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It’s One Quick Free Intuitive Question and Answer Time!


It’s time once again for One Quick Intuitive Question and Answer. 

Anyone who “likes” my new Facebook page can submit a question.

If for some reason you don’t or won’t use Facebook, you can submit a question below but I ask you to also submit your Face!

If you do use Facebook but have a picture of your kid, cat, or motorcycle up there instead of you, I still want you to show me your face one way or the other.  If you haven’t guessed, that is the best way for me to zone right into you and your situation.

Last time I did this was in June, and we had over a hundred questions asked, via my previous blog and email.  You can ask here in the Comments section below or via Facebook. 

Here is how it works: 

Think about the one “burning question” you have right now that you wish you could get some clarity, guidance, or assistance on.  It can be from any area of your life, no restrictions.

Maybe you have been asking your spiritual team for help in making a decision or which direction to go in, but you can’t clearly hear their advice.  Maybe you haven’t really established your relationship with your own spiritual team and you don’t know how to go about asking.  Everyone needs guidance from time to time, so ask away.

If you want to know the name of your primary guide or something else which is more in depth than a simple question, please order a reading instead – but don’t forget to ask your one question while you are here.

My regular readers are welcome to send this post out to your friends and family!  Please use the share buttons below.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Questions are now closed.

 Image credit: aim2buzz