It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!

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It’s time once again for One Quick Intuitive Question and Answer. 

Anyone who “likes” my new Facebook page can submit a question.

If for some reason you don’t or won’t use Facebook, you can submit a question below but I ask you to also submit your Face!

If you do use Facebook but have a picture of your kid, cat, or motorcycle up there instead of you, I still want you to show me your face one way or the other.  If you haven’t guessed, that is the best way for me to zone right into you and your situation.

Last time I did this was in June, and we had over a hundred questions asked, via my previous blog and email.  You can ask here in the Comments section below or via Facebook. 

Here is how it works: 

Think about the one “burning question” you have right now that you wish you could get some clarity, guidance, or assistance on.  It can be from any area of your life, no restrictions.

Maybe you have been asking your spiritual team for help in making a decision or which direction to go in, but you can’t clearly hear their advice.  Maybe you haven’t really established your relationship with your own spiritual team and you don’t know how to go about asking.  Everyone needs guidance from time to time, so ask away.

If you want to know the name of your primary guide or something else which is more in depth than a simple question, please order a reading instead – but don’t forget to ask your one question while you are here.

My regular readers are welcome to send this post out to your friends and family!  Please use the share buttons below.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Questions are now closed.

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  1. OOH! Can I ask one? (You know my face is on FB, of course!)

    Here’s my one question: I want to go full speed ahead in 2012 with my intuitive practice. Can my Guides tell me one thing I can do now to prepare for that?

    🙂 Thanks Julie!
    Lisa at Practically Intuitive recently posted..Podcast #21: Take care of *yourself* this holiday seasonMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa,

      Why of course you can! 🙂

      I don’t see you “preparing” exactly. More like bringing other people into your world. There is a steady group of four women (including yourself) plus two others that kind of float in and out. It looks like you will be doing a lot of collaborative work. If you need any volunteers, I’ll play.

      Another thing I am getting is butterflies. Someone else’s butterflies. Maybe their site has a butterfly on it??

      • Hi Julie! Thank you for your insight. I’m pretty sure I know the women you speak of and yes, I’ve begun to collaborate with them much more of late. I love that part and yes, I’d love you to join in as one of my “tribe” so we can help each other.

        My Mediumship site features a butterfly on it so I wonder if that’s a message to continue that even more in 2012.

        Good stuff and I thank you for doing it! 🙂
        Lisa at Practically Intuitive recently posted..The one you most need to love is YOUMy Profile

        • Hi Lisa,

          The mediumship connection could definitely be it. It was really clear that it was “other people’s” butterflies, so perhaps you will come across someone new or maybe it was just a point that you’ve hooked up with other mediums in partnerships. Anyway, it sure has been fun getting to work with other intuitives this year and who knows what the future brings!

  2. Julie, this intuitive question offer is such a boon. (My picture is on FB, and I’ve liked you since I first “met” you!) I feel right now like I’m getting a lot of (to me confusing) messages on my direction for my next step–confusing because they seem to be drawing me from my original concept and I can’t tell if they’re distractions/avoidance or true; can my Guides give some, well, guidance on where I would do best to focus my energies?

    • Hi KD, thanks for the “like” 🙂

      I see you writing, still.

      The message I am getting for your question is that you are being prevented from moving forward with your plans. Not going to happen. Instead, something else is going to be presented, through a different source that what you were expecting. This new thing is coming on into being and around December 14th should become crystal clear. Don’t worry about going off the original plan. You are being guided toward something “better” that will turn out to be more in alignment with what you really want, so it will end well. In the meantime you are being tested to become more open minded and f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e. Your team is right there with you.

      Also (not that you asked) I see a boyfriend coming into the picture? He might not be a permanent one but it looks like you are going to be pursued and at least have some fun.

      • Hi, Julie, and thanks so much–and LOL on the boyfriend. I’m wondering if it’s the guy I’m seeing now or someone new coming into the picture (no contenders on the horizon, that I know of…)–I’ve been struggling with what our “relationship” should be, so this is interesting.

        But now I’m REALLY confused about my path! For months I’ve been sensing that December was going to be crucial, but have no idea where it’s all going. I’ve been going toward alternative health field, but now seem to be getting drawn toward the more traditional, western field (as in maybe doing EMT training). Did the Guides have any guidance on that, or was it just very general? I realize from their comments that health field could be totally out of the picture too, which would be somewhat bizarre! I know, I know, f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e! It is exciting, I’ll say that. I’ve been half-heartedly looking for a new job in my editing field, but don’t really see one that makes it worth the effort to apply. And the writing has fallen off, so I guess I need to get back to that–it is a good self-analytical source, though I often forget what I wrote about!

        • Hi KD, I think you would make an EXCELLENT EMT! Just chill for a little bit, don;t commit to anything just yet, and see what rolls in.

          How long have you been seeing this man? It looked like not really a keeper, more just a fun time.
          A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

          • Julie, I was thinking of starting training in January, because it would come right on the heels of finishing anatomy and physiology courses and therefore really reinforce what I’ve learned. I’ll see how things go, though, what my schedule looks like, what else I want to do (nutrition, singing, acting, breathing lol!). I’ve been seeing the guy since about last August; we had a heart-to-heart last night because I was feeling like we were both too guarded and I needed to see whether he was able to open up; he started to, though I think it’s not his nature. It is fun being with him, and I agree, I don’t know that he’s a keeper, but there are some really good aspects to being with him, at least for now. One day at a time. Thank you for your gift(s)!

          • Kathleen,

            I am really glad that you are trying out so many things AND having a good time 🙂 You certainly deserve it. Keep me posted if anything comes up this month!

  3. Julie, Thank you so much for doing this. My question is Should I continue on with my education when I finish my AA next year. Originally I wanted to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering but in the middle of all this I got thrown into the whole metaphysical world and now I can’t imagine myself in a 9 – 5 office job anymore. I just want to know if it would be wise for me to continue. Thanks.

    • Hi Tracy, I get a big, resounding YES for continuing with your education. I am hearing to pursue a business degree, which you can use no matter what field you finally decide on. Thanks for asking.

  4. D'Arci Redditt says:

    Hi Julie!
    I am sure you know what I look like. I have a picture of myself on my facebook page. Thank you for all your past guidance, too!
    I have an interview on the December 5th, but I’m wondering if I should get myself back in this field (child welfare) or not. I have been volunteering as my guides suggested. I love it there, too! I love the area I’m living in, as well.
    Am I still heading in the right direction for a career path..or what I want to do, help others?

    Thanks so much for this opportunity,

    • Hi D’Arci – yes, I wouldn’t forget your face 🙂

      What I am getting here is Emotional Environment. In one place, there are some very sad, minority children, and the work environment looks grey to me, depressing. In another place, there are bright lights and a very cheerful, happy environment, where people are full of good, solid intentions and they actualize them. It looks an office environment where there are cubicles and lot of decorations and cheer, including artwork from the kids that are cherished by the employees.

      So my best advice would be to take the emotional temperature of the work place as well as whatever places they may be supporting, and decide based on that. I see you ending up in a very happy, cheerful environment where Things Actually Get Done. Don’t get wrapped up in any goverment places that just reek of failure. I’m not sure which one this interview will be, but that’s what you are supposed to be on the lookout for.

      BTW I am very happy to hear that the volunteering worked out and the area is a good one 🙂

  5. Oh, uhm…
    I don’t know. I thought I had a question, but maybe I don’t. I believe I’ve liked your FB page (I have, haven’t I?). I’ll check just in case.

    At any rate, this is a very good thing! Me gusta.

    Oh and may I ask what theme you’re using? Is it Thesis? Oh, and how did you get your own name as a host when it comes to the email adress?

    I might get back to you if I have a question. Until then, ciao!
    Sol | Some Insight Required recently posted..Diagnosis: LoveMy Profile

  6. To Tracey Marie,

    No, he is no good. It looks like he is married and maybe even a scammer. Stay away and don’t be duped.
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  7. Hi Julie,
    Just liked your FB page, my photo is there. Thank you for this opportunity.

    What do I need or what is restricting all the pieces of my path from coming together? Kind of in the flow but I know it should be tying together more.

    Peace & Blessings,
    Tania Tyler | Whole Living Today recently posted..A Question About Sacred PresenceMy Profile

    • Hi Tania,

      Thanks for *liking* me 🙂

      This is a funny message but I actually got “too clean.” Then alcohol. Is it possible to be too clean?? Is there someone in your life who is an alcoholic?

      It looks like you are coming up on a complete change (in the good way). You may need to confront someone or break away first, however. You know there is something that you need to do with regard to this other person, just need to get it over with. It looks like you are certainly supported in this.

      The details weren’t crystal clear to me so I hope this helped.

      • Thank you Julie! And thank you for replying to my email to validate what I felt your message pertained to. A synchronicity arrived shortly after (imagine that!) and I acted on it. I just needed to take that one step. Tying all my pieces together (healing, spirituality, ecopsychology, writing) to create a new, more defined path.
        Tania Tyler | Whole Living Today recently posted..A Question About Sacred PresenceMy Profile

  8. Shana,

    Hmmm…that’s interesting that you were choosing between a person and the business. I feel like you were unprepared when you started the business. I don’t really see it taking off without some MAJOR effort on your part. I see lots and lots of training. Also, lots of business acumen needs to be developed (might be regarding the internet part of it, the basics of business, or the travel piece itself, although it does look like you have background there).

    I am being shown an internet site that advertises travel to the islands, like the all-inclusives. That might mean to become an affiliate and hook up with them specifically, or possibly also to investigate how they work with other businesses to drive traffic. I can see you either doing work with another woman who works for one of these places and/or getting good ideas and even mentoring there.
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  9. Darlene,

    No, don’t go live with your brother!

    I actually see that his place is great for you and it would be wonderful, but only if he weren’t in it. So, that’s a no.

    It looks like if you hang tight and have faith (also ask your guides for help and keep paying close attention to what comes up), a much better opportunity will come up for you sooner than you think. You definitely need to get out of where you are, it’s depressing that you can’t do what you want. The chance is coming!
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

    • Thanks so much for such a quick reply. I was thinking I may be missing a real opportunity but you have given me new hope for a better future. This was so timely and I am extremely grateful for your help. Many blessings to you! (and my guides)

  10. Sonja,

    You are a gorgeous girl (you know what I mean) and it seems like men should be flocking around you. But, something about you says no to that and it makes me wonder if maybe you are looking for a woman instead? Sorry for the lack of clartiy there but something is blocking men from you, it seems, and I can’t quite zone in on the “what.”

    Moving on. I’m getting that there are two people, an old one and a new one, and some bad feeling that may need to be cleared up.

    There is also an inner dispute that you need to address, like getting clear on exactly what you want and need.

    There is a doubt, fear or lack of faith at play, too, like you don’t trust exactly where you are being led.

    So…if you can identify anyone that is active or recent in your life that you need to apologize to or break away from, do that first. Then, have a really honest discussion with yourself on what you really, deep down, want and need in a partner. Finally, once the path is “clear”, keep your eyes and your mind completely open to whomever shows up.

    It’s like you think you want one thing and kind of have your mind set on it, and perhaps feel that others might disapprove of your choice, but when “the one” comes along that person will be in a completely different package that what you are expecting. So, get busy doing the clearing out work, because as soon as you do it leaves an opening for the universe to bring you the right one who is going to stick.
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  11. SB,

    Oh wow, I feel like I could sit down and talk to you for a week!

    You have a tremendously powerful energy projecting out, even though you are private person. There is also a really strong hurt there, but I feel like you are pretty much over that now.

    The message that I am getting is that your mission is to help other people and make use of your bountiful compassion. Perhaps counseling. That’s your path to getting your power back. It looks like you are working with women or maybe teenage girls in some way, perhaps to stop abuse. You also are very educated and smart and have a lot to give. If you want to talk about this more offline feel free to get in touch.
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  12. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for this opportunity, I really appreciate it.

    I feel like I am on my right path and I’ve been open to the guidance that I’ve been receiving. I know that I am here to help others but need more clarity on my next step. What can my guides tell me about the steps I need to take in reference to the work that I’ll be doing with others?

    Love & Light,

    • Hi Heather,

      I am seeing you working in hospitals. It seems more like an administrative role of some kind where you are “in charge.” I say that because you aren’t dressed for medical work, it looks more like you are smiling with a blouse and skirt on and a clipboard in your hand, and you seem to be directing people. It could even be volunteer, but I see you working with physicians in some way and nurses, too. I feel almost like you are a “visitor” at the hospital more than an employee.

      This may or not be related to that but I am also hearing acupuncture.

      It seems like you are pretty intuitive and psychic and have the capacity to do work more along those lines as well, but for some reason “hospital” persists.

  13. Hi Julie,

    I’d like to ask a question too…I’m not sure how/if you do timeframes…anyways. I’m just wondering how soon will I have more time in my life to do intuitive work. I may not be framing this question properly, but I’d be happy for any insight at all on this question. Much thanks!

    Kara recently posted..Descend Before You Ascend – Grounding for IntegrationMy Profile

    • Hi Kara,

      I hate to say this but it looks like you are in for more of the same for a while – crazy busy, putting out fires, and feeling frustrated with the never ending parade of things to do and obligations. On the bright side, I don’t think it will be that long before you have “some” time to work on it. It looks like within 6 months the current situation will change and start to ease up a little, and within 15 months you will be breathing a big sigh of relief. By then I think the restaurant part will be done for you. I don’t know what your plans are and that might seem like forever.

      The other message that I got was that if you want to, you can push some of the obligation off to a part-time employee type or do a little hiring out, even now (though it doesn’t seem like it) and MAKE an hour here and there just for you. This would be your choice. You would be wary of doing it and it would mean giving up control, but control of things that you don’t really want to be doing anyway. It seems like you don’t see it that way or it won’t seem possible from your point of view (you will resist it because you think it’s too expensive and the other person will mess it all up), but it’s the recommendation I am hearing. Even a couple of hours of “me time” a week would make a big difference.

  14. Ha, I love these kind of posts yet can never think of what to ask ! Maybe that should be my intuitive question… what should I be asking ? 🙂 I’m guessing that the awesome reading you did for me last month already told me everything I need to know for the time being.

    Hope all is well and that your getting somewhere with your house situation,

    • Hi NB,

      Thanks for the shout out and I hope all is well with you and the family 🙂 I can’t think of anything else either! But if something comes up I will surely let you know.

    • I guess I should be careful what I ask! LOL … Thanks for doing this reading. I probably should have asked who can help me figure my way out of this crazy life! (but then I probably would have gotten the answer “help yourself”) 🙂

      I have been thinking about trying to outsource some more of my home duties, so perhaps I should actually follow up on that. (Too bad I can’t outsource my day job – although there are some changes coming in my job right now where my work will be shared more with another person, which may hopefully turn into a little more freedom for me) I’m probably supposed to be learning more about giving up control anyways!

      Thanks again. I’m going to go and try not to get all depressed about making it to 15 months from now… 🙂

      Kara recently posted..Descend Before You Ascend – Grounding for IntegrationMy Profile

  15. This is so exciting, Julie! What a sweet gift for each of us! 🙂
    Here is my question:
    What unconscious belief/block is keeping me from living my ideal life?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jodi,

      Thanks for asking a question and sharing with your readers!

      The answer I am getting is…nothing. There is not a thing that is keeping you from your ideal life.

      We all have limiting beliefs, of course, no one here (as far as I know) has ascended to that point.

      Let go of perfectionism, get out of your Thinking Mind, and live life to the fullest. Just be and let that be OK.

      • Hi Julie,
        Thank you so much for this guidance – you nailed it!
        I was going to say that you’ve given me something to think about, but instead I will try to just sit with it and see how it feels.

  16. I have a FB account, and the pic is of my dog. But my photo album does have 4 pics taken at different months if that helps. This isn’t an intuitive question but rather how do I get you that picture. I haven’t quite figured out how to get it over here just yet. If you just need a link to that pic, or what I checked out (and liked) your FB but I can’t find on there where people are asking their questions. Just wanted to get this straightened out before I submit my question.

  17. Hi Julie:
    My question may be a little complicated because my decision involves someone else, but I hope that you can still answer it…. Should I move to Houston or stay in San Antonio? –I’m looking for a new job, wanting to finish my Master’s AND my boyfriend lives there. He may be laid off, and if that’s the case, then he may want to look for work in San Antonio which is originally his hometown. I keep going back and forth with this and really can’t seem to make up my mind. I keep asking my spirit team but really can’t get a clear answer. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Gina!

      OK I am getting a few different things for you here. First – new beginnings/fresh start between now and February. You may have to change your plans because of a “must-go” trip – which may have to do with either (1) your boyfriend’s plans or (2) you getting contacted by a company for a job. Either way, there’s an “event” coming up that will change your ideas or plans about the future and make the way clear. If I had to weigh the balance I would say a really good job opportunity is coming your way.

      Sometimes we don’t get clarity because the timing isn’t right. The “thing” that’s going to drive our decisions hasn’t occurred yet. So I can’t say which city it will end up to be but I can say that you will know exactly what to do when the time comes because it’s going to be obvious. Until then, hang tight and release worry.

  18. Hi Julie, I forgot to mention in my previous post that I like your Facebook page. I have photos of me on my blog through the link here.
    Heather recently posted..Boo!My Profile

  19. As I mentioned above I am on FB just let me know about the pic and what to do.

    I’d known (and I guess interested in) this guy for a couple years (but something prevented me), and then we started seeing each other for a short while (6 mos maybe), and I just want to add that its not real clear on what happened between us that were not together (him, me, both lol).
    I’ve been thinking of him lately (almost like being pushed/pulled but not sure) and wondering if I should keep entertaining this, cause I’m not sure about him (as in his feelings, response, etc). I don’t know what the present/future between us holds…
    I try asking but that is where the push pull comes in not like being pushed away like being pushed and pulled toward him, even dreams, or, I would be doing something and hey bam.. sometimes I muse that someone is trying to tell me something, problem is not sure what exactly which is when I ask and if I didn’t know better I think someone is rolling their eyes at me lol.
    I am sure/hope you can get a sense/idea what I am trying to ask.

    Okay let me know I wasn’t sure how to phrase it cause its not really deeper (imo) but its a larger kind of question, its one, but large and hard to phrase/ask as only one. Again let me know and if you need a pic of him I’d rather not post it online (privacy reasons) but could email it to you if need be, it’s not real clear lol…

  20. Alissa RG says:

    Hi, Julie–

    Thanks for this opportunity. My twin sister, D’Arci, told me about it. 🙂

    I’ve been trying to finish my thesis for my Master’s degree in Sociology (Family Issues emphasis) for several years now, and I continue to struggle with it. I have the feeling that I don’t know what I’m doing. I live in Colorado, and all my committee members and advisor live in Omaha, NE. I’ve wanted to give up A LOT, but continue because it’s important to me…..although, I am now done “to the wire” with needing to finish or I won’t graduate. (I was well on my way to finishing until I had a baby and then moved from NE to CO.) I’m not quite sure how to word my question, but I’ve wondered to myself many times if I should just give up with trying to finish my Master’s degree through the Univ. of NE (Omaha) and move onto something else (ie. I’m not meant to go this route in my life)?

    Thanks for you thoughts and insight.


    • Hi Alissa,

      I don’t like the way you say that you feel that you don’t know what you’re doing. Shouldn’t the school be teaching you?? Are you confident in the work itself or having anxiety that if you WERE to graduate, that you don’t know if you would be effective in your career?

      I see that the decision is completely up to you. You can overcome the challenges if you want to, even if no one is really helping you. It’s time to take a good, hard, better-than-you-have-been look at how you genuinely FEEL. Assuming that no one else in the world would judge you for your decision – would you feel OK about quitting, or would you want to see it through to completion?
      There is definitely a new turn of the spiral coming up for you…you may be pleasantly surprised. Things are going to be changing.

  21. Merry Mary says:

    Hi Julie,

    I believe I am about to get a job offer – should I take or stay where I am?

    • Hi Mary,

      I definitely see that you are “over” the position that you held for a long time and are in need of something new. I also see you with more money, and a “promotion” of a sort, something new that puts a smile on your face and gives you a new fun challenge.

      I don’t know whether or not it’s THIS particular job though – send me some details (you can email or fb me) or get in touch when you get the offer and we can drill down some more. I see you EXCITED about a new job, not just relieved to get rid of the old one – so, does this job stack up?

  22. Hi Julie, thanks for your kind help! May I know how do I retrieve my intuition ability?

    • Hi Mary, there are many, many articles on the site that address this. If you want specific information, I would need your photo, and generally I answer this kind of question through readings. I would start with the articles.

  23. Paulina,

    Thanks for your patience; I didn’t forget you!

    It looks like the time isn’t right yet. Perhaps the other person is busy dealing with other things right now, or hasn’t moved to your area yet, so even though you are ready, it’s not yet time.

    I see that the person may come on in to your life sometime around next fall, and be “in” your life by April 2013. It reminds me of this quote, “The person who I want, wants me, and it’s just a matter of time before we are brought together on the checkerboard of life.”

    That may seem like a long time to wait, but hey, if it’t the right one, they’re worth waiting for, right?
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  24. To I.S. who asked about the man N –

    No, he is not your “one.” Your person would love and respect you and shower you with attention, not act the way that N has done. Find your right person.

    It does not matter if you love him, the love has to be returned, right? Don’t feel badly about being caught up in this, but do right by yourself and put him behind you.

    The one who is right will be kind to you and make you feel loved. It is your duty to yourself not to settle. In either case, this man has nothing to offer you.

    I hope that helped even if it isn’t what you want to hear.
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

    • Hi Julie, hope your doing okay and to thank you as well for doing this. I wasn’t sure if I phrased my question well enough to be understood, went over it a couple times but lol… Anyway thank you for this. Hope to hear from you.

    • Thank you for answering… Its not what I wanted to hear but anyways… Thank you….

      • You’re welcome. Don’t be discouraged. In the end you will be happier. This is just a bump in the road.

        • Its been more than a year … I am very thankful for what you read for me… I met the right person and he does shower me with attention…. I can safely call him the love of my life and it is spiritually based love… There is nothing I can wish more… He is everything I ever dreamt and so much more … well you can understand that it made me come back to you to thank you for opening my eyes and my life is now a fairy tale…. Thank you … thank you so much… hugs and kisses

  25. Susan,

    OK, actually you two look like the perfect pair. I know you will forgive me for just being blunt, so here goes: You are driving the poor man bats. He thinks that you aren’t really interested in him and you talk a lot. He is not the kind of man whose ears you can talk off. He needs some peace and quiet. He doesn’t want to “talk about the realtionship.” He does seem to really care for you, so there is a chance that it can work out. Your guides are rolling their eyes at you (metaphorically) as you say because you haven’t really made up your mind and just keep going over and over it. The suggestion that I am getting is to make a nice overture of some kind to him (bring him something you cooked, etc), give him a smile, tell him it was nice to see him, and THAT’S IT. No chat, no talking about the relationship, just that. You simply want to give him the hint. Then you have to let him be the man and take it from there, if he wants to. Good luck and lots of love 🙂
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  26. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hey Julie,

    I love it when you do this for your readers!! I think I have already liked your page but will do so again if it lets me. I do believe I have a face shot on my page as well.

    As for my question, I keep getting from readings and my own tinkering as well that there is a major life change coming for me. So I guess any insight you can provide as to what that might mean would be awesome.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..We Are FamilyMy Profile

    • Hi Todd,

      LOL on the cat comment.

      I see you are on my Page but I can’t see your face as when you “like” a public page I can just see the public view…probably we should just friend each other under our personal names.

      Anyway, that’s OK because I already “know” your energy, so to answer your question…

      The message I am getting is that you are ready to make a big leap forward in your spiritual development, if you wish. There is a book or a course that will come along that is really going to help a lot. I also see a big career move coming up. Eventually, I suspect that you will tie the two together, but not yet – for now you will still be *wanting* the big house but you will have patience and, all good things in time.

      So keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities, pay close attention, the signs will be there as to next steps. On the job front, it probably will be more of a surprise type thing.

      Carry on! 🙂

      • Todd | Channelingmyself says:

        Hey Julie,

        Thanks again for your thoughtful message. I feel that something is coming but I am so impatient I get frustrated when I feel blocked or like I don’t know what to do next. If you have a personal facebook page just send me a request. I keep my profile private for reasons that I won’t share here. I know I should probably just get a fan page for my blog but I’ve been procrastinating getting it done.
        Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..We Are FamilyMy Profile

        • Part of it (The Whole Thing) is learning how to manage those emotions and frustrations and learn to just let it be. It’s like part of the curriculum. For instance, when I lost my job I freaked out for a while, especially about money, because I was the breadwinner. I had to get through the days without carrying around all that chihuahua energy. The SO much time passed, I needed a plan. Everything I tried that was logical, failed. Blocked. Then my mindset started to change, and the world kept carrying on the way that it does. I finally learned that it was ME. I had to change. Impatience and logic has nothing to do with the overall Plan. If you can master this (and correct yourself when you go off track, because you will) it will change your whole life. And you will be amazed at the gifts and the beauty and the serendipity that you are leaving a space for. Things that are better than you imagined in your wildest dreams will just come on in to your life.

      • Todd | Channelingmyself says:

        HI Julie,

        Thanks for sharing with me. I certainly hope the career move gets me out of corporate America and into something that will bring me plenty of joy. I wish you would have said my dream house is right around the corner but I guess all good things come to those who wait.
        Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Bloggers BewareMy Profile

        • Todd,

          Oh I didn’t mean it wouldn’t be, “just around the corner” being relative and all of that. Let me know when it starts to happen, but I have to tell you I am more excited about your spiritual development :).

  27. To Dan,

    This is interesting. When I saw your face I was absolutely sure you were going to be something like a stockbroker or in finance and have a MBA or at least a finance degree, but actually you are nothing like that at all and your background is more artsy and spiritual.

    I think you missed your calling on the money front. You show “wealth.” Do you think you aren’t good with numbers?

    There does seem to be a new project coming up for you which is positive.

    Is there anything that you wished you would have done but bowed under pressure to the family or someone else?
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  28. Hi Julie,

    I am sort of expecting some major changes in my life currently. Would you be able to advise what kind of changes are those and how may I cope with these changes?

    • Hi Richard,

      First let me say how adorable those kids are!! And you look so happy with them 🙂

      I am not sure how to answer your question, exactly. It looks like yes, you will be having a major change. I can’t pinpoint whether it is in your marriage or in your work, or both. You would have to tell me which relationship you’ve been feeling is about to explode. In some way, someone may be making you feel cheated, abused or like they are taking advantage of you.

      There is also a mistake you made that you may be feeling nervous about how it will all work out.

      I see you are going to be OK financially, so if there is a loss, eventually that will work out and you’ll be fine.

      You asked how you can cope, which is probably the most important part. Basically, you just want to be happy. I know that’s true of everyone, but I don’t say that to other people, I really mean it – at core, you just want happiness. The way to get there is to talk it over with God. Release your wants, concerns, and worries, don’t be afraid of losing your “support system” because even if you do, it will be OK. Just “let go, let God.”

      • Hi Julie,

        The major changes that i could refer to is related to my career and things that i could do in the immediate future. Besides my current full time job, i am also studying topics related to spiritual healings. Not too sure what is the right direction that i should be pursuing on?

        do you have any comments or suggestions for me?

  29. Hi Julie,
    I just found your site today and there are some great posts that are really clicking for me. So off to Facebook I went to “like” your page.

    This past year was full of big changes that really changed the direction of my life for the better – moved to a new city, got a job in a different environment, started letting go of some limiting beliefs, and opened up to having a spirit team. The next step always seemed really clear, or just fell into place. Now everything is settled, and I feel unsure about what I need to focus on next. Do you have any insight on what the direction might be, or where I can go to find the answers myself?

    Mandy recently posted..Organic YogaMy Profile

    • Hi Mandy,

      Glad you *found* me 🙂

      You say you opened up to having a spirit team, but when you get to a stopping point and are just looking around saying,”What’s next?” sometimes the best thing to do is to look within.

      Have you been doing any “Law Of Attraction” reading or activities? I ask because I don’t see that as a course for you.

      How close have you gotten to your guides? Are you seeing/hearing/feeling them? Have you “met” them? It sounds to me like that is what the next best course of action would be for you. I think if you look on the right you will see my Ezine article, a “Guide To Your Guides” which might give you some ideas on how to do this. Plus goodness knows I have plenty of others here on the blog! Also check out,,, and if you haven’t already.

      Another thing is, how closely are you paying attention to the signs that your guides are sending you all of the time? Are you seeing patterns and making the connections? Is someone sending you money (pennies, dimes, etc)?

      I think working on establishing and growing your relationship with your team is the next best course of action. If you have any questions on your path feel free to get in touch.

      • Thanks so much Julie! I read your response about establishing a relationship with my guides and it was just like “aha, so that was a sign, and that was a sign, etc.” but obviously I’m not paying enough attention to what’s going on around me with an open mind. My efforts so far have been little more than toe taps into the water just to see how if I can “feel” the right way to pursue a connection. Clearly I need to just dive in already. Thanks for the links and offering support.

        I haven’t noticed any money coming my way, but I wonder if I’ve just been missing it (similar to the other signs)? The Law of Attraction bit strikes a chord as well. I keep reading up on it, trying to “use” it, but for the most part it just never sits quite right and I end up forgetting about it for a while.
        Mandy recently posted..Organic YogaMy Profile

  30. General Comment to All –

    I believe I have now gotten current on answering everyone’s questions. If you asked a question via email and I did NOT either answer you here or send a request that you be more specific, please let me know.
    A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  31. Stacy Stehle says:

    Hi Julie!

    I just came across your site today and found your Facebook page! 😉

    My questions is that I feel like I am getting clearer each day on who I am marketing too and my message for my health and wellbeing business. I want to know if I am on the right track? I haven’t been able to attract interest yet.

    Thank you for doing this!

    Much love,

    • Stacy,

      I know, I’ve been testing your patience! I wanted to have a chance to go look at your site, and now I have.

      There is one big thing missing – YOU. I want to see your face plastered at the top of the banner. I want you to personalize it. Show your credentials. Make it like “HI I AM STACY AND I AM GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” (if you see what I mean).

      Get rid of the “Wellness.” When I go there I feel like I am talking to the HR person. Bland. Required. Something I HAVE to do, not something I WANT to do. (P.S. I could probably be your target audience, so trust me on this!)

      You are far, far more personable than that. You are a very motivational person and you genuinely want people to succeed. So, you need to make that message come through. You need to create synergy and excitement. It’s lovely looking, but if it was infused with your personality it would grab people so that they felt like if they want to change their life around, STACY is the one person who is going to personally take them by the hand and make it actually HAPPEN! They will believe in you when they can feel your energy leaping off the page.

      Good luck, I am excited for you – you can do this!

  32. Sometime in the year 2012 I want to secure a position at Ernst and Young, am I likely to get it, and if possible, do you have an idea what month of 2012?


    • Joey,

      Well you certainly belong at Ernst and Young, you are extremely analytical. I see you employed by May – if not there, then at a competitive firm. )Incidentally, if you would like to join me on Facebook please use the button at the right for A Cler Sign’s public page as the other is my personal account. Thanks!)
      A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

      • You are right I’m an analytical person, that’s awesome it’s likely to be in May because that’s exactly when I want to make the change. And I just “Liked” the clear sign page.

  33. Do I have psychic abilities? Or why sometimes I can feel , hear, see and other times no? How the psicic switch works?

    • Fatima,

      I would say yes (we all have psychic abilities to some degree, anyway). That is kind of a huge question, but it really boils down to what type of work have you done and are you willing to do in order to develop them to get consistency. I would need to write a dissertation to explain my understanding of the many reasons for why intuition is clear at some times and not others and the many ways you can develop your psychic skills. Keep your mind calm and clear, set the intention, and pay attention would be the biggies in my opinion.
      A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  34. Hi Julie. Thanks for the opportunity to ask a question. I’m in a distance relationship with a man I just can’t get enough of. Due to our respective parental and work responsibilities, we will remain in a distance relationship for at least the next two years. How can we make the most of that time?

    • Jenny,

      You are a STAR – not only your picture but his, too! Thank you.

      How far away are you, because I feel like you rarely get time together. It does look like a lasting relationship though i.e. you are both committed to it and will remain so. As to how to make the best of it – I can see him sending you little gifts, like trinkets, and you are both good communicators and mature individuals. I suppose be willing to defer instant gratification, knowing that your future is secure. You seem like you really get along so I don’t feel I have to warn about arguements or anything like that. Just enjoy the heck out of each other when you do get together. I wish I had something more to tell you!
      A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  35. I want to know if my girlfriend and i are going to make it. We’ve only been together a short while but we both feel so connected. Her parents have interfered forcing her to choose between me and them.

  36. hi julie! I would like to know if i am able to move from the house and area next year, to be able to open up my spiritual gifts again in a nicer place from all this negativity. Thank you julie xxx

    • Hi Carole,

      Well, not sure on the actual move. I am getting a few things for you:

      A break up of some kind of relationship
      Business activities that surprise you (in a good way)
      A postponement of what you really want (I assume this is the move), takes longer than you’d wish, but ultimately it’s “all to the good”
      I see you literally opening up your spiritual gifts, like in a shop or even maybe out of someone’s parlor – not sure how you normally work, but I see a very lovely place, very cozy, where you are working and very happy with the environment, happy to be there, etc.

      I also heard “Houston”. I doubt this means the actual place. It probably is a reference to another lady I know who lived in England and wasn’t happy there. She spent a big portion of the year in Houston, working with her partner, and she eventually was looking toward going home, but in a different and better way. I’m not sure exactly how this might apply to your exact situation, but maybe you know.

  37. Rae Lyn Blakley says:

    Hi Julie! Thank you for this opportunity. I hope my question is not too general, but what do you see coming for me soon? I’m on the fence about a major decision in my love life and I’m also desiring to discover my true calling in life as far as my work is concerned. I’m so longing for something more fulfilling and more time for fun in my life. Not sure I even know what that is anymore! I hope this isn’t too vague. Blessings to you!

    • More detail on my question: The name of my love interest is Skip, he is a friend on my FB page. I wish I knew how to post his picture here for you. Just wondering if he is the one I should be with and if I can trust him with my heart. There’s a long past there, in fact I feel it goes back many lives. I seem to be hopelessly devoted to him! LOL…but is this the right path to take? Thank you so much:)

      • Hi Rae Lyn,

        OK now I’ve got the both of you!

        Wow, he is quite a character and he hangs out with a bunch more characters. I can see why you would be drawn to him – he’s very interesting and would keep you on your toes. I would probably need to do a full reading on the both of you to really be able to give you an opinion on the “trust” factor. When I see his face, it is so guarded that I can’t honestly get any good “read” on him.

        My initial reaction was a “no”, that perhaps this was a relationship that for one reason or another calls to your heart but not necessarily one that should be acted upon. I can’t say with certainty without digging more into it.

        • Rae Lyn Blakley says:

          I guess I should have mentioned we have a 3 year old daughter and weve been together for about 5 years. We had a breakup that went bad in April, but after almost six months of complete separation we are getting back together. We live in separate homes right now but have been spending a lot of time together. I’m not sure if we can make it last forever this time or if I’m meant to move on.

          • Hi Rae Lyn,

            Well, I’m not sure having more information changes my answer, though. I still don’t know if you can trust him.

            Now, if you want to exercise your free will and, because you love him and because of your daughter, you feel it’s incumbent upon you to give it another try, that’s one thing. Many people do this and hope for the best, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, right? But the thing is, I’m not sure that very often we have a “meant to” situation. There’s no one up there who insists you do one thing or another thing, because it’s our own choice. We just don’t get direction like that. Once we make the choice, we live with the consequences.

            From the way you put it, I believe you are wary but are hoping for the best, that you would like to get back together, and that you are going to do it, but just wish someone would give you assurance or a blessing that it will all be fine. Probably that’s what most people want, and that’s understandable. We dont get guarantees, though. There is a lot that will unfold over time so my best advice is to go with your gut.

  38. Fred Tracy says:

    Wait a minute, does the picture of us have to be current? Because my Facebook picture is of me back in high school, so that’s like five or six years ago…

    Anyhow, I don’t know if I have a burning question just yet.

    I think it’s awesome that you are doing this though. What a way to help people out. Yay Julie!
    Fred Tracy recently posted..How to Deal With Old, Repressed MemoriesMy Profile

    • Yes, Fred Tracy, I need a current photo 🙂 OK, in your case I don’t NEED one but I would like one! BTW lol at your comment about Justin and the dream – you gentlemen are all adorable. Either you and I were having a freaky mind connection (don’t put it past us) or we both happened to zone in on something going on with him (more likely). I would almost call mine a lucid dream, and I generally don’t have those.

      Think up a question if you wish as I am running out of steam over here…and thanks for the kudos.
      A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

  39. Hi Julie!
    My question is: I’m building up my intuitive business and I feel like 2012 will be the year where everything will manifest. However there are a couple of things where I feel a bit stuck….
    I know I’m a healer and intuitive and that’s my focus, healing through readings. Is there anything that you can pick up from my guides that I’m missing??

    • Hi Frances, I went over to your page and I see that the witch is in 🙂 but I don’t see your face! Are there any of you available. That’s the only way I know I have the *right* Frances. Thanks!
      A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

      • Oh! So sorry! If you go back now, the pic will be there! THANKS!!!

        • Hi Frances,

          There you are – got you. Very cute! You have a really high, perky kind of bubbly energy 🙂

          How have you planned your practice from a business standpoint? As in, how will it unfold? Will you be focusing on in-person or distance healing? I get a little hesitation, maybe even shyness, over doing readings in person. That doesn’t make a lot of sense since you say you do Reiki, but I don’t see you exactly being full-throttle with doing things in person, and maybe the distance allows you to get more information. You seem very empathic and like you need your space and should protect it.

          You should have a website, or maybe even a blog – people can be shy and not big on contacting you before they can “feel” you and know what it will cost, etc. I can really see you writing as you are very funny, too.

          Maybe get back to me on what your thoughts are so we can sort through it some more.
          A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

          • Thanks SO much. Yes, I’m just starting out and building my website as we speak. I prefer doing distance readings (phone/e-mail/chat). I offer reiki at my church and to family members.

            My main focus is healing through intuitive readings. I’m done with the “fortune telling” stuff, I want to go deeper and help others better their lives through a reading/consulting. Eventually i want to become a life coach or counselor. Actually I’m researching all this now.

            I AM very empathic and receive my psychic info through seeing, feeling and hearing (the latter is a new one for me!). I’m on the path for sure!

            Thanks again 🙂

          • Frances,

            Thanks for the feedback and keep me posted on how you are doing!

  40. What a generous delightful holiday offering of your gifts! My question has to do with my “relationship” of 10 years. I’d LOVE outside guidance as it is so confusing to me. I was going to provide details then decided that may cloud the question. What do my guides (or whoever) say about why we are in each other’s lives, and if it is is for the highest good of both of us.
    Many thanks and sparkly blessings,

    • Hi Patty,

      Can you provide a name and a face to the other person for me? (Incidentally if you would like to join me on Facebook please click on the link to the right for A Clear Sign’s fan page, the other one under my name is just my personal account – thanks!) P.S. Love the sparkly blessings!

      • Chad McDonald and he is on FB (lives in Petoskey MI). I love the next question from Susan also, as I have learned so many energy modalities also and want to use one/some with animals. Thank you, I will look for your page and LOVE it!
        Patty recently posted..Welcome to Northwoods Dog TrainingMy Profile

        • Hi Patty,

          In that case you and Susan should get together and talk 🙂 Have you been in touch with Patti Foy at Patii communicates with animals and has lots of interesting articles about it.

          On to your question about Chad. The energy I am getting between you is like he is your brother. He seems like a good man and a reliable confidant, even a vital man. I don’t get a “spark” though, at least from one side.

          My gut reaction is that this has been comfortable but you are at a much more energetic and sexual frequency than he is. Also, he hasn’t given you what you needed (perhaps commitment or even just that feeling of being adored) from the beginning, and so it has sort of dragged on.
          It looks like if you remained friends but ended the personal relationship then you would be free to find someone who really makes you joyful. It’s as if you two met and became something to each other that wasn’t quite “it” in some way. It’s a bit hard to pinpoint but it’s like the role you’ve played for each other isn’t quite connecting in the right way. Perhaps you’re just not getting back exactly what you really need.

      • were you able to find chad’s photo?

  41. Very happy to have discovered your website (courtesy of Anna of Psychic But Sane)! I just “liked” your FB page.

    I have become very interested in energy healing over the past year plus. I am now a Reiki practitioner and have discovered Reconnective Healing (that I want to learn how to do). My question is, what sort of energy healing should I put my efforts into? There are so many avenues to go down, that knowing this would help me narrow the field.

    • Hi Susan,

      Well, that’s interesting. I am getting that you would be perfect in western medicine. That you have a lot of experience with it, even if you don’t like it per se, and that you would be a fantastic counselor to get families through trauma (like when their child is sick), also a good midwife/birthing class teacher, and a great nurse. I wasn’t really getting anything specific in the energy healing arena. If you notice, another person posted here about having a lot of knowledge in this area that you might want to get in touch with!

      Basically I am getting that you are amazingly CALM, reassuring, don’t panic in a crisis, and that the children and their parents really need you. Does that make any sense at all?? You are like the person I would want with me if I had a life threatening emergency. I would know I was in good hands.

      • Julie,

        Thanks for your insights! Very interesting. I was raised by a physician, so I am a bit familiar with, and was completely raised in western medicine. (Was even pre-med in college for a while). Since I went to a maritime academy and had years of emergency drills and training (working on ships), I have been trained to be able to think and function under pressure. You totally got that!

        What I am finding totally entrancing about energy medicine and modalities like hypnotherapy, is treating problems and health issues in ways that western medicine (and psychology) doesn’t even see- because of how w.medicine is set up, and the premises they operate under. I have had some amazing healing, using energy medicine. And now that I truly know that physical death is merely a transition, I am not afraid of it, or have problems with other people’s deaths. Counselling perhaps!

        Anyway, thanks again. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.
        Susan recently posted..A Clairvoyant MomentMy Profile

      • Oh! The thing about children and their parents really needing me- my son has sensory processing disorder and is also a crystal child. I have spent a lot of my energy on advocating for him in school. Part of my blog is about helping people understand SPD better, and I write about my advocacy. I also participate online on bboards to do with SPD and also one particular parenting site (Positive Discipline). I am always trying to help parents be better parents and share what I have learned, parenting a child with SPD. Thanks again. You picked up some good stuff!

  42. Hi Julie,

    I am feeling like I need to add more regular Reiki classes as well as mediumship to my practice…What do you think!??

    Thank you,
    Blessings in Light, Kelly

    • Hi Kelly,

      It is very nice to *meet* you. I am going to give you some unsolicited information, which I generally don’t do, but the first thing I got for you persisted so here goes: the message was to dye your hair dark brown? And that you wouldn’t want to do that unless it was natural (no chemicals, etc) but that you would find the right thing if you looked for it. I know that is just the weirdest message and relative to nothing, but apparently I am supposed to tell you that. The idea was that you are to bring out the youthful spirit that you are. Do you ever use makeup, because I am hearing that you should do some pampering of yourself and that you don’t pay too much attention to that kind of thing. I am also getting something about a vitamin that you need, something you might need to see a doctor for, but I suspect it might be iron supplements.

      OK sorry for the distraction! Moving right along to your question, you seem to be being called as a medium. I get spirits all around you wanting to share their messages through you. It seems like you can handle it and would be helping individuals (who are still here) to gain understanding, connect with their passed loved ones, and allow them to move on more at peace. On the Reiki, it seems like that would fine if it’s something you want to do more of, but for the moment I would go the mediumship route.

      I hope that helped.

  43. Rae Lyn Blakley says:

    Hi Julie,
    I liked your page after I asked my question. I hope I’m not too late:)

  44. Sara Hocking says:

    Hi Julie-

    I’m considering a move in the next 6 months for relationship and career purposes. What do I need to be aware of in planning this?

    Thanks so much!

    Sara Hocking

  45. Hi Julie,

    I was hoping to gain insight to what you forsee happening in my personal life in the near future.


    • Ali, can you either Friend A Clear Sign on Facebook (over to the right) or send me a photo at

    • Hi Ali,

      Have you been thinking of moving or moving in with someone? If so, I don’t see that happening. I see that you are longing for “the one” and not happy about your current situation. It’s a little hard for me to tell if that person is “past” or “current.” But – if there is someone currently, I don’t see it as good for you.

      I am getting that a new person, a flirtation or romantic possibility is coming on in. This is going to be a big connection for you moving forward. Let go of anything that needs to be let go of, get out of your head, spend some time outdoors.

  46. Hi Julie,

    Glad I came across your page today.
    I have a burning question. I would like to know what my guides say about this guy I absolutely adore, when will things start moving forward, etc?
    I can’t seem to upload pictures on this site, would love to upload them to you privately though.


    • Gena,

      You can send photos to

    • Hi Gena,

      Do you have a David in your life?

      Regarding the man whose picture you sent me, I am not feeling it is going to be happening anytime soon. However, he is the one who is going to have to make the first move if it is going to go forward at all. There’s something about him that I think is really going to tee you off.

      The message I am getting is that in general you have a lot of stuff to work through, I am getting you irritated and disappointed and like “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.” That’s in general, not with this guy per se. The next little bit is not going to be a piece of cake.

      So the advice you are getting is to get calm, do your internal work, face things that have to be faced even if you don’t much like it, and really BE with yourself. Just sit with yourself. You WILL get over obstacles or limitations but you’re going to have to get mad first and take a good hard look at if your past is hindering your perception of the present.

      I understand this is NOT what you were asking me about but that’s the message I am getting.

      The world is going to have to take a turn before things sort themselves out, and you are going to have to really work at it. If you do, you will come out on top.

      • Thanks for the reply Julie. What you’ve said really makes a lot of sense, I will take the advice about turning inwards.
        Thank you again =)

  47. Zuri Bradbury says:

    Hi Julie
    Thank you for a great opportunity to ask a question – I have been in communication with a guy for about 3 months now and although it is moving very slowly, I am still very hopeful of a positive outcome. Is it friends or much more? What can you predict? Thank you 🙂

  48. I am wondering whether I will stay in my current job (3 years), which is very fulfilling but has tiresome political management which is wearing me down. I have been asked to provide a CV for another job which will require a substantial relocation. (i have just like your facebook page and my changed my profile photo)

  49. Hi Julie … Finally got one ! And an easy one at that ! I’ve had a few synchronicities lately pointing me at starting a blog … is now the right time ? I’m getting the signs but intuitively sense I’m not quite there yet … but maybe it’s a confidence thing …


  50. Hi Julie,
    I friended Clear Sign on Facebook. I will also send a private pic to your email to make sure you get it.

    Thanks again, 🙂
    Ali Hoyer

  51. Hi Julie,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions 🙂 I appreciated the extra information that you shared with me! Part of me has wanted to colour my hair for a long time, and part not (becuase I don’t like chemicals). You are so right about the natural colour as in the past I have used Henna to change my hair colour and I have never worn makeup in my life (well maybe a few times on very special occasions). I also do feels spirit around me all of the time and help the ones that need help crossing over. I am still working on the communication part, though I am feeling much more confident here as well. I will go have my iron levels checked as I know that I struggle with low stomach acid and this prevents iron (and all minerals) from being properly absorbed…Wow, thank you for such a clear and insightful answer and taking the time to connect with me!! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Blessings in Light, Kelly 🙂
    Kelly Kiss recently posted..Children and Soul RealignmentMy Profile

  52. Suzanne Foster says:

    Hi Julie,
    Blessings to you. If you have time, I would like to know if you see me with an income in the near future. Not sure what path I should choose!
    Thank you!

  53. Hello

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask a question 🙂 I already like you on Facebook.

    I would like to ask about my work situation. I am an attorney but haven’t been able to find work for over a year. I don’t really enjoy it and would like to do something different. But I’m not sure what and after an unemployed year it is challenging. I can do psychic and intuitive readings for people and telepathic animal readings as well as reiki. But I’m not sure how to make it work. Any suggestions on how I should be progressing with work would be most appreciated!!


    Andrea recently posted..Vegan Lentil Spaghetti “Bolognaise”My Profile

    • Hi Andrea,

      I see you as a writer. I just stopped by your blog to check and it just reinforced my inital thought.

      It looks like you will have a work opportunity soon (believe it or not) if you shift your focus. I see you in and Administrator role, like an executive secretary. Now before you say,”But I’m smart and I’m a lawyer!”, I realize that. There is someone out there who is the head of a company who needs a lawyer or all-around smart and knowledgable person to be his right hand. The contacts you make here can also lead to other opportunities in the future.

      I don’t see you making any money consistently at the spiritual readings type of thing.

      I can see you published in magazines eventually, with articles on food and healthy eating, like SELF magazine.
      A Clear Sign recently posted..It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!My Profile

      • Thanks for the reply!! I just find it quite difficult to digest…I’m not sure how I will work with someone as their assistant, one of the most difficult things in my working career has been taking instructions from someone, it just upsets me, I don’t like it, and to put myself in an assistant position seems unlikely, I really wanted to work for myself where I don’t have to do what I’m told, doing readings is the one thing I enjoy…I just wonder why I am not supported in doing something I would actually enjoy. 🙁 but thank you for the reading.


  54. I would like to take this time to thank Julie for her time and energy, in giving this gift to us. There have been many people between here and FB, and I am sure your probably beyond exhaused. Many things asked and the answers some we loved to hear, some liked to hear and some may not want to hear but may make sense later on. For all that Julie has been honest with us. So Julie Thank you while I can not speak for others, I am grateful for this gift you have given. Now please rest up and know what you did helped many.

    Peace, Light, Love & Hugs. <3

  55. What a great service Julie and bummer that I missed out on asking a question however I can appreciate that there has to be a cut off point or you’d never get done! Ha ha Hopefully I won’t miss out the next time around if you do this again. Everything happens in perfect timing so all if good! 🙂

    Marcus Baker recently posted..How to see Lemonade When You’re Looking at LemonsMy Profile

  56. Hmm… I am thinking that there are no more questions-and yes that was a lot up above, so I imagine you are ‘done’ but if you have nothing better to do someday:!!!
    I have done a LOT of work towards bringing more prosperity in my life, at age 45, and I also can feel sometimes ‘guilty’ for the enormous amount more that I COULD (should?) be doing, but am often too unmotivated, tired, or…confused as to what direction to take with all the options out there– as a result I ended up taking a bartending job at a ranch in Wyoming for the winter-it will be okay, wont make a lot but will cover my bills, I am hoping…
    ..but I am over %$26k in debt, and…am watching my life quickly slip away-even a particularly amazing woman in Portland that I just met on FB–I am sure she likes me a good deal-but yet I think she is wondering “Who is this guy who barely makes any money, has had over 40 different jobs in his life, etc)…. Shes actually fairly succesful from esentially ‘sticking to her passion’ for the last many years…And I dont know if she is thinking that, but I agree with her: WHAT HAPPENED!? And I am feeling so far behind others my age it seems impossible to get out of without winning (etc) a large sum of money. Seriously.

    So what is in my financial future-I’ve been told for years by many psychics that ‘money is coming, even a good amount’. but it never does. Trickles in, pours out! WHAT ARE MY BLOCKS towards prosperity- how do I get rid of them! (Is that The Question, finally!? Well, yes, it mostly is!) took me awhile….lol

    Thanks—if you ever have the time, I’d feel blessed..

  57. Hello Julie! Thank you for giving me (and everyone) an opportunity to get to know you and allowing everyone an insight into our own lives. Many blessings to you 🙂 My question is: Can you give me clarity about what path I should take next and how am I to go about doing that? In other words, what is my next step? It’s because I have so many ideas and I don’t know which path I should take. Again, thank you so much for putting energy into my question, I greatly appreciate it. Love and Light!

  58. Dear Julie,
    My marriage is in a turmoil. Do not know what to do, feel very insecure about my husband’s feelings for me. Is his friend a good person with good intentions or is sombody who I should not trust? Never been a jealous person but there is something about this girl I can not figure out yet.
    I just need peace in my heart, I do not like “hate feelings” towards somebody, it is something my Lord would never be proud of me.
    My picture is on facebook

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