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Mediumship Reading With Angela Artemis | The End To The Ghost Story?

After reading my last article on my house, the lovely Angela Artemis of Powered By Intuition volunteered her time to speak with me on the phone to see if we could get to the bottom of the goings on.  Was it ghosts?  Or something else?

Many of you wrote to me to express your concerns for my family’s safety after I described the activity here over the past six years, which culminated in the fan blades falling off the ceiling fans in close proximity to my children. 

I repeatedly responded that I honestly wasn’t scared or concerned, and some of you thought that was kind of an odd response.  Point taken.  It’s just that when these things happen in the way that they did, the energy of the environment is calm. 

I fully recognize that spirit is all around us all of the time, so I just expect it to show itself every once in a while.  What happened here was nothing like the movies – just a shape walking past, a smell that didn’t belong, and a few screws coming loose from above. 

Angela works from a land line only to avoid interference from cells, so I went out and bought myself an old trimeline phone (remember those?) and plugged it in.  We had to call each other back several times because of crackling on the line, which never went away.  From my end it sounded like she was very far away. 

Even though the purpose of the call was to help me figure out if there was anything to be concerned about, sort of like a professional second opinion, Angela was happy to talk to me about the people who came through for me in spirit, of which there were two.

I told Angela of my bad experience last year having a reading with another medium.  The negativity he projected onto me made me doubt if my own feelings were just wishful thinking.  I trust that Angela would be honest with me. 

She had already made contact with my mother and she was able to describe to me what her current state felt like, which was exactly as I had been feeling her.  Also, it made me feel much better!  That never hurts, does it?

In additon to my mother, I had another visitor.  Surprise – it wasn’t another close relative or friend, but my old employer (who was a very good person and a friend to me for a brief time before she passed suddenly and unexpectedly of pancreatic cancer at a young age).

What was so interesting about this was that Angela described how she would visit me, sitting on a  tree limb out here in the back yard.  Some of you will recognize that imagery as we’ve spoken about it before.  I have always felt someone in just that spot, but didn’t know who it was.  Mystery solved.

There were a few things about the reading that I couldn’t confirm until I spoke to someone else.  When I asked about the details, they were able to confirm them. 

What’s interesting is that  I suspected that someone who died while very ill would probably choose to appear looking like they did when they were young and before they got sick, and that’s exactly what happened.

My mother appeared wearing a dress with an apron, which Angela thought looked like maybe she was a maid, but she wasn’t.  I was nonplussed on that one until my Dad told me that when my mother used to entertain, she would finish getting dressed and then put on an apron to take things out of the oven and finish prepping the food.  Not something most people do, so it was unique to her, but I was too young at the time to remember that.  There was also a woman who appeared with reddish hair, which I didn’t recognize either until I was reminded that my grandmother used to use a henna rinse in her hair.

Angela spoke of a number of things that  I happen to know or feel about spirits around me.  The best way I can describe it is like having a friend or a colleague who can just zone right in along with you.  Neither of you may have 100% of the picture, but when you talk it through things come together.  She also gave me her thoughts and professional advice from her business background.

Okay, so here is the part you are probably wanting to know – are there ghosts in my house or not?  

Angela did not have anyone come through who claimed to be “responsible.”  The fan blade actvity was attributed more to the emotional energy from the inhabitants.  As far as my friendly ghost who walks through, we’re still not sure who that was – perhaps a former inhabitant of the house.

Did you notice that many of the commenters on my article describing the ghostly activity asked me,”Do you know the history of the house?” followed by,”Do you know what happened there before the house was built?” 

That may be a logical way to think of it, but so many people went that route that I have to wonder what may have gone on here when it was just wilderness.  That’s something I will never know.   I just suspect that I know.

Obviously some of the activities are just related to me.  Others, we don’t have an answer on.  

We agree that it’s important to pay attention to the feeling that you get during a visit from spirit. 

Most of the time this kind of thing is a well meaning visit from people you’ve known, or someone just passing through.  So there is no need necessarily to get overwrought if something a little supernatural occurs around you.  After all, if it was just your Mom would you want to “clear” her out?

Another Ghostly Visit Last Night, Just For Fun

One thing I forgot to mention to Angela was the experience with the lights going on and off in my boys’ room.  I fell asleep in their room last night putting them to bed, and woke up in the middle of the night with their bedroom ceiling fan light on, flooding the room.  Obviously someone wanted to be included in the conversation!

I Highly Recommend Angela Artemis If You Would Like A Mediumship Reading

I am truly grateful to Angela for offering her help with this situation!  If you have never read her blog, Powered By Intuition, I would encourage you to visit her and while you’re there check out the Mediumship Readings.  Who knows who might show up for you?

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