Should You Be Afraid That Something Bad or Scary Will Come Out in Your Intuitive Reading?

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He's supposed to do that. You aren't.

In a word, no!

When I first started telling people I was intuitive or psychic earlier this year, I hesitated a little out of concern that they would think there was something wrong with me.  Not to worry, that was not what they were afraid of.

They were afraid of two things:

  • That I would suddenly know all their secrets
  • That if they got a reading something “bad” would come up that they didn’t want to know about

 Let’s dispense with this silliness here and now. 

Does A Psychic Intuitive Know All of Your Secrets?

I do not log into your energy and see and know everything about you as I pass you on the street, sit in your living room, read your blog or talk to you on the phone.   

This is for the same reason that I ask friends and acquaintences not to ask me to delve into your life intuitively every time we talk or every time you have a question you’d like an answer to.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite. 

I do not walk around “tuned in” or “on.” 

I already feel everything everyone around is feeling all around me, so I have to actively shut it off or I would be up, down, left and right.  I’d rather be me, thanks, and that is not an easy thing to maintain.  

Any time someone pops up unscheduled, I have to zone in on their energy to access their spiritual team, and that takes something out of me.  This is not a perfect world where I can read for ten people in a day, in depth.  I limit it by planning my day in advance.  If I am writing, I don’t do readings that day, either, because it pulls my energy up into the ether when it needs to be grounded.

So no, I can’t and won’t invade your privacy.  In fact, it is considered most unethical to gain information about others, unasked and without permission.  If I were to behave that way, my access to the Akashic Records would be summarily revoked.  This is a sacred thing, and everyone who legitimately endeavors to do this work does it with  permission from on high. 

 We do it in service, to help and to guide each of you.  We do it for the greatest good.  We explicitly do NOT do it to satisfy our own personal curiosity. 

In fact, that’s why it is rare that we even attempt to read for people who are closest to us – the odds that the information we get will be good and legitimate are low, because we are intertwined with those people and it is nearly impossible to keep our own egos entirely out of the picture.  You have to be pretty good to know when you’re being fooled.  The universe is tricky that way. 

On the other hand, if you don’t know me and I am hanging around your blog for a few weeks or months and you do not blog about spirituality or intuition in any way, there might be a reason why I was sent over there to help you or get a message through.  When I’ve left, you’ll know you’ve received it.  Things do happen “behind the scenes” and sometimes I’ve noticed in retrospect that I was sent to deliver a message to help you.


Why You Should Not Be Scared Of Bad Things Coming Out of a Reading

In the last couple of weeks I had several people who have some problems in their life say they would like to get a reading but they won’t because they are flat out afraid of what they will hear. 

Others are convinced that the chances are good something really scary is coming down the pike, and they don’t want to know it in advance. 

So I guess that means they’d rather stay blind?

What they are all really doing is living in fear. 

People, friends…do not do this to yourselves.

There is no predestiny at work that says something absolutely awful is going to happen to you. 

If you have set a course where there is something ugly that you are going to have to face, wouldn’t you rather Start Today on dealing with it and minimizing it?

Or would you prefer to be smacked in the face when it comes along unbidden?  I have had this happen to me and I don’t recommend that course of action.

Do not hide your head in the sand.  Allowing fear of the unknown to rule your world is  unnecessary, foolish and counterproductive.

You do not need to get a reading to know this.  What you need to do is be honest with yourself and say,”What do I already know?  What hints have I been getting that are making me worried and leery that something is about to hit me hard?”

You are intuitive yourself.  You know yourself.  These things are not a mystery unless you refuse to take a hint.  If something scares you, turn right around and stare it in the face and say,”I’ve been afraid of you, but today I face you and say no more.”  Watch it shrivel up right in front of your eyes.

Facing your fears and taking action to dispell them is the very best gift you can give yourself.

What Can You Really Expect From An Intuitive Reading With Me?

I am not a witch.  I don’t deal in dark matter, magik, or cast spells.  No one who meets me on the street would have a clue that I do this work. There is zero hippie factor or airy-fairy about me.   If you want someone who likes unicorns, dots their Is with hearts, and wears flowing skirts, look elsewhere.

I spent most of my life in a suit, running meetings, making business proposals, solving problems and just going to work every day and taking my kids out to birthday parties and the pool on the weekends. 

Until I quit that and now I do this.  Usually sitting on my porch, with my 52 dogs at my feet, in shorts.  There’s a nice breeze and a forest here.  

I look like (and am) a regular person who had one too many kids a little bit on the late side and could use to go to the gym every day.  I am the magical age of 44, which means that I have had a lot of experience and seen a lot of stuff, both personally and professionally, but am not ready to go yet.  I am also overeducated, so no matter what you bring me, I tend to get it, know somebody who gets it, or will research it until I’m satisfied that we’re on the right track.

I have an unbelievably awesome team of friends, colleagues, and spirits working with me and through me to get you to where you are supposed to be going, with your very best interests at heart. 

You know, not for nothing, you were put here for a reason.  You Are Important.  You have places to go, people to see and things to do.  If your life confuses the heck out of you, let us help you fix that, for goodness sake!

I can help you train yourself to access your own intuition. 

I can access the wisdom of your very own spiritual team (yes, you have one!)

These are all Good Things.  There is a little of the Woo Woo to it, but does that really matter?  Or do you really just want to know

  • what to do next
  • who you really are
  • what you are meant to be doing
  • how to take action to see your dreams come to fruition
  • what your life purpose is (answer: To Live It To The Fullest)

When you get a reading, you will KNOW who is on your team.  You will GET ANSWERS to life’s dilemmas.  You will SEE if you are on the right track.  You will FIND OUT things you never knew before about yourself.  You will be ENCOURAGED and SUPPORTED on your path.

See, nothing scary about that at all, is there?

I’ve just started a Facebook Fan page for A Clear Sign. 

Please join me there!  I’ll be having special offers, answering questions, and an upcoming  intuitive question and answer session.  Make sure you click from this page (or, if in Facebook, click A Clear Sign which says “REFERENCE” – otherwise you will find yourself in the wrong place.)

I’m on Twitter, too, but the fact is I cannot be limited to 130 characters.  Brevity is the soul of wit.  I know this but can’t comply.

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  1. 44 yrs young. But I am sorry to say I am going to have re-read the article only cause when I came upon the “with my 52 dogs” @@!! wow. I don’t know where you live but I am envious of you at this point. When I can get past the dogs part I will comment lol.

    • Susan, I actually only have three dogs plus a flair for the dramatic. If you experienced these dogs, it would indeed feel like 52. I also have a whole host of other adoptees around the premises, not including the inhabitants of the woods, which are legion. I once saw a Florida panther walk right by my kitchen window. We thought he was a bobcat but we were wrong. I also have horses walking and trotting by all day, which is nice since I get to see then without having to take care of them, too.

  2. I’m disappointed you don’t wear long, flowy skirts. I would love to wear them but every time I put one on, it looks like I’m in drag. 😛

    My sister had her first intuitive reading in Sedona and she was afraid he would get bad information for her, too. I told her that no good psychic would ever tell someone they are going to die, get cancer, have something horrible happen to their loved ones. And anyone who does is usually looking for more money, “I see something bad happening…but for $100 I can cast a spell so it doesn’t!” BULLOCKS.

    There is nothing to fear from a good intuitive reading. I’ve had quite a few at this point in my life and each one (save for one really crappy one) has helped me grow & learn on some level.
    Lindsay recently posted..Do empaths run in the family?My Profile

    • LOL Lindsay. I seriously doubt you look like you are in drag. But I could be wrong 🙂

      Something about going to a girls’ school as a teenager threw me off my girly game – I don’t wear make-up either unless it’s for a special ocassion – it makes my face itch 🙂 I am like the opposite of a gypsy.

  3. Fred Tracy says:

    “If you want someone who likes unicorns, dots their Is with hearts, and wears flowing skirts, look elsewhere.”

    You mean that isn’t you? I totally assumed you did all that. Wow. I’m kind of shocked actually. 😛

    Haha, I agree with what you said here though. People who were worrying about something bad coming out of the readings are simply living in fear. They’re the same people who are worried something bad is going to happen to them when they take their morning commute, or do that thing they’re really afraid of.

    It’s just silliness. Stop it!
    Fred Tracy recently posted..Lifestyle Design 101 – Choose Your Best Way to LiveMy Profile

    • Hi Fred,

      Well you know I used to be one of those people, worried about everything. I guess my previous experiences may have some relevance here – takes one to know one.

      I guess I blew my cover. I might have to try to fool some people next time. Might be fun 🙂

  4. Hey Julie,
    I remember my first reading with Gwen. I was afraid that she would know all of my deep dark secrets. I had no idea what she even looked like before the reading and yes, in my imagination I saw her wearing a scarf on her head like a gypsy.

    Well, she was nothing like that and her personality is as normal as anyone else.

    You explained your journey from the Corporate world to the spiritual world. We are at a time when many are making the career changes that they are really in alignment with spiritually.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Intimacy Is Not for the Faint of HeartMy Profile

    • Justin,

      I know – who knew? When I had a reading done probably 2 years ago now, it mentioned 7 major things in the area of profession and I’m like,”I’m an insurance agent. I’ll be an insurance agent until I retire. What are you talking about?” In retrospect that’s pretty funny.

  5. I’ve always had some fear when there have been readings done for me.
    Fear of being judged, methinks. Fear of not being liked. Those sorts of things.

    Of course, from being an intuitive myself, I know that any ethical intuitive would not think such things. Trust issues then, perhaps?

    I’ve never been scared of BADSTUFFOHNO coming out of my reading. I’m ready to take whatever comes.
    Sol | Some Insight Required recently posted..How to Actually Bond With Your Spirit GuidesMy Profile

    • Sol,

      Well that’s bravery for you 🙂 “Whatever comes” can sometimes be quite the story!

      I don’t know how other people “get” their reading information, but in mine it is strictly on a need-to-know basis. Often I don’t know what all of the details mean until I start talking to the person after the fact, and that’s when we piece it all together. OTOH I may just not be that inquisitive. I also hate gossip. I’m more in it to solve it or help get past it. Like “here are your options” or “here’s what it looks like if you go that way.”

      • On that note, I am quite thes ame.

        I personally think it is fun to work with the client to ‘piece things together’ as you put it. Never was a fan of being inquisitve myself. I guess I am at some level, but not when doing readings. It’s about respecting privacy, I believe. I make do with what info the client gives me before commencing the reading. In many situations, it’s about confirmation of what the client already knows or have been told through his/her own spiritual team and not groundbreaking, life – changing information.
        Sol | Some Insight Required recently posted..Personifications: An Indepth RecapMy Profile

        • Hi Sol,

          It’s nice when you can simply confirm what they already know, but needed someone to say,”Yes, that’s right,” isn’t it? That’s when you know the odds are high they will actually do something with the information you gave them, which is the hope.

  6. Jack@TheJackB says:

    I always wondered whether you guys would be on all the time or if there were some sort of filter. I agree with you regarding the advantage of having knowledge about what is coming and or what oyu are supposed to do.

    It has to provide some benefit to your life to know these things.

    • Hi Jack,

      My opinion is that once you start to TRUST what you are getting (what your gut says) then your entire view of pretty much everything changes. For instance, I could tell you that I see you coming out with three novels, and the tone/acclaim will be a cross between John Grisham and Larry McMurtry. But, you have to start now and really own it and run with it. You could believe I am dead wrong and do nothing, start immediately, or let it sit with you for a while and decide,”Hey I’ve been feeling like the time is now anyway and I really need to start my novel and I’m starting to think I’ll find a publisher.” That’s free will. So if it turns out that you write 10 books or 2 books and it’s more successful than you thought, does it matter if I am exactly correct or does it matter that I put it in your mind to start taking action? So if people come along and give you a hint, consider it and see what happens.

      • Trust my gut is something that I wrestle with. Heart versus head- that I understand.

        • Could it be that you thought you “trusted your gut” before, and you turned out to be wrong? If that’s the case, don’t let it stop you. Sometimes when we are younger we don’t get it yet, and sometimes are are SUPPOSED to make decisions that turn out to teach us lessons that we will need later on. Life is not a bowl of cherries. Plus, writers need to really emotionally understand things in order to have something to write about.

          Head vs heart is the same thing as your gut. It’s like this:

          POKE. “Jack, take those boxes out of the garage.” (Yeah, ummm, I’ll do that later. Right now I’m going to write a blog post.)
          Two days later: POKE. “Jack, you have those boxes in the garage and remember what’s in them. ” (Something happens to really distract you and you forget about it.)
          A week later: POKE. A friend says,”So, when are you going to write that novel?” (Yeah maybe someday but right now I am really busy with this bad news I just got. Ignore)
          Next month: POKE. You get an invitation to your writing contest.
          A couple of days later: POKE. More bad news. (Holy crap, STOP ALREADY with the bad news!!!! What is going on here, anyway????)
          A few days after that: POKE. Here I am bugging you about learning to trust your gut (I will leave the expletives up to you!)

          Grant you, I am using this as an example simply because I read your blog and know a little about you from it. But on this end, it’s like,”Go visit Jack.” Okay. “Go visit Jack,” Yeah, OKAY. “Go visit Jack.” Hey Jack, ummm….been listening to your gut lately? “Go visit Jack.” Jack, I think you’ve got a message. “Go visit Jack.” Alright already, I have things to do over here, would you quit bugging me about Jack. “Go visit Jack.” GRRRR!

          The last time this happened I MADE someone publish their book just to get it out of my head. They even made the cover look like the way I saw it in my head. You can find it on Amazon and in my recommended reading section.

          So probably we should talk 🙂 I’ll send you my number later on.

  7. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    I have to be honest Julie, I’ve never had a fear that a psychic would know all my deepest secrets or that I would learn of bad things. I guess the only thing I feared in my first reading and a little in my second was whether or not the information being given to me from my spiritual team or if the psychic was just making something up. Guess you could call it the skeptic in me but I am coming around now that I’ve been in touch with great intuitive people such as yourself and Sol.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Pay Attention to Your IntuitionMy Profile

    • Hi Todd,

      Yes that is another common concern and one that I think is perfectly reasonable. In my previous post about the reading I had this summer with a famous psychic medium, which I believe you read, you might remember the doubts I was havng about what I heard. In fact, much of that turned out not to be true. I say, listen with an open mind, and be as honest as you can with yourself. If after that you simply disagree with what has been shared with you, then exercise your free will. Also, we are all intuitive so the place to look first is inside yourself. I aim to help people access that inner knowing.

  8. You totally rocked this one, Miss! I posted it on the PI Facebook page and noted that all is given with love and for the highest good. The fear vibration isn’t warranted.

    Can I just add one thing? Although I’m not a witch myself (shades of Christine O’Donnell!), I wanted to add that witches generally don’t hang out on the dark side of things. In fact, part of the witches creed is:

    “An Do What You Will be the challenge,
    So be it in Love that harms none,
    For this is the only commandment,
    By Magick of old, be it done.

    Eight words the Witches’ Creed fulfill:
    If it harms none, do what you will.”

    Energy is energy – it’s neutral. It’s how you choose to use it (aka: intention) that has implications.

    Love this post!
    Lisa at Practically Intuitive recently posted..Podcast #17: Yes, I really do hear dead people!My Profile

    • Thank you so much, Lisa!

      I did not mean to disparage a witch in the sense that you mean. Just trying to point out that I don’t have a big boil on my nose and wear a pointy hat 🙂

  9. The Vizier says:

    Hi Julie,

    Great article you have here!

    With my practice of divination, I can know anything I want. Whether I want to know is another story. I simply do not have the energy or the vested interest to know all about everybody I meet. In fact, if there is no pressing reason to do so, I rather not know. In this day of information overload, this is another area I can be easily overloaded by.

    As for reading for people closest to me, I do that regularly with their permission of course. In fact, I find that I get the most accurate readings for myself and the people whom I am closest to because I know much more about the situation so I can apply my readings to the proper context. What works for me here is to ask a few questions from different angles so that I can grasp the full picture and the essence of the situation. This way, I am less likely to make mistakes or to misread the situation. It is much harder to misread things when I blend logic, intuition and this multi-prong approach.

    I agree fully with your take on getting bad results. It is better to know early and to pre-empt the problem especially if it is heading towards us like a high speed bullet train.

    Also bad readings might suggest difficulties, but this is not bad in itself. It might actually be part of a process which you have to go through to attain your goal. Maybe it is a steep learning curve, maybe there is a huge mess of things to be organized. It’s not a matter of whether the reading is good or bad. It is what you choose to do with it that really matters.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier
    The Vizier recently posted..The Vizier’s Guidelines to Living a Good LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Irving,

      That is so awesome that you have your best success reading for those closest to you. You just made me consider, have I ever really tried to do this? The answer is that I have not. I have been asked to do it and I have not wanted to because of assumptions I have made and things I have heard. See, I am always learning something from you.

      Difficulties can be our greatest gifts. No one really wants to hear about them though, do they, unless they are extremely tuned in and accept them for what they are or can be.

  10. Julie,
    This was awesome! I totally agree with everything you said.
    I remember when I first started doing readings some people would say the strangest things to me such as, “Don’t tell me if anyone is going to die, okay?” (I would never say that anyway)

    I honestly think if you’re inclined to be fearful and negative you’re going to approach a reading that way but, if your a positive and confident person you’re probably not even going to think something bad is going to happen to you in the first place.

    It’s strange how people think we’re constantly “tuned” in all the time. Part of maturing and being a professional is being able to gain control over your gift and turn it off when you’re not working. If you’re tuned in all the time you’re going to become pretty unbalanced after while. That’s why I don’t like shows like the Long Island Medium. I don’t think it’s right to go up to people and blurt out that their dead husband is standing there – that’s very unprofessional.

    I’m glad that you pointed out how “normal” you are too. You go girl!
    Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition recently posted..Do we choose psychic work or does it choose us?My Profile

    • Hi Angela,

      I have never heard of that show – now you made me go TiVo it to see what she’s up to 🙂 I really loved listening to Mary Occhino on Sirius XM radio, and was really sad when they butchered her show and made a mockery of the whole thing. It could have been really great if they just focused on her readings.

      Thanks for the visit.

      BTW to anyone reading the comments, please click on Angela’s link if you want to hear a fantastic conversation between her and Lisa at Practically Intuitive, talking about what it’s like to practice their psychic/intuitive skills and how they get their information.

  11. Marcus Baker says:

    Hey Julie,

    I remember when you first came over to my blog you were surprised that I was not then blogging on spiritual topics which in itself was a “Hello Marcus… are you listening moment…” So I am sure you were sent there for a reason after reading this post. 🙂

    At that point I had been struggling with the voice in my head that kept on asking, “When are you going to use what you have??”

    I realised I had some psychic ability a long time ago but I just chose to shut it down. Maybe my fear had to do with my perceived notion of being responsible for others which of course I know I never can be. but that the time it was all just a bit too much to deal with.

    At my age which is older than you I have now also had a huge amount of life experience – seen and done a lot and probably just a whole lot more ready to embrace what is. Not really sure at what level I should be using what I have but I do know that it must be used to help both myself and those who request it. Hmmm maybe I should consult with you Julie…. Leave that with me. 🙂


    Marcus Baker recently posted..October in Review and Plans for November | 2011My Profile

    • Marcus,

      Would love to. Anytime you are ready 🙂

      BTW have you had the experience where you run across someone’s blog or comments on a blog and you just feel compelled to go see what they write about? It’s like you can feel that they are operating at a higher level than you are and probably they have someting to teach you. That is exactly how I felt wherever it was that I first saw your comments, and so when I got over to you I was like,”Hey, what’s going on here?” lol

      • Marcus Baker says:

        Ha ha…. yeah totally get what you mean. I frequently decide to visit blogs because of the comments the blogger has left elsewhere.

        I often leave comments on other blogs which after I have written them I have little conscious re-collection of what they are about. Woosh!!!!

        It’s as if sometimes, my hands are being used to type the words without me knowing what those words are. Obviously I was feeing safe to allow this to happen on other people’s blogs but not my own at that time. It was this non alignment that encouraged me to to move where I felt best able to help others .

        Marcus Baker recently posted..October in Review and Plans for November | 2011My Profile

  12. Great topic!!I think that you just have said loudly what most of us are secretly thinking about:) Because I can share that sometimes my hands are just typing, my brain is thinking (but unfortunately I don’t know what about) and at the end I understand what I have written after I post it and read it…:(
    Anna recently posted..When wisdom teeth removal cost is not a priority question.My Profile

  13. Great explanation, Julie. We spend so much time and energy believing we have something we need to hide about ourselves. Real breakthroughs come when we can replace that thinking with “I have something wonderful to discover about myself.” It is all self-investigation and there is no such thing as “bad news”… In fact, bad news is good news because it reveals the intuitive, authentic nature that we have been hiding from.
    rob white recently posted..Life is in the LanguageMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,

      Bad news is good news – very true, and if we can view it that way, then we make progress. It can be tough to make that transition for a lot of people, but once you do, it’s a whole new world view. Thanks for the RT.

  14. Great article! It’s something every intuitive worker should explain to his or hers customers, friends and family members. Often, people think that psychic will solve their problems – but all we can do is to make people aware of the things that can be found within them.
    Nathan recently posted..Healing Touch Meditation, or How Free Hugs Can Heal Your Second ChakraMy Profile

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