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Intuitive Development Training | Does It Matter How Psychic Messages Come Through?

Recently I had the opportunity to train some people in intuitive development.  All of them had some type of prior experience or training in seeing things psychically, and all of them wanted to know how to develop some of the Clairs that they felt were “lacking”, missing or underdeveloped.

This really brought home that

It Doesn’t Matter What Method You Use To Access Psychic Information, It Just Matters If You Receive Good Information

When people who don’t attempt to get intuitive information view a psychic, intuitive or medium, they usually are skeptical and want to know:

  • Are you reading my mind?
  • How do you do it?
  • Where does the information come from?
  • How did you know that? 
  • I don’t believe you can actually get any information about me so can you prove it to me?

When people are undergoing Intuitive Development Training, they want to know very similar things.  The fact is that they don’t Trust the information that they are getting because:

  • They suppose that it could be their imagination.
  • They thought they would see an apparition standing right next to them.
  • They didn’t realize that most of what is “seen” is through the third eye, or by looking at the back of their eyelids.
  • They just expected something different than what they got (it came in another way)

They (we) sound a lot like the skeptics!

There are two sure cures for skepticism: 

  1. See it for yourself (proof)
  2. Tell every last detail to the person who is being read and get confirmation

Before I studied to become an intuitive, I was not someone who grew up seeing ghosts or knowing things before they happened.  My intuition was learned and maybe a little bit inherited.  Everyone has the capacity to develop their intuition, but not everyone is going to go about it the same way.

Before, I mostly “heard things in my head” in the form of intuitive messages.  Specifically, in the upper left of my forehead region.  Brief and to the point:

 “Don’t turn your back.”

 “Slow down, police up ahead.”

There is a distinct, high quality, positive (and in my case, mostly warning) tone to messages that I heard from my guides, that does not sound like my own usual self talk that happens in the form of “words in my head.” 

The best way to begin to learn to become more intuitive is to separate your own internal dialog from this different voice, and also to develop the ability to observe your own thoughts. 

There is a voice in your head that is your Ego (the babbler and worrier), the part that is separate (who can observe the Ego) and, if you listen very closely, from time to time there is Another Voice Which Is Neither Of Those Two.

When you do readings for other people you get to meet with their Other Voice, which generally turns out to be spirit guides and angels or sometimes their Higher Self.  But, it may not be a “voice” that you hear.

When you first learn to do readings the question is,  WHO are you speaking with and HOW are you speaking to them.  A refresher on The Clairs and for those who are not familiar with them:

Clairvoyance –  “clearseeing” – These are pictures, visuals, that come in a flash or play out like a movie. 

Some guides will show them over and over again – flash, flash, flash, when I’m not getting it or they really want me to know it’s important.  I’ll see this when someone asks me about where they might move or visit – I get a picture in my mind of a house or a city, beach, country, map.  The problem with “clearseeing” is that it’s not always so “clear” – most of the time you have to interpret it.  WHY am I seeing two pink elephants dancing on the head of a pin?  Just kidding -but you get the idea.  

Clairaudience – “clear hearing”  – You actually hear the message, usually inside your mind not outside of your body with your physical ears.  For example, “One son” – yes, she has one son.

 Clairsentience – “clear feeling”  – An overwhelming emotional feeling – joy, grief, you stepped into someone’s comfort zone and want to back away – or a physical sensation – smells, tastes, touch.  Sometimes people refer to this as “feeling it in my gut.”   You may get shivers down your back or all of the sudden feel like someone just hugged you or wrapped you in a warm blanket.

 Claircognizance – “clear knowing” –  You don’t know how you know it, you just do.   I’ll look at someone’s picture and “just know” they are shy, are in a bad relationship, whatever.  This is what most people refer to as their intuition.  That message actually came from your ability to tap into this Clair.  Don’t ignore it just because there is no logical explanation for it.

The point is, whether you are accessing your own intuition or are learning to do intuitive work for other people, it does not matter HOW the information comes through, or which Clair it came through, just that you GET the information

You can always work on developing the other Clairs that aren’t as strong for you initially if you want to, but you need not be disappointed that you didn’t “see”, “hear”, “feel” or “just know” it At Will, right out of the gate. 

Some entities communicate in a particular way and if you aren’t operating from that place, then you can always ask for a translation in a way that you can understand.

In my case, I experienced all of the Clairs for the first time by doing readings for other people.  This does not mean that it will happen that way for you, but who cares?  Did you get the answer?  That’s all that matters.

Best wishes to all who celebrate it for a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

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