1,000 different species of plants and is the only place where alligators and crocodiles can be found living side by side. It is also the critical breeding ground for a large variety of wading birds.

In the 1800s, the Seminole Indians, who had been driven out of Florida, sought refuge deep in the cypress trees, as did the Miccosukee tribe and hundreds of runaway slaves.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for some time have seen pictures of the cypress swamp I live in.  The Indian that my one intuitive friend saw was described as from the 1800s…and did I live in an area where Indians once lived?

Apparently, yes.

I hadn’t made up my mind about what I wanted to do about the ghost situation. One close friend offered to do a property clearing and I agreed.  Before it could be done, I had an email from someone else who had been investigating the situation and getting opinions.  Unbeknownst to me, she had gotten together with someone else who transitions spirits to the other side, and they had transitioned the spirit the night before. 

I didn’t notice any change in the energy of the house at first. I had to go to the courthouse to file some paperwork for the family business.  The courthouse is where they try criminal and civil cases, have family court filings when you’re getting a divorce and trying to keep your kids, people go to serve jury duty, all the business people come to do their legal filings, and there are all manner of government workers, security guards, criminals, and lawyers.  And God knows what else goes on there.

Basically, it’s like an energetic nightmare for someone who picks up on everyone else’s energy. 

This was my second trip there and so I made sure I was prepared going in so I could avoid the onslaught.  I chatted with the security guard, went up the four flights of escalators, held my nose past Family Court, and walked in to the County Clerk’s office to file my Notice of Commencement for a building renovation.  There was no one in line.  Zip in, zip out.  Hurray!  Except, I checked my phone for messages while I was waiting for my certified copy, and I had an email from my friend who did the property clearing.

I started reading and my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw what was found at the house.

I took the escalators down, and found one of those ugly gray stone benches to sit on outside, where the smokers congregate.  I was completely alone and read it through twice.  What I was completely unprepared for was the complete shift in my reality which was going to smack me in the face after the clearing and which continued for about two weeks.

Here is part of what was found:

An earthbound spirit affecting you – they don’t really attach to you or create negativity, but do sap your energy. I believe this was the ”Indian”.

There was a gateway in the house – these allow bad stuff to come and go, like a portal but bigger, like a superhighway to negative astrals. They are kept open by a gatekeeper, which is a demon (an angel who went down the wrong path). The gateway would’ve been allowing things to come and go, but they were not necessarily there while I was reading it. 

The property had been energetically assigned as a battleground, which is probably why the Indian (if that’s who the earthbound spirit was) was hanging out there. I’ve reassigned it as a residence.

It was really fascinating to see everyone’s take on the situation.  What are your thoughts about this or ghosts in general?

Image credit: Patsy West

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  1. ok, wait … what ? So is the gateway/portal now gone ? Does everything seem to be back to normal again ? This is fascinating and until this point haven’t been too interested in paranormal occurrences such as ghosts but that’s starting to change.

    Thanks for sharing your experience !


    • Hi NB,

      Yes, that is the theory with a clearing – everything that might be amiss is put to rights. I am not sure if I would say it’s back to normal – more like everything is changing at lightning speed! I hope to post about that next week. I wasn’t interested at all in paranormal either, but what you find when you get into this kind of work is that this sort of thing tends to be attracted to you and/or you will notice it for the first time and not just dismiss it out of hand as your imagination, as most people do.

  2. Interesting. Also might be interesting if you went on to describe whether you noticed any subsequent changes in the house afterwards that might be attributed to the work that was done…

    Michael recently posted..Determine your Own WorthMy Profile

  3. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    That is quite an amazing story, I hope you are feeling better after your fall. Whatever was going on at your place surely would have been enough to scare away a lot of people. I hope that after the clearing was done you will have some peace.

    • Hi Todd,

      Yes, that was quite some time ago and no major damage done – just a bit offputting as it is such a stupid thing to do!

      The major effect, though this may be psychological, is that a whole bunch of things had room to fall into place and be dealt with. It wasn’t (isn’t) always pretty though!

  4. I have heard about that, but I thought that the portal is opened till 2012 and then will close.
    Anna recently londonMy Profile

    • Hi Anna,

      I am not an expert on these things, nor have I even researched them. However I have read stories of similar things from other intuitives and places they have lived. I would describe it more as a palpable energy in certain parts of the environment…kind of like a shimmer in the air that comes and goes.

  5. I chuckled at all the different “readings” of the situation. It’s like everyone is picking up vibes, but can’t quite hone in until they’ve actually “been” there. I can’t wait to hear about the shifts. This is a wonderful tale.
    Kdivasilver recently posted..The magic of Macy’s…My Profile

    • Hi KD,

      Yes, it is a bit funny, isn’t it! It could be a made-for-tv movie: “It’s a horror!” “Everything’s fine!” I can see the advertisement in my head 🙂

      The fact is that there was indeed a common thread throughout – and that is the interesting and probably the important part.

      I’ll get around to the whole tale in due time; it’s still unraveling itself.

  6. What’s the update on this since the clearing? I guess I’m not sure what to think about the entire situation – too many opinions and it’s hard to know which one is right! As long as it’s peaceful at your house now, that’s what’s most important.
    Lindsay recently posted..The story of the ruined journal & the lesson behind its demise (because there’s always a lesson)My Profile

    • Hi Lindsay,

      The update is a loooong story (of which I’ve already told you pieces) and it is still kind of happening. So when I have some better perspective on it I will write about it. I believe I need to ajudicate the house sale (or whatever) first and let the chips fall where they may, pick self up and dust self off. It feels like things are going to be happeing sooner rather than later. So even if there were “too many cooks spoiling the broth”, in the end I believe everyone played an important role and things happened exactly as they needed to/should have.


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