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Patterns | I Am Not A Psychiatrist Or A Fortune Teller But I Can See Your Future


Each and every intuitive or psychic out there may take your same situation and view it through his or her own lens of experience and knowledge.  That is why it is so important to choose wisely when you select another human being to do an intuitive reading for you.  Find out first who you tend to understand, agree and resonate with.


Those of you who come here regularly probably know by now that I have a business background.  I also have a tendency to tell it like it is.  I will not coddle you, lie to you, or make everything seem rosy if it isn’t.  I will however see who you really are and what would be the best of the choices at this time, and will encourage you to move forward.


If you need a shot in the arm, some courage, someone to tell it to you straight and send you into your next phase, someone to tell you to,”Just do it already, you are capable”, I will do that.  If you are at a decision point, I can help you discern what each of the choices may mean for you.  We can look at the impact of others on your life.


What Are Your Patterns Telling You?


Right now, you are on a certain road.  When I do an intuitive reading for you, your spiritual team will come around and let me know what the most likely outcome of those choices is, and oftentimes they will suggest alternatives.  If it is in your best interest to know something, they will tell me.  Usually they show me the people, places and things that are coming up for you very soon.  Some people think of this as fortune telling, but it absolutely is not.  These are not random events.  They are the culmination of your choices.  You have the power to change course.


There is a time in all of our lives when we hit a brick wall.  I am sure there are some people who break through all on their lonesome, but mostly we need a little guidance.  The guidance you get from your friends and family may not provide the clarity that you need.


Imagine that there is a pattern showing up for you over and over again, and you just cannot understand why – nor can you break through it, climb over it, or find the end of the fence line so you can walk around it.


Solving The Mystery Of Patterns


We all have our belief systems.  Working on recognizing our patterns, using meditation or other techniques to quiet the mind in order to connect with our higher wisdom, and clearing out negativity generally help to clear our path in the present.  Sometimes, there are some that are persistent but we can’t for the life of us figure out the reason for them.


There are a number of things that can cause this dissonance.  Sometimes it helps to understand the “whys”, but at the end of the day, what we really want is to be able to break free and move on.


You may have done something, failed to overcome and learn from it, and guess what?  Here it comes again, except you are totally in the dark as to why.


  • You’re experienced and educated but you can’t hold on to a dollar.
  • You meet partners with the same “issues” and problems, even though it’s a different guy or girl each time.
  • You repeatedly allow people into your life who shouldn’t be there because you have no boundaries or ability to say no
  • You allow people to run over you
  • You agree to the first job that comes along and “hope for the best”
  • You continue to use drugs or alcohol or food to numb yourself because this life is just too hard
  • You feel stuck in the mud or like you’re sinking in quicksand, and can’t pull yourself out, while everyone around you just stares at you and doesn’t even offer a tree limb and some muscle


If this is you, then you might feel like now could be a good time to accept responsibility for yourself.  You may have heard that you create your own reality, but that doesn’t even make sense to you because why would you have manifested THIS?


When you are at a point that you cannot move forward on your own, there is help available – you can break the struggle by understanding and acknowledging it.


That’s when you can have a different life experience.  That’s when you can understand what is possible for you.


If negativity is the absence of light, let’s shine a little light on your life.  You may be amazed at what you can find when you look.


Image Credit: via LynnP @ active rain