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Does The Veil Between Worlds Thin Around Halloween?

The veil is thin, even for ghost dogs

Coming up over the next few days is an excellent opportunity to contact your passed loved ones and relatives, to remember and honor them.

Around the time of Halloween, usually a bit before and after, it is said that the veil between worlds thins.  That means that you may have more access than usual to being open to and actually experiencing contact with the other side.

There is a lot of research on this topic, which I will leave it to you to do if you are interested in delving into the whys more closely.  For the moment, I just wanted to bring it to your attention before the opportunity is lost.

If you are new to spiritual and intuitive development, you may be feeling an unusual shift and not know what to make of it.   Those who have passed on may enter your mind more often than usual.  You may see entities or objects flit by from the corner of your eye and wonder what it was.  Some people feel the urge to take out a favorite photo or object that belonged to a lost loved one.   A few people have mentioned seeing partially formed creatures, cats in particular, whether domestic or wild, who aren’t physically present, appearing out of the blue.

Some people discount the thinning of the veil, mention other times of the year when it is “thinnest” or want to debate the astrological issues that make the date change every year.  Yes it is true that this is a period of time, not just one night.  Usually the impact is felt from the day before Halloween through the day after.

If your birthday happens to come up around this time, you may want to do your annual Tarot reading.  I feel compelled to do more readings and in general pick up my deck during this time of year.  Something about it feels more true than at my own birthday or at the New Year.  I believe it may very well have to do with having access not only to my own spiritual team, but perhaps others who I normally don’t hear from, from whom I would wish to speak if I could.

Advice is more easily obtained during this time.  Pay attention to messages you may get in your daily life from friends, family, colleagues and your average stranger.  It may indeed be their time to act as an earth angel to you, as they may unknowingly, or knowingly, hear the whispers, too.

In spite of the fact that it is never cold where I live, there is something about this time of year that tends to send shivers down my spine and give me the feeling of connectedness like at no other time of the year.   This is truly a magical time of year.  Don’t let it pass you by unnoticed.

If you do have someone you wish to hear from, there are any number of ways to contact them.  You can make it a complicated ritual with candlelight and personal photos and objects, or simply take out your journal and write for a moment about things you learned from them, favorite memories with them, or a question you may wish they could answer.

Don’t be surprised if you write down a one sentence question with intent to receive an answer, and find that a sign, serendipity or synchronicity does indeed come through for you.

When I was younger this was always my favorite holiday, and since I have small children it is doubly so.  If you can find a place to give out candy and see the little ones out in their costume best, please take advantage of it as it helps to restore the soul.

Happy Halloween to all and best wishes for A Magical Year!

Please share your thoughts on the subject in the comments, or point us toward some great Halloween experiences of your own.

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