Does The Veil Between Worlds Thin Around Halloween?

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The veil is thin, even for ghost dogs

Coming up over the next few days is an excellent opportunity to contact your passed loved ones and relatives, to remember and honor them.

Around the time of Halloween, usually a bit before and after, it is said that the veil between worlds thins.  That means that you may have more access than usual to being open to and actually experiencing contact with the other side.

There is a lot of research on this topic, which I will leave it to you to do if you are interested in delving into the whys more closely.  For the moment, I just wanted to bring it to your attention before the opportunity is lost.

If you are new to spiritual and intuitive development, you may be feeling an unusual shift and not know what to make of it.   Those who have passed on may enter your mind more often than usual.  You may see entities or objects flit by from the corner of your eye and wonder what it was.  Some people feel the urge to take out a favorite photo or object that belonged to a lost loved one.   A few people have mentioned seeing partially formed creatures, cats in particular, whether domestic or wild, who aren’t physically present, appearing out of the blue.

Some people discount the thinning of the veil, mention other times of the year when it is “thinnest” or want to debate the astrological issues that make the date change every year.  Yes it is true that this is a period of time, not just one night.  Usually the impact is felt from the day before Halloween through the day after.

If your birthday happens to come up around this time, you may want to do your annual Tarot reading.  I feel compelled to do more readings and in general pick up my deck during this time of year.  Something about it feels more true than at my own birthday or at the New Year.  I believe it may very well have to do with having access not only to my own spiritual team, but perhaps others who I normally don’t hear from, from whom I would wish to speak if I could.

Advice is more easily obtained during this time.  Pay attention to messages you may get in your daily life from friends, family, colleagues and your average stranger.  It may indeed be their time to act as an earth angel to you, as they may unknowingly, or knowingly, hear the whispers, too.

In spite of the fact that it is never cold where I live, there is something about this time of year that tends to send shivers down my spine and give me the feeling of connectedness like at no other time of the year.   This is truly a magical time of year.  Don’t let it pass you by unnoticed.

If you do have someone you wish to hear from, there are any number of ways to contact them.  You can make it a complicated ritual with candlelight and personal photos and objects, or simply take out your journal and write for a moment about things you learned from them, favorite memories with them, or a question you may wish they could answer.

Don’t be surprised if you write down a one sentence question with intent to receive an answer, and find that a sign, serendipity or synchronicity does indeed come through for you.

When I was younger this was always my favorite holiday, and since I have small children it is doubly so.  If you can find a place to give out candy and see the little ones out in their costume best, please take advantage of it as it helps to restore the soul.

Happy Halloween to all and best wishes for A Magical Year!

Please share your thoughts on the subject in the comments, or point us toward some great Halloween experiences of your own.

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Yes, I know that this is an odd week with a lot of posts – did I tell you Halloween is coming?!  I reserve my right to uniqueness at this time of year.  We will resume our usual Thursday morning post next week.

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  1. I will definitly try this, also I normally light a candle, either for protection, meditation or rememberance (when I am missing someone), or to send good thoughts and healing to another. A picture wouldn’t be hard.

    Couple questions:
    1. If the veil thins, does that mean say a friend of mines mother passed they’ve been having problems, if she wanted to reach him could they reach out to him (instead of vice versa) and may I add he is stubborn in his beliefs he is christian though after his mom passed admitted it had been shaken he is open minded but to a point so if he is stubborn can they still get through to him? I keep getting a strange feeling someone is trying to give him a sort of wake up call or get his attention but he’s like imagination or whatever, I am not saying anything because of his belief and him thinking I am nuts lol.
    2. Can you do both the candle/pic and writing together, I don’t know to double the power (for lack of a better word) maybe? Also if you don’t have a pic, can a name written on paper under the candle work similar as the pic?
    3. Does it have to be just your own relatives, can you reach out to someone elses? I’d like to note, I am meaning of someone I know, and someone I knew?
    4. Does this also pretain to angels, spirit guides, god, jesus having a better chance of getting past any blocks?
    5. Last question promise, how do you know if the answers that come are just wishful thinking or honestly coming from them. I’ve read all your postings about ego (which I think of as evils way of pushing the envalope) and imagination and so on. I read the list. But I would ask for a sign or a question to find out but if you know the answer couldn’t the subconscious also give you that and not the beyond, or angels? I just want to make sure that what I hear, feel or know is true. I won’t say just why cause it’s not something I want public.

    I am not sure what power candles really hold. I do know one thing my friend lights his house via candles (no particular color) all the time (to save the light bill) but not for anything like this. Several times I have felt or thought that someone was trying to get through to him, but he didn’t notice back then (it’s been awhile since I seen him) For instance a red candle was burning He, his buddy and I were there, he hadn’t slept in like 24 hrs and he was trying to get his buddy to leave. Said buddy wasn’t taking the hint. Until at one point the red candle half burnt down, split in half and remained lite. (he marked it up as a cheap candle, the buddy left lol) .
    I’ve been around him when he’s happy and having fun the candle dances, when he is fine but tired it is a strong flame but steady, when he is upset or sad it will go with his mood (no bounce, just burns). Part of his problem is IMO I don’t think he thinks he is allowed to be happy, etc. I have also been there when it seems like it (the flame) rises up when I look over, and yet when he looks over it goes back to normal.

    I have a million questions but I am not going to take up your time. and it’s not a reading type of thing (and I couldn’t afford that) but general types I know me and some like me would like simple straight answers on but no matter where you look on the net you get conflicting answers. On not just candle but other things in these topics.

    Anyway the site looks great and thank you for taking the time to create it and

    • Susan,

      Yes, the communication can go both ways, and can go out to anyone you wish, at any time, but now is a little bit easier. There is a fairly complicated explanation as to “how” or “why” this may be so, which I didn’t go into here simply because I can’t prove it or know if those theories are true or not. All I can tell you is that I feel it.

      Everything from our end is based upon our INTENT. You should do what feels right to you – you technically don’t need any special ritual, but if you would like to create one, it’s your intent that matters, not how you set it up, in my opinion.

      You can’t force anyone else to understand, see, get better or “get it.” Just let them be, and if they are meant to see and acknowledge the signs they get, then they probably will. Everyone has their own time and path.

      The big question you really asked is,”How do I know if it’s my intuition or my imagination?” I have addressed this in other postsin a variety of ways, but bottom line is it’s something you learn to do. If you doubt it, then ask for confirmation. “Twice can be a coincidence, three times is a certainty” is a good rule of thumb. I can write more about it in another post. It’s a really complicated thing until you understand it, and then it is quite simple – basically you know it when you see it and if you’re not sure, ask.

      A note on “can’t afford it” – if you want anything in this life, think that you can afford anything but choose not to purhase it at this time 🙂 You’d be surprised how changing your outlook toward money can move mountains.

      • Thanks, I don’t want to force him to see it, it has to be in his time, but it just seemed like someone was trying to kick him in the pants, slap him upside the head, hey buddy, dude, goofball, wakey wakey… and he was like.. “hmm huh *shrug*”. lol. It was really quite funny in a way cause it’s sort of like they are screaming at him, then it was like they noticed I noticed and it was like fineally, oh no don’t you dare, ugg. Cause I wouldn’t point it out further, might have been okay with them cause I was good at helping him think about things dunno, it was like watching frustration without actually seeing it, it if that makes sense. Course his buddy on that split candle freaked and ran lol.

        Didn’t mean to make you feel you had to go so indepth it would be difficult at this time. I just figured something to consider for the future also people have questions just coming to all this and it can be overwhelming if they get thousands of websites with answers/advice so high tech instead of fun and simple.

        So I know you can’t force someone to do/feel anything “free will” so I can’t make them feel the loving thoughts I send, so if my intent is to create say a ball of energy if you will full of love and good thoughts, and send it to them “inactive”, and part of that intent first being the love and good thoughts, is when he is fully ready to accept it, it will then become active immediately for him to feel. If that is my intent I can do it as long as it doesn’t force his free will in anyway? Cool. but I think I would like to do it so that it allows it to open say if he accepts a little at a time, so does the energy from the ball, it also closes if he does. Hope that made sense.

        So say three songs that have played over and over and over again enough to get your attention, and you ask to have confirmation and one song plays good bet its real, the second one plays no long after better bet, the third one plays best bet. Lets just say I’ve always trusted my gut (if you will) but when your emotions are involved or your too close it’s a little harder to read if it’s real or wishful ya know. So I try asking, but then I ask again after that, then one more time after that, sort of like are you sure each time. I tend to wonder if they don’t toss up their hands and say “No really were not sure were messin with you, HELLO YES!!!” and then a huff. lol.

        As to the “afford” I would show you my bank account but unless you need a good laugh… lol.
        It’s not that I don’t think (in a non harmful way (ie want new car/car accident type of thing) no ill will, no karma backlash, etc.) I could use some extra money, and for the purpose, the problem is about the time that may come in so does a bill or something else needed that the money is best served on (ie blower motor for vehicle, medical bill) or other person who shares the account doesn’t blow it immediately. If I can get the money when it doesn’t need used for anything else. I will contact you about a reading though not sure which one I’d want yet.

        So basically if you believe, and your intent is real and no one is forced/hurt you can do anything. I am not a totally stay all the time positive person, actually if I don’t have some bit of negativity in my life I feel umm off I guess, thats cool too? I pray, I ask questions, but I don’t understand a bit of the signs I get, it’s like hearing this little voices in your head constantly talking to you (not the ego part) encouraging you, I mean all the time, sometimes it shuts up lol. .. also how sad is it when your ego and you know its your ego talks and admits to trying to help you cause you have depressed it??? So if it helps you then it can be happy cause then it gets to try and make you miserable lol. BTW just to note I have no mental illness that causes little voices lol. I either just have a funny way about me or I attract alot more then I think I can lol.. Thanks again.

        • You don’t want to “keep asking.” You want to set out a question ahead of time, and tell your team what specific sign you would like…and when you would like to see it (within 3 days, for example)…and keep your eyes open.

          It’s always a good thing to send an angel or positive energy someone’s way.

          Your best bet may be to start meditating (if you don’t already), and try to stay cool and calm…all of the answers are within you. You don’t NEED a reading and you don’t NEED to read until you are confused by going to too many places and taking in everyone’s advice. Just let things settle, get calm and centered, and see what comes to you.

          • Thanks I will try that.

            Something happened, I was burning a pink candle to send loving thoughts/energy to another (I think love I think pink, and the “shortbread” smell is yum lol) no draft, the candle flame bright, strong and dance and bouncing, it was like happy dance lol. It was fun to watch. The whole time it burned the tip of the candle had a heart shape on it and it was red (like when ashes burn) in the middle, even as it was burning itself out it stayed on there, and it flicked only once as if to get my attention on that part.
            There was very little to no wax or soot in the glass. I wrote the persons name on it, a message, my name on it as from. I sat with it sending energy, Pray my intent further, then lite it, and watch it letting energy build further & even out. Then sit and talk to the candle as if the persons there or on the end of a energy phone line.
            I never say “you have to do this or that” but rather “ask if they would consider” if I have something I would like them to think about. I don’t want them to feel pressured or forced so its an accept/reject kind of request. I also do the energy ball.
            Also the freaky thing, I could have sworn that the “Candle” was trying to get my attention, every five or ten minutes a bright light to grab your attention so when I would look or ask what? It calmed right down yet nothing said or felt, that confuses me. I am not sure if it’s the energy, an angel, spirit, etc or the person feeling it and needing/asking for more..

            Yes I do meditate, I vered off it as it seemed to not work as well at one point. I went back to meditation, it seems to help me. In my case I don’t really search for anything I just find a nice peaceful place in my mind and then I sit in that place for awhile, then re-adjust no pictures, no sounds, just dark/quiet, then slowly after awhile allow a door to open and pure bright white warm light in. As I am going from one to another I am protected, no negativity is there .

  2. I’ve always loved this time of year! And just in the past couple of days I’ve seen little bursts/ bundles of light whizzing past my head. At first I thought maybe it was just my blood pressure, but then I realized I was seeing some energy that I usually don’t get to see! Very cool.

    I was just telling my best friend this morning I wish I had a child to get all dressed up and take trick-or-treating. It is so much fun! But I will turn my porch light on and hand out candy instead — 2nd best thing to do, I suppose!

    I’m going to try to make a connection with my dad (he died when I was 6 – can’t remember if I told you that or not) – light a candle and do some journaling – and see what comes out of it.

    Happy Halloween!
    Lindsay | The Daily Awe recently posted..Dream Journaling 101: How to Keep a Dream JournalMy Profile

    • Hi Lindsay,

      That sounds like a great thing to do, both with your Dad and the Halloween plan. I especially love when the very tiny kids come out early – so cute. Where we’re living now, they can’t do Halloween because it’s too far between houses, so I’ve missed it for the last 6 years. This year I arranged to go to one of my son’s friend’s neighborhood, so this will be the first Trick Or Treating he remembers (last time was 4 years ago).

  3. Kdivasilver says:

    This is very interesting. I’ve been sensing movements in front of me and to the side, sometimes when I’m driving (which can be very disorienting) in the past couple of weeks. I will be more alert to them, but it’s seemed like there is a different energy in the air; I hadn’t connected it to this particular time of year, focusing more on the change of seasons. It was actually kind of tumultuous for a couple of weeks–lots of unresolved emotions coming up and attacking me at unexpected moments (ain’t that always the time?!), which is unusual for me at this time of the year, because I love the fall-to-winter phase. I wonder if it’s not all related.

    • Hi KD – certainly sounds like you’ve been finalizing on some healing. That’s good no matter what time of year it happens 🙂

      There is some Sagittarius stuff going on right now, too. But I attribute it to Halloween.

      Don’t wreck the car. If it’s distracting, tell it to go away.

      • Kdivasilver says:

        Interesting; I have a lot of Sagitarrius rising in my (Capricorn) sign. Could that be part of the emotional havoc? Hmmm.

  4. Its never cold where you live Julie? I am so envious of you; it is snowing here in Maryland today. I love Halloween but since I moved to the boonies I don’t get any trick r treaters. My wife and I take my son to a development of townhomes and condos about 10 minutes from my house.

    There must be literally 1000s of people in this neighborhood on Halloween night. There are people tailgating and having good ol time while handing out goodies to the little ones. It is a fun time atmosphere to say the least.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Getting Beyond the Time Loop and the MatrixMy Profile

    • I heard that from all my Northeast buddies (I’m from NJ originally) and could not believe you’re getting spanked so early in the year. I don’t ever remember a Halloween growing up when we’d already had a snowfall.

      I saw a snowflake ONCE when I lived in Boca. It flurried for about 5 minutes as if to say it could. We bring out the long pants and a jacket for maybe a couple of weeks in December (and you guys would laugh at us for feeling cold) otherwise it’s shorts every day.

  5. Julie, great post! And, quite on time for me… I just returned from the cemetery visiting deceased loved ones and will go to yet another one later this afternoon to visit the other side of the family. 🙂 The cemetery was rockin’ w/ excitement — families placing flowers, balloons and even serenading loved ones with mariachis! You’re so right about the “thinning of the veil.” As someone from Mexican descent (mom) and living in San Antonio, TX — a very spiritual and mystical place, I am highly aware exactly of what you’re talking about. Dia de los Muertos aka Day of the Dead — a Latin American tradition is a huge celebration here and it began last Friday and will go on all next week. Folks LOVE to set up altars in their homes or at the graveside adorned with photos and flowers to honor the dead and place goodies that they enjoyed in life, so that they can come visit and partake with us — eat their favorite foods, have a few beers or a shot of tequila (or whatever), as we remember them with love, affection and humor. Our deceased loved ones may move on but they never move away, they are always alive. This is also a time to do precisely what you suggest — commune with your deceased loved ones. I talk to mine (especially my Mom) about my goals, hopes and dreams and I never hesitate to ask for assistance. She always shows me her presence and her signs, and her answers are quite obvious. They same goes for all of my other loved ones. So, if you just take the time to reach out to them, they are just a thought away!

  6. Just wanted to say, Good luck to everyone doing this and have a safe and happy Halloween!

  7. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    I’ve just heard this theory about the veil being thinner this time of year from a commenter on my blog. I wonder if the veil thinning has something to do with the collective conscious being more open to spiritual contact because of what many believe this time of year, ghosts and goblins.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Oracle Cards for DummiesMy Profile

  8. I do believe I’ll be heading over to your Facebook page to like it then! You deserve as much.

    I have never really given much thought to Halloween, and especially not to the ‘thinning between worlds’ theory. I have read that fairy energy is abundant around this time of the year, though.

    We don’t celebrate Halloween in Norway, but we have something similar around Christmas time called Allhelgensaften (literally ‘All Saints Evening’), where kids go around dressed as gnomes and asking for candy, and sing Christmas songs! It’s nothing scary about it. I do not know a direct translation from ‘nisse’, but you can Google it! It’s part of the culture.

    I hope you’re enjoying Halloween!
    Sol | Some Insight Required recently posted..How to Actually Bond With Your Spirit GuidesMy Profile

  9. Marcus Baker says:

    Hi Julie,

    Love the new blog look Julie!

    I don’t live in the US but relate totally to Halloween . I have definitely felt myself to be more sensitive at this time of the year but then it is also a few days to my birthday so think that may have a lot to do with it and the fact that it was recently full moon here so quite a lot going on really. 🙂

    Missed the button to join you on Facebook. Is that just me or is the button you speak of gone walk abouts?

    Marcus Baker recently posted..Make Life an Ongoing Joyous ExperimentMy Profile

  10. Hi Julie,
    I never noticed whether the veil thinned at this time of year or not. When I was little I was so scared all the time because of the things I saw and heard that I believe I tried not to notice what times of year it happened more! I do enjoy Halloween though, very much!
    Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition recently posted..Healing Emotional Issues Using Your IntuitionMy Profile

    • Hi Angela,

      Oh gee, yes if you are senstive as a child that could be pretty scary! Glad that doesn’t impact how you feel about Halloween today because it’s pretty fun just from the trick-or-treat and children perspective.

  11. Yes, Yes, Julie… there is something about this time of year that is especially spiritual to me. The changing light and the harvest atmosphere strikes me as a wonderful time to commune with nature… very magical indeed! That sense of wonder inspired by halloween has stayed with me all my life.


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