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Send Your Guides On Ahead Of You To Negotiate



You need never stress over a negotiation again if you’re actively working with your spiritual team.


Many people negotiate ineffectually because they think of it as two parties getting together to make a deal where each side wins a little and gives up a little.


If you’re involved in most any interaction with another human being, there is the element of negotiation involved.


Most people go into a negotiation thinking:


  • Here’s what I want to get out of it
  • This is my bottom line
  • I will walk away at this point
  • Here’s how I’ll make them see my point of view
  • These are my arguments
  • What are they most likely to want to get out of me
  • What will they use against me to get their way


Expert Negotiators Go For The Win/Win


An expert negotiator doesn’t really use those tactics.  They think about it from a win/win standpoint.  They want what they want but they also want the other party to get something that he or she wants.  A great negotiator will find a creative way to find that point, shake hands, and have everyone walking away happy, no trickery or buyer’s remorse involved.



How Can You Become A Great Negotiator?



Understand this : Obstacles Are Advantages When You Work For The Highest Good Of All Involved



Suppose there is something you really want to accomplish, but you have to get buy-in from someone else.  Your boss.  Your publisher.  Your spouse.  Your kid.  The neighbor.  The interviewer.  The principal.  Whomever.


What You May Be Doing Wrong In All Of Your Negotiations To Date


You Hope and Think that the other person is more or less powerful than you are. 


You go into it believing you will Win or you will Lose.


There is a much better way to have things go your way.  You may even lose this round, but you will have “won” if you look at it the right way.  I don’t mean accepting your fate or giving in or taking one for the team.  Not at all.


I mean,


Follow The Divine Guidance System To Your Greatest Successes and Victories


What if:


You don’t know what the best solution is but someone else does?


Defeat now means a much bigger or important victory later?


If I could assure you with 100% certainty that following my suggestion will bring you the results you REALLY want, even if it takes a little bit of time, would you give it a try?


Here Is How You Obtain The Most Benevolent Outcome And See Your Dreams Come True


Call a meeting with your spiritual team and ask them to go ahead of you to negotiate on your behalf.


Tell them,”I am having a meeting with X at 2pm on Thursday.  The issues are Y.  I hope to have Z be the outcome.  These are the reasons I want this outcome, but I am open to a better outcome than I can imagine at this time and I ask for your assistance.  I ask for you to go ahead of me and meet with X’s spiritual team and come to agreement on the best possible outcome in my highest path and purpose and for the greatest good of all involved.


Then thank your team.


What have you really committed to?


  1. I am about to take action.
  2. I am willing to sacrifice for the greatest good of all involved.
  3. I am willing to be flexible knowing that I don’t always have all of the answers right now and I do not always see the big picture.
  4. I wish to do no harm.
  5. I am open to a an outcome that is better than that which I have planned and can envision at this time.
  6. I believe I am capable of delivering miracles my own life and in the lives of others and I am willing to play my part.
  7. I trust my spiritual team to work in the spirit of divine love, light, truth and abundance 
  8. I am willing to ask for help
  9. I surrender my need to control all situations and outcomes, knowing that I will be taken care of
  10. I am a powerful spirit and willingly work in conjunction with other spirits for the greatest good


Wow, those are a lot of things you just said.


You don’t have to understand how it all works behind the scenes.


You don’t have to believe me.


You need to be willing to suspend disbelief for as long as it takes to feel and say the words.


You have to really want it.


Everything comes from the heart, from feeling.  For my skeptics, put your Thinking Mind aside for five minutes and say,”As dumb as I feel doing this, I am willing to suspend disbelief and pretend that this could all be true and give it a try.  I am willing to believe that maybe I don’t control everything even though I may direct it.  I could use some help.  It would be nice if my life ran smoothly most of the time.  It would be nice if I knew when things didn’t go my way, that it was for a good reason, and in the end I will be thrilled with the outcome because it is much better than what I planned.”


How To Help Other People Who Are In Distress Or Under Duress, Too 


You can also do this for other people when you are worried for them, see that they need some stress relief, for things to go their way, for a miracle of their own.  It could be for any reason, big or small.  Ask your team if it is in everyone’s highest path and purpose and for the greatest good of all involved, to run a little interference.  Perhaps your team can communicate with your friend’s team and someone else’s, to basically do the same thing you would do for yourself – run ahead and smooth the road to the most benevolent outcome.  It is similar to saying a prayer for them, but not the same.  There is a higher use of energy.  If someone is sick or in pain, send them one of your angels on loan – you have plenty to spare.


Dream big, because even your wildest dreams can come true.  Want the path to open up before you, around the bend where you can’t quite see yet?  Try this suggestion.  It is a request right from your own spirit. 


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